Thursday, June 5, 2014

Extreme heat advisories do nothing to slow the local burglaries, knife fights or the flow of illegal aliens into Maricopa and surrounding areas

In southern Arizona, June means heat. We've been holding steady at 110 degrees, for the last several days. The cantaloupe pickers have been here for a few weeks and have seen a couple of pay days. Last weekend, there was a knife fight at the infamous Farmers Convenience Store. Of course, the suspects got away and will more than likely find more trouble, soon enough. The store is frequently mobbed with hundreds of unfriendly foreign nationals, who are tired, hot and often intoxicated.

Meanwhile, the homes of winter visitors from Canada continue to get burglarized. On Wednesday, a local business owner said another one of his client's homes was broken into. He called the Pinal County Sheriff's Office and about 30 minutes later, a deputy arrived. The deputy advised the reporting party that it was his first day in the area and he would call someone, who was more familiar. We learned that the alarm went off last Sunday and the P.C.S.O was called. Apparently, all they did was drive by, because according to their records, they found nothing. How did they miss the broken window? Perhaps, the time has come to organize a "vigilance committee."

Following a recent narcotic and money laundering related arrest, Pinal County Sheriff, Paul Babeu stated, “Arizona is ground zero for drug and human smuggling. Pinal County is one of the most active counties in all of America for cartel smuggling operations. Not only has President Obama turned a blind eye to this problem but now he is allowing the Department of Homeland Security to send bus loads of illegals into Arizona from Texas and drop them off. Imagine how quickly we would get true border security if these illegals were shipped to his hometown in Chicago, IL or Washington, D.C.” More

Wildfire near Ajo among several burning in Arizona

After receiving a report from border patrol around 9 a.m., the Bureau of Land Management and the National Park Service sent resources in response to the fire, BLM spokesman Ken Shaver said. Arriving on scene, officials found eleven small fires burning in the area... The fires, which were mostly burning in mesquite brush and dry fuels, were likely caused by humans, More

Summertime Blues: Teen Unemployment in Major U.S. Cities Tops 50 Percent

Using U.S. Census Bureau data from May 2013 to April 2014, the analysis reveals that in Riverside-San Bernardino area of Southern California, the unemployment rate for teens ages 16 to 19 years old who don’t have a high school diploma is 54.2 percent. Full Article

Of course there are no jobs for teens. The jobs that were traditionally held by teenagers are now filled with 30+ something illegal aliens. Americans have been, and are being, systematically phased out of just about every job market. Americans overwhelmingly disapprove of President Barack Obama on illegal immigration. More The Leftists could care less what Americans want.

As teens are taking the biggest hit in the job market. A friendly reminder for those black citizens who supported Obama, solely on account of his skin color... Your days ahead are not looking good, because Obama is going to offer amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. His actions will make you an even smaller minority. How do you like being thrown under the bus? You should have given that some thought before casting the vote for the 'brotha'. You tried to give "Whitey" the shaft, but you screwed yourselves.

De Facto Open Borders

This approach to immigration treats Americans to a spectacle where the government claims the power to decide what kind of light bulb you can use but chooses not to enforce the basic laws of protecting the border or ensuring workplace compliance with federal immigration laws. It sends the message that, as long as you are willing to break the law, there is a place for you in the United States. Full Article

Obama has as his stated goal the "fundamental transformation" of this country. He cannot change the country into the socialist state with an omnipotent central government of his father's dreams without changing the electorate. His plan is to change the country's demographics with non-whites from countries with socialist traditions.

Breaking: Border Patrol Sector to Release 500 Illegal Aliens Per Week Into US

“Once processed, the illegal aliens will be given a court date and paperwork telling them when to report back,” said Moran. He acknowledged that most never do. Moran elaborated, “They will be released into a city that has no services to assist them, no shelters for them, or even a bus station.”  Full Article Now, California taxpayers are paying the price of law enforcement refusing to obey the law. More

The illegal aliens who got free bus service around America, courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer are displeased with the accommodations. According to illegal aliens, America exists to serve them with jobs and free stuff. The citizens who live here are just furniture... Obviously, Obama needs to decree more comfort and de luxe services for the invaders. More No different than home... "Used toilet paper and sanitary napkins accumulated in a pile…and a putrid stench thus enveloped the cell." More

"The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him." --Gilbert Keith Chesterton, Journalist, Novelist, Essayist (1874 - 1936)

Diversity Is Anti-Compatibility

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