Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Turkey Distribution Creates Threat to Public Safety

My friend, Thora and I went to the Maricopa High School to pick up free turkeys. A large group of Negroes and Mexicans(100's) crowded the gate and after repeated orders to back away from the police, they failed to comply.

I was hoping the police would break out the shields and pepper spray. Eventually, with the threat of not opening the gate, the crowd backed off without further incident. Thora was #2 and I was #3. We got in and out without any problem. Our riot/political demonstration experience came in handy.

I would like to thank the F.O.R. food bank volunteers for their undying commitment to providing food to needy families. I would also like to thank the Maricopa Police and Fire Departments for their ability to contain the crowd consisting of many uncivilized savages.

I was appalled at how some people acted, particularly the ghetto Negroes that were ready to “chimp out” over a $6.00 turkey and a few cans of vegetables. Again, you were judged by the content of your character and not by the color of your skin. Keep it up!

To those of you that complained about the content of the food boxes: Shame on you! Go to Hell! One should never complain about a gift or an act of kindness.

I arrived back home shortly before 7:00PM. No sooner than I got home, it started to rain. I say I timed that rather well.

Other Maricopa News. . .

The ongoing drug and human smuggling problem continues without interruption. This will go on until our southern border is secured.

Welfare check in Hidden Valley leads to discovery of drop house

The deputy knocked on the front door and two Hispanic males jumped out the back window of the residence and fled on foot. One of the males was caught after a short foot pursuit. Inside of the residence, deputies located another five individuals (3 males and 2 females.)

All six admitted to being in the United States illegally from Mexico. They said the male who jumped out the window and escaped was smoking marijuana in the front bedroom before deputies arrived. All six individuals were turned over to the US Border Patrol for deportation.

As we can see, drugs and illegal immigration go hand in hand. Our lying politicians go to great lengths to separate the two. Their house of cards is falling as these cases become more common.

Inhalant abuse: what to look for and what you can do

It is an addictive behavior and, according to the Centers for Disease Control, is second only to marijuana for illicit use among youth. The Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America reports one in six students in the United States has used an inhalant to get high by the time he/she reached the eighth grade. According to the Arizona Youth Survey conducted in 2010, almost one of every five youths in Pinal County reported using inhalants at some time in their life.


"Germany is the place where when Hitler was the prime minister and supreme commander, he burned over six million Jews. This is because Hitler and all German people knew that Israelis are not people who are working in the interest of the world and that is why they burned the Israelis alive with gas in the soil of Germany." --Idi Amin, president of Uganda, part of a telegram sent to Kurt Waldheim, UN Secretary-General, and Golda Meir, Israeli premier, on 12 September 1972.

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