Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Is my neighbor, Patricia A. Bonefield, a hateful and spiteful LIAR?

As the Executive Officer and Media Spokesman for the Arizona Unit of the National Socialist Movement, I can expect to find myself in the crosshairs of hateful and vicious "people". They will stop at nothing to discredit me. They are more than willing to lie through their teeth. They will even lie to the police, which is a crime.

Last summer, after providing humanitarian aid to a group of illegal aliens, some open borders zealots said that I kidnapped and water boarded them. This was obviously a blatant lie. This was the thanks I got for being kind. As always, no good deed goes unpunished.

More recently, my neighbor, Patricia A. Bonefield has made multiple false complaints to various law enforcement agencies in Pinal County. This includes the Pinal County Sheriff's Office, Ak Chin Police Department and the Pinal County Animal Care and Control.

In February, I was accused of animal abuse. According to Bonefield, I'm not spoiling Booger and Bailey enough. I thought I'd post a few photos of what abused pets look like.

February 2011: I'm accused of animal abuse. . .

Officer: P072767 RIVERA Clerk: 1000012518

02/10/11 Per Radio Log:

72 98 activity 7607 made contact with owner complaint is unfounded, both canines appear code 4 one canine is licensed by us the other canine was adopted from Maricopa County and it is still closed if you could mark it closed I'll put in the notes as an ongoing neighbor dispute 1219

2/10/2011 Per Citizen Contact Center:

RP says she has been having ongoing issues with the neighbor. One of her concerns is that he has dogs that she believes are being neglected, outside all the time, and the dogs cry for days because they have no food & shelter. RP also states that he has shot at her animals with a BB gun and has also harrassed her animals by throwing rocks & provokes them and causes them to bark at him.

Cross Streets: Val Vista Rd / White Rd

Kristin Walker CD02

Lagan Case ID:101000012518

04-11-11 Edited for typographical errors. Cathy Johnson

I have a number of videos showing me standing in my own yard doing nothing to provoke Bonefield's dog to bark. Did you notice how the word, "UNFOUNDED" keeps coming up? The way I see it, every word out of Patricia A. Bonefield's filthy mouth is a lie. Perhaps, a nice award or judgement will be my reward sometime in the not too distant future.

Prior to this series of false complaints, I didn't even know her name or even cared. I prefer to keep to myself and mind my own business. I don't know who most of my neighbors are or even know what they look like.

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