Friday, February 25, 2011

Occupational hazards associated with being a political activist or agitator. . .

An occupational hazard for an activist or agitator on either side of the political spectrum is being arrested. Some arrests are legitimate, while many are not. As soon as you throw your hat in the ring, you become a target for harassment, false accusations and arrest. This is nothing new to me. One’s opposition will stop at nothing to marginalize and demonize you. This comes with the territory.

Most recently, a local pro-Hispanic “agitator” has been arrested for trespassing at the State Capitol in Phoenix. Honestly, I think the Capitol Police are tired of having the Capitol overrun with protesters bent on “acting out” and encouraging civil disobedience.

Capitol police arrest community activist, supporters call it harassment

PHOENIX - Supporters of a Valley immigration and community activist held a vigil for him outside the 4th Avenue Jail after they claim he was falsely arrested Thursday.

The group says Salvador Reza and another activist were in the State Capitol filling out an application to plan an April protest.

They say capitol police then arrested him for trespassing.

Although I don’t like Salvador Reza all that much, he should have not been taken to jail. The cost of housing this non-violent offender exceeds any potential risk he poses to the community. The Capitol police had the option to cite and release a suspected trespasser. Wouldn’t that have been easier? Why waste our tax dollars?

Now, we have his supporters camped out in front of the 4th Ave. jail. What will they do next? In the past, protesters have chained themselves to buildings, giving them even more press.

Police arrest immigration activists in Senate lobby

Police arrested immigration activist Salvador Reza on suspicion of trespassing Thursday after he refused to leave the state Senate, and another activist could face assault charges stemming from a suspected shoving match with an officer.

Reza and Anayanse Garza were booked into Maricopa County's Fourth Avenue Jail about 5 p.m., marking six arrests during a highly charged week at the Capitol.

Anyone that places his/her hands on a police officer and shoves him deserves to see some serious jail time. Oddly, many local media outlets ignored the alleged assault on a police officer. So much for objective and unbiased news reporting.

Non-white activists are frequently labeled as civil right leaders while their white counterparts are branded hate mongers, bigots and racists. We can thank the biased media for much of this.

Salvador Reza Arrested at Arizona State Senate

Welcome to Muammar Gaddafi's Lybia. Details are sketchy, but civil rights activists Salvador Reza and Anayanse Garza of the group Puente were arrested inside the Arizona state Senate building today, apparently for the bogus charge of trespassing.

I say "apparently" because neither the Capitol Police, nor Arizona DPS Security Attache J. Gentry Burton, who was on duty today doing security work, would tell me anything when I arrived after hearing about this police state idiocy.

A call to the Arizona Department of Administration, which usually speaks for the Capitol Police, was not returned. And DPS was similarly mum.

Local racist and anti-Semite, Carlos Galindo was also at the Capitol on Tuesday and found himself being cited and banned from the Capitol. Perhaps, he was too big to transport to jail.

“One hundred seven years after Fort Sumter, in the late fall, as I viewed in mounting rage the burning of the American flag in front of the Capitol in Washington, D.C., by pro-Viet Cong communist sympathizers, I realized that, though I was home, the war was not over. I swore vengeance, deciding at that moment that, although the battlefield had changed and rules were different, THE WAR CONTINUES.” --Louis R. Beam, Jr.

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