Thursday, March 7, 2013

You know something is wrong... when the government is not only trying to disarm you, but trying to make it legal to kill you without due process.

I can't believe we're already a week into March. I spent Tuesday (03/05/2013) out in the desert and ended up behind some U.D.A's. They dropped their packs, clothes, blankets, bread and bologna at a roadside picnic area along Interstate 8. I think somebody picked them up. Earlier, I crossed paths with Pinal County Sheriff's SWAT. Turns out that they heard of me. They were unfamiliar with their new beat, so I filled him in.

The drug and human smuggling corridor that passes near my home, is an always changing environment. The trails aren't as obvious as one may think. I was rather surprised that the smugglers were still bold enough to conduct pick ups at a roadside picnic area that's constantly used by the public, day and night.

I'm part of a political discussion group and the sort of activities we engage in were recently brought up. Of course, I responded. The alarmists always love to point fingers. My current project involves harassing the drug cartel that's terrorizing my neighborhood. The sheriff's office, Border Patrol and the BLM rangers have been known to thank us for helping out. Sadly, people on the outside have absolutely no idea what goes on inside our group. They take the sensationalist media bait of fear mongering, misinformation and lies. Oh! And name calling.

130305149 Traffic Violation (Citation) TRAFFIC OFFENSE
Incident Address : W I-8 STANFIELD
Time Reported: 15:48
Time Occurred between: 15:48:46 03/05/13 - 15:48:46 03/05/13

Well, there was no traffic violation, offense, nor citation. Oddly, this is the first time in a long time any law enforcement officer asked me for identification. I observed the two P.C.S.O. units on interstate 8, but only one made contact with me.

The deputy asked me if I was armed. I replied, "Of course." It's nice to know that the bells and whistles go off when my name's entered into the computer. I suspected something was up when it took the deputy more than two minutes to return from his vehicle. Keep in mind, the deputy was polite and cordial, at all times. I even got to hang on to my weapon(s), while we talked.

Babeau Promotes Congressional Investigation over Illegal Alien Release

Sheriff Babeu continues to receive information through “Whistle Blowers” who have reported that some of the criminal illegals released from ICE custody in Pinal County have criminal records including charges of Manslaughter, Child Molestation, Aggravated Assault, Weapon Offenses, Drug Offenses including Distribution of Dangerous and Narcotic Drugs, Forgery and DUI. Full Article More

Gabby Giffords takes gun control message to scene of Tucson shooting

"Be bold. Be courageous. Be for background checks," said Giffords, who is a Democrat. The shooting left her with speech difficulties, a pronounced limp and a partially paralyzed right arm, which she cradled in her left as she spoke. Six people were killed and 13 others wounded in the attack. Full Story Snag

Sadly, we did compromise with (most recently) the Firearm Owners Protection Act, 1986. They came up with a solution, and we met in the middle. We agreed to ban automatic weapons, and we agreed there would be NO - NONE - NO federal registry, as in every case in which a federal registry has been implemented in history, it leads to situations in which weapons are confiscated. California

It has even happened in the U.S. We agreed to a national background check system, which is still in use today. We even agreed to prohibit firearms ownership in the U.S. by certain broad categories of individuals thought to pose a threat to public safety(felons). Now, they are asking for more? You can’t control behavior by legislating objects. Warning

“Paul’s marathon remarks have been a scathing critique of President Barack Obama’s civil liberties record, and particularly the administration’s refusal to rule out drone strikes against Americans on U.S. soil,” the Business Insider reported.

Paul also said, "If you give up your rights now, don't expect to get them back." I couldn't agree more. It's "do or die." Anyone who supports Obama after this incredible speech needs to take a serious look in the mirror and ask themselves just how committed they really are to the concepts of freedom, liberty, and justice. Rand Paul has completely stripped the emperor of his cloak today. CNN Mocks

‎Go Rand Go! Sen. Paul’s Fortitudinous Filibuster

John Brennan assisted in reorganizing the system of putting people outside of war zones on the Obama Administration’s drone kill list. This process is so fittingly protected by the Disposition Matrix database – a database which government officials describe as the next generation capture list, kill list, or a combination of both. Moreover, Brennan is on record attempting to justify the administration’s drone killings by arguing that they are moral and illegal. Full Article  

You know something is wrong... when the government is not only trying to disarm you, but also trying to make it legal to kill you without the benefit of due process. So much for the Sixth Amendment, kiss it goodbye. Throw it on the scrap heap with the rest of our rights.

"I will speak until I can no longer speak, I will speak as long as it takes, until the alarm is sounded from coast to coast that our constitution is important, that your right to trial by jury is precious, that no American should be killed on American soil without first being charged with a crime, without first being found to be guilty by a court." -Rand Paul

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