Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Money Shot. . . .Makes my day!

There you have it! I took this photo on Tuesday, June 23, 2009, at 7:06AM. It’s worth money. I’m so glad I bought this camera. I would probably not be having this much fun if I had bought a flamethrower or a machinegun instead. Unfortunately, I’m not getting paid. On the upside, Bonefield is going to pay another fine. At times, life on this corner is certainly more exciting than a movie. And cheaper too!

On the morning of Thursday, June 25, 2009, a Pinal County Animal Care/Control officer stopped by for a visit and picked up a CD with my “dog at large slide show“. Bonefield will be cited for this most recent violation. This visit further confirms the accuracy of my “habitual offender” prediction I made weeks ago.

During my conversation with the officer, I was informed that citations for “dog at large” and “no license” were previously issued. In most cases, no license means that there is no rabies vaccine. I noticed a pet carrier in front of Bonefield’s garage door the other day. Hopefully, he got that dog (a.k.a. deadly virus delivery system) vaccinated. This just goes to show that even a financial penalty has failed to properly motivate Bonefield into becoming a good neighbor. I hope he has deep pockets.

I can only imagine how angry Bonefield is going to be with me when he finds out that this transgression is going to cost him more green. I don’t think he was home when the incident occurred and he hasn‘t been issued the ticket yet. He sure didn’t look too happy that weekend he spent sweating out in the hot sun putting up that fence.

My only concern now, is what I’m going to do with my time once this issue is finally put to rest. I often feel a void in my life when I’m not engaged in “battle” against some menacing “foe”. I believe this to be an inherited genetic characteristic. My European ancestors spent much of their time fighting and killing. They fought in the Crusades and the Hundred Years War. Others, obsessed with World domination, engaged in massive global campaigns. Between wars, they fought with each other. The story of William Wallace and Scotland, made famous in the movie “Braveheart”, clearly demonstrates this pattern of violent behavior. Civilization is an artificial restriction placed upon our natural instincts as Upper Paleolithic Hunter Gatherers. Chalk another one up to DNA. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

When I hear someone talk of the “good old days”, I tend to think of the 5th century A.D.
Political correctness places the comfort and undeserved rights of the sociopath over the safety and peace of citizens.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Thunderbird Farms: Scofflaws continue. . .

Thunderbird Farms: Scofflaws continue to let dog roam at large. No end in sight.

At the very beginninng of this battle I stated: "Bonefield has all of the makings of an apathetic habitual offender." I was absolutely correct in making this statement.

Once again, I wrote the county:

Monday, June 22, 2009 5:42AM and Tuesday, June 23, 2009, 6:06AM These are the most recent dates and times I have been rudely awakened by Bonefield's dog running along my fence barking. This happens so often that all vegetation has been worn off the ground along my fence. A depression has been created by the dog's constant foot traffic. To pour salt in an already festering wound, the Bonefield's stand out there and watch. Come out and look for yourself. Imaging being rudely awakened everyday. Would you be angry? How long can you get by with being cheated out of 2-3 hours of sleep on a daily basis? I'm tired and angry. Enough is enough!!!!!

I found that all I have to do is walk on my street at 2:00AM and every dog around me barks for as long as an hour. I intend to adjust my exercise schedule so that I will be out for my walk every morning at 2:00AM. I think everybody in my neighborhood should be deprived of sleep too. What's good for me is good for them. Right? Let's see what things will be like when everybody on White Road is tired and angry.

This is almost worth going to jail for. I could get free health and dental care. As it should happen, my dentist is the same one the county uses for it's jail inmates. Would the detention officers make sure I keep my July 23, 2009, appointment? The only thing preventing me from doing this is my inability to get a quality trustworthy dog sitter for my "stay at home" dogs.

My communication with The Pinal County Sheriff's Office:

The other day when we spoke, you suggested that I not go talk directly to the Bonefield's about their dog running at large so we could see if the Animal Control notification had carried any impact.
It appears it has not.
I am inclined to ask Deputy Hanes to go speak with them. You may remember meeting him the other day when we were speaking and he is assigned to day shift in your area. Be aware that we come on duty at 0600 hours, so you have to "give" him drive time to check out there, but it may carry an impact to have law enforcement make contact since they have apparently ignored ACO warnings.

