Monday, February 21, 2011

Vekol Valley: Adventures out in the wind and rain.

Although it was windy and rainy, we decided to conduct a brief patrol through the Vekol Valley. According to many, this is the most dangerous place between Phoenix and Mexico. To date, I have not had any trouble in this area.

Our patrol was rather uneventful. We encountered a militia group and the BLM Rangers. None of us spotted any suspicious activity.
Due to a very successful multi-agency operation during January, I'm sure the smuggling cartels have changed their routes for the time being. Change is what trips these outfits up. The more frequently they alter their plans, the better the chance they have at being caught.

At the abandoned slaughter house at the intersection of Rte. 8007 & 8045, we came across a feral cat up in the rafters. He wanted nothing to do with us and barely gave me a photo opportunity. I'm always pleased to see wild animals in their natural habitat.

Border War: Counterinsurgency needed at US-Mexico border, says lawmaker

Mack believes that U.S. foreign policy has neglected this reality and must now must reestablish its authority of the United States over illegal organizations which threaten U.S. Security at the Mexican border.

Mack stated yesterday, "A counterinsurgency strategy from our government that includes civil society, law enforcement, civil authorities and military personnel at the U.S. border is urgently needed. Repeated calls on the Administration have not gotten ahead of this plague and the lives of two more U.S. citizens have been taken in the meantime, adding to the tens of thousands of people who have been killed in a drug war, [while] expanding the influence of terrorists."

Here’s another fine example of how illegal aliens contribute to our society. . .

ICE Agents In Phoenix Seize More Than 900 Pounds Of Pot

PHOENIX -- U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Homeland Security Investigations agents seized more than 900 pounds of marijuana and arrested a suspected drug smuggler at a Phoenix auto shop Friday.

ICE spokesman Vicent Picard said agents conducting an ongoing investigation into a marijuana smuggling ring suspected the shop, located near the intersection of 39th Avenue and Indian School Road, was being used to stash narcotics.

The owner of this business was an illegal alien from Mexico. What better way to launder illegal drug money than through a commercial enterprise. I hope they take everything he has and throw the book at him. After he serves his time, ship his ass back to Mexico.

The investigation into this incident is on-going. Anyone with information regarding the bust should contact ICE's tip line at 866-DHS-2ICE.

Less Than Half of Southwest Border Secure, Government Report Says

Just one month after Homeland Security Janet Napolitano announced the cancellation of a troubled virtual fence project along the southwest border, a new government report says that less than half of the 2,000 miles separating the U.S. and Mexico is "operationally controlled" by the Border Patrol.

The Government Accountability Office report, released this week, found that only 129 miles are under "full control" of the Border Patrol, leaving the rest "vulnerable to cross-border illegal activity."

Texas Rep. Lamar Smith, the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, said in a statement.

"Forty-four percent is a failing grade," he said. "Administration officials are either blissfully unaware of the massive holes in security along the Southern border or are intentionally misleading the American people. Neither is acceptable."

I believe the latter of Smith’s statement. The government has been lying to us all along and they actually think they believe the fecal material they’ve been shoveling.

"Let me at least not die without a struggle, ingloriously. But instead, to achieve some great triumph first, that men shall come to know of it." -Spoken by Prince Hector in The Iliad

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