Thursday, March 8, 2012

N.S.M. Arizona: I made it a point to attend last night's Maricopa High School vandalism community forum

I attended last night's community forum that was held in the wake of Tuesday's vandalism at the Maricopa High School that included derogatory racial comments spray painted on school buildings. The MUSD Deputy Superintendent, Dr. Ember Conley stressed that this was an "Isolated Incident." She also called Maricopa a "culturally diverse enriched community." Of course, I'm not buying this “multiculturalism is wonderful” propaganda. We are by no means "enriched" by having so many non-whites in our midst. In fact, White People suffer greatly under this burden.

I learned that the demographics of the Maricopa High School is 35% Caucasian and 65% non-white. Whites are outnumbered nearly three to one. How can White students possibly get a quality education when they have to constantly watch their backs in such a hostile and savage environment? I also learned that 53% of the student body are on free or reduced lunch. That tells me poverty is a serious issue that only compounds the racial issues.

Community forum called to discuss MHS vandalism

The Maricopa Unified School District is joining with the Maricopa Police Department, the city of Maricopa and the Maricopa Ministerial Association in a public forum 7 pm. Wednesday to talk about the graffiti and vandalism that closed the high school Tuesday.

I lost count how many times the various speakers stressed that this was an isolated incident. Perhaps, that's true of the high school, but not in the City of Maricopa and surrounding areas. I have on multiple occasions discovered and photographed "anti-White" graffiti. Last summer I noticed spray paint on the sidewalk at Pacana Park that wanted White People to get out. That particular message was very clear to me. Of course, the media didn't send helicopters and teams of reporters for that.

In reality, there's much hatred directed towards White People in Maricopa. I live here. I experience it. It's a fact! Of course, the “lame stream” media, police officials and the school district will never ever speak of these truths. They all march in step with the politically correct indoctrination programming from their masters.

Police have suspects in MHS vandalism incident

Police spokesman Ricardo Alvarado said Wednesday MPD was following up on active suspects in its investigation, but would not say how many suspects or whether any of them were students.

I thought this was quick and even a bit satisfying, until I went to last night's forum and discovered that the Maricopa Police really don't have anybody. Being an ongoing investigation, Chief Stahl didn't have much more to offer.

School Meeting on Graphic Graffiti Vandalism

About 200 parents, school officials and community leaders came together on Wednesday night to confront the image of intolerance.

The Maricopa Police Chief made assurances that students were safe and that they were doing everything possible to catch the people responsible. They don't have any suspects yet, but are following up on investigative leads.

FOX 10's Dan Spindle was incorrect when he said this sort of thing never happened in this community before. Apparently, nobody wants to remember or talk about the anti-White graffiti that has sprung up in and around Maricopa. I saw it. I even photographed it. As most of us racially aware people know, only White People are capable of being racist in this horribly failed social experiment known as multiculturalism.

Town of Maricopa wants vulgar vandals caught

Maricopa High School's principal June Celaya closed out the night's meeting saying, "This is the beginning of our education as a community. The only way to turn this hate around, is by us uniting against it." Officers say the incident is probably being talked about around school and online by those who did it.

I had an opportunity to talk to various people including school staff and police officers. I brought up a quote from the National Socialist Movement's newest flier that's currently being distributed in Arizona. It said, “For the very young there will no longer be acts of juvenile delinquency, but revolutionary acts.” That's a direct quote from what was being taught in Tuscon schools just a few months ago before a school board meeting was overrun by hostile students. With the internet and social networking, you can be assured that this “classroom material” did not stay in Tucson.

I even left a few copies of our flier at last night's forum. Oddly, some members of the school staff actually support ethnic studies. If they aren't Communist agitators, they must be out of their minds. This is the sort of programming that comes straight from Marxist doctrine.

“I'm a 9th generation American and patriot (1737). My forefathers served in the Pennsylvania Militia. On June 27, 1781, they were called to perform a tour of duty. I'm still protecting freedom and securing the border, 274 years later.” --Harry L Hughes III

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