Thursday, January 19, 2012

Elections 2012: J.T. Ready Becomes Democratic Candidate for Pinal County Sheriff

Tuesday, January 17, 2012: J.T. Ready and I conducted a rolling patrol through Stanfield, Casa Grande, Eloy, Arizona City, Coolidge and Florence, Arizona. In addition to surveying a sizable chunk of Pinal County, J.T. Ready filed paper work with the elections office and made history. As of that moment, J.T. Ready became the first Democratic candidate for the office of Pinal County Sheriff.

Current Sheriff, Paul Babeu is going to make as run for Congress in 2012 and his position as Pinal County's top cop is going to be up for grabs.

I think Pinal County may be better served if a civilian rather than a police officer holds the office of Sheriff. All too often, the "blue gang" ends up with too much power. Then, there’s the difference between law "enforcement officer" and "peace officer." I'd much rather have a peace officer in charge.

Neo-Nazi J.T. Ready Runs for Pinal County Sheriff as a Democrat

He supports legalizing marijuana, considers himself a civil libertarian, has had nice things to say about the Occupy movement, and recently filed paperwork in Pinal County to run for Sheriff as a Democrat.

One little speed bump: He also happens to be the best known neo-Nazi in Arizona and has referred to Adolf Hitler as a "great white civil rights leader."

J.T. went on to say, "As part of our exploratory committee for Sheriff of Pinal County, Arizona- the Chairman and I visit a Black neighborhood to better understand the concerns of the people and how to utilize their help in combating Mexican drug cartels. Seems how we have an official Malcolm X street sign, one of my priorities will be to add a George Lincoln Rockwell sign as well." I certainly support a street honoring George Lincoln Rockwell.

The Pinal County Sheriff's Office

To be respected and trusted by all segments of Pinal County’s diverse community. We shall become Arizona’s premier Sheriff’s Office by delivering superior service to Pinal County residents. No matter what the situation, our staff will respond in a professional manner emulating a public servant who is dependable without prejudice, always performing to the best of our abilities.

The Phoenix New Times article goes on to report... Ready's committee "chairman"? According to paperwork Ready submitted to the Pinal County Elections Department, that's active NSM member Harry Hughes, a resident of Maricopa, Arizona, who recently scored some press for local swastika-lickers by distributing racist fliers in the San Tan Valley. I thought joining J.T. Ready's election campaign would be great experience in learning how elections work.

It didn't take long to learn how the system is stacked against the "little guy". We learned that the major party candidates don't need to come up with nearly as many petition signatures at Independents do. We also learned that getting a list of voters costs quite a bit of money. Regular people and those that are not well funded are blocked by the system itself. It's likened to a "members only" or “insiders” type of club.

J.T. Ready's Campaign Points Address Social Issues. . .

My PCSO policy concerning the homeless, drug addicts, and the mentally ill: Our society shuns the mentally ill due to their own innermost fear that they could one day themselves be mentally ill. Society makes fun of the mentally ill all the time. And products like "Crazy Glue" and "Insane Tire Shine" products are completely inappropriate. Instead of treatment and love, the mentally ill are left homeless, laughed at, and treated cruelly by society.

Often, they turn to drugs and alcohol as self-medication. Then authorities, social workers, and health care professionals use that as an excuse not to get them the treatment they so desperately need. Remember, the brain is just another organ of our body. It fails or has defects just like any other human tissue. We wouldn't torture someone simply because they suffer from kidney organ failure now would we?

I hope to be a champion for the better treatment of the mentally ill and to help end homelessness in my lifetime. For more on J.T. Ready's campaign, visit

As it is now, many our our country's mentally ill find themselves in and out of jail for offenses such as public intoxication or disorderly conduct. Many of them never receive treatment and are trapped in a never ending cycle of torment and misery.

Video: Drug house walk-through

ELOY, Ariz. -- An abandoned house in Pinal County is getting a lot of activity. What's inside the house has neighbors worried.

“I'm a 9th generation American and patriot (1737). My forefathers served in the Pennsylvania Militia. On June 27, 1781, they were called to perform a tour of duty. I'm still protecting freedom and securing the border, 274 years later.” --Harry L Hughes III

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  1. J.T. Ready's response to the Drug house walk through...

    Utterly ridiculous. Only if there is a camera around, the TV sheriff baboon is there. As a real Sheriff, I will enlist all the volunteers the last sheriff ignored, shunned, and squandered away. Furthermore, the new PCSO will take a proactive stance and set up trail cams and stake out of such drug houses. We will work with residents before they have to call 911 in the middle of the night. We will use eminent domain to take these properties back and turn them into substations for deputies, posse members, volunteers, humanitarian groups, national guard, and patriot militias. Those dope hovels which can not be salvaged, I will personally bulldoze over or crush with a panzer tank. I give my solemn word.