Sunday, May 1, 2011

So called “hate” haters are here and among us. They want to destroy America and take away our free speech rights.

As a result of my National Socialist Movement membership, Maricopa, Arizona can look forward to disruptive Communists crashing otherwise lawful and peaceful events. Watch the video linked below and decide for yourselves.

These “hate haters” come to us under such names as “anarchist”, “anti-fascist” or Anti Racist Action(ARA). They also may be lawyers, politicians, prosecutors, police officers and judges.

Don't let their titles confuse you. These people are freedom-hating Communists. If you happen to believe in something or say something they don't like, they will launch a “zero tolerance” policy against you that includes threats, intimidation and violence. They will go as far as showing up at your home with the intention of threatening and intimidating you. Property damage almost always occurs in their wake.

Richard Spencer Speaks at Providence College (Antifa Fail!)

Richard Spencer, the Executive Director of The National Policy Institute and founder of Alternative Right Magazine spoke on the Costs of Diversity. During his speech he was interrupted by "anti-fascists" or as ramzpaul put it "Radicals for the Establishment", which is quite apt given the disrespectful display from students on a college campus. Liberals cry so much about free speech; perhaps they should teach these punks to practice it themselves.

Did you see how these people resorted to direct and intimidating threats towards the calm and peaceful speaker. They told him to get out of town. They didn't say “or else” but it was implied.

Below is the speech I gave at the National Socialist Movement's national meeting in Trenton, New Jersey on April 15, 2011. Not once did I use hateful words or terminology. Those on the left want to eliminate free speech because they fear that our message makes too much sense.

Prior to my giving this speech, the same type of anti-freedom Communists in the Richard Spencer YouTube video attacked the church our meeting was held in. These masked thugs armed with sticks, hammers, rocks and bottles savagely attacked our meeting. This is what these “anti-fascists” or “anarchists” are all about. The left leaning media frequently portrays these violent and cowardly criminals as “heroes”.

Profanity and disruption of legitimate functions are their preferred method of operation. These are the names of two Antifa members who were arrested for attacking a peaceful, lawful gathering of the NSM in Pemberton, NJ: Joseph W. Alcoff, 29, of Syracuse, N.Y., and Thomas T. Keenan, 25, of Franklin Township.

Fascism is alive and well in the United States. It's here under the deceptive guise of “anti-fascism”. The best example of Fascism in 21st century America I can think of is Barack Obama's government sanctioned take over of General Motors Corporation. Despite living in a “free enterprise” capitalist society, Obama legislated his way into firing GM's CEO and “installing” a “government appointed” CEO. Fascism is state controlled capitalism. You do see where this is going? Oddly, this was one of the few things he did right.

One piece at a time over generations, the government has taken over more and more aspects of your daily lives. They tell you how to dress, eat, work and think. At the same time they tell you how you should put up with and tolerate everybody. As many of us have discovered, this is nothing but hypocrisy.

They started with “the melting pot” campaign. It advanced to “diversity” and “multi-culturalism”. In reality, these are all terms for “anti-white”. EVERY racial group MUST be afforded its identity and security, or "equality" and "diversity" is A LIE

For my selfless and voluntary efforts, this is the thanks I receive. . .

KJLL Straight Talk host threatens me on the air

Anti-Semite and Hispanic community leader, Carlos Galindo, prefers that illegal aliens die in the desert. He needs martyrs to help push his agenda. Shame on him!

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