Please let me know if you think this will help or cause more issues. While animal issues are normally outside of law enforcement purview with the exception of priority response for vicious dogs threatening public safety, it is our duty and responsibility to be "Peace Keepers" in our assigned districts.
You may remember meeting Deputy Hanes the other day. He is assigned to your area and a good cop. I am sending a copy of this to Hanes and to the ACO supervisor for review.
Please let me know and I will have Hanes make contact. Hope all is going well for you other than the rude awakenings.
Sergeant Ellsworth

My response:

Thanks for responding so promptly. Deputy Hanes left a very positive impression with me and he's more than welcome to "keep the peace" by having a chat with the Bonefields. Cal Bonefield won't even make eye contact with me from across the street. I'm more concerned with the female that resides there. She has been the primary cause for the dogs roaming every morning. She is the one that most appears to be treating this issue with spiteful contemptuous disregard. She has also begun to take pictures of me like she is some sort of victim of injustice. I hope she liked my poses. It still floors me how this dynamic comes into play when somebody gets caught or called on the carpet.

I'm sure this is not over yet:

I have a theory that Bonefield is too lazy to clean up after his dogs so he allows them to use my whole neighborhood as a place to deposit their feces. The residence across the street is home to many dogs. They all bark for extended periods of time when Bonefield's dogs freely roam. The occupants of this home never come out to see why their dogs are barking nor do they do anything to make them shut up. Does persistant barking dog mean anything to anybody? It's just one more offense subject to penalty. Somebody could rob these people blind and they would never know it. Do these people have the proper permits to have so many dogs? Chances are, we have more scofflaws that need to be singled out and made examples of.

Photo: Imagine waking up to this commotion each and every morning. Notice the position of the sun. I should be in bed sleeping and not out here playing detective. My taxes are supposed to fund law enforcement. It seems that I am doing somebody else's job and the expenses are coming directly out of my pocket. What happened to my right to peacefully enjoy my property. I paid many thousands of dollars to live here and I feel that I should be able to live in peace.

How would Bonefield like it if I decided to take a walk in his backyard? I am willing to bet that he would be dialing 911 and screaming bloody murder if I did. How would he like it if I let my dogs come over and shit in his yard? I'm sure Bonefield would get upset if I came over and took a piss on his plants. He's got some new ones right by the fence.

In the news: Another child attacked by dog at large

Dog found dead, suspected in attack on El Mirage 3-year-old Tue Jun 23, 2009
The dog found that was involved in Sunday night's attack on a young child, officials said. The 3-year-old boy and child and his mother were sent to the hospital after the pit bull attack Sunday ni... more...

It appears that an armed and concerned citizen took care of a problem that authorities were obviously not capable of correcting. One rather inexpensive bullet did the job.This just goes to show what one motivated individual and his rifle can do.

Thunderbird Farms: Despite warnings. . . .

Thunderbird Farms: Despite warnings, scofflaws ignore law, act out of spite and malice

There are times when I hate being right. This situation has become one of them. On the other hand, I enjoy saying, “I told you so!” I predicted this outcome at the very beginning. Thanks to technology and the Internet, I’ve been able to document my predictions.
Once again, Bonefield’s bad dog is still permitted to roam freely although not as often. During the last seven days, I was able to use up a 27 exposure disposable camera that was left over from my “pre-digital days”. I will be picking up the photos on Monday and I will begin posting them as soon as I scan them into my computer.
I will also create a CD and send a copy to the Pinal County Attorney’s Office. We shall see if, “A picture is worth a thousand words“. How many words is a slideshow worth? To date, words and pictures have been worth NOTHING in this particular case.

In the mean time, I sent another email to Pinal County Animal Care/Control. Here is the text:

Pinal County Animal Care/Control
764 S Eleven Mile Corner Rd
Casa Grande, AZ 85222
Saturday, June 20, 2009 6:46AM

Cal Bonefield's dog is running up and down along my fence causing my dogs to become agitated. I'm sick and tired of the barking.

Does my comment from a previous communication ring a bell? "Bonefield has all of the makings of an apathetic habitual offender." How did I know?

