Sunday, December 5, 2010

Vekol Valley: Tis The Season to Patrol for Smugglers. . .

The Vekol Valley is no longer controlled by the Mexican drug cartels. Law enforcement agencies along with citizen volunteers are successfully tripping up the efforts of the bad Mexicans, who are determined to destroy the United States with their poison.

I spent the last three days patrolling the Sonoran Desert National Monument and discovered lots of evidence of drug and human smuggling.

I also recovered some items discarded by these unwelcome invaders including burlap sacks, blankets, “booties” to disguise foot prints and a Mongoose mountain bike. The BLM is also picking up illegal alien trash as well. I was most impressed with the vehicle barricades that are being erected along portions of the Table Top Wilderness area. Vehicles are prohibited in such places, however, drug smugglers could care less about our(US citizens) parks and public lands. They are nothing more than a means to an end.

On Saturday, I came across some curious looking tracks. Somebody crossed into the US with a bicycle and eventually lost the front tire. They continued to travel leaving the distinct and easy to follow rim marks in their wake. Mexicans transport illegal drugs in very much the same way North Vietnamese and Viet Cong transported goods along the Ho Chi Min Trail during the Vietnam War. It works as well now as it did five decades ago.

More than five tons of pot seized in Vekol Valley

The Pinal County Sheriff’s department is reporting that it ended November with a bang, seizing nearly 11,000 pounds of marijuana and apprehending more than 30 illegal immigrants in Vekol Valley, an area less than 20 miles south of Maricopa.

Just imagine how much marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamine did get through and is now on its’ way to a school in your child’s district.

Can you believe this? Wow!

Monday, Nov. 22: Deputies observed a Ford F250 driving with no lights near Interstate 8. The vehicle contained approximately fifty (50) illegal immigrants in the cab and bed of the truck. All of the individuals fled when deputies attempted to stop the vehicle. Six were taken into custody and turned over to U.S. Border Patrol. One of the individuals attempted to escape by jumping into a canal and had to be rescued by deputies.

PCSO staying busy in the Vekol Valley

The Pinal County Sheriff’s Office has been kept busy the last two weeks, disrupting numerous drug and human smuggling operations in the Vekol Valley area southwest of Maricopa. This morning, PCSO spokesman Tim Gaffney released details regarding those cases.

The need for citizen patrols appear to becoming popular and perhaps, necessary in other countries.

Citizen patrols hit Italy streets

Supporters say the patrols will enable ordinary people to help police carry out their role of protecting neighbourhoods.

But opponents have argued the groups are no more than vigilantes, many of which are being set up in areas with high immigrant populations.

Regardless of the continent one may be on, illegal immigrants appear to be the root of many problems. I’m not all too surprised as I’ve seen first hand what hordes of illegal aliens can do to an unsuspecting or apathetic country. Simply put, they destroy it.

"We must stop the mass entry of illegal migrant workers because of the very serious threat to the character and future to the state of Israel," --Benjamin Netanyahu

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