Wednesday, April 20, 2011

National Socialist Movement: Street fighting is what we do.

After our nice banquet in New Jersey, I was honored to print and give two NSM applications to future members. Events such as this only makes us grow. Don't let that Swastika fool you, we are patriots and proud Americans. We don't hide behind masks while attacking churches. We don't run. We don't hide. We are here and here to stay.

Street fighting is what we do.

By Sergei Milanković

I was sitting next to Sgt. Mike after going after my second helping of meatballs from the wonderful array of food that had been prepared at the banquet. Sgt. Mike, a big man, was already finished eating after just one trip and was daring me to go for a third.

“You're off your diet this weekend...don't be a wimp,” he edged me closer to going back 3 times for food.

I laughed and thought about the fact that I'd nearly made myself sick already. The days of travel had left me a little under-nourished. Drowsiness was actually starting to set in.

Just then Captain Wilson appeared in the doorway, “the reds...the antis are here! Let's roll!”

I jumped up along with everyone around me and headed for the exit. “@#$% MOVE!” I shouted as I pushed through the crowd who were congesting the hall. Outside one could see about 30 or so communists, all masked, moving across the street.

Running out, I cursed at them and got close to their line yelling for their toughest to come out and fight me. Challenging people to one on one combat before the main battle begins is an old European tradition. One threw something and a scared looking small framed man rushed out and sprayed mace, which due to his cowardly half-approach, fell far short of me, the target.

Looking around, you could see these were all white people. The Black Panthers and Jewish groups love it when white boys fight their own battles. For more information, google “World War 2.” I spotted a few of the rich kids trying to dig projectiles out of a nearby garbage bin. I started moving towards them, also hoping to break the jaw of the mace-armed slip of a man who had moved in that direction as well.

That is when from the corner of my eye I saw the rest of the fight erupt, right in front of a passing car. It was on! I ran full out towards a bubbling fat man and nailed him solid in the temple. Commander Schoep came in right beside me and slammed a folding chair down on either him or someone nearby—I'm unsure but I heard it hit and heard one of them cry out. I stole a quick glance to my right to see the Commander catch a full blast of pepper spray in the face. By this time the others (names withheld) had sent the antis running back towards the end of the street. I took off after them down the sidewalk with our Florida state leader right behind me---lucky for me!

I was the next person to get hit with pepper spray and immediately blinded after another brief melee. Never had I neglected to wear goggles to every rally I have ever attended. One of the antis jumped on my back, trying to take me down. Our Florida unit leader grabbed the communist and body slammed him. I wish I could have seen it but there was no way I could get my eyes open. I felt something hit my face and knew it was time to get my vision back somehow. I tried holding one eye open but it was so blurry that I couldn't make anything out. Luckily Sgt. Mike grabbed me by the arm and led me back towards the church. As the adrenaline wore down, I felt a sharp pain in my right hand. In the confusion, a typical mistake had been made and I'd landed a punch onto the top of someone's head instead of the temple or the jaw as intended. This proved to be my only real injury. My fingers could barely move and I hoped I could get my vision back then a club in my hands, even if it was my left.

Someone shouted to get me to the bathroom. Someone else called back that the Commander was in the only bathroom, also trying to regain his sight. When he heard I was outside wounded and unable to see, he quickly moved outside and ordered the people around me to get me cleaned up. He was in worse shape than me being that the pepper spray was under his contacts, an extremely painful injury. If I had known he was moving aside and giving up the sink, I would not let anyone offer me treatment. As if seeing him fighting out in front of his troops wasn't enough, he was insisting on us being seen to first! Leaders don't have to step aside. A man with burning contacts shouldn't have to step aside. Oddly, him doing so was predictable if you have known him for very long.

Milk and water applied to my eyes finally allowed me to blink and begin to take in what all was going on around me. Nobody was out of commission and though a few had been struck with objects after being outnumbered, everyone was once again in fighting shape. Shouts of victory and triumph filled the hall! We'd beaten back the enemy at very little cost. It was well worth the honor gained.

Cops were starting to arrive on the scene. Apparently blacks living across the street had called them after the battle had turned in our favor. It was good to see the blacks the communist so adore at least offering them that minimal amount of assistance. The very first thing on my mind next was getting out of the neighborhood and away from the cops, being that I was one of the combatants. The police are never on our side regardless of what happened. Someone asked if I needed to go to the hospital and it sounded like a good idea from a legal stand point. The more of us to go to the hospital, the better it would look when the rich kids with daddy's lawyers started filing assault charges. I was placed in the ambulance by a pair of volunteer paramedics. These ladies were golden! I found a new NSM member from Washington state was already inside. Without being told, he had grabbed a chair and rushed into the battle and continued fighting even after being hit twice in the head with a pipe wrench. We joked around and kept the EMT's laughing the whole way to the ER.

After getting some minor patchwork done, the police came to question us about a “white van.” We played dumb which was easy in this case since we didn't know about anything about what they were talking about anyway. I speculated when the cops had gone that maybe the communists had attacked a van and been shot. One can dream.

All of the hospital staff were very friendly until we left about 20 minutes later. A blonde nurse came out to show off her loyalty to the Marxist system by asking us to leave. We'd called a cab and informed her that they were stuck with us until it showed up. Let's just hope that comment card gets lost in the mail.

We finally left and headed back to the hotel where a hero's welcome was waiting for us. The meeting had continued and everyone but us had made it back on time. A night of good times awaited us!

What the communists accomplished was this: they lit a fire under the white nationalist movement in general, most notably the NSM. With as many armed people as the antis had brought, they should have put everyone one on the ground and out cold. They didn't do this once and were chased away. However, this is nothing a good lying press release can't cure. Running away or using anti-rape weapons in a fight hold no significance with an honor-less bunch of spoiled gang of some rich man's grown brats. Standing your ground and fight off a larger force means a great deal to us. Though it hurts to type with with a cracked hand, it all has to be said. Attacks like these strengthen our resolve. It flushes out hobbyist, social leaches and hangers-on. It reminds us that this is a warrior's game that for the sake of our people, can't be lost.

In the end, I hope for many more attacks like these. Our strong won't quit. Our brave won't run. The ones that weren't there to fight alongside us will be sure to be at the next meeting or get together. This puts people back into the gym or get them up and running before their workday starts. This is the reason you cut your hair short or trim your toenails. This is what causes you to stay up late at night reading about the battles of men like yourself until you wake up the next morning with the book still in your hands. This is what nature intended for us to do just as nature had intended for us all to be national socialist.

And for all you young guys who jumped in, boys, it just gets easier every time. May Wotan reward all of us fighting men.

The rally speeches including mine are now available for listening and/or download.

Guilt-Free Radio's NSM Nationals 2011 Coverage is now up for listening / download!

Youtube: Beatdown In Bordentown, NJ

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