Bonefield stands out there with his nose up in the air while he allows this to happen. He even opens the damn gate to let the dog out! I knew that this would not be over yet. Who the hell does he think he is? If you let somebody get away with something without being punished, there is nothing to prevent them from doing it again and again and again and again. I believe he's doing this out of spite (malevolence by virtue of being malicious or spiteful or nasty) and malice.

One who habitually ignores the law and does not answer court summonses.

Noun 1.) Showing your contempt by derision
Verb 1.) Laugh at with contempt and derision 2.) Treat with contemptuous disregard

The above definition is way too long. Scofflaw = Criminal! It’s that simple.
Sometimes it sucks being right. For once, I wished I was wrong.

leash (something Bonefield apparently cannot comprehend)
noun 1.) Restraint consisting of a rope (or light chain) used to restrain an animal

I have dropped off a disposable 27 exposure 35mm camera for processing. I have taken no less than 20 pictures of Bonefield's dog roaming at large over the last seven days. Some of them show the dog on my property. Film processing and SD memory cards are expensive to somebody living below the poverty level. I'm convinced that there is no justice for me. This issue should have long since been resolved. Now, Bonefield's actions are taking money out of my pocket and food out of my mouth!

Once again, Pinal County Animal Care/Control's mission is failing. This comes as no surprise.

“Our mission is to regulate and protect companion animals and the public as mandated by law, and to promote a peaceful co-existence between pet owners and non-pet owners in an efficient, effective and professional manner.”

Peaceful? A state of "war" now exists. You cannot come close to imagining the restraint I'm exercising at this point.

I believe that there are many people out there that can't be reasoned with in a rational manner. Bonefield is most certainly one of them. People like this only understand fear. After 16 years, I've become an expert at this. Perhaps, if Bonefield had been charged with a crime and given an opportunity to meet some real thugnuts along with a tour of that nice jail up in Florence, I would not be spending my Saturday morning typing this email that will be sent to almost everybody in my address book.

On Friday, June 19, 2009, I was interviewed by journalist, Valeria Fernandez at the Al Sharpton counter demonstration in Phoenix. I told her where I lived and that it was not safe to walk on my street because of free roaming aggressive dogs. I told her that I feel the need to carry a firearm just to walk out to my mailbox. I also advised her to contact David Snyder. (Pinal County Board of Supervisors)

Additionally, I included a photo of a graffiti mural on a wall in a crappy south Phoenix neighborhood depicting a demonized sheriff while portraying criminals as heroes. I gave it a title:

“I see this as the Maricopa of the not too distant future. . . .”

Notice to trash burners: I’m coming after you next!
I’ve had enough of you scumbag scofflaws who pollute the air with the foul stench of your burning trash. Consider this your first and final warning. If I see smoke, I’m going to be hunting down your address. It appears that other outraged citizens have already been taking action. Maybe there is hope for my pathetic neighborhood after all.

Pinal County Sheriff Incident Report – 6/18/09
Trash burning: 090618129 There are a number of trash burning offenders in that general vicinity. The stench is disgusting! One property at the southwest corner of Brewer and Esch appears to have some sort of backyard landfill in the works. Somebody dug a large hole and there is a pile of burnt trash next to it. I’m sure some Federal environmental regulation is being broken.

Thunderbird Farms: Scofflaws slowly putting up fence

Thunderbird Farms:
Scofflaw’s slowly putting up fence. . . .

It won’t be fast enough! Bonefield’s dog is observed still wandering the street early Sunday (yesterday) evening. Bonefield just stands there and looks the other way as I watch. I’ve got news. The world is watching my little corner of the universe.

Text of my June 9th email to Pinal County:
To: Customer Service
Date: 6/9/2009 9:25:59 PM
Subject: Cal Bonefield's dog is still at large, still no action
Pinal County Animal Care/Control
764 S Eleven Mile Corner Rd
Casa Grande, AZ 85222
Read the story and watch the video. This story should serve as a message. This breaking news couldn't have happened at a better time.

Cal Bonefield's dog was still running around "at large" yesterday afternoon. Nothing has been done to correct the problem. I guess I'm going to have to fix it myself.

I have a quantity of Victor leg hold traps. I trapped for fur back in the Appalachia Mountains of Pennsylvania and brought some of them out here with me. Although they are no longer legal for use on public land, they are still legal to use of private land. I have used them before and it appears that I will be using them again. It's my intention to place these traps in my back yard and bait them with chicken bones and table scraps. I'm sure Bonefield's dog will like my bait as he already ate a wad of toilet paper I wiped my ass on earlier today.

