Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Out of control politicians, City of Maricopa political shenanigans and our border operations in the “Contested Zone” continue. . .

We are nearly halfway through October. Where is the time going? It's been a busy year and we still have a few months left. Our political leaders have been very hard at work showing their true colors. They have clearly demonstrated that they are not working in our best interest. In fact, they are screwing us over in the biggest way possible. Bit by bit, they are destroying OUR nation from within. This is worse than any foreign invasion. (And we're in the middle of one of those, too.)

California has just banned open carry of handguns and approved financial aid for illegal aliens. I found it strange that they are paying to educate people that cannot legally work in the United States. This is one state that is most certainly doomed.

Obama's puppet at the Justice Department, Eric Holder has been lying through his teeth about the BATF and operation “Fast and Furious”. Barack Obama is again trying to push more ½ trillion dollar spending down our throats under the guise of creating jobs. As always, these corrupt hacks ignore the will of the people.

On every level, we have blacks involved in politics. We also have unethical behavior on their parts on all levels, too. From local politicians, to Eric Holder and all the way to the White House, we have crooked blacks trying to thrust their power and will upon "Whitey". Most recently, it happened in Maricopa, Arizona. Maricopa City Councilman Marvin Brown instantly turned into an asshole by barking at senior citizens, because he didn't get his way.

Shame on you, Councilman Brown!

Dear Editor, (Saturday, October 8, 2011)

The "Copa Seniors" is a social club that meets for games, outings, crafts, dancing, and a variety of activities, purposefully for fellowship and recreation.

We have the privilege of using the Copa Center on a limited basis. A facility owned, operated, and supervised by the City of Maricopa. Many people contributed in the effort to make this possible and we are very appreciative of their time and generosity.

On Thursday September 22, 2011, at our regular meeting, city Councilman Marvin Brown came to the meeting and requested passing his re-election petition around to collect signatures from the seniors.

When the president of Copa Seniors informed him that Copa Seniors is a-political and doesn't endorse any candidate or political office this was his response: "Show some respect ... I got you into this place and I can get you out."

We know the Chicago "machine" runs on threats and intimidation, Mr. Brown, but that certainly isn't acceptable behavior in Maricopa, AZ.

Perhaps when the election cycle is here, the voters should remember "your" way of getting things done.

Shame on you, Councilman Marvin Brown!


Phyllis Von Fleckinger, Former Maricopa City Councilwoman

This is behavior typically exhibited by blacks. We've seen countless Youtube videos from court rooms and fast food joints that clearly show this pattern on misconduct. These are not rare or isolated incidents. Not at all! If blacks don't get their way, they go off and frequently resort to violence.

During the second week of October, the US Border Guard volunteers were hard at work keeping spotters off the hills along the local drug smuggling corridors. Now that it has cooled off some (below 100 degrees), I've fired up the coffee pot.

The nocturnal patrols are very unpredictable. You never know what will happen. One thing is certain, drug smugglers are forced to bring their loads in blind or find another route when we are out in the field. These tactics increase their odds of losing their loads and/or getting caught.

A suspicious aircraft flew over us shortly after sunrise. It had no tail numbers and was headed south. We called it in to the US Border Patrol and discovered it wasn't supposed to be there. After making a second pass over us, the single engine plane disappeared to the northeast.

During our patrol, a BLM Ranger stopped by and paid a short and cordial visit. Afterward, we proceeded to another area we suspected drug activity was taking place. While heading north, we encountered a group of people from the Southwest Conservation Corps, along with another BLM Ranger. They were picking up illegal alien trash. We noticed quite a few bags of trash were set out along the road.

Rep Issa to Holder: “Operation Fast and Furious was the [Justice] Department’s most significant gun trafficking case,” Issa wrote to Holder in a letter. “It related to two of your major initiatives — destroying the Mexican cartels and reducing gun violence on both sides of the border. On your watch, it went spectacularly wrong. Whether you realize yet or not, you own Fast and Furious. It is your responsibility.”

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