Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Arizona Alert: White Civil Rights are Jeopardized by La Raza and Communist Infiltrators

As a White Civil Rights activist and a leading member of the National Socialist Movement, which is America's premier White civil rights organization, I find it rather alarming that anti-American hatred is being taught in our public schools in Tucson, Arizona at taxpayer expense. Violent Communist revolutionaries are being created right under our noses. The time is long overdue that White People across America take back our nation, one street at a time, if necessary.

These students are being taught (indoctrinated) distortions of the truth and outright lies. Instead of teaching an unbiased and truthful view of history, they teach them that “Whitey” wants them to fail. Read “Message to Aztlan” by Rodolfo “Corky” Gonzales where Whitey is to blame for everything. This is similar to Rodolfo Acuna of Occupied America where he distorts American history and blames the White Man for everything evil in the world.

The left wing extremist teachers teach “hate the gringo” and “Kill the gringo” and push Communist/Marxist ideology by saying “We must destroy Capitalism” (Message to Aztlan). He even has a poem called “REVOLUTION”. It instructs the kids to “answer lies in the powder keg” and tells the American Indians, whose culture and history Mexicans are stealing saying they owned this land for 40,000 years when they only owned it for 24 years after stealing it from Spain who owned it for 300 years.

He tells the Indians to “take scalps”. Another book called “Borderlands” refers to blacks as “mayates” which means “niggers”. The reason they have gotten away with this for so long is that no one took the initiate to thoroughly investigate what books or materials were being used in the class rooms.

It would appear that the Communist teachers had a free hand to teach whatever they wanted. One publication called the "The Spiritual Plan of Aztlan" told the children that schools would be used as defense posts and what they do will no longer be called “acts of juvenile delinquency”, but “Revolutionary Acts”.

Of course we know that people were not in North America 40,000 years ago. It became clearly evident through DNA testing and archeological discovery that the Solutreans of France were the first people to come to North America from Europe. It's also been established that the brown savages that did arrive from Asia engaged in genocide and other inhumane barbaric behaviors. Behaviors they are apparently promoting in our schools.

Demonizing Mexican-American studies is unjust

I pick up the phone at my office at the University of Arizona and learn that I have three recorded messages waiting for me. The first one begins with the caller claiming to be half White and half Native American, addressing me as an "(expletive) Mexican" and a "Raza (expletive)." This while injecting a .357 Magnum into his rant.

The second and third calls are similar. The vitriol is inexplicable and virtually incomprehensible, except for the threats of extreme violence. Full Article

"Raza Studies" Defy American Values

When Ward raised concerns about Raza Studies (which is part of TUSD's larger Ethnic Studies department) he was, despite being Hispanic himself, called a racist and eventually reassigned to another course. Ward told a reporter from the Arizona Republic that by the time he left the Raza Studies class, he had observed a definite change in the students: "An angry tone. They taught them not to trust their teachers, not to trust the system. They taught them the system wasn't worth trusting." Full Article

This is without a doubt, teaching kids to engage in "justified" criminal behavior. This "teaching" has already spilled out of the class room and on to the streets. Don't be misled by the “controlled” media.

Video: More On The Tucson La Raza Studies Course – (It’s Even Worse Than You Thought)

As this video makes clear, Marxist critical theory, dressed up as “social justice” has infected the school district, apparently spearheaded by the Dem Socialist Congressman. Raul Griljalva, who made a name for himself, nationally, last year, for advocating a boycott of his own state to protest AZ’s immigration law 1070. Full Article

Our Struggle for Aztlan By El Tigre NorteAmericano

La Raza are manifestly superior to the gringo morons of in the so-called "United States of America" who can't even appreciate and understand their own written constitution (www.constitution.org), and do not even want the citizenship and power that we plan to take from them: http://www.amguard.net/

Because We La Raza are intellectually and reproductively superior to the inbred gringo morons, we WILL become their RULERS, and WE WILL GRANT THEM THEIR wish to be STRIPPED OF ALL THEIR RIGHTS AND "RESPONSIBILITIES" as "citizens" of the so-called "United" States of "America"!!!

Viva La Raza Unida!!! Viva Navarro!!! Must Read!

These savages will vote White America right into the cooking pot, given the opportunity. Don't let this happen! Your future and the future of your children are on the chopping block.

“I'm a 9th generation American and patriot (1737). My forefathers served in the Pennsylvania Militia. On June 27, 1781, they were called to perform a tour of duty. I'm still protecting freedom and securing the border, 275 years later.” --Harry L Hughes III

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  1. Step 1- Pull your children out of public schools. Nothing is free, and public education demands the highest of prices- your child.

    Step 2? Let's worry about step 1 first.