Monday, July 14, 2014

Are you A traitor? Any federal agent that values his job, more than his country, is on the wrong side of the line

PATROL UPDATE: For the last few days, Bailey and I (w/associates) have been busy. We came across plenty of ATV tracks and are attempting to locate ("ATL") the local spotter and his resupply stash.  Thus far, we have seen ZERO LEO's (Law Enforcement Officers) in the area of operation ("AO"). It goes without saying, the drug and human smugglers have a "free pass" in this vicinity. It appears that the rumors of the Border Patrol being pulled off the line are true. We didn't find any bad guys, but some cartel resupply was decommissioned.

Communicable diseases among these invaders: We have tens of thousands of kids, teens and young adults being dumped into the heartland of the United States, without adequate medical screening. Many of these people are sick. Attorney General, Eric Holder says that states MUST enroll illegal aliens in their schools. Are we going to see smallpox, polio, measles and Tuberculosis outbreaks across the country after September, when classes resume? This madness must be stopped.

It's sad to say, but "conservatives" will pointlessly try and argue that they are not racist. "Racism" is strength. That's why these Mestizos continue to enjoy the upper hand, because they are attacking the American right, openly as racial enemies, all while conservatives pretend to be decent and "not racist."

Crane Brinton, in his 1960 edition of "The Anatomy of Revolution" included this preface: "There has been a revolution in the English speaking world every two centuries or less for the last thousand years, with a total over throw of the political system and a complete redistribution of political power, always accompanied by violence or the threat of violence and usually accompanied by massive violence."

ISTOOK: Flying illegals home would be 99.5 percent cheaper than Obama’s plan

Instead, we could fly all of them home for one-half of 1 percent of the $3.8 billion that President Obama proposes we spend. That’s a savings of 99.5 percent! Most of his proposal is to pay living expenses. At the unofficial reported cost of $250 per person per day... Full Article

On Tuesday’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on the Fox News Channel, Pinal County, AZ Sheriff Paul Babeu reported that the federal government has released criminal illegal aliens into his community and that his officers have arrested individuals who have already been deported 10 or 15 times. He said “[the federal government] has released dangerous violent criminals right in my county and they refuse to give me the names of these criminals... More

A recent memo leaked from the Department of Homeland Security indicates that public assertions made recently by the administration have been a little less than honest... OTM UCs are issued a Notice to Appear and not immediately removed from the United States. Last year, only 1,700 UCs were repatriated to their home countries.” The report also clarifies the statement: HSI-Intel assesses with high confidence that reunification with family members already in the United States continues to be a pull factor for UCs from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.

No single factor causes OTM UC migration to the United States. Rather, several factors combine to cause this, including poor economies and violence in home countries, potential employment opportunities in the United States, family reunification, and success at not being immediately repatriated drive OTM UC migration to the United States. More

Subject: Media Tour of Fort Sill, Oklahoma Temporary Shelter... Congressman Jim Bridenstine is encouraging members of the media to reject the limitations proposed by HHS. “The idea of no recording devices, no questions, and no interactions is not acceptable. This violates the 1st Amendment.  This is not transparent.  HHS is trying to muzzle the media and hide the human tragedy that has resulted directly from the administration’s failure to enforce the law.” More

Any federal agent that values his job, more than his country, is on the wrong side of the line and should also be held fully accountable. If the feral goons with badges block these protestors and don’t turn these illegals around, then they are just as guilty as the politicians that gave this who cluster foxtrot the green light. The Marxists will have complete control of the country, when amnesty and the right to vote is given to illegal aliens. That will translate to a total revision of the U.S. Constitution to make the government, of the government, by the government, for the government perfectly legal.

Mexico made deal to send more illegal aliens to the U.S.

The illegal aliens will receive a so-called Regional Visitor's Card, according to El Universal... Officially, the program will grant the cards to only illegal aliens from Guatemala and Belize, allowing them to remain in Mexico's southern states for 72 hours (more than enough time to reach the U.S./Mexican border by train). Full Article

“When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.” -Frederic Bastiat, 1801-1850

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