Monday, May 16, 2011

After Action Report. . . Operation: Wile. E. Coyote

Sunday, May 15, 2011 1340 Hours: I have just returned from the three day Multi-organization illegal immigration and counter drug smuggling patrol known as Operation: Wile E. Coyote. The operation was a success. Many people, new to the illegal immigration and smuggling problems, received first hand instruction in activities and tactics known to be used by the drug cartels in the Sonoran Desert National Monument and other well known smuggling corridors.

Unknown to us, our operation coincided with a multi-law enforcement agency operation involving aircraft utilizing thermal imaging. Law enforcement, namely the Arizona Department of Public Safety, attempted to "re-direct" us to the Sawtooth Mountains, north of Tucson. We refused to re-locate some 100+ miles and stood our ground in the Vekol Valley drug corridor south of Interstate 8.

I was aware that the Pinal County Sheriff's Office and the BLM had cleared out the area around Sawtooth, near the Ironwood Forest National Monument. Sawtooth Mountains is a Range in the state of Arizona (county of Pinal), located at latitude - longitude coordinates (also known as lat-long or GPS coordinates) of N 32.62312 and W -111.74346.) A PCSO tactical team swept the area over a week ago in advance of a BLM litter clean up project and that we would not likely see any action there. This was an outright attempt to neutralize our volunteer efforts.

We were accompanied by other militia groups and the US Border Guard. Also in attendance were women and an 80 some year old USMC Korean War Veteran from Kansas. During the patrol, we participated in briefings and educational seminars on heat related illness, tracking techniques and drug smuggler modes of operation.

Shortly after arriving at the base camp, identification cards belonging to a man from Chile were discovered under a rock. This evidence further reinforces that OTM's (other than Mexicans) are pouring over our southern border.

Terrorist threat on border with Mexico OTM who else is coming over our border?

OTM (Other Then Mexicans) this report shows we have a threat on our border!

DOUGLAS, AZ -- The U.S. Border Patrol uses choppers, ATVs and horses to patrol the 2000-mile border between the Southeastern U.S. and Mexico. Agents say most of the illegals caught crossing are from Mexico or South America. Still, they say thousands of people caught are classified as O.T.M.'s, which stands for "Other Than Mexican". They report that includes hundreds of people from nations that sponsor terrorism.

Channel 2 Action News anchor Justin Farmer traveled to Arizona to view adetention center near Phoenix. He viewed records that show illegals in custody from from Afghanistan, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Sudan and Yemen.

WEB EXTRA: People Other Than Mexicans, Including From Terrorist Nations Captured In The Last Two Years

On Saturday afternoon, elements of the US Border Guard discovered a small party of drug smugglers approximately 15 miles northwest of our base camp. Two were taken into custody by authorities. Some video of this event may be available in the not too distant future.

Cooperation, sacrifice, dedication and teamwork, all contributed in making this operation a success. Hopefully, we'll be conducting another such operation later in the year.

The Death Cult of the Drug Lords Mexico’s Patron Saint of Crime, Criminals, and the Dispossessed

The Santa Muerte cult could probably best be described as a set of ritual practices offered on behalf a supernatural personification of death. The personification is female, probably because the Spanish word for death, muerte, is feminine and possibly also because this personification is a sort of counterpart to the Virgin of Guadalupe. To believers, the entity exists within the context of Catholic theology and is comparable to other purely supernatural beings, namely archangels. The cult involves prayers, rituals, and offerings, which are given directly to Santa Muerte in expectation of and tailored to the fulfillment of specific requests.

According to Mexican author Homero Aridjis, “Santa Muerte not only protects (the criminals) from betrayal and ambush, but also can be an agent in their favor against enemies, causing them harm, or death.” She is a “virgin saint in the religion of crime.”

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