Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thunderbird Farms: Rapidly descending to Third World status because of "Political Correctness" and a greedy business community

No folks, this is not Haiti, nor post typhoon Philippines. It's quite obvious that my neighborhood is becoming a "favela". I took these photographs on the morning of Wednesday, November 20, 2013, in the easement behind the Farmers Convenience Store at 49301 W Papago Rd, Maricopa, AZ 85139.

In October, during a public meeting, local residents were almost "up in arms" over Canadians bringing their RV's and campers here for a few months. Meanwhile, take a very good look at what gets a "free pass". I've been taking pictures of this disgusting situation for a few years, yet county government could care less.

This is "multiculturalism" and we must "embrace" it or be labeled a "racist". Don't forget, the White Canadians were the one's being demonized at last month's meeting. Not one person said anything about Mexicans. And people wonder why we have drunk people (Mexicans, not Canadians) swinging machetes at the store? Local business owners look the other way, as long as they keep buying beer.

The entire community meeting at the fire hall had me thinking of the 1995 John Candy movie, "Canadian Bacon. For example... Edwin S. Simon, NBS News Anchor: The Canadians. They walk among us. William Shatner. Michael J. Fox. Monty Hall. Mike Meyers. Alex Trebek. All of them Canadians. All of them here. Soon, a fabricated cold war quickly escalates into a real international confrontation. More 

Feral Black Youth: ‘Knockout’ Game Fears Spread

Brutal video is coming in from various places, including Pittsburgh, where a teacher was attacked, and London, where a teen was hit from behind. On Tuesday afternoon, CBS 2 learned of another victim — a 78-year-old woman attacked a week ago Saturday in Midwood. Full Article

Look who's finally waking up to black-mob violence. Yes, when a Jew gets assaulted the alarm is sounded. The liberal news media doesn't want to say exactly what it is. It’s gangs of black youths attacking Whites. It’s also called "polar bear hunting".

The media is doing great harm by continuing to refer to these terrible, hate-filled crimes as a "game" and refusing to acknowledge that these crimes are indeed hate crimes, perpetrated by blacks against Whites. If this keeps up, there are going to be more Trayvon Martins. Of course, I really don't see this as a bad thing because we cannot correct this problem with mere words.

These pieces of sub-human trash have such little regard for life and decency that no amount of jail time will serve as "corrective action". Put a few of them in the morgue and this crap will fade away. Death is the only thing these beasts fear. Perhaps. it's time for Whites to come up with a new "game"? We'll call it double-tap to the center mass. The bullshit stops, when the hammer drops.

Injured robber’s family says armed citizen should have ‘just left the store’

White was arrested in September for the armed robbery of The Original Oyster House, and was out on bond when he attempted to rob the Family Dollar store. Now the Baldwin County District Attorney’s Office has filed to have the original bond revoked. The DA wants White to remain in jail once he is released from the hospital and to prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law. FullArticle

Lawdy mercy mys baaayybe is a good boy, he'd never do's nothing like dat. The black thug's lucky he didn't get killed. Their "good boy" son held a gun to a store clerk's head and had the clerk on his knees. Under the laws in most states, you have the right to use deadly force to save your own life or the life of another person, who is danger. These sorry excuse for parents (family members) refuse to admit they raised a thug monkey criminal and want to play "victim". Once again, blacks think they're above the law. Dangerous Neighborhoods Link

Neo-Bolshevik License to Kill and Destroy the Goyim

In short, whenever the neo-Bolsheviks and Zionists are in power, you can be sure that there will be massive suffering, massive death, and ideological conflicts. Whenever they destroy a country, they replace it with something that is suitable to their weltanschauung. Afghanistan for example has turned into the world’s largest opium producers by 2013. The LA Times reports... Full Article

In 1949 when George Orwell (Eric Blair) assigned the date of 1984 to his novel about high tech mind control by a central administration of tyranny, he was more like 65 years rather than 35 years ahead of his time. He was so prescient that terms from his work, such as “Cold War”, “thought crime”, “thought police”, “double think” and “Orwellian”, are used in common parlance to describe real world phenomena. More 

The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.” --Edward Bernays, Founder of Public Relations & Advertising, For Manipulation of the Masses.

With the Senate's dissolution the last vestiges of the Old Republic have been swept away...

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