These traps are not intended to allow for the live release of animals and unfortunately, it's not lawful to discharge a firearm within 1/4 mile of an occupied building. Back in PA, I used a baseball bat to crack their skulls. Sometimes it will require a half dozen good solid blows to kill a dog. My property is zoned "suburban ranch", which makes it agricultural property, giving me the full right to control predation on my land.

PETA will have a field day with this as I am notifying them of what is happening on my street. You might get those protesters I promised.

I seem to recall that my dogs got out once because the paramedics that took me to the hospital didn't latch my gate quite right. The animal control officer was waiting for me at my gate with a written warning for me (and Booger) as soon as I got out of the hospital. Apparently some people are not treated the same. That phrase, "equal protection under the law" must not apply here as Bonefield's dogs have had a free pass for months. Even after my complaining, nothing is done about it.

By the way, I'm getting lots of hits on my blog this week. Steve Lemons (a.k.a. Feathered Bastard) of the Phoenix New Times (circulation 110,000+) has been known to read of my posts. Maybe he will put in his two cents before this is over.

I can see the headlines now. . . .
Local Neo-Nazi “Vandal” comes up with “final solution” (to dog problem)

Though he would reveal his name only as "Harry," this particular neo-Nazi is known as "Vandal" on his Yahoo profile, where he lists late white supremacist leader William Pierce's racist, dystopian novel The Turner Diaries and Tenney Davis' The Chemistry of Powder and Explosives as two of his favorite books.
Vandal said he’s through being polite and patient and has devised a sinister plan to rid his neighborhood of these menacing dogs at large once and for all. Only a man of pure evil fabric would attempt to make his own neighborhood safe. This definitely sounds racist.

Thunderbird Farms: What is Scofflaw?

Thunderbird Farms: What is Scofflaw?

From Word Web:
One who habitually ignores the law and does not answer court summonses.
Noun 1.) Showing your contempt by derision
Verb 1.) Laugh at with contempt and derision 2.) Treat with contemptuous disregard

The above definition is way too long. Scofflaw = Criminal! It’s that simple.

In the case of the criminal scofflaws across the street, Bonefield appears to have purchased some fencing. Perhaps he got the message. A bipedal primate posing as a female human that resides with Bonefield has developed a negative attitude towards me. She makes no attempt to conceal it. I spent years observing people for a living, so I’m fairly certain. People often get bitter when they are forced to spend money. I learned that after working for an OSHA non-compliant employer. Like I said in my previous posts, “I'm sure I will be exchanging hostilities with the Bonefields sooner or later. I see a restraining order and perhaps even violence in my future.” I see it coming. Do you?

This sort of thing starts with dirty looks, moves up to petty vandalism before some asshole finally drinks up enough courage to come over and pick a fight. I’m becoming an expert at this. I learned this from the crackhead alcoholic that used to reside two doors west of me. His name was Clay. His dogs were bad too. When the process server showed up to serve him papers, he lost control. Shortly after, two PCSO units showed up. Watching that was better than TV. He ultimately failed to make his mortgage payments and he was gone.

I used to collect restraining orders from people that let their dogs roam at large like they were baseball cards. I once said, “Is that all you got?“ I enjoy going to court. I’m quite the actor. On one occasion, I walked into the courtroom with a huge stack of books and papers. Most of it had nothing to do with the case. They were props. I say, “Bring it on!” My opponents were not aware that the session was being recorded in Maricopa’s J.P.#8 courtroom and they “lost it” and acted completely out of line. They got upset when the judge refused to rewrite the U.S. Constitution. A bunch of whiners they were.

That was my first dog at large issue. My bad neighbor’s bad dog killed some of my chickens and tormented my pigs. I fatally shot the dog pursuant to 3-1311. My neighbor came up with this wild story that I climbed over the fence and strangled her dog with my bare hands. My own dog, who is now 16 years old, won’t let me do that. By the way, the bad neighbor’s daughter’s boyfriend was in the business of selling speed while mom was at work. Maybe she got into his stash?

