Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Monday, November 21, 2011: The City of Maricopa. . . I walk among savages.

I was at the FOR food bank in Maricopa this morning. Bailey and I were minding our own business when this little Mexican kid ran up waving his arms in a deliberate attempt to tease my dog. Bailey barked and the little kid ran away. This is a regular thing and has happened on multiple occasions in the past. The poorly supervised kids are warned and parents do absolutely nothing to keep their unruly children under control. I'd think Bailey's bark should be a sufficient message. Apparently, when dealing with the “type of people” that come to the food bank, common sense is strictly optional or is left at home.

When I thought the incident was over, a Hispanic male subject approached me in an obvious attempt to start a fight with me. I told him to walk away and leave me be. I was not bothering anybody. Neither was my dog. Like any uncivilized savage, this bipedal primate (I refuse to call human.) refused to leave me alone. Fortunately, this situation did not escalate any further.

Just like the children, the adults appear incapable of acting like civilized human beings. Multiple witnesses observed this incident and backed me up 100%. I did absolutely nothing to provoke this incident and was completely in the right.

This reinforces my opinion that I cannot stand in a public setting and mind my own business without somebody approaching me while acting like some kind of uncivilized animal. This Hispanic male subject may have been intoxicated. His eyes appeared to be glazed over.

As I was driving away, this hostile subject could not take his eyes off me. I'm certain that this subject will start more problems in the not too distant future. On previous occasions, I wrote the city manager, city hall and the Maricopa Police Department to point out security and crowd control problems that exist at the FOR food bank. I guess nothing will be done to make this facility a safer place until somebody gets shot or stabbed.

That's how things always happen in poorly managed municipalities. To sum things up, Maricopans act like animals when given the slightest opportunity. Your city is doomed! Rome is on fire and nobody makes an attempt to put out the fire.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011: Thanksgiving turkey distribution at the FOR food bank. . .

Today, Thora, Bailey and I returned to the FOR food bank to pick up our Thanksgiving turkeys. The very same Mexican kid that teased Bailey yesterday, did it again today. Bailey barked again, too. Now, pets and animals are no longer welcome at FOR. Signs have been posted prohibiting pets. Several friends and I have been bringing our dogs along with us for years. One bad Mexican kid and his sorry excuse for parents have spoiled this "quality time" for pet owners to gather and socialize.

Needless to say, this new policy has angered many people. Even people without dogs expressed their outrage. Mexicans have become even less popular than they already were. When this happens, White People are becoming “racially aware”.

This is what happens when people of different races and ethnic backgrounds collide. Not merge or mix, COLLIDE, as like in a train wreck. Nothing good ever comes from diversity and multiculturalism. Anyone that thinks so, is fooling themselves or is just too stupid or brainwashed to see the reality of the situation unfolding in front of their eyes.. Having spent half of my life in an all white community, I can guarantee that this “melting pot” bullshit is a miserable and horrendous failure of epic magnitude.

Despite the delivery of this bad news and the poor conduct exhibited by the Mexicans, I managed to salvage a good time out of our visit. Since we were going to have to wait in line for a few hours, I decided to "tailgate". A few of us "White People" got together and brought coffee, hot chocolate, hot dogs, Polish sausage, donuts and potato salad.

We had a great time while the non-whites ran and jumped around like a bunch of wild animals. Many of these mongrels couldn't even park their vehicles as to not impede the flow of traffic. Today's activities brought out typical Third World behavior and conduct one might expect to find in Mexico or Panama.

Fortunately, the Maricopa Police Department provided two officers for security and crowd control. I enjoyed the lengthy conversation I had with the officers regarding the problems and security issues that Third World people with Third World mentalities present at the FOR food bank every Monday and Thursday.

I suggested that the M.P.D. make regular patrols of the FOR facility. I think an increased police presence will discourage the rotten apples that spoil the usually pleasant atmosphere. In the past, the bad people would take off as fast as they could when a police car showed up. That should be taken as a hint.

An unoccupied police car parked out front would deter and discourage criminal elements from even thinking about stopping. In the past, vehicle burglaries were a problem at FOR. Fortunately, that culprit was caught while committing another felony.

Unless prompt, consistant and firm action is taken, more problems will arrive and exponentially increase when a foothold is established. Criminals are like cockroaches. When you see one, there are many more in the woodwork that you don't immediately see. Don't kid yourself, they ARE there and looking for their next “mark”. That “mark” may be you.

There are no restrooms at FOR, so people will urinate and defecate wherever they please. Some of these two legged creatures aren't very modest and will even expose themselves to others. To the rear of the parking lot, there exist piles of human feces. Remember, poor sanitation causes disease. You got it. The Third World is here. Filth and excrement lying about in the open are indicators of the Third World. This is why you may hear me use the term, “Mexcrement”.

People have, on a regular basis, showed up drunk or under the influence of drugs. These problems are not an “alternate lifestyle” and good people shouldn't have to put up with their bullshit. It's time for good people to act and run this “riff raff” off, once and for all.

“I'm a 9th generation American and patriot (1737). My forefathers served in the Pennsylvania Militia. On June 27, 1781, they were called to perform a tour of duty. I'm still protecting freedom and securing the border, 274 years later.” --Harry L Hughes III

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