Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thunderbird Farms: As expected, something really bad finally happened at the Farmers Convenience Store

As most of my regular readers know, I do not like the Farmers Convenience Store, located in Thunderbird Farms, along Papago Road. I've posted stories about this disgusting place on multiple occasions. This store represents all that is wrong with my neighborhood and my nation. A magnet for filth, drugs, drunken Mexicans and prostitutes (who attach signs to their bodies advertising different prices for "front" and "rear" services), the Farmers Convenience Store is the festering puss hole, flesh eating virus or boil that needs to be lanced or eradicated. 

A little girl nearly drowned, after falling into a septic tank behind the store. I always knew something bad would happen there. I never figured a drowning, though. I expecting a spree shooting or a fire to be the incident to put them on the map. Fortunately, there was a happy ending for this little girl. 

I frequently describe the Farmers Convenience Store using the famous quote from Star Wars, "You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. You must be cautious" Video The girl's mother, Emily Howard, is looking for "answers" and inquiries have been launched. I've been rather disappointed that the owners of the Farmers Convenience Store have little or no regard for code compliance. I've been photographing things that are most disgusting and unlawful at this site for more than three years. 

Good Samaritans come to aid of young girl after fall into septic tank

The incident happened at the Farmer's Market on Papago Road. The girl was walking with her mother when she stepped on a round plastic lid that was covering the tank's opening. Apparently the lid was not seated right and flipped over, allowing the girl to fall into the raw sewage. Full Article

Simply do a Google image search for... Farmers Convenience Store Maricopa AZ, most of the photographs are the ones I took and posted on this very blog. Apparently, the girl's mother has sought legal representation. Hopefully, the various complaints I filed, along with police reports will cast the proper light on the owners of this establishment, who are conveniently "unavailable" for comment, at this time.

Awards to be presented to those who helped rescue girl from septic tank

The young girl had been chasing her dog in a nearby dirt area and stepped on top of a 21-inch plastic cover which covered the opening of the tank. The cover had three cracks ranging in size from 4 to 10 inches. When the girl stepped on the cover, it flipped open and she fell into the tank and went completely under the sewage inside. Full Article More

My favorite court (not really)... According to an administrative order handed down Thursday from the state’s highest court, the audit led to the “discovery of cash and checks in unsecured areas within the courthouse.” If I could assemble a reliable and solid team, I would seriously consider running against the incumbent.

Superior Court judge takes over Maricopa Municipal Court after financial audit

According to an administrative order handed down Thursday from the state’s highest court, the audit led to the “discovery of cash and checks in unsecured areas within the courthouse.”... The justice and municipal courts are in the same building at 19955 N. Wilson Ave. Full Article

Another instance where a higher court found a problem with the Maricopa Justice Court... "A convicted defendant's decision not to publicly admit guilt is irrelevant to a sentencing determination, and a trial court's decision to aggravate a sentence offends the Fifth Amendment privilege against self-recrimination. See State v. Hardwick, 183 Ariz. 649, 905 P.2d 1384 (App. 1995) Under the circumstances presented to this court, the trial court's order requiring Appellant to write a letter of apology constitutes fundamental error." 

This court (Corporate/municipal revenue generator) doesn't give two shits about the Constitutional Rights of citizens. Those were my rights, violated by this corrupt court. The above court deliberately and willfully violated my Constitutional rights. The judge knew he was and still did it. It's time for a new broom to sweep clean, this cesspool of corruption. JP #8 comes up $155K short More

City requests DPS investigate courts’ financial handlings

Tuesday’s press release stated: “The city will continue to work closely with the Arizona Supreme Court, the Pinal County Superior Court and the Department of Public Safety to ensure strong polices, identified protocols and protected systems are put in place to ensure monies collected are handled appropriately.” Full Article 

"There is practically no responsibility in a democracy. The anonymity of the majority of the moment decides. Government ministers are beholden to it,but there is no opportunity to hold this majority responsible. As a result,the door is open to political carelessness and negligence,to corruption and fiscal mismanagement."

60 U.S. 393 (1857)

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  1. Again, a tea party conundrum. Hence why they will never gain a majority. Don't like government relations while wondering why a dog was roaming without a leash? All actions have consequences.