Since there were no dogs roaming at large shortly before dusk on Friday June 12, 2009, I decided to leave the security of my fenced yard and take a walk. It has been a long time since I did that. I still shouldered my rifle. I hope someday, I might be able to leave it at home. I should quit dreaming.

Back in Pennsylvania, fences were only used to keep the cows in. We didn’t need them to keep out roaming dogs or bad people. I grew up in a home with a Remington mod.870 12ga. With a slug barrel full of high brass slugs and 00 buckshot right by the front door. My BB gun was scoped and I was the only 17 year old in my neighborhood with an AR-15. I’m sort of like “Bert” from the movie “Tremors”. Unfortunately, Arizona is a completely different world from rural Appalachia. If somebody did somebody wrong, they would simply have a hunting accident during deer season. Well, that’s what the PA Game Commission called it.

Bonefield’s female unit took enough interest in me as to consume quite a bit of her camera’s memory card shooting video or taking stills of me walking on the embankment across from my home. It was dusk and the light was pretty bad. They got caught and they can’t seem to let it rest now. Why is it that the criminal always feels that they have been wronged after they get caught? Bonefield & Co. should put up their fence, control their dog and mind their own business. I’ll do the same. Unfortunately “Good fences makes good neighbors” doesn’t work retroactively.

I’m used to being filmed as all of the recent Youtube videos clearly indicate. Christina Boomer of ABC Channel 15 gave me a lengthy interview on March 26, 2009 at the Guadalupe Town Hall meeting. My face was all over the evening news on Wednesday, June 10, 2009 simply because some nut job killed a security guard in Washington D.C. (It sounded like "suicide by cop") I didn’t mind because I did nothing illegal. If anyone would like me to autograph their copy of the May 14-20, 2009 Phoenix New Times, just bring it by and I’ll happily autograph it.

This is for everyone: Go ahead and film me all you want. I do not break the law! I do not smoke, drink, do drugs, watch pornography or gamble. I drive the speed limit, have insurance, current tags, always use my turn signal when I make lane changes and turn. I always keep right except to pass. I also pay all of my bills on time. How many police officers, judges, lawyers, Congressman, Senators, mayors rabbis or priests could put all of that on their resume? Despite all of this, I’m still the evil bad guy?

My letter to Pinal County Animal Care/Control:

To whom it may concern,

We tried it your way and as time goes on, the problem with aggressive dogs at large in the Thunderbird Farms area gets worse.

I am a political activist and my photos, writings and actions have been recognized by local newspapers, the Phoenix New Times, Newsweek Magazine and have even ended up on the NBC Channel 12 evening news.

“Our mission is to regulate and protect companion animals and the public as mandated by law, and to promote a peaceful co-existence between pet owners and non-pet owners in an efficient, effective and professional manner.”

I believe your mission is failing! I live in a very hostile environment as a direct result of pet owning criminals who thumb their noses at the laws of decent society.

It is my mission to “clean up” my neighborhood. I thought I’d send you some examples of my work as I’m sure somebody in the county supervisors office will ultimately be asking questions about why Mr. Hughes is writing to the media, doing interviews and posting negative things on his blog. Consider this letter a professional courtesy.

Shocking News! Somebody is reading my blogs and emails

Shocking News!
Somebody is reading my blogs and emails.
Who? Pinal County Government, that’s who.
Shortly after lunch on Tuesday, June 9, 2009, a received an unexpected telephone call from the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office. It seems that my mentioning that rifle (in my previous blog) that was taken as evidence from me way back in 1996 started an unexpected chain reaction of events.

Normally, most people really don’t like what I have to say. On any given day, I would think my posts and emails would either be ignored or deleted. It was different this time and in a positive way.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009, I receive another phone call from the PCSO. I almost didn’t believe my ears and not because I’m hearing impaired. I’m getting my trusty Russian rifle back after 13 years! After that much time, I thought my rifle would have been turned into a man hole cover by now.

A couple of deputies stopped by my home for a visit and informed me that a release for my weapon is in the works. It won’t be long before we are re-united. We also talked of the changes in the new Sheriff Babeau administration. As before, I said, “This town needed a new sheriff.” We got one!

During our conversation, the subject of illegal immigration came up. I was most pleased to hear that the PSCO is stepping up enforcement in my area. I live on the illegal alien “superhighway”. Of course, I provided some input as to what I’ve observed in regard to illegal aliens in my area.

