Monday, April 2, 2012

The controlled demolition of the U.S.A. via the promotion of degenerate behavior, courtesy of Goldman Sachs

As an active member of the National Socialist Movement, one of my primary concerns is the controlled demolition of White American Society. My motivation behind conducting border security operations in southern Arizona is to protect our country from massive illegal immigration of Third World criminals and the importation of illegal drugs that eventually end up on our streets and in our schools.

As patriotic Americans, we in the National Socialist Movement are also concerned with sinister forces within our country that chip away at our way of life and reduce us to something less than a "First World" nation. I'm referring to the promotion of disgusting and degenerate behavior by various left wing media outlets.

In the past, I have taken to the street in National City, California to protest against the former ACORN's involvement in the cross (Mexican) border sexual exploitation of children. All too often, our open border allows young children to be imported into the United States for the purpose of sexual exploitation. These children are sold into prostitution.

Financiers and Sex Trafficking

THE biggest forum for sex trafficking of under-age girls in the United States appears to be a Web site called

This emporium for girls and women — some under age or forced into prostitution — is in turn owned by an opaque private company called Village Voice Media. Until now it has been unclear who the ultimate owners are.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, the managers of the company, appear to own approximately half of the shares. The best known of the other owners is Goldman Sachs, which invested in the company back in 2000.

In the Phoenix Metro area, Village Voice Media owns and distributes the Phoenix New Times. This publication spews an assortment of venom and promotes degenerate conduct. One of the most offensive columns is called, "Savage Love". "Dan Savage, a Seattle-based writer and nationally syndicated sex advice columnist, offers his column weekly in Phoenix New Times. Dan's advice is unedited and untamed. Savage Love addresses everything you've always wanted to know about sex, but now you don't have to ask. Proceed with curiosity."

Goldman Sachs Part Financiers in Prostitution and Sex Trafficking

After Nicholas Kristof at the Times began making inquiries to Goldman Sachs a week ago, the high-finance Wall Street firm went into overdrive to erase any connection with the prostitution ring:

Other writers promote hatred if your political views don't happen to agree with theirs. If the writers at The Phoenix New Times don't like you, they will brand you a "NAZI", even if you have nothing to do with National Socialism.

Due to their stance on illegal immigration, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and former Senator Russel Pearce have been accused of being Nazis, despite having no actual connection with National Socialism.

The Phoenix New Times

In 2006, New Times, Inc merged with Village Voice Media, Inc, taking on the name Village Voice Media and six newspapers: Village Voice, LA Weekly, OC Weekly, Minneapolis City Pages, and Nashville Scene. Village Voice Media continues in the footsteps of both companies, by providing its readers with solid journalism and in-depth stories.

The Phoenix New Times also has an online presence with a multitude of inflammatory blogs that repeatedly discredit those of different political views. People who post comments on these blogs are often very hostile and resort to vulgar profanities to express themselves.

Unfortunately, these publications that are targeting adults are available at bus stop all over the Phoenix area. They are free for the taking. Elementary school children can easily pick up these sources of filth and read them on their way to school without their parents knowledge. What if your 10 year old son or daughter was reading this, "If you've booked a hotel room, STAIN, and it's shark week for the wife or a certain former senator routinely drops in (drops out?) when you have anal sex, there's always the option of bringing your own santorum — and/or menstrual-blood-colored/stained towels from home." That's what actually appeared in a recent "Savage Love" article. Remember, these are at bus stops all over town.

In another article, we have a sick and disgusting pedophile who writes, "I'm a gay man in my late 20s who has been trying to deal with an attraction to young boys since I hit puberty." This publication should be placed behind a counter and made available to adults only (with proper ID). Young children have absolutely no business reading filthy crap like this.

Do some research and look who is behind illegal drugs, prostitution, sexual exploitation of women, child prostitution and pornography. I wasn't surprised as to what I discovered, nor should you. Concerned citizens should contact and boycott businesses that advertise in these publications. That should quickly send a message to Village Voice Media.

“I'm a 9th generation American and patriot (1737). My forefathers served in the Pennsylvania Militia. On June 27, 1781, they were called to perform a tour of duty. I'm still protecting freedom and securing the border, 275 years later.” --Harry L Hughes III

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