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Tuesday, June 4, 2013: Rense Radio Network, The Short End of the Stick

Tuesday, June 4, 2013: Once again, I had the opportunity to be a guest on former Arizona gubernatorial candidate and friend, Mike Harris' show, "The Short End of the Stick", via the Rense Radio Network. M-F 1:00 to 3:00 pm Pacific Listen

We kicked off the first hour with a brief description of what happens to my rural agricultural neighborhood from the time the friendly and clean Canadians ("winter visitors") leave and when the no so friendly and less well behaved migrant farm workers (mostly Mexicans) arrive to pick the cantaloupe and melon crop. This unpleasant and semi-annual event occurs between Memorial Day and the Forth of July. Our second wave of crime hits between Halloween and Thanksgiving. Most decent people, in my neighborhood, are thankful they finally leave.

Just like clockwork, crime and fear envelope Thunderbird Farms,. unincorporated western Pinal County, AZ. We couldn't make it one week, without a Mexican pulling a knife and threatening a co-worker, out in the field. This incident was just one half mile from my home. Over the weekend, the second incident involved drunk and disorderly Mexicans at the swap meet behind the Farmers Convenience Store, the local hub of migrant civilization and criminal behavior. PCSO Report

With immigration being the topic, we moved on to the recent court case that highlighted the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, Sheriff Joe Arpaio and racial profiling. We concluded that a biased, conflicted, unqualified and activist judge made a decision based on politics, rather than facts.

In reality, "brown people" systematically pull the "race card" when they are caught driving without licenses, registration, insurance or have some sort of mechanical violation. Again, the Federal Government has put it's jack boot on the neck of Arizona and it's legal citizens. All in the name of "political correctness". foreign invaders get a free pass, at the expense of public safety.

Following a commercial break, we touched on the subject of the increasing incidents of child rape and sex crimes involving illegal aliens, throughout the United Sates. Rarely does a day go by without hearing such a horror story, via the alternative media. The main stream media refuses to touch these stories. They don't fit the political agenda.

Sexual predators, from south of the border, have become emboldened, knowing that they will serve little jail time and more than likely, NOT be deported, upon their release from prison. Our political leaders have opened the door to making rape and other degenerate behavior socially acceptable. There isn't a single established and traditional institution, the oligarchs will not attack and attempt to demolish.

Switching topics, we talked about how the Boy Scouts of America caved into pressure from a small well funded minority of advocates that want to force homosexuality upon our nation's youth. This brought back memories of my Cub Scout/Boy Scout days and how I got into a fist fight (my first) with a fellow scout, who later grew up to be a preacher, police officer and convicted child molester.

In fact, my local Boy Scout Troop 204, Penn's Woods Council, counts at least three perverts. One grew up to be a convicted rapist, after being deployed to Beirut, Lebanon in 1983, while Serving in the US Marine Corps. The other is currently sitting on death row in Pennsylvania for sexually molesting his daughters and murdering his family, in order to cover his sex crimes. Imagine what scouting will be like, now that the door has been officially opened to deviate behavior.

This was turning out to be a great show, as we moved from one topic to the next. Around every turn was how the corrupt and liberal policies of our dysfunctional government were determined to be the root source of many of our nation's woes. As a voting populous, our citizens keep buying into the left vs. right two party monopoly. Time and again, they continue to vote corrupt and incompetent members of the same parties.

I was especially taken and angered with the sight of "Hillary Clinton 2016" bumper stickers appearing on the "sheeple's" cars. Are these people sick in the head? Are they brain damaged? They want to elect the very people to solve our country's problems that got us into this mess, in the first place. We'd be better off electing people randomly selected from the telephone book.

Moving well into the second hour, we backed up and touched on agriculture and real estate. The family farm was systematically replaced with corporate owned factory farms and a policy to abolish the concept of private property ownership is unfolding via the foreclosure and mortgage crisis.

We are being fed an illusion of recovery and home value increases. In reality, investors are scooping up homes and renting them out. As a result, the American dream of owning a home is being smashed against the rocks. Mike Harris called this "Communist" and I completely agreed. I also brought up the concept of the "transnational corporation controlled global plantation", with the return of serfdom as the ultimate goal.

Towards the end of the show, we took a caller from Philadelphia. He talked about how the small independent farmers were being penalized for selling raw milk in Wisconsin. Yes, the small independent farmer was being squeezed out of existence. I brought up how the Amish were being jailed for their farming practices, too.

"Mike" from Philadelphia, returned after the final commercial break to discuss how the government was centralizing power and gaining control of water resources. This reminded me of our own late SS Lt. Jeff Hall and his bid to gain a position on his water board in Riverside, California. "He who controls the water, controls the population." All three of us agreed with that statement.

As is always the case, the two hour show was over before I knew it. Following the show, I was asked to become a regular guest. We have "penciled in" the first Tuesday of every month to be my "slot."

"These Jews have penetrated to every city, and it would not be easy to find a single place in the inhabited world which has not received this race, and where it has not become master." --Strabo, Greek historian, geographer

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