Sunday, January 16, 2011

Congress is working furiously hard to save their own asses. . .

In the wake of the mass shootings in Tucson, Arizona, we can see that Congress is only thinking of themselves. Bull shit and hot air seem to be rather plentiful in Congress. Perhaps, they could wrap themselves in that and be protected from both the public and public scrutiny. Even better, we could ship Congress offshore to some place like Guantamano Bay, Cuba.

We could offer them an all expense paid Caribbean water boarding vacation. One way, of course. The people have elected idiots and morons. Only an idiot would come up with a “gun free zone” around government officials. As any thinking person would know, a law like this would be absolutely impossible and unreasonable to enforce.

If our government officials were doing the job they were elected or appointed to do, they would not have to worry about being knocked off.

Bill seeks to wrap Congress in actual bubble

In the wake of a mass shooting in Arizona that left six dead and one congresswoman in the hospital, some Republican lawmakers seem to be most worried about finding ways to protect themselves.

Rep. Dan Burton (R-IN) wants to enclose the House Gallery in "a transparent and substantial material" such as Plexiglas, an aide told CBS News.

His legislation aims to keep the public from being able to throw explosives or other materials at members while they are on the House floor.

“Democracy... while it lasts is more bloody than either aristocracy or monarchy. Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There is never a democracy that did not commit suicide.” -- John Adams

The following is a portion of one of my favorite passages from an infamously well known novel. Remember, this is just fiction ant not a blueprint of things to come.

From Chapter IX of the Turner Diaries. . .

Then, as the TV cameras were preparing to switch from the crowded scene outside the Capitol to the speaker's podium in the House chamber, where the President would be speaking, a mortar round-although no one realized that's what it was- exploded about 200 yards northwest of the building. TV watchers heard the explosion but couldn't see anything except an indistinct puff of gray smoke floating above the Capitol.

For the next few seconds there was general confusion. Soldiers with gas masks on were scurrying in one direction, while grim-faced secret policemen with drawn pistols were running in the other direction. The TV commentator announced breathlessly that someone had set off a bomb in one of the Capitol parking lots. . .

. . . In this case I guessed immediately that our people were firing from a secluded, densely wooded area on the west bank of the Potomac, just over two miles from the Capitol. Henry and I had checked the area out some time ago for just such a purpose, because every important Federal building in Washington is within 81 mm-mortar range of it.

About 45 seconds after the second round the third one landed on the roof of the south wing of the Capitol and exploded inside the building. They had the range now, and the projectiles began raining down at four-to-five second intervals. Practically everyone,
including most of the TV crews, had scrambled for cover, but one intrepid cameraman remained at his post.

We saw beautiful blossoms of flame and steel sprouting everywhere, dancing across the asphalt, thundering in the midst of splintered masonry and burning vehicles, erupting now inside and now outside the Capitol, wreaking their bloody toll in the ranks of tyranny and treason. . .

. . .They learned this afternoon that not one of them is beyond our reach. They can huddle behind barbed wire and tanks in the city, or they can hide behind the concrete walls and alarm systems of their country estates, but we can still find them and kill them. All the armed guards and bulletproof limousines in America cannot guarantee their safety. That is a lesson they will not forget.

"[When the] city dies, the nation—deprived of the young life—blood of new generations—is now made up of people who are old and degenerate and cannot defend itself against a younger people which launches an attack on the now unguarded frontiers[...] This will happen, and not just to cities and nations, but on an infinitely greater scale: the whole White race, the Western race can be submerged by other colored races which are multiplying at a rate unknown in our race." —Benito Mussolini, 1928

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