Wednesday, July 23, 2014

After Action Report: The National Socialist Movement and the National Day of Protesting Against Immigration Reform Amnesty & Border Surge

"On July 18 and 19, 2014, the largest coordinated protest against all forms of amnesty, comprehensive immigration reform, and the government's failure to enforce immigration laws and secure our borders will begin, all across America. The protests are scheduled to be held at state capitols, Mexican consulates, and on streets and overpasses coast-to-coast, including Hawaii and Alaska." Protest organizers included, American Legal Immigration Political Action Committee, Overpasses for America, and Make Them Listen.

The National Socialist Movement answered this call to action, put aside political differences and stood in solidarity with multiple national and local grassroots organizations. Across the country, some 300 organized protests took place.

Corporal Thora A. Jaeger and SS Captain Harry L Hughes attended one such rally at the Arizona State Capitol in Phoenix. On both days of the demonstrations, members of NSM-AZ rallied and networked with attendees. There's nothing delusional about border security. Those who think there should be no border security should think the same thing about their home security and remove their door and window locks.

These protests come in the wake of a number of protests against the relocation of illegal aliens from Central America, who are being transported to areas across the nation to alleviate facility crowding in Texas, following a total and intentional breakdown in border security and enforcement.

Several days prior to the scheduled protest, a group calling itself the Valley Anarchist Circle, threatened to show up and disrupt the peaceful and lawful protests by "any means necessary." Using social networking, this group of Communists and assorted degenerates recruited 29 people to disrupt the protest.

On their site, they wrote, "Anti-migrant right wing scum will be protesting 'Amnesty' at the capitol in Phoenix in support of a nationwide anti-immigrant call out." We took the threats seriously and were prepared for the worst. As it turned out, not one of these self described "anarchists" showed up at the venue.

All in all, our activism was successful. Despite being "minimized" by mainstream media, tens of thousands of photographs, videos and reports have been uploaded to social networking sites. Reports coming in from around the country also indicate successful demonstrations, with only small unorganized outbursts of profanity laced hatred from open borders advocates. It's been my experience that Illegal aliens and their supporters are aggressive predators, who are great actors that are quite good at blaming everyone else, but themselves for their predicament(s).

It's been said that some $3.3 trillion (with a "T") has been wastefully expended on illegal aliens and their "anchor babies." since the Ronald Reagan amnesty of 1986. We can no longer afford to let this unsustainable liability continue to bankrupt our nation. We need to secure our borders and repatriate these tens of millions of illegal aliens to their countries of origin.

SS Capt. Harry L. Hughes III
Director, N.S.M. Region 11/N.S.M.-AZ Media Spokesman
N.S.M.-MEDIA Associate Producer

Mexico IS NOT our friend, our "good neighbor to the south" or an ally. They have stood against the United States at every possible opportunity. In fact, Mexico is quite hostile towards U.S. Citizens. Therefore, we should treat Mexico as the enemy. The military should deploy troops on the border with Mexico and create a five to ten mile buffer zone, inside Mexico from the U.S. border.  Our “leadership” in D.C. are either blind or complicit in how they view Mexico as a threat.

Sheriff Babeu: The president is deliberately undermining the rule of law on immigration. Why not criticize that? This newspaper attempts to shift focus or blame onto anyone who disagrees with their opinion. Anyone who doesn't welcome "refugee" children into their community without question of the obvious public safety and health concerns is labeled cruel, un-American and accused of ginning up a riot. More

How is it that a person who is in this country illegally can publically announce that very fact and yet not be arrested and deported? And how dare they invade the halls of Congress to create obnoxious theatre while making demands on elected officials. The men and women who serve in Congress are not their representatives. They have no Congressional representatives because they are not here legally. More

We are led to believe that 'Antisemitism' is an unjustified and pathological hatred of Jews for no apparent reason. Do you really think that they have been expelled from over 100 countries for no reason? No other people can claim to have been expelled so many times for nothing, except the Jews. The Jew and the Peasant, by Douglas Reed Link

Leftist ideology is a denial of truth. It requires lying to gain a foothold, and subsequently more lying to be sustained. To the left, it's their primary tool as a means to an end. “Each generation has a duty to the next, and for the last 60-70 years, each new generation has not considered the future and as a result, we are where we are today. Our generation is the last, the last one able to do something.

Our children face being a minority in their own ancestral homelands because of our failings. What will they think of us?” Your parents did nothing to stop our descent into the abyss because the great majority of them were brainwashed into believing a spurious chain of lies called Cultural Marxism.

"The amalgamation of whites with blacks produces a degradation to which no lover of his country, no lover of excellence in the human character, can innocently consent." --Thomas Jefferson, 1814

Know the laws of life and live it accordingly

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