Thursday, March 21, 2013

Stooping to news lows? Not really... Attacking the First and Second Amendment, exploiting gunshot victims in the war against freedom

Zionist commissars need America's guns. This is not an ideological battle of the left vs. the right. This is ethnic warfare against White People. It won't stop with guns. The "thought commissars" are hard at work in an all out effort to dismantle all 10 Amendments found in the Bill of Rights. 

Before receiving a gunshot wound to the head in Tuscon, Arizona, Gabby Giffords was all shits and giggles with her AR-15's and AK-47's, before the "perceived" public opinion changed. Multiple photographs clearly show that she was apparently having a great time handling those weapons. 

Sadly, history is repeating itself and the drastic and desperate movement to disarm innocent Americans has a new "poster child" and advocate. Her name is Gabriel Giffords, former Arizona Congresswoman. A woman with an obvious diminished mental capacity. 

I used to listen to the G. Gordon Liddy show on a regular basis about 20 years ago. He would frequently comment that Sarah Brady made a lot of money pushing that "vegetable" around in a cart. He was referring to former Press Secretary James Brady who survived the assassination attempt on then, President Reagan and was confined to a wheel chair. Liddy The G Man

As we know, all too well, people market sympathy and cash in on it. At the time, Janet Reno and the Clinton Administration had their focus on disarming Americans, too. So little has changed. 

Gabby Giffords's Husband Buys AR-15

Testifying to the Senate Judiciary Committee Jan. 30, Kelly had urged senators to restrict sales firearms based on their lethality--a common refrain with other witnesses that day, who argued that semi-automatic weapons, which chamber subsequent rounds as bullets are fired, and other guns with military-style features level the playing field against law enforcement. Full Story 

Perhaps, we should start calling Mark Kelly, "Machine Gun Kelly". It is against the law to purchase a gun with the intent to give it to another party. That makes him a "straw buyer". If it weren't for these straw purchasers, Operation Fast and Furious, the BATF blunder of the decade, wouldn't have been possible. 

I can think of zero times when anyone walked into a gun store, purchased a couple thousand dollars worth of weaponry, and then just took them to the police station to hand them over. He's lost all credibility. As if he had any to begin with. It's shameful he couldn't come up with a better lie to cover his lie. 

'Shoot for the head' remark earns Liddy an award

Mr. Liddy, whose syndicated Infinity Broadcasting show is heard in Baltimore from 11 am. to 2 pm. weekdays on WJFK-AM (1300), has been under fire for telling a caller last fall to use "head shots" if confronted by agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Full Story 

I remember on one afternoon, I was doing my driving job, while listening to his show and he said, "There's a lot of people out there that need killing." The sad truth is, he's probably right and even more so, today.

Blacks understand the concept of free speech, but ignore it when confronted with the reality of their race's shortcomings. Of course, telling the truth is something that's going to find it's way to the chopping block. Freedom haters can't have people out there telling the truth or the gig is up. 

Being White in Philly

At the same time, white Philadelphians think a great deal about race. Begin to talk to people, and it's clear it's a dominant motif in and around our city. Everyone seems to have a story, often an uncomfortable story, about how white and black people relate. Full Article

Controversial Article Published In Local Magazine Has Mayor Nutter Asking For Investigation

The article, titled "Being White in Philly," features a series of interviews with anonymous white residents from different areas of the city who share stories about their interaction with black residents.

Mayor Nutter calls the article's tone "disgusting," and he's asked the Human Relations Commission to investigate some of the sensitive racial issues explored in the piece. Full Article

Nutter: 1st Amendment doesn't protect "Being White in Philly"

He also called for a "rebuke" of the magazine and writer, Bob Huber, saying that while he recognizes the 1st Amendment protects "the media from censorship by the government," free speech is "not an unfettered right." Full Article 

Mayor Nutter believes "Being White in Philly" is not protected under the Fist Amendment of the Constitution. Yet, I'm sure he has no problems with vile and disgusting pornography. Next, he'll want to arrest people for telling the truth. Thought Commisar?

"Just look at us. Everything is backwards. Everything is upside-down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroy information, and religion destroys spirituality." --Michael Ellner

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