Sunday, November 15, 2015

Coexisting with those that want to kill you and death by forced Multiculturalism

How is that multiculturalism and diversity working out you? Have you awakened to the insanity of open border immigration policies and the lies of "diversity is our strength" male bovine excrement? By now, you should all be very angry. If not, get your head out of the sand.

Any culture that refuses to defend itself against demographic displacement, through mass immigration, faces extinction. Promoting diversity results in cultural suicide. The United States is traveling down the multicultural path, which guarantees its' destruction, via cultural clashes and conflict with Islamic, Latino and African cultures. These are alien cultures, which strongly oppose American culture. The more diverse a country, the more destruction it will face.

A Paris prosecutor says 129 people were killed in last night's terror attacks and 352 people were injured. He says 99 of the injured are in critical condition. The Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for the gun and bomb rampage that also targeted restaurants and a soccer stadium. KVOA ABC15

A day before the Paris attacks that left at least 120 dead and the country in lock down, suicide bombings in Beirut on Thursday left 43 dead and 239 wounded. According to a terrorist who survived, the attack was reportedly carried out by an ISIS cell sent to Lebanon from the group's stronghold in Syria. More

"Of course we must close our borders," he said. "We can no longer rely on the EU outer borders. For several years we allow foreigners who don’t assimilate enter our territory. These people don’t integrate themselves into our society or merely pretend to do so." Sputnik Pat Buchanan

Delusional Merkel Calls For “Tolerance” Towards Migrants After Paris Massacre

German Chancellor Angela Merkel responded to the Paris massacre by calling for “tolerance” towards migrants and respect for “the right of everyone to seek his fortune and live,” as her policy of allowing in hundreds of thousands of refugees came under fresh scrutiny. Meanwhile, Front National leader Marine Le Pen struck a far different tone to Merkel, calling on France to tighten its borders. More

Remember, Angela Merkel was (and likely still is) a full blown Communist from the Stasi days, before German unification. She simply changed uniforms. The uniform of the “Global Zionist Movement” that pays lip service to the banking cabal controlled European Union. She is no friend of the German people, nor Europe. 

At the onset of the terrorist attack on France, Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel delivers the most bizarre statement to her people: “We believe in the right of everyone to seek his fortune and live, to the respect for the other and tolerance. We know that our free life is stronger than any terrorist. Let’s give the terrorists the answer by living our values confidently. More

Before Saying, “I Support France,” Please Read This

Please don’t say things like, “I stand with France,” or “Those poor French people, victims of that attack!” unless you’re prepared to say and do the following things: Stop saying “Islam” is about peace and love. It’s not. It’s about submission; the people who really get this are the ones who launch these attacks in the name of their religion. More

One in six French citizens sympathizes with the Islamist militant group ISIS: The poll of European attitudes towards the group, carried out by ICM for Russian news agency Rossiya Segodnya, revealed that 16% of French citizens have a positive opinion of ISIS. This percentage increases among younger respondents, spiking at 27% for those aged 18-24. Newsweek

Same script as 9/11 : Syrian passport is found on the body of a suicide bomber at the Stade de France

A Syrian passport has been retrieved from one of the suicide bombers who blew himself up outside the Stade de France stadium in Paris last night, according to two French police officers. However it has not yet been confirmed whether the Syrian passport was authentic, or was one of the many forged passports flooding into Europe with the refugee crisis. Lou Collins

On Norwegian TV, Islamic leader Mullah Krekar plainly stated that Qu’ranic law says that Muslims may kill anyone who doesn’t respect the Islamic faith. As liberal politicians and left-wing journalists continue to refuse the notion Islamic extremism, interviews such as these should open the eyes of those more willing to see the Muslim faith for what it can be: an excuse to perpetrate terror on non-Muslims. More

So, in the wake of all that has happened, this week, the left is still telling us that gun control works and that this army of male military aged men, masquerading as refugees, are only coming to your town to work and have a better life. Yes, and the moon is still made out of green cheese. Oh! And before I forget, Islamic terrorists are not Muslims. 

