Thursday, August 28, 2014

Pinal County operations update, the failure of integration and the beginnings of the return of segregation, oddly requested by blacks

On Wednesday, August 20th, 2014 the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue Unit was on patrol in the “Vekol Valley” area along Interstate 8, outside of Stanfield. This area is well known as being a major smuggling corridor used by the cartels to smuggle drugs and humans...The deputy who originally located the shoe impressions then drove to the area of White and Parker Road where it intersects with the Central Arizona Project Canal (CAP). There he noticed an adult Hispanic male who was dressed in a camouflage shirt.

After searching the immediate area, deputies located three additional illegals from Mexico. They also located four large backpack bundles of Marijuana, totaling 213.4 pounds, valued at $106,700 dollars... After being interviewed, all four illegals admitted to smuggling the marijuana into the United States. They claimed their payment for doing so, was a ride to Phoenix. All four subjects were taken to the United States Border Patrol substation in Casa Grande for confirmation on the identification they provided. Border Patrol reported Aaron Marquez-Quintero has been deported on sixteen previous occasions. The other three have not previously been deported.

Sheriff Paul Babeu stated, “Seventeen times now, Aaron Marquez-Quintero has disobeyed the laws of the United States and entered our Country illegally. There is little doubt he has broken the laws and crossed many more times illegally without being caught. The news is currently flooded with concerns related to violent criminal gang activity happening all around the world. Yet President Obama refuses to enforce our current laws to protect our citizens and instead he is more concerned about providing amnesty to these illegals and working on his golf game.” Link

Friday, August 22, 2014: Taking advantage of the pleasantly cool weather, canine Bailey and I, along with the local "unofficial posse" made a sweep of the Hidden Valley area. Although we didn't come across any recent activity, it sends a message to the cartel friendly locals that we are keeping up the pressure in and around my neighborhood.

To find out what exactly they are doing out there, and what they are seeing, Tucson News Now decided to spend the day and night deep in the Sonoran desert with a group called Arizona Border Recon. We walked the trails used by drug smugglers and illegal immigrants. We wanted to know why concerned residents were arming themselves and risking their lives to do a job that Homeland Security officials felt should be left up to highly trained border patrol agents.

Only on KOLD: Eyes on the Line

“We are an extra set of eyes and ears for them. We run around with radio scanners to listen to an international drug syndicate that is sitting on top of mountains inside the United States and try and gather intel from them on where and when the stuff is moving,” said Nailer. Full Article

"Two good things have come out of the Ferguson riots so far: (1) even "progressives" and liberals are questioning the militarization of the police. (2) This is the PERFECT opportunity to start "a national conversation" about bringing back segregation." 

Self-Segregation: Why It's So Hard for Whites to Understand Ferguson

And national survey data suggests that the need for this kind of parental coaching persists in the black community today. When given a choice between two traits that respondents believe their child should have, a 2012 PRRI survey found that African Americans are far more likely than white Americans to favor “obedience” over “self-reliance.” By a margin of three to one (75 percent to 25 percent), African Americans preferred “obedience” to “self-reliance;” among white Americans, only 41 percent preferred “obedience,” compared to 59 percent who preferred “self-reliance.” Full Article

"Forced racial integration was never an experiment; it has been conducted with calculated intent to harm our race, the White race. Thus, it is succeeding... Integration is only forced upon White people and it's clearly leading to the physical destruction of our race. We were not allowed to vote on this, and if we object, everyone knows that harassment, loss of employment, violent threats or worse will follow. Trying to escape is condemned as "White Flight" and we are chased down with resettlement of Third World "refugees." It's a closed system with no alternative. That's “genocide." More

Waking Up from the American Dream: A White Nationalist Memo to White Male Republicans

Take a good, hard look at those Obama victory rallies. They are celebrating your dispossession, your displacement from the country your ancestors built. They don’t even disguise their hatred. And even though you don’t think in terms of race, they do... Do you get it yet? America, your America, is finished. Full Article

“I care not what religion, club, area or class you come from, nor what bit of colored cloth you wave as a flag. WE are ALL under deadly attack by colored hordes which outnumber us more than seven to one, led by a filthy Jewish, Communist conspiracy!” ―George Lincoln Rockwell

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