It disgusts me to know that there are those that oppose 287g enforcement. In the interest of national and economic security, we need to secure our borders. 287G is an agreement between local law enforcement and the Department of Homeland Security to designate certain local officers as enforcers of immigration law.
Having given this some thought, it might be a great idea to form a citizen’s group in my area to help combat illegal immigration and to support the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office. Similar groups such as Riders USA,, Minutemen Civil Defense Corps., and American Citizens United in neighboring Maricopa County have worked hard to oppose illegal immigration and support Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Pinal County residents should be doing the same thing.

As many of my readers know, I have marched in street protests against the hordes of illegal invaders shoulder to shoulder with members of these groups.

Instead of looking the other way and ignoring the “unwelcome guests“, many of which are sexual offenders and violent thieves, we should become more aware of what is happening in our neighborhoods. I think that concerned citizens should keep a small notebook handy and record suspicious activities and people they see. Include dates and times. Learn who is “friend” and who is “foe”.

Last Sunday I stopped by a local church and observed a very unusual transaction of money. This church doesn’t appear to have a congregation, nor does it appear to hold services. When I saw this, all kinds of red flags went up along with many bells and whistles. I looked over at the person I went with and said, “What did we just see?“ People engaged in criminal enterprises need “fronts” to launder their money. Some of these places attract the very worst of criminals and they might be right next door to your home and your children.
"For better or worse, you happen to be alive at one of the most dramatic turning points in our species’ history that ranks right up there with climbing down out of the trees. The only real question is, what role do you want to play? Shall your life be filled with fear or a resolute sense of purpose?" -Chris Martenson

Gordon Uses DC Shooting To Attack Arpaio
Mayor Phil Gordon uses the DC shooting to criticize Sheriff Arpaio for what he characterized as Arpaio's "associations" with neo-Nazis. More KPHO Channel 5 is airing that famous picture I took Of Joe Arpaio. I did that all the way back on May 2, 2009 and it’s still making the evening news.

Thunderbird Farms: Bad dog still at large. . .Bad neighbors still go unpunished

Thunderbird Farms:
Bad dog still at large. . . . Bad neighbors still go unpunished
6:38PM June 8, 2009 Bonefield's dog, still at large
Note: Minutes after taking this photograph, a teenaged kid rode by on an ATV. The dog was starting to chase him. Fortunately, my dogs and I were outside at the time to create a distraction. His thoughtless neglectful parents should not let him operate an unlicensed, uninsured, unregistered vehicle on a public road. I hope his parents will bury him someday soon. This may seem harsh. I have come to the conclusion that compassion is one of the biggest weaknesses a human can have.
As expected, Pinal County Animal Care/Control seems to be powerless in ensuring public safety. One dog appears to be capable of paralyzing an entire county agency. If people didn’t think these animal control officers were a joke before, they probably have reconsidered by now.

I’ve observed Bonefield’s dog chasing motorcycles and ATV’s. This dog will chase almost anything that moves. It would make me laugh if that dog caused one of these scofflaw cyclists to lose control, wreck and paint the road with their brains. After having a good laugh, I would put my camera to good use. Death always sells and such an incident would be a nice payday for me. I would have no sympathy for the corpse either. Unlicensed, unregistered and uninsured vehicles have no business operating on public roads. The way I see it, the cyclist would deserve to die just as much as Bonefield would deserve a seven figure wrongful death judgment against him.

Seeing Bonefield become homeless would be the justice he deserves. Instead of spending many hundreds of dollars on plants, concrete work, irrigation and outdoor lighting, he should have erected a fence to keep his dog at home. I hope he loses everything someday. Maybe he’ll have to eat his horses. By the way, his horses have no shade.

I would make one hell of a witness at the trial. My writings, emails, fax’s, dozens of photographs and online posts to all of the various county and state agencies would be damning for the defendants. Yes, there will be multiple defendants. I’m sure Pinal County would be sued as well. As a tax payer, this would really piss me off. I warned them and they ignored me.

When I first moved to Thunderbird Farms, I tried to raise my own livestock and poultry. I thought this would be fun and relaxing. It turned out to be a living nightmare. I had to give up this hobby solely due to the fact that my thoughtless, inconsiderate criminal neighbors allowed their dogs to roam at large. Despite erecting a fence, the dogs would find their way over or under it. They would kill my animals. The “system” wasn’t there to back me up. Not once!!!

