Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thunderbird Farms: Hate Crimes Come to Maricopa, AZ?

Shortly after 9:00PM on Wednesday, May 11, 2011, I observed someone shining a light towards my home from across the street. Due to other recent incidents, I've learned to sleep with my boots on. I also keep my AR-15 rifle right next to me. I investigated the source of the light and saw it was coming from 10003 N. White Rd. I also saw the front door open and close.

I went back inside and attempted to finish watching Fox 10 News. That didn't happen because less than 10 minutes later, someone was throwing rocks at my home. I grabbed my rifle and went outside. The cowardly little punk ran with his tail between his legs. This was the second time that my home was subject to a rock attack.

I called the non-emergency number at the Pinal County Sheriff's Office and advised the deputy that I suspected the neighbors were in some way responsible for these criminal acts. This is a continuing and escalating problem. I have made a number of recent entries in my blog documenting these events.

Upon waking up this morning (Thursday, May 12, 2011), I discovered hateful words and anarchist symbols written in chalk in front of my home. Among these symbols was also a swastika. If I were Jewish or a non-white, this would be classified as a hate crime. Well, it's obviously not a "love crime". Why is there a "double standard" when it comes to hate, threats, and intimidation? Why has this been simply downgraded to a "neighbor dispute"?

Hate Speech Not a Hate Crime

Hate speech is protected under the First Amendment of the Constitution. Under the free speech clause, the federal government and state governments are forbidden from restricting speech, and prohibited from prosecuting people who merely advocate violence against racial, ethnic, or gender minorities.

According to Attorney General Eric Holder, the newly-enacted federal hate crimes law would only be used to prosecute violent acts based on bias, as opposed to the prosecution of speech based on controversial racial or religious beliefs.

Appendix - The Symbols of Anarchy

The circled-A is even more famous than the Black and Red-and-Black flags as an anarchist symbol (probably because it lends itself so well to graffiti). According to Peter Marshall the "circled-A" represents Proudhon's maxim "Anarchy is Order." [Demanding the Impossible p. 558] Peter Peterson also adds that the circle is "a symbol of unity and determination" which "lends support to the off-proclaimed idea of international anarchist solidarity." ["Flag, Torch, and Fist: The Symbols of Anarchism", Freedom, vol. 48, No. 11, pp. 8] The circle A is also found under "Evil Symbols at

Take a close look at this page and notice which symbol is not illustrated.

What do the anarchists believe in?

"We believe in including people, allowing them to organise for themselves how they want to live.

The whole process of globalisation excludes people from having their say, it limits their choices." When the IMF steps in to shore up the economies of Asian nations, he says, the conditions attached force local input out the window.

But the activists have no intention of putting up an alternative to capitalism for fear of robbing others of their voice, Michael says.

"As anarchists, we believe people have to be involved in discussing what alternatives might work for them, without prescribing the options. For this reason, we distance ourselves from doctrines such as Marxism, which impose a strict set of rules."

I've learned from first hand personal experience, that the above is not true. If you don't agree with them, expect to be attacked and violently assaulted. I have seen these hooded and masked criminals attack police officers in Phoenix. I was at a church in New Jersey just a few weeks ago when it was attacked by more hooded and masked "anarchists".

Anarchism is the political belief that society should have no government, laws, police, or other authority, but should be a free association of all its members. William Godwin, an important anarchist philosopher in Britain during the late 18th century, believed that the "euthanasia of government" would be achieved through "individual moral reformation".

As most of us with common sense are aware, this concept will not work out well as clearly demonstrated by those that advocate this twisted philosophy.

I think the woman making sex noises should be covered under the First Amendment as well. I think our judges have gone completely insane. It's time to clean house.

Judge tells woman who made sex noises not to make unusual noises in her home.

The utter inanity of this situation blows my mind completely.

Judge Stargel and his wife, Kelli, a member of the Florida House, are also practicing Christians like the sheriff, Grady Judd. The judge today appears to have given credibility to the charges of faking sex noises, translating it into simulating a sex act. The lady's lawyer pointed out that this charge can carry up to 15 years jail time.

I believe the judge in this case is abusing his power, probably owing to his personal religious beliefs or lack of a sex life. As a result of his clear bias, he's not fit to sit on the bench.

"Confronted with the choice, the American people would choose the policeman's truncheon over the anarchist's bomb." --Spiro T. Agnew


  1. 110511219 Information Report ASSIST:MOTORIST OR PUBLIC
    Incident Address : 49000 BLK OF W VAL VISTA RD MARICOPA
    Time Reported: 21:35
    Time Occurred between: 21:33:57 05/11/11 - 21:33:57 05/11/11

  2. Don't forget the "circle A" and swastika. . .

    110513184 Suspicious Person/Circumstance SUSPICIOUS PERSON
    Incident Address : 10000 BLK N WHITE RD MARICOPA
    Time Reported: 15:55
    Time Occurred between: 15:54:17 05/13/11 - 15:54:17 05/13/11

    Maybe, they should get a P.O. box. lol

  3. This is possibly one of those situations where one of the prime suspects wants to play the role of the victim.

    Well, you won't believe who's not buying the story.