Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wednesday, May 4, 2011, After Action Report: N.S.M. Maricopa/Stanfield Justice Court protest

Although this was a small public demonstration, it was a successful one. Unlike the National Meeting in Trenton, New Jersey during mid-April, there was no violence or name calling. The Maricopa Police Department waved and looked on from a distance. Myself and registered supporter Thora Jaeger started our protest at approximately 8:00AM. Soon after, US Border Guard Founder and former N.S.M. member J.T. Ready showed up to offer his support. Additionally, a local citizen joined us as we walked up and down Wilson. Avenue.

We distributed the N.S.M. "Report an Illegal" flier to commemorate Cinco de Mayo. We encountered lots of friendly waving people. Not too many people liked what was going on in the courthouse behind us. Apparently, justice has eluded many people. In addition to waves, we received other gestures including a stiff armed salute, thumbs ups and even a "Black Power" fist. Not one person flipped us off, yelled obscenities or threw objects. I'm really surprised by this, but I'm sure most people have at least some contempt for our flawed and broken judicial system.

A Photographer from arrived early and took some photos of us. Towards the middle of our event, a black couple drove up and offered their support as well. Apparently, one of them didn't get a fair trial either. "The man's" always keeping the "brutha:" down.

A local resident also stopped by, took some photos and posted them on Facebook. As expected, there was plenty of hatred directed towards us. I call these people "hate" haters and they are some of the most hateful and closed minded people I've ever encountered in my almost 48 years.

We wrapped thing up at 11:00AM and conducted a "rolling after party" with pizza. On the way back to my place, J.T. Ready stopped to help an elderly couple change a flat tire, They were in a potentially bad spot and needed assistance.

On the night before the event, I received multiple threatening and obscene phone calls, voice mails and text messages from the following phone number: 520-494-4369. Please feel free to call this number and dish out some of the same. Despite being unlawful, I'm sure this subject will never have to answer for his actions in a court of law. (PCSO CAD # 110504034) The Pinal County sheriff's deputy advised me to call the telephone company. I hope this person shows up at my home so I can finish what he started.

Following the event, my work was far from over. I accompanied J.T. Ready to the Sonoran Desert National Monument south of Interstate 8 and looked over some of the drug smuggling trails. J.T. recovered what we are calling "narco voodoo" paraphernalia. We also came across a rather complex and sophisticated looking battery of cameras powered by a generator on the border of the Tohono O'odham reservation along Stanfield Road. I guess those are our tax dollars at work. I hope nobody steals them.

Below is an example of one comment left by a hateful Facebook user:

Debbie Burt also commented on Chris Benesch's photo album.

Debbie wrote:
"I hate NAZIS-my entire extended family was killed by Natzis- dont show your face here anymore...thats a threat asshole"

To see the comment thread, follow the link below:

The Facebook Team

As we know making threats over the telephone and internet are criminal offenses, but I'm certain, not one of these individuals will ever see the inside of a court room and answer for their unlawful deeds. Debbie Burt also violated Facebook's terms of service. Debbie owns "Professional Paralegal Document Preparation Services". Imagine what would happen if Debbie hated you and was preparing legal documents for you? Debbie might be available for comment at (602) 518-1636 or One thing is certain, it appears that Debbie never read the 1964 Civil Rights Act and how people are protected on the basis of their political affiliations. Debbie deserves to have her license pulled.

I'm wondering if Debbie Burk is upset that members of her immediate family may have collaborated with the Nazis that resulted in the demise of her “extended” family.

Official: Mexico drug war imagery popping up in US

SAN ANTONIO—Dark imagery associated with the Mexican drug war, including images of the unofficial patron saints of death and smuggling, are showing up north of the border, a sign of the cartels' growing influence among American smuggling networks, a U.S. marshal said Tuesday.

Images of the skeletal black-robed figure of Santa Muerte, the Death Saint, are showing up in areas that don't have large Mexican populations, said Robert Almonte.
“Where the N.S.M. Goes, the N.S.M. Grows.”

"Most people opposed to "hate" are themselves the most vile, crude, unintelligent, violent, undemocratic, impolite, hostile, low brow, cretins you will ever meet. And they are full of hate." --J.T. Ready

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