In fact, as a result of the Pinal County Animal Care/Control not being aggressive enough in enforcing the law, many of my animals were killed. I was never able to recover any of my losses. The day after my neighbor’s dog was finally impounded, the neighbors filed false criminal charges against me and I was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. I was unarmed. It was also dark, raining and the Hispanic liars next door apparently had x-ray/night vision. The non-white Hispanic sheriff’s deputy badgered my tenant and forced him to hand over a .22 cal rifle that was in my home. I never got that weapon back. It was a Russian TOZ 17A1 SN.#5225. After all of these years, I still remember the serial number.

I was deprived of my personal property without the benefit of due process of law. I was demonized and made out to be the “bad guy“. The offenders got off with not as much as a warning. “Payback” eventually did come. A couple of days after getting out of jail, one of those punks left his bike out by my fence. He never saw it again. One of the persons that accused me was eventually convicted and locked up for assault. Ironic, isn’t it? The icing on the cake was when their home burned to the ground and I enjoyed the peace and quiet of having a vacant lot next door.

Currently, I am disabled and would have plenty of time to raise animals for food. I don’t bother because of obvious reasons. It’s much easier for me to collect food stamps on the tax payer’s dime and visit the local food bank every week. I learned that motivation and hard work is never rewarded. Some son of a bitch always shows up to ruin everything.

My goal is to be a burden to the system that ignored the rule of law. The liberals, the uneducated and the selfish and greedy special interest groups voted us all into this mess. Now we are all being served a giant excrement sandwich and everybody has to take a bite. I hope you all enjoy your meal. You’re paying for it, so you might as well eat it!

Note: I would like to thank Deputy Michael Claeys and Deputy Roger Wallace of the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office for being patient and understanding with me during those numerous occasions when they responded to my home. I was extremely angry and upset about my dead animals. Deputy Wallace was the officer that asked me about the fire next door when I replied, “What fire?”
“Without beating around the bush, I'll tell you now what I have concluded about the change in the moral quality of our people during the past half century. American men and women today are softer, weaker, less reliable, less willing to accept responsibility, less patriotic, less able to endure discomfort or hardship, less willing to postpone gratification, and more willing to tolerate weakness and corruption in others than they were 50 years ago.” --Dr. William L. Pierce

It's not safe to walk on my street

It's not safe to walk on my street. . .

On Saturday, June 6, 2009, this dog chased a bicyclist, three girls on horseback and confronted me at my front gate. This all happened before 6:00AM. The dog resides at 10003 N. White Rd Maricopa, AZ 85239. The property is owned by Cal Bonefield.

On a previous occasion, PinalCounty Animal Care/Control responded to Bonefield's residence due to a dog at large complaint. A dog was taken away from his home at that time. Apparently, Bonefield thinks that he is above the law. Not long after the first incident, he acquired another even more aggressive dog which he freely allows to roam at large and endanger people's lives. I believe this violates A.R.S. 13-1208. The way I see it, Cal Bonefield is a criminal and he should be treated like one.

I contacted Pinal County Animal Care/Control on Thursday, June 4, 2009. The person that took my call informed me that they would respond and correct the issue in 24 hours or less. I didn't believe a word that person said. Obviously, the problem was not corrected as the Bonefield dogs were roaming at large the following day.

Unfortunately, many Pinal County residents don't take animal control officers seriously. Without a firearm, tazer and a pair of handcuffs, people think they are some kind of a joke and are taken for fools. I have been dealing with dog at large problems for over 16 years. I firmly believe that some child will have to be maimed or mauled to death before anything ever gets done. Bonefield has been warned before yet he continues to thumb his nose at the law, while at the same time recklessly endangering the safety of all who travel on White Road.

Bonefield has all of the makings of an apathetic habitual offender. I'm positive that if his dog killed a kid, he would deny all responsibility and make himself out to be the victim. People that act in such a way as to gamble with other people’s lives have no business breathing free air.

"Every Normal Man Must Be Tempted At Times To Spit On His Hands, Hoist The Black Flag And Begin Slitting Throats." - H.L. Mencken.