Tuesday, April 19, 2011

National Socialist Movement: 2011 National Meeting, Trenton, New Jersey

After 7 days, 5748 miles, 17 states, one banquet, a brawl, a party, a couple of "routine" traffic stops and two speeches, I'm finally home! I made this once in a lifetime journey to attend the National Socialist Movement annual meeting in Trenton, New Jersey.

Perhaps a bit more exciting than this event was the day prior when I dropped in on my parents without the benefit of advance notice.

NSM After Action Report: Battle in Trenton, April 2011

On April 15th the National Socialist Movement held our 2011 National Meeting. With approximately 80 Party members in attendance, along with a few respected guests we started our dinner in a Church Hall. We had a couple men posted outside to watch over the parking lot and building.

It is well known that the ara, anarchists, and communist black block groups will attack cars and buildings, as well as women and children. Just before the meeting was to begin, an armed group of about 30 or more masked anarchists launched an attack upon the Church Hall, our Comrades, and one of the cars before we beat them back in (legal) self defense. The commie scum attacked us with 2 by 4 boards, mace, clubs, knives, bricks, tree branches, glass bottles, and other weapons.

The NSM was un-armed with the exception of a few chairs and boards taken away from the scum in the brawl. True to form, the NSM did not back down and met the armed & masked degenerates in the street! By the time the melee was done, we forced the commie scum to run away, and local people coming out of their homes had called the Police after seeing all the blood and fighting. A number of people were seriously injured on both sides, four of our men went to the hospital after being hit in the head or face with clubs or boards, each one of those men checked out of the hospital and returned to finish the events.

It was an honor to fight alongside of these men, and everyone else who fought on our side. Myself, I was maced directly in my eyes (along with a couple of our guys whom also were maced) by the anarchists in the fight, but I still managed to beat down the guy who did it! Note to self (fist fighting in a business suit is not ideal). The men who had the worst injuries are the real hero's, they set aside self concern and went directly into the fray alongside of us. We have video of some of the violence and will release that shortly.

After the Police arrived, they managed to round up a couple of the anarchists and are holding two of them on $50,000. bail for inciting a riot, and other charges. It was clear to all that the NSM acted legally in self defense and did not start the violence. Our motto for such altercations is "Start nothing, Finish everything"! Thank you to all who stood in solidarity with us, including the older guys who I specifically asked NOT to come outside, and let us handle this. You guys have some serious heart!

After the Battle with the anarchists, we went back into the Church Hall and finished the National Meeting as scheduled and planned. Excellent speeches were given and it was a great event, as planned.

On April 16th we formed up as planned and headed to the Rally at the State Capitol. The enemies of free speech, and an assortment of groups such as the jdo, black panthers, ara, black block, and other anti-white groups vowed they would stop us from our meeting and the rally. They were beaten back at the meeting the night before, and did not stop the rally either. About 75 of our Folk attended the rally, a number of people we kept back at the property of the after event in case it needed to be defended against the anti's. The rally went off without issue's, aside from the rain, and a couple anarchists who smashed windows downtown for no reason other than to break things and wreck an American City.

The after Party concluded the two day event on private land where we had giant tents set up for all who participated to enjoy the bbq, live music, and a swastika lighting at the end of the evening.

I would like to personally thank and commend Jason Hiecke and Family for their countless hours of effort, planning, and work that goes into an event such as this. Also thank you to Keelan and Guilt Free Radio, Charles and the troops for being our frontline fighters, Duke and the Security Squad, everyone involved with NSM Media running our cameras, sound equipment, pa system, and websites. Congratulations to everyone promoted for your efforts over the past year. Thank you to Rick and Blake for setting things up. Also thanks to the guys who drove all the way from AZ. and CA. to back us up out East. There are many more people who deserve our thanks and salutes, you all know who you are, and so does your Party.

The NSM's frontline struggle in America once again sets the example.

Commander Jeff Schoep/ NSM April 17th, 2011

I'm going to get some much deserved sleep. I will continue to update my posts as events and photos become available. In the mean time,

Newspaper clipping about the event: http://www.phillyburbs.com/news/local/burlington_county_times_news/neo-nazis-opponents-brawl/article_e6d4a41d-5036-5140-bffd-a9ed115bcf11.html

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