"[It is necessary to] reduce, if not destroy, the tendency of Jewish people to practice a very great number of activities that are harmful to civilization and to public order in society in all the countries of the world." -Napoleon Bonaparte writing on the 29th November 1806 to Jean-Baptiste de Nompère de Champagny, Minister of the Interior

Count Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi European Prize More

Friday, November 13, 2015

After Action Report: N.S.M. Rally in Tupelo, Mississippi, November 7, 2015

On Saturday, November 7, 2015, members and supporters of the National Socialist Movement, along with members of the Texas Rebel Knights, Loyal White Knights, other Ku Klux Klan factions and independents, assembled for a public rally in front of the Lee County Court House in historic Tupelo, Mississippi.

Upon our arrival, at the venue, the Tupelo police officers attempted to change our rally location to a sidewalk, hidden behind large trees and lacking working electrical outlets, for our public address system. Within a few minutes, following a brief “negotiation,” we crossed the street to the originally designated location.

By 2:00 pm , the light rain let up and the rally commenced, with National Socialist Movement Commander, Jeff Schoep, delivering a passionate speech condemning illegal immigration and our nation's corrupt political and economic systems. Ku Klux Klan leaders delivered their speeches, after Arthur Jones, a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, from Illinois, delivered his very provocative address.

A couple of hecklers did manage to get through, as the police perimeter wasn't as secure, as intended. The police eventually hurried one woman away, when she attempted to interrupt Art Jones, while he was speaking. Police were also observed telling another person to shut up, as she was shouting at us. The National Socialist Movement did record and live stream audio, via multiple media outlets in the U.S. and Europe, from this event.

Upon completion of the rally, we marched back to our vehicles, parked at a staging area. The Tupelo Police created a traffic block, as our motorcade departed the downtown area. Upon returning to our hotel rooms, it was time for food, fun and camaraderie.

The National Socialist Movement, America's largest and most active White racial sociopolitical organization stands in racial solidarity with all like minded white advocacy groups and individuals. NSM Photos

SS Capt. Harry L. Hughes III
Director, N.S.M. Region 11/N.S.M.-AZ Media Spokesman
N.S.M.-MEDIA Associate Producer

Prior to our arrival in Tupelo, we conducted one of our famous “ghetto safari” expeditions in the nations forth most dangerous city. We found our way to Crump Blvd. In Memphis, Tennessee. We discovered a smorgasbord of infectious human waste, broken crack pipes and used syringes, within minutes of crossing the Arkansas state line. More Fox13

In recent years, I've managed to visit 12 of these dangerous cities. The FBI's Uniform Crime Report has arguably been the most comprehensive and organized collection of crime data to date, which is why many have turned to it as a source. More

Hate Groups Descend on Tupelo, Not Well Received

The hated Swastika was very prominent with the group calling itself the National Socialist Movement. And these modern day Nazi sympathizers were joined by hooded wearing members of another hate group the Ku Klux Klan. And while the protestors made their speeches, additional law enforcement officers were on hand to make sure things didn’t get out of hand. WCBI

Where to Start? The basics. The Ku Klux Klan has approximately 150 active cells, operating in 41 states, with membership concentrated in both the South and the Midwest. The KKK is not what it once was but it does continue to survive in various locations throughout the United States. At its peak, membership was in the millions. Now, membership is likely less than 5,000. It is very important to understand - the KKK does not have a central unified leadership. Instead, they are split off into local cells or groups. Pastebin

Anonymous’s KKK ‘leak’ targets the elusive online world of white nationalism

After days of inaccuracies, confusing reports, and false starts, Anonymous’s much-hyped “Operation KKK” finally released a list of — if not the promised 1,000 — hundreds of names and social media accounts, many of which appear to have clear connections to the Ku Klux Klan, or other white supremacy groups. WP

