Friday, April 29, 2011

First Amendment Trumps PCSO Tyrant's Edicts- Infamous neo-Nazi J.T. Ready rubbing elbows with Pinal County Sheriff's Office

've been having a great time with this whole Tim Gaffney and First Amendment controversy that seems to have taken on a life of it's own. This whole issue is about freedom of the press and free speech.

Even after admitting that I don't pal around with Sheriff Paul Babeu and his deputies, I found it really interesting what one innocent photograph taken at a public political event has managed to accomplish. I'm sure that “handshake photo” with myself and Buz Mills would be a real talking point if he were elected governor.

Well, I have another interesting photograph, it shows local “infamous neo-Nazi” (actually National Socialist) J.T. Ready literally rubbing shoulders with a Pinal County Sheriff's deputy. I “disguised” his face to protect his identity. The photo was taken by “yours truly” outside my home.

Keep in mind that J.T. Ready resigned from the National Socialist Movement last June to form a “multi-ethnic” and very “diverse” U.S. Border Guard. Like myself, J.T. understood that the immigration problem in this country was not a “race” problem”, but an “American” problem. That's exactly what I told my colleagues at the NSM national meeting in Trenton, New Jersey on April 15, 2011. That speech will be available soon.

I never really thought J.T. Ready had much pull with the PCSO until one very early morning illegal immigration patrol that took us south of Stanfield near Interstate 8. We were southbound when a PCSO unit turned on his red and blues behind us. Our driver complied and pulled off to the shoulder. We turned on the cab lights and rolled down the windows as to give the deputy a good view of the vehicle's interior. We did this for our safety as well as the deputy's.

The deputy walked up to the window where J.T. Ready was seated. J.T. advised him that we were armed citizen volunteers patrolling for drug and human smugglers. Without asking any of us for identification, the deputy quickly departed after wishing us a good morning.

If this would have been in Phoenix, we would all have been disarmed, proned out and kissing the pavement. This traffic stop lasted barely 30 seconds. We were free to go about our business. Needless to say, I was a bit surprised by the whole thing. Of course, J.T. Provides law enforcement agencies courtesy calls prior to entering an area of operation.

U.S. Border Guard, a civilian volunteer group

J.T. Ready formed the US Border Guard to fill a void left by the blind federal government. These volunteer patriots risk life and liberty doing the job most Americans will not: actively patrol and secure the United States border and defend our beloved country from narco-terrorism and illegal entry. Border Rangers work in close contact with local and federal law enforcement to ensure the American people can enjoy their freedoms and safety while also informing the public of just how open our borders really are.

"Had it not been for me and other people out in the desert this summer, dozens of people would have died," Ready said. "I mean, literally, life was poured into them with water and medical equipment and getting Border Patrol to them and rescue operations." --J. T. Ready


  1. A bald-headed homo in basket weave leather waistband and his keystone lackey cop just couldn't learn to do a better job and focus on improving themselves in the public eye instead of amplifying their own dismal failures. Their unconstitutional edicts and publicity stunts are becoming more blatant as the days go by. They just had to stir up the hornet's nest. As the plot thickens, the noose around Tim Gaffney's career tightens.

    He just couldn't leave well enough alone. Of all critters in the desert, the laughing stock Gaffney should have known that Nazis bite back. Ouch! Wait until it is revealed he has several deputies who he is close to feeding us information about his foolish shenanigans...

  2. Baboon is a shill of a peace officer. He only plays a tough cop on T.V. He is a mediocre spokesman for real deputies at best. He does rather well hanging out with the pretty ladies in the air-conditioned studio and putting make-up on his taunt mug for the lights and cameras. But when the television audience goes to sleep, he is at home playing chase the cock in the bedroom. Not hunting the drug cartel with men and guns like he would have the sheeple believe. There are a few good PCSO men staunchly standing the line with us. Indeed. These men are the true heroes. We know who they are. And they know us. Not their boss. When the cartels wage their covert warfare in the inhospitable desert in some of the most dangerous turf contested by Americans, you can bet your wet balloon Baboon is far away from the shooting. Unless the news crews are shooting film of the after event, you will not see his shiny dome anywhere near the action.