Monday, January 17, 2011

Four Day Patrol: UDA’s Spotted and Followed to Interstate 8

On Sunday afternoon, we returned from our four day desert patrol. There was plenty of activity in the Sonoran Desert National Monument this weekend. The Border Patrol and BLM Rangers were attempting to round up some 20 UDA's that were spotted earlier in the day on Friday.

We discovered their foot prints in a wash approximately 200 yards west of our base camp. A pair of damaged bicycles were also found near our camp. Some “not too bright” people carried them up a very rocky hill and left them on top. I guess they wanted to pound a few nails in their own coffins.

After breaking camp Sunday morning, we encountered three UDA's wearing black hoodies in a wooded area. They ran through the thorny brush and over barbed wire fences to get away from us. They disappeared somewhere near Interstate 8. Hopefully, they enjoyed playing chicken with the big rigs.

On the other side of the Vekol Valley, J.T. Ready and the U.S. Border Guard was out and about. A U.S. Customs helicopter showed up and briefly stopped him. He was in a vehicle that is similar to those used for smuggling. He got a nice picture to add to his Flickr page.

Other militia groups from other states, including Texas, are patrolling our area of operation(AO). Hopefully, other NSM-AZ members and like minded patriots will get in on some of this action. There will be plenty to go around.

Kimball: Arming the public

In the wake of last Saturday’s tragedy in Tucson there has been a lot of talk in the media from politicians, lawmakers, reporters, and liberals about proposing stricter firearm legislation. These individuals are talking about legislation to limit the capacity of magazines for semi-automatic firearms in an effort to make sure that the Tucson tragedy doesn’t happen again. I disagree wholeheartedly and am quite certain that the capacity of that lunatic’s magazine had nothing to do with the fact that he went to that function with the intent to kill and harm innocent people.

Remember people! The cities with the strictest gun laws also have some of the countries highest crime rates. Guns don’t kill people, violent minorities do! I believe the F.B. I. Crime statistics support this.

Maricopa property and violent crime up, total arrests down in 2010

Violent crimes increased slightly from 40 reported cases in 2009 to 47 in 2010.

The largest increase in this area was aggravated assault, which went from 29 cases in 2009 to 37 cases in 2010.

The number of property crimes increased from 897 to 1,118, with the biggest jump in arrests for theft, up by 194 cases.

I don’t see how a 15% jump in violent crime could be considered “slightly”. Maricopa is a dangerous minority infested “shit hole“. Travelers are advised to BEWARE!

Arizona shootings: Dangerous loners hard to catch before they act

WASHINGTON - The gunman accused of trying to assassinate Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and killing six others, Jared Lee Loughner, was not on any government watch list that might have warned someone not to sell him a gun or caused police to investigate his unstable behavior.
It turns out there is not a list in the United States for people like Loughner.

The same goes for Joseph Stack, who flew his plane into an IRS office in Austin, Texas, last February. Stack left behind a 3,000-word, rambling screed about his problems with the U.S. tax code.

Do the idiots in Washington D.C. realize that they will never be able to stop spree killers before they act? Even if the feds had advanced mind reading technology, which minds do you read? Safety is an illusion and planet Earth is a dangerous place. Arm yourself and learn to live with that reality.

White Supremacist Site Marks 12th Anniversary

If you enter "Martin Luther King, Jr." as a search term, the site netting the third-highest ranking is martinlutherking(dot)org, which purports to be "A valuable resource for teachers and students alike." Visit the site and you can read the "truth" about King -- communist, wife-beater, plagiarist, sexual deviant and all-around fraud. There are flyers to the same effect that children can download, print and bring to school.

How do you "celebrate" the MLK holiday? I honor this day by thanking James Earl Ray.

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