From Climate Change to White Privilege, Gleichschaltung! comes to America as the Marxist Left grooms the populace to silence and report anyone who does not think in absolute conformity with the Narrative being handed down. There is no winning. Worries over censure of free speech is met with charges of insensitivity to blacks who demand censure of free speech and expression. More

Liberal Activists Are Angry That People Are Upset Over Paris Attacks & Not Mizzou Protests

But some people were upset not over the massive loss of life, but because the attention they’d been getting for protests over perceived racial injustices on college campuses was now being directed toward the 160 innocent murder victims in the capital of France. More

150+ people killed in Paris. French troops, now in the city. Martial law has been declared. Several major US city's are beefing up security. Curfew imposed in Paris, for the first time since WWII. Muslims, from around the World, celebrate the Paris attacks Vice

“A republic, if you can keep it.” In his speech to the Constitutional Convention, Franklin admonished: “This [U.S. Constitution] is likely to be administered for a course of years and then end in despotism… when the people shall become so corrupted as to need despotic government, being incapable of any other.” -Benjamin Franklin 

‘Je Ne Suis PAS Charlie’ Je Suis Nationaliste

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Unconstitutional USA: The three branches of government have become irrelevant...

Allegations have surfaced that the mainstream media is attempting to suppress advance publicity for the National Socialist Movement's Rally at the Lee County Courthouse in Tupelo, Mississippi on Saturday, November 7, 2015. The American Civil War was an 'Equal Opportunity Destroyer.' Today's economy, which is being torn apart by illegal immigration. Today's 'Civil War' is a battle to forget White history. NSM

Across the country, this administration never misses an opportunity to exploit a tragedy, for their own personal gain. In fact, they openly admit to using these tragedies to push their Marxist agenda. This government has deemed itself to be above the law, and above the principles, in which this country was founded. Even worse, is how little Americans seem to care. Sadly, our rights, under the Constitution, have been horribly decimated. 

You sit back, while he floods our nation with people, who are hostile to our way of life, while committing crimes against our citizens. You sit silently, as Obama promises to release tens of thousands of criminals into the streets, while at the same time, seeking to disarm law abiding, taxpaying American citizens. This makes you complicit in the act of treason. SOLM

The three branches of government have become irrelevant, and our nation has become lawless. Furthermore, through the disguise of “fighting terrorism” or “national preparedness,” the Federal government (the Department Homeland Security) have essentially taken over your state and local law enforcement agencies.

AZ Sheriff Babeu: ‘No Chance’ Illegal Immigrants released from Prison Will be Deported 

There’s no chance of them being deported to their country of origin and this just another lie. So, these 6,000 today that are being released, all of them have been in prison on average of nine years. They don’t come out of a federal prison as better, and adding value to our community. So, this total number that they’re looking to free is 46,000. These are 46,000 criminals, making criminals the priority instead of our safety and our citizens.” Breitbart

Babeu reminds Cavuto of the “wave of the hand” last year by Homeland Security Secretary Jihadi Jeh Johnson, in which he declared in a six page memo that immigration law was no longer valid or being enforced under a contorted application of prosecutorial discretion, “deferred action.” More

The time frame for release by the DOJ’s Bureau of Prisons is Oct. 30 through Nov. 2. Under the terms of these new sentencing guidelines, which took effect on Nov. 1, 2014, the Justice Department was given one year to prepare for the release of these prisoners. Fox Babeu

Anyone who believes that the DHS or DOJ is simply exercising prosecutorial discretion in their reign of terror against the American people and their campaign of non-enforcement of immigration law is, with all undue respect, an idiot. A lot of enforcement could have been conducted for the money they’re spending on chilling it. They seek first to circumvent and operate outside of the law, in the interest of those who are breaking our laws. More

Detailed in DHS responses to questions posed by Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), the Chairman of the Senate Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest, as of September 918,369 non-detained aliens with final orders of deportation remained in the U.S. “Keep in mind also that the removal of a convicted criminal alien means the government has already acted too late...” Breitbart

33% of Americans Believe it's Time for States to Openly Defy the Feds – and that Number is Growing!

