Monday, August 8, 2011

“Elected Traitors”: The Realities of Our Sick and Twisted Political Prostitutes.

Congress has just received what may be its' lowest approval rating ever. As long as members of Congress are getting rich on our backs, they simply won't care about “We The People. . .” We as citizens, frequently criticize these elected non-representatives, yet we do absolutely nothing about solving the problem. Some people who complain, don't even have the motivation to go out and vote.

Regardless, it appears that our votes don't count for much. Candidates always tell us what we want to hear. Once elected, these vermin-like political prostitutes look out for themselves and the special interest groups that line their pockets with cash.

Now, it would appear that Mexican drug cartels have become “special interest' groups, too. They have very deep pockets and can afford to buy politicians on both sides of the border. If you think this isn't happening, you're beyond hope.

Corruption is how we have American guns arming drug cartels. It may be hard for some of you to believe that our leaders would stoop this low, but they do on a regular basis. To the crooked politician, allowing drugs into our country to poison our citizens is just one more little step towards their goal of destroying our country while getting filthy rich.

Most Americans (“Boobas Americanas Ignoranus”) are so self absorbed, that they have no clue as to what is going on in the world in which they live. As long as they have their Netflix, X-box, Farmville, American Idol and BBQ grill, they are content to keep themselves hidden behind their dead bolt lock with their heads up their asses.

These people have been brainwashed to the extent that intelligent debate or conversation is impossible with them. They are completely worthless. Rome is burning down around them, yet they do absolutely nothing meaningful or productive to prevent their demise. All they care about is who got kicked off “Big Brother” or some other stupid reality show. I dare all of you to visit the reality of the Vekol Valley drug corridor on a hot summer day.

Take their TV's away, and restrict their diets to only 300 calories a day, they just might wake up. In any case, I won't be waiting for them as they are completely useless “sheeple” and “lemmings”.

It's bad enough that we have gangs of thugs roaming our streets and preying on citizens. We also have them running (and ruining) our once great country and preying on its' citizens, too.

One man's war on drugs

While state Republicans have just launched a website in an attempt to raise millions of dollars to construct a fence along the Arizona-Mexico border, a Thunderbird Farms resident believes in a more hands-on approach to stymie the flow of illegal drugs and immigrants crossing the border — armed citizens patrolling the desert.

Harry Hughes III, a Pennsylvania native who has lived in Pinal County for 20 years, remembers when it was safe for people to hike in the nearby areas of the wild desert, like Vekol Valley in the Sonoran Desert National Monument.

None of our activities would be possible if it weren't for the sacrifice and dedication of many volunteers. This is more than one man's war on drugs. We bring many people together from all walks of life to battle a common enemy. I suspect this makes our critics and adversaries extremely nervous.

Cartel Member: U.S. Allowed Cocaine into Mexico

PHOENIX - There's more trouble surrounding the U.S. government's dealings with drug cartels in Mexico. Now a high-ranking member of the Sinaloa cartel is claiming that U.S. officials cut a deal with Mexican drug cartels -- allowing cocaine to flow right over the U.S. Border.

Those guns are linked to the failed Justice Department investigation, dubbed "Fast and Furious."

The title to this article is very misleading. It should have read, “Traitors in the U.S. Government Make Deals With Drug Cartels and Aid in Cocaine Distribution”. These people should be rounded up and shot. If treason and firing squad became household words again, our country would “straighten out” fast. We would also have fewer career politicians. What we have now is one giant mother of a “cluster foxtrot”.

Political Corruption - U.S. Allows Drugs In

Last night Lou Dobbs agreed with the President of Mexico that drugs are flowing into the United States because our government permits it. President Calderon said U.S. corruption permitted drug imports. "If there is traffic in the United States, it is because there is some corruption in the United States," Calderon said. Dobbs agreed.

"...there is no other explanation," Dobbs said, "It goes well beyond indifference and apathy, but the fact that this country has tolerated that border being violated by drug traffickers who bring in from Mexico methamphetamines, heroin, cocaine and marijuana – in fact, Mexico is the largest source. And for us as a nation to have tolerated the immense loss of life, the devastation of lives to addiction and drugs, most of which, again, originate in Mexico, can only be explained by corruption."

I' guess I'm not the only one that thinks those that run our government are on the take. We even seem to have proof. The world must be in a pathetically sad state of affairs when I trust the statement from a member of a drug cartel over the word of U.S. political leaders. Being criminals isn't all they have in common.

“That's the way democracy works; it's a system which encourages hypocrisy and lying, which virtually guarantees it, whether Jews are involved or not. And when Jews are involved, when Jews control the process, then we get what we have in America today: open borders and a continuing flood of non-Whites into America, darkening our cities, darkening our schools, raping our women, killing our men, degrading our culture, destroying our civilization, with no elected official willing to stand up and speak out against it.” --Dr. William Luther Pierce, “Hypocrisy and Democracy”, October 1999

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