Monday, June 13, 2011

What are you going to do this summer? In Arizona, we turn up the heat as the mercury rises.

As usual, I have filled up my plate with things to do this summer. Unwanted foreigners a.k.a. criminal invaders are still pouring over the Mexican border and this issue needs to be addressed on multiple fronts. The federal government still doesn't get it despite several states passing their own immigration bills.

This is a call to all patriotic Americans to step up and do something for your country. Don't sit back and watch your nation and home fall apart around you.

NSM's "Reclaim the Southwest" campaign
Destination - Las Vegas

On Saturday June 25, 2011 from 12 noon until 1:30 pm NSM Nevada will be back on the streets with a demonstration against illegal immigration. NSM Nevada along with NSM chapters from Arizona, California and Utah are continuing the Reclaim the Southwest Campaign, in order to increase public awareness of the illegal immigration problem.

The illegals are robbing the American worker by driving the wage scale downwards, and stealing American jobs, not to mention the burden they are putting on the American tax payer.

All like minded Patriots, individuals, and Organizations are welcome to attend this event. After the Rally a BBQ will be held for all that attended the event.

For more information on attending the Rally contact NSM Nevada: nsmnevada (at) or nsmregion11 (at)

Upcoming Border Action. . .


Operation: LINE IN THE SAND was a resounding success! Now over a year later, with many successful Border Missions and Secret Operations under our belts, the U.S. Border Guard is announcing: OLIS II (Operation Line In the Sand Two). The planned Special Operations Border Mission is slated for the full moon weekend of July 15th, 16th, and 17th (Fri-Sun), 2011. Unlike OLIS I however, this special event is not open to the general public, humanitarian groups, or the media. If you, your group, SWAT Team, Military Unit, or Patriot Militia are interested in participating in this epic endeavor, YOU MUST PRE-REGISTER to even be considered for Counter Narco-Terrorist Combat Patrols. The volunteer USBG Border Rangers have already made American history with their dedicated service and brave sacrifice to secure our border, rescue human lives, defend our nation from foreign invasion, and battle Narco-Terrorists in the CZ (Contested Zone).

This is your history making chance to contribute to this patriotic deed! Please thoroughly review our website which is constantly being updated. Pay particular attention to the Tier II gear list, listen to the Podcast to get a better understanding of the A.O. (Area of Operations), read the Intel page, and send you skills resume' in to the address provided on the Contacts page ASAP- to be included in this vital Border Operation. There is NO CHARGE for participation in OLIS II. However, heartfelt donations are gladly excepted even from those unable to attend in supporting the American Border Rangers. Not all applicants will be approved for Combat Border Patrols/Combat Support Roles, so be sure to elaborate on your skills and desire to serve our sovereign nation. Feel free to print and/or distribute this announcement. Due to OPSEC (Operational Security) and the safety of the Patrol Members, no further information is able to be released about OLIS II to the general public without qualification as a Patrol Member first.

Thank you.

J.T. Ready
Patrol Leader U.S.B.G.

P.O. Box 571
Mesa, AZ 85211-0571

"It might be wise for us, as American citizens, to consider calling a halt to the mass influx of even more millions of hungry, ignorant, unskilled, and culturally-morally-genetically, impoverished people...Why not [support immigration]? Because we prefer democratic government, for one thing; because we still hope for an open, spacious, uncrowded, and beautiful--yes beautiful!--society, for another. The alternative, in the squalor, cruelty and corruption of Latin America, is plain for all to see." --Edward Abbey

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