Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Police manhunts, Skype conferences with high school students and the pickers have returned to Thunderbird Farms

Monday, May 19, 2014: A "disturbed person," making some odd gestures, crossed SR 347 and approached us in the parking lot, next door to the Maricopa Fire Department. He was really "out of it." He was hyperactive and most difficult to understand. However, he posed no threat to us or other bystanders. After our brief encounter, he took off down the street. Unfortunately, the Zombie Response Team arrived, too late (see photo). It turned out that the "disturbed person" was the target of a police manhunt. The Maricopa Police officers stopped by to look at my photograph of the suspect.

Other first responders rushed to the scene and the suspect was taken into custody, near the railroad crossing. Apparently, someone at the Dairy Queen or Shell station called the police. I'm not sure what he did, there. All I saw was a weird Hispanic male making odd gestures and speaking gibberish. A police officer returned afterwards, thanked me for the assistance and advised me that he was "sick."

It goes without saying, I lived a very isolated and sheltered life , during my early days in rural western Pennsylvania. I remember my first "whack job" from 1985. We were tubing at Salt River Recreation and some psycho, tripping on acid, was going berserk and swinging a canoe paddle. Then, having spent almost 8 years living in Maryvale (west side Phoenix), I saw many more. The drug induced lesbian cat fight below my apartment balcony suddenly came to mind.

The melon and cantaloupe pickers have returned to Thunderbird Farms. Remember to hide your valuables and lock your doors. As we all know, this influx of "migrant labor" taxes local law enforcement and tries the patience of us residents. Most of us moved to the boonies, to get away from crime, drugs. prostitution and other typically urban problems. Hopefully, I'll be able to sneak a photo of that brightly dressed prostitute, wearing the sign indicating front and rear prices. She normally frequents the Farmers Convenience Store and weekend swap meet. Perhaps, I'll deploy the sun glass camera.

The highlight of my week (thus far) was on Tuesday. I had an opportunity to engage in question and answer sessions (via Skype) with high school seniors at the Thomas Worthington High School, near Columbus, Ohio. We talked about race relations, politics, the economy, the National Socialist Movement and some of our border operations. National Socialism is not a "whites only" exclusive club. This philosophy, although created by white men, is universally applicable to all races of human beings. Watch the NYC Dominican cabbie Video

I wish these aspiring young adults the best, hope they succeed in their endeavors and repair some of the damage our last few generations have inflicted upon our nation. Like I stated during my speech in Chattanooga, I emphasized that everyone should ask questions, question authority and think for themselves. Good luck graduates! Go ahead, click it... COPFAT The 60 years since Brown

The end of the school year always means senior pranks. One school appears to have seriously overreacted to one student's innocent and harmless prank. "When the going gets tough just remember to Barium, Carbon, Potassium, Thorium, Astatine, Arsenic, Sulfur, Uranium, Phosphorus." As a result, a high school senior class vice president and campus leader may be kept from walking with her class at next week’s graduation. More Thinking back to 1981, I still remember Mrs. Solomon threatening to withhold our diplomas, moments before we were to walk up on stage, during our graduation ceremonies. I guess we were a little rowdy.

We are facing a crisis brought about by the corruption and malfeasance of our highest level politicians, and a time may soon come when we will be forced to defend ourselves, not only from the criminal underclass that they've created, but also against THEM, an increasingly intrusive, unconstitutional, and morally bankrupt government.

The Federal Reserve, a private bank representing the interests of its Wall Street owners, has been in existence for 100 years. It has managed to diminish the purchasing power of the dollar by 95%, while causing depressions, enabling never ending warfare, allowing politicians to expand the welfare state to immense unsustainable proportions, and enriched its true constituents on Wall Street beyond the comprehension of average Americans. More Europe is awaiting the same economic fate, at the hands of the global banking cabals... Millions of Europeans are poor despite having a full-time job. Link

"Forbid the Whites to mate with Whites. The White Women must cohabit with members of the dark races, the White Men with black women. Thus the White Race will disappear, for the mixing of the dark with the White means the end of the White Man, and our most dangerous enemy will become only a memory. We shall embark upon an era of ten thousand years of peace and plenty, the Pax Judaica, and our race will rule undisputed over the world. Our superior intelligence will easily enable us to retain mastery over a world of dark peoples."--Rabbi Emanuel Rabinovich before a special meeting of the Emergency Council of European Rabbis in Budapest, Hungary, January 12, 1952. More

“Tolerance is the last virtue of a dying society.” --Aristotle

Understanding the Law Video

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