Monday, May 23, 2011

Saturday, May 21, 2011: A few bumps in the road. . .

I had thought I was going to have an uneventful Saturday barbecuing with some friends at an undisclosed location in Phoenix (our unit meeting). Things rapidly changed when I discovered a suspicious "package" sitting out in front of my property.

I contacted the Pinal County Sheriff's office and a deputy responded. I have been the target of multiple incidents of harassment since being threatened by open borders advocate Carlos Galindo on his "Straight Talk" radio show on KJLL in Tucson, AZ.

Most if the incidents have been childish juvenile type pranks that involve prowling around my fence, bouncing rocks off my roof and writing silly thing with chalk on the road in front of my home. If you recall, last September, two windows were shot out of my truck while it sat in my driveway. Somebody also entered my yard by climbing over the fence.

Perhaps, it was a hungry vegan anarchist that was rummaging for food in my trash? Somebody did open some bags and root around. I happen to compost my organic waste, so there was nothing to eat in my trash.. The neighborhood cats don't even bother with it.

After the deputy arrived, he made an assessment and decided to notify the fire department. Initially, he had some difficulty getting anybody to respond. Although outside the city limits, Maricopa FD responded and decided to call their Battalion Chief. Several Minutes later, he arrived and decided that a hazardous materials crew should be dispatched to the scene to investigate the suspicious item.

The street in front of my home was blocked off to traffic. In the mean time, I got my bottled water, soda, hot dogs, sausage links, buns and chips loaded in my truck to take to Phoenix.

Upon returning home from our meeting, I noticed the scene in front of my home expanded to include the bomb squad. The suspicious “item” was ultimately removed and everybody left around 9:00PM, Potential suspects have been questioned and an investigation is pending.

2 multi-vehicle accidents, 1 fatality

State Route 347 between Maricopa's city limits and Casa Blanca Road just experienced its second bad accident in less than 15 hours.

The highway is currently closed in both directions due to a multi-vehicle accident that occurred at about 2:30 pm. Preliminary reports from Maricopa Police indicate the collision included a rollover in which a vehicle struck a tanker truck full of fuel. Hazardous materials units are on the scene, and there are no reports of serious injuries.

Fuel spill from accident shuts down SR347

A multi-vehicle accident, involving a fuel tanker, shut down John Wayne Parkway (SR347) shortly after 1:30 pm today.

The accident occurred in the northbound lanes at the Rancho El Dorado/Cobblestone Farms intersection. The tanker truck ruptured as a result of the crash, spilling its load on the roadway. Initial reports are that one vehicle attempted to make a u-turn on the highway, which put a series of events into play.

Maricopa happens to be somewhat geographically isolated. There aren't too many ways in or out of the area. When an artery is shut down, alternate routes involve lengthy detours through the Gila River Indian Reservation. I found myself taking Casa Blanca Road out to Interstate 10 and into Casa Grande. From Casa Grande, I took the Maricopa - Casa Grande Highway to Maricopa.

The detour was an inconvenience, but what irritates me more is how people complain about the road or lack of roads. Some people even blame SR 347 and call IT dangerous. SR 347 is a nice long stretch of divided highway with plenty of visibility. The “complainers” should have considered this reality before moving here.

A police officer recently told me that the problem is that too many people from California moved here. I can't argue with that.

Having lived many years in Pennsylvania, I knew wide smooth roads like SR 347 were hard to come by. Oddly, unlike Arizona drivers, Pennsylvania motorists are more capable of keeping the shiny side up and the rubber side down. Human or operator error is the primary cause of wrecks. Don't go blaming the road!

If people would simply pull their heads out of their asses and pay attention to the road when they drive, wrecks wouldn't happen so frequently. I refuse to call them accidents, because they are caused by people that are most often inpatient, selfish or just plain stupid.

The posted speed limit is 65 mph. People often pass me like I'm standing still. To me, Phoenix is a horrible place and see no reason to be in such a big hurry to get there. Fortunately, I don't have any plans on going that way until August.

If I had it my way, I'd pull up the pavement and replace SR 347 with a very bumpy rut filled dirt road that would prevent anything but trucks from getting out here. Everyone else can move to Phoenix or Hell.

If I'm not pissing people off, I'm doing something wrong." --Harry L. Hughes III


  1. Things got a little weird when I returned home this afternoon.(05/25/2011)

    While Thora and I were standing out in the yard, Booger barked at this drunk Mexican walking out in the hot sun with a 40 oz. Cobra in hand.

    He walked up and said something about a dead body on my corner and that somebody killed his homie. He thought the HAZMAT/bomb squad thing on Saturday was a homicide. Well, if there was a body around my neck of the woods, I'd certainly know about it. Alcohol and heat don't mix.

    It wasn't 10 minutes after the Mexican walked off that some strange white guy flagged me down because he high centered his Chevy S-10 on one of the piles of dirt across the street. He had a bunch of fake plants in the back. I used my chain to pull him out. I dropped Thora off at home and I wasted no time getting back to my place before some other nut or lunatic emerged from the desert with a problem.

  2. I hear moon crickets are attracted to windows in the dark of night.

    110525194 Suspicious Activity SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY
    Incident Address : 10000 BLOCK OF N WHITE RD

    Oh no! The big bad boogyman has returned? I think not. How could anyone except a professional baseball player throw a rock that far and that accurately without breaking a window?

    Are these people lying sacks of shit, or what?

    Time Reported: 22:04
    Time Occurred between: 22:01:00 05/25/11 - 22:01:00 05/25/11

  3. Since the Bonefield's abandoned their home a couple of months ago, there have been no further incidents. It that a coincidence? I doubt it.