Friday, May 4, 2012

J.T. Ready's untimely death is followed by a deluge of lies, inconsistencies and falsehoods from the media and police.

Remember the media frenzy associated with the Treyvon Martin killing? It's happening again with the J.T. Ready case. Unfortunately, the main stream media and law enforcement agencies have lied to the American people way too many times. How can a rational thinking person believe anything we are told, anymore? The answer is, WE CAN'T!

The media thought that Americans were so stupid that they would think a brown Mestizo was actually Caucasian. They were also very confident that the people would believe Trayvon Martin was an innocent 12 year old kid, when he obviously was not. Without a doubt, the media is insulting our intelligence. Remember, trust is earned! The people are waking up.

As of yesterday, Members of the law enforcement community are claiming that J.T. Ready was the member of a street gang. That's a huge and obvious lie! “The National Socialists movement fit the definition of a criminal street gang and J.T. Ready was a documented gang member as part of the National Socialists movement,” says Sgt. Ryan Russell of the Mesa Police Association. Keep in mind, Sgt. Russell couldn't even get the name of the National Socialist Movement correct. The twisted story

J.T. Ready officially resigned from the N.S.M. over two years ago and was living in a mixed race household at the time of the killings. The US Border Guard he formed was open to all races, religions and political beliefs. Those are hard facts. I patrolled with USBG Patrol Leader J.T. Ready along side Jews, Blacks and Native Americans. How can a person be labeled a hard core White Supremacist, if these are the facts?

The hazardous materials crew had control of the crime scene in Gilbert, AZ for many hours before investigators were given access to the home and the deceased. I don't see how the police can conclude the investigation on a multiple killing in less than one day. This is not an episode of CSI Miami. I honestly think that finishing an honest, accurate, precise and unbiased scientific investigation during a single shift is physically impossible. I happen to have a B.S. degree in Natural Science. I also studied analytical chemistry and criminology. I have a complete grasp on how scientific investigations are supposed to be conducted.

One cannot reach an absolute conclusion of any incident, simply by the position of bodies, especially if the crime scene is contaminated by first responders and a swarm of federal agents. Both, the media and police had their minds made up that this was the end result of domestic violence before the bodies were even cold. That's what they want the people to believe, whether it's true or not.

Insert the US Government's Joint Terrorism Task Force, the FBI and the ATF into the picture and we have a formula for disaster. This is the same federal government that's actively arming the drug cartels with fatally flawed, but sanctioned operations, like "Fast and Furious", while giving the mass importation of illegal drugs, dangerous criminals and potential terrorists into our country a "free pass" by intentionally leaving our southern border wide open.

 What Law Enforcement does not want the American public to realize is that the Mexican Cartels can operate with impunity in any American neighborhood and there is nothing law enforcement can do to protect the public. Once Americans realize that the Cartels can murder them, and their entire families in their own homes  Americans will panic. Law enforcement is trying to prevent wide spread panic in the civilian population and potential racial reprisals against illegal aliens in the USA. More

Contrary to what the hate groups known as the ADL and the SPLC say, the National Socialist Movement is a political party and white civil rights advocacy group. In addition to patrolling the border, picking up trash, recycling and engaging in many other positive activities that benefit the White Community, we run political candidates for office. Street gangs don't do that. Don't forget, the ADL was partially funded by a Jewish gangster by the name of Mo Dalitz. Look it up!

These “quasi-official” organizations are no different that the professional race baiters, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. They don't get paid, if there's no evil "boogieman" to hate or be afraid of. If they can't scare you, they are out of business.

I'm almost willing to wager that there are more NAACP members who are convicted felons and/or are sitting in prison than members of the National Socialist Movement. My reasoning behind that claim is the research I recently conducted. During that research, I discovered a photo gallery of mugshots and lists of felony convictions. Just for starters

According to psychological profiles from experts at Veteran's Today, J.T. Ready had a suicide risk of ZERO. I find it next to impossible to believe that J.T. Ready actually turned a gun on himself. Of course, that's my personal opinion. If J.T. Ready did in fact kill his family and himself, bear in mind, he was a former U.S. Marine and Marines are trained to kill. In recent years, homicides and suicides among our former and current military personnel are on the rise. It would appear that our system is failing our soldiers and veterans. Why is that? You can't brush a massacre under the rug. People will be demanding answers.

Regardless of what has happened, and who or what is behind this horrible incident, we can promise the public and our Folk one thing. J.T. Ready's work and efforts at the border will continue, The National Socialist Movement will continue to patrol the Mexican border. NSM

“I'm a 9th generation American and patriot (1737). My forefathers served in the Pennsylvania Militia. On June 27, 1781, they were called to perform a tour of duty. I'm still protecting freedom and securing the border, 275 years later.” --Harry L Hughes III

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  1. Stand and do not bend.

    The government has forfeited its credibility.

    Stand strong, Mr. Hughes.