Monday, March 4, 2013

R & R in Tonopah, AZ: We spent Saturday at the 5th Oi Fest in "Outer Buckeye" Today, it's back to border and political activities

On Saturday, March 2, 2013, N.S.M. Arizona attended the 5th annual Oi Fest in Tonopah, Arizona. This is a music festival specifically geared towards the pro-white crowd, especially skinheads. This is the 5th time I've attended the Oi Fest, along with friends from the White Knights of America. Link

As with previous years, The National Socialist Movement set up a table with merchandise and recruitment information. We arrived via the back way through Gila Bend and set up at noon. A junked van covered with graffiti was conveniently placed directly across from our table.

From time to time, I would go over and take a few whacks at it with a sledge hammer. With one swing, I knocked out a window. Others also enjoyed swinging hammers upon steel and glass, while a few other people played horseshoes.

Once the sun fell behind the horizon, it was time to close up the shop and have a little fun. Four bands, including White Knuckle Driver, Empire Falls, Max Resist and Youngland performed into early Sunday morning. Max Resist and White Knuckle Driver have been annual regulars at the Oi Fest. Empire Falls, associated with O.G.S. (Old Glory Skinheads) was beginning to make their mark out west. And... Jello shots for everyone!

Youngland performed at the 2011 Oi Fest and also at the N.S.M. Pomona rally after party in Riverside, CA. As an added bonus, Youngland handed out free PWA & Youngland "Double Strike" CD's. Some assembly was required and I had to provide my own jewel case. I'm actually playing it, as I write this entry.

As with every Oi Fest, the mosh pit gets busy. N.S.M. Woman's Division member, "Thora," braved the male environment, likely potential for injury and ventured into the pit. She emerged intact, although a little tired.

As always, I took some stills and shot some video. The hardest part was attempting to cram more than 12 hours worth of fun and excitement into a four minute video. YouTube Video

The gun control battle (Not a "conversation" as we are lead to believe.) continues with a myriad of propaganda campaigns and outright misinformation directed towards an ignorant and brainwashed population. Yes, lots of people are that stupid.

At the same time, our corrupt government (Department of Homeland Security) decides to release thousands of criminal illegal aliens onto our streets, citing budget excuses as the justification for endangering our citizens. That's right! Put us in harms way only to say, "Hand over your guns."

“We’re going to continue to do that… for the foreseeable future,” Napolitano said at a March 4 breakfast meeting hosted by Politico. “We are going to manage our way through this by identifying the lowest risk detainees, and putting them into some kind of alternative to release.” I'm fairly certain that D.H.S. has no idea what kind of offenders they actually have in custody. After all, many illegal aliens are using stolen identities. Full Story

Valley firearms dealer: Gun buybacks usually backfire

"People show up to buy the guns and it's perfectly legal for a private individual to buy and sell guns," he said. "There was a gun show in Seattle last month where collectors showed up with a bunch of money and bought up the guns. The cops didn't end up with any of the guns in their hands." Full Story

BadPhoenixCops - What They Lack In Leadership, They Make Up For With Their Corruption!  

It's all part of the poison and venom cops spread to control us. They want to be the only one's with guns so when they bust down your door or are climbing your walls in your backyard, you down blow them away with your Mossberg. Guns aren’t shot every day by citizens (how is a loaded gun in your dresser a "problem" and why the need for you to get rid of it?), and we encourage everyone to exercise their 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms. It is much harder to buy a new gun, then keep an old one. There are many forms to fill out, background checks and sometimes waiting periods. Full Post  

I'm looking for a Mossberg 590A1 9 shot 12 ga. pump. I'm sure none of those will appear at the "buy back." Just wall hangers and whatever the pawn shop won't touch. Buy backs are nothing more than publicity stunts. I'm sure some idiot will even show up with an inert rocket launcher to spice things up. I wonder how much of that money will end up in crack pipes.  

‎"A body of men holding themselves accountable to nobody ought not to be trusted by anybody." --Thomas Paine

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