Thursday, February 3, 2011

Some thoughts following our trip to Mexico. . . .

I was not at all impressed at Department of Homeland Security‘s Janet Napolitano‘s recent speech on, “Border security continues to be a priority for the federal government.” What a joke! As far as I’m concerned, the government has no interest in border security along the Mexican border.

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu, however, indicated that Napolitano’s speech was selective in what it emphasized and what it did not disclose.

“2010 was a historic year when it comes to securing and managing our borders and enforcing our immigration laws,” Napolitano said. “There are now more resources on the southwest border in terms of personnel, technology, and infrastructure than ever before in American history. And we continue to see progress on every metric.”

Napolitano’s multi-state speaking tour is nothing more than a dog and pony show. Unfortunately, the majority of the “dumbed down” population is incapable of understanding the sick world in which they live. They would rather follow the ridiculous actions of idiot celebrities.

“This novel concept of enforcing the law, which is the very foundation of who we are as Americans, is the rule of law,” Babeu said. “Those three components of soldiers, build the infrastructure, and enforce the law will secure the border.”

“We’re bringing a heavy-handed enforcement against these [drug] cartels doing the jobs the feds have, literally, refused to do,” Babeu said. “They’ve try to handcuff us by taking us to court at a time when we need help and to fight us every step of the way.”

Babeu, who is the first Arizona sheriff and the first sheriff in his first elected term to be named Sheriff of the Year, said Napolitano’s assessment reveals that she is out of touch with what the conditions are on what he calls “the front line” fight against illegal immigration.

“This shows you how divorced from reality the secretary of homeland security really is,” Babeu said.

Govt Turns a Blind Eye to Drug, Alien Smuggling on Southern Border

Yet, today foreign nationals are entering the United States illegally on footpaths through wilderness along the southern border. Many of these lands designated as federal wilderness are virtually controlled by Mexican drug cartels. Yet the Obama administration, environmentalists, and even Arizona’s Pima County Sheriff whose jurisdiction borders Mexico, downplay the impact of the cartels and the “undocumented immigrants” trashing “untrammeled” wilderness.

With federal officials treating damage to fragile ecosystems as minor annoyances, the cumulative effect is a progressive ceding of public lands to Mexican drug lords.

As long as the rich bankers launder the illegal drug money and corporations exploit the cheap labor, our country will continue to descend along the “road to Zimbabwe".

Is Illegal Immigration Destroying The Southwest United States? 19 Immigration Facts That Very Few People Are Talking About

In the United States today, if you want to get on an airplane you must subject yourself to some of the most invasive security measures imaginable, and yet every year our government knowingly allows millions of people to move into the United States by simply hopping over the border and then provides them with all kinds of free benefits once they get here.

The drug war being waged on both sides of the border is so violent that it is almost unimaginable. For example, one very prominent Mexican assassin known as "the soupmaker" has confessed that he made approximately 300 bodies disappear by dissolving them in acid baths.

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