If you are one that believes the Supreme Court is the final arbiter of what is lawful and constitutional, then you have believed a lie and a myth that Jefferson warned about. The States still retain their rights to this day to defy the federal judiciary, which has become an oligarchy. We just need strong statesmen as governors and legislatures to make that stand! The people will get behind those that will take the stand, but we must first seek out those willing to put all they are on the line for the sake of freedom, not necessarily a political future. More

Court of Appeals: Cops Can't Remove Christians From Public Areas Just Because Muslims are Violent

“The First Amendment offers sweeping protection that allows all manner of speech to enter the marketplace of ideas,” the ruling added. “This protection applies to loathsome and unpopular speech with the same force as it does to speech that is celebrated and widely accepted. The protection would be unnecessary if it only served to safeguard the majority views. In fact, it is the minority view, including expressive behavior that is deemed distasteful and highly offensive to the vast majority of people, that most often needs protection under the First Amendment.” More

The Supreme Court was supposedly our last line of defense against unconstitutional laws that limit our freedoms and liberty, unfortunately, over the last couple of decades, the corrupt SCOTUS has increasingly begun to rule in favor of the Federal government. (Examples; gay rights, abortion, religious rights & Obamacare)

"I will not put American boots on the ground in Syria. I will not pursue an open-ended action like Iraq or Afghanistan." Barack Hussein Obama, (before deploying troops to Syria) 10 Sep 2013; Obama lied. And he lied again. And he lied again, when it was announced that he was putting US boots on the ground in Syria. You Lie!

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be." -Thomas Jefferson to Charles Yancey, 1816.

What's the point of 'diversity,' if we're all the same? 

Thursday, October 29, 2015

It should be obvious that our political leaders are not concerned with the "letter of the Law"

Reminder: On November 7th on the steps of the Lee County Courthouse in Tupelo, Mississippi, history revisits Tupelo as the National Socialist Movement will continue its fight against Illegal Immigration. Between 2:00 and 4:00 pm, the National Socialist Movement along with its allies will help Mississippi fight the invasion of Illegals into America! NSM

Ole Miss is the fourth university in the state to cease flying the Mississippi flag. “Ole Miss received over $7,000,000 last year from the state of Mississippi.” It's funny that they claim to promote "inclusion" through exclusion, marginalizationh and alienation. Don't be too surprised, if the National Socialist Movement shows up on Campus, next week to promote the upcoming rally in Tupelo. More

Our leaders, at all levels of government, practice selective support for the Constitution. What that means is they will use the Constitution when it is advantageous to their position and use some other “compelling need,” when it does not. At some inevitable point, the people will rise up in opposition to this repression to retake what is rightfully theirs. The question is what will it take for Americans to say enough is enough?

The United States is destined to be unofficially annexed by Mexico and Central America .The cuckservatives want endless cheap labor and the libtards want a permanent  under class to vote for endless Marxist reforms, which have completely undermined our former Constitutional Republic. The time is long overdue to hit the "reset" button. 

Illegal immigrant commits ID theft, sentenced to 1 day in jail and not deported

President Obama campaigned on the idea that there was not two Americas, but apparently there are–one for law abiding American citizens and another for illegal immigrants. Riveria stole the identity of an America citizen, but he didn’t stop there. He legally changed the name of his victim to his own name. The illegal immigrant pleaded guilty back in August for unlawfully obtained documents, illegal re-entry, and unlawful disclosure of a Social Security number. Additionally he used the stolen documents to obtain food stamps, Medicaid, a drivers license, and a U.S. passport. More

If any of us second class citizens had done this, we would have been sent to prison and ordered to make full restitution. Upon being released from prison our right to vote and possess firearms would be revoked. In the United States today, unlawfully present foreign nations enjoy a multitude of special privileges that native