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Once again, more questions than answers after a police report is released in regard to the J.T. Ready homicide

From the very beginning of this case, there was a biased, unethical and unscientific rush to judgment. Before the bodies were even cold, the news media branded this tragedy as a murder-suicide, without the benefit of an objective scientific investigation. The media desperately wanted this to be a murder-suicide, whether it really was or not. They wanted a big bad Nazi baby killer to exploit as a propaganda tool. Now, the truth no longer matters. The damage is done.

After carefully reading the lengthy police report recently released by the Gilbert Police Department, I discovered numerous instances of what looks like sloppy and unprofessional police work. As a result, this case will never be satisfactorily concluded, in my opinion. Bear in mind, the media did the exact same thing with biased and inaccurate reporting of the Trayvon Martin case in Florida. What a “cluster foxtrot” that turned out to be.

The Gilbert Police Department report: On page 13, officer TJ Roberts(#2608) stated that he discovered a .223 round on the ground near the driver door of a red Volkswagen. That was after he stepped on it. I thought that was rather careless. Does he bother to watch where he's going or does he contaminate evidence by trampling at crime scenes all the time? Procedures certainly need to be reviewed.

A witness statement from page 26 of the report is of significant interest. This witness said she heard three loud cracks, two cars speeding away, and then two more loud cracks. Since both J.T. Ready and Jim Hiott were found outside the home dead, one has to wonder who was in those two vehicles said to have been speeding away. The report does not address this issue further and it would appear that no attempt has been or will be made to locate these vehicles along with their occupants.

Since this is a "stick in the mud" to the allegedly predetermined "murder-suicide" conclusion, there will certainly be no further questions in this matter. If there was in fact shooters fleeing the scene in these vehicles, there's a good chance that a cold blooded baby killer is still at large and among you, the citizens. Sleep well, people!

Officer TJ Roberts(#2608) also seemed to be careless with evidence, as well. (See page 70 of the report) He stated that he dropped an ID seized in a previous contact at the crime scene. I would think that evidenced impounded from a previous incident should have been secured and "squared away" long before arriving at this crime scene. It would appear that the Gilbert Police Department has some serious deficiencies when it comes to handling evidence in criminal investigations. From reading this report, it would appear that police officers drop and/or "misplace" things, a.k.a. evidence on a regular basis. It happened multiple times at this crime scene, alone.

Officer Chris Zamora(#882) stated that he was the officer that ejected a live round on the street. It would appear that this careless and irresponsible officer didn't know whether his weapon was loaded or not. I have been handling firearms for well over 40 years (Probably, before many of these officers were born.) and never found myself not knowing if my weapon was charged or not, nor have I ever dropped a round and left it behind. This was nothing short of stupid. If that is in fact, what really happened. Anybody that has ever been with me out in the field when I discover a live round laying on the ground has heard me loudly sound off on this subject. Let's just say, I don't say nice things.

I seem to recall that there were reports aired on television regarding a subject wearing body armor at the scene of the shooting. There is no mention of this in the report, anywhere. Perhaps, that subject was one of the occupants in those suspicious cars that were observed speeding away? Since this doesn't fit the "desired end result" of this incident, it will certainly never be followed up.

On page 101 of the report, Detective A. Allen took a statement from a witness indicating that J.T. Ready was worried about being invaded and took additional preventive measures including the acquisition of new bullet proof vest. On multiple occasions over the last three years, J.T. Ready claimed to have received quite a few death threats. I was not aware of any recent threats as J.T. kept most of his personal issues very private.

Perhaps, the most interesting thing mentioned in this report that was the bullet wound in the left side of J.T. Ready's head (item #315051, Page 110). For as long as I knew him, J.T. was a right handed shooter. Perhaps, he went "dyslexic" for that moment in time where he was alleged to have shot himself in the head. I'm still trying to picture how J.T. managed to pull this off. Did he switch hands or did he suddenly become agile and limber enough to use his right hand in such a fashion? If Officer Michael Cluff (#1576) was in fact correct in identifying J.T. Ready as the male subject holding a cell phone in his left hand (page 22), that certainly opens up more questions. Upon further reading (BT38, page 137), J.T. 's cell phone was located in his right front shorts pocket. Unfortunately, a narrative without an well marked diagram to accompany it, leads to deficiencies in interpretation. I'm reasonably sure this was also intentional.

I would also like to thank the Gilbert Police Department for telling every would-be burglar, home invader, peeping tom, psychopath and baby killer that J.T. Ready's neighbors don't have video surveillance cameras protecting their homes. That's right! I learned that by reading the police report, too! Keep in mind that this heavily armed homeowner has video cameras and three dogs, including that "large aggressive dog" that held multiple law enforcement officers at bay, mentioned on pages 12, 13, 40 and 43.

For years, I've said that police officers should possess nothing less that a Bachelor of Science degree is some type of physical, natural or life science before being issued a badge and a gun. Police officers with GED's and a year of Liberal Arts studies at a community college just doesn't cut it in the real world. Needless to say, affirmative action hires have no business patrolling beats, either. The citizens of our country deserve the best possible law enforcement officers of the highest integrity.

New report released in mass Gilbert shooting

GILBERT, AZ (AP) -A Gilbert police report says four people who were fatally shot earlier this month by a former neo-Nazi all were shot at least once in the head. Full Story

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