Monday, November 21, 2011

Border Patrol Auxiliary LIE: "BPAUX does not in any way or fashion discriminate against anyone." When is discrimination, NOT discrimination?

It would appear that Ken Dreger, of the Border Patrol Auxiliary, has painted himself into a corner. First, he lies about discriminating against people based on political beliefs. Second, he demands that US Border Guard Patrol Leader J.T. Ready "adjust" his statement, which happens to be true beyond any doubt. Thirdly, Ken Dreger says, "BPAUX does not in any way or fashion discriminate against anyone." Who does "anyone" really include? Apparently, based on Dreger's statements, "anyone" does NOT include everybody. He also states, "It is true, we do not allow skinheads, or members of any type of Nazi group or party, that is not discrimination..."

If this isn't bias and/or discrimination, then what is? J.T. Ready was absolutely correct in calling Ken Dreger a liar. In my opinion, Dreger is a LIAR. If anything needs "adjusting", it's Ken Breger's attitude.

SSGT Harry L Hughes III, Advocate of White Civil Rights
NSM-AZ Executive Officer/Media Spokesman
NSM-MEDIA Associate Producer

MY(J,T. Ready's) response to BPAUX demanding me to recant my accurate statement that they "discriminate"

By J.T. Ready on Sunday, November 20, 2011 at 7:35pm


You are a liar or in serious need of review of statements made by representatives of your organization. Members of the lawful political organization NSM, for instance, have been discriminated against by your organization in public statements and barred from membership, as well as people with other lawful beliefs. This hate and racist discrimination emanating from your organization also includes Odinists and White community activists. All American citizens who remain lawfully involved in our community.

Meanwhile, I have never seen your organization make disparaging remarks against Jews who may be involved with the ADL, JDO, AIPAC, CPUSA, or SPLC. The all inclusive and tolerant US Border Guard, on the other hand, has had all types of diverse people welcomed to patrol with us including Israelis, Jews, NSM, Skinheads, Mexicans, Apache Indians, Yavapai Indians, homosexuals and transgendered people to name a few.

So, unless you are fully humble and willing to make a public statement that NSM members and all other lawfully involved citizens are more than welcome to join your organization, and recant the remarks singling me out, then the statement is 100% accurate and will stand as is. Although a quiet genocide is being committed against European-Americans, it is not a crime to be White. Yet! My resolute actions as a patriot with integrity speak far louder than the hollow words of those detractors who oppose my commitment to our national security efforts.


JT Ready
Patrol Leader
US Border Guard

On Sun, Nov 20, 2011 at 6:42 PM, Ken Dreger wrote:

Mr. Ready,

If you have any factual information (Names) about any of our members who have been discriminated against we would be happy to review that information. We have let go a small number of people who were in our organization for various reasons which have included racial comments and poor leadership qualities. Our organization does not partake in any political discussions, nor are members allowed to partake in political events while in uniform. Individual members may have their own opinions on any issue, but while in the field our members are not allowed to be disrespectful to anyone period. You mention NSM, and I have no knowledge of who that group might be. Our group performs detailed background checks on each member as well as a oral interview, then each member is on a 6 month probation period. If during that time frame the member shows any type of irrational behavior, over zealous behavior, or any racist tendencies he or she may be terminated for such.

It is true, we do not allow skinheads, or members of any type of Nazi group or party, that is not discrimination, it is part of our membership process to filter out these people because we do not want the bad press, and we treat this the same as being involved politically it is a third rail, and LEO’s will not touch it. If you wish to call it discrimination, that is still your freedom of choice. If your group wishes to include them so be it, we have learned from doing this for years that it is best to not include them. I see no need to make any type of public statement to you or anyone about what BPAUX does, it stands on it’s own and has for almost 4 years now with ZERO incidents, millions of dollars in reported drugs, thousands of Illegal Aliens reported and hundreds of loyal members of many racial, ethnic, religious and political backgrounds.

National security we can both agree upon is vitally important, we just have different approaches in helping to resolve the problems at hand today.


Ken Dreger
National Leadership Team

On Sun, Nov 20, 2011 at 4:14 PM, Ken Dreger wrote:

Respectfully, I just read your web site where you say “(The Border Patrol Auxiliary discriminates based on lawful religious or political beliefs for instance) This includes the opportunity with people with disabilities or age or financial concerns to be able to contribute in a significant way. “

I don’t know where you find this information, but it is completely inaccurate. BPAUX does not in any way or fashion discriminate against anyone. We have people in our organization from many different religions, political, social, racial, age (Oldest being 86) and a wide variety of people in various financial situations. See item #1 of our SOP.

We allow our members to contribute in any way they feel that they can. What we don’t allow is any unlawful type of behavior, we have been around now for almost 4 years and with thousands of hours on the border without a single incident involving our members and have a great working relationship with all law enforcement agencies.

I respectfully request you adjust your article in regards to our organization.

Ken Dreger
National Leadership Team

“I'm a 9th generation American and patriot (1737). My forefathers served in the Pennsylvania Militia. On June 27, 1781, they were called to perform a tour of duty. I'm still protecting freedom and securing the border, 274 years later.” --Harry L Hughes III


  1. Mr. Dreger,

    The media is part of the problem. Appease them if you wish. You still bar people from membership based upon citizen's own private beliefs held on their own time which is not being tolerant of the freedom of association which our nation was founded upon. That is still discrimination. And un-American. Not my opinion. Just facts. That law enforcement does it makes it even more wrong. We are to protect everyone who is lawful. We too have an excellent tract record as you may know including the seizure of millions of dollars of drugs and the arrest of sicarios. I likewise commend you on fighting the cartel and in defending our nation. And we can agree to disagree on the rest of the discrimination which you have instituted into your organization. My statement is still 100% accurate as you have just proven in your reply. The truth of my words will stand. I wish you well and perhaps, one day, you will learn as I have that in appeasing the very people who are wrecking this great nation from within, you are serving an evil agenda. I hope you will desist from such complicity in genocide in the future.


    JT Ready

    Post Scriptum:

    We are a performance based operation. We allow people their private beliefs. In the field, we also do not allow politics, race, or religion to interfere with our mission at hand. This includes racist Jews who say "sand nigger" and "towel head" and other such racist epitaphs. Most militias allow this racism as part of their SOP it seems.

  2. BPAUX stands with our NSM bretherin to rid the desserts of those pesky mescins! BPAUX works closely to preserve the wite race. Please donate money only to BPAUX we are the real deal out there 24/7 saving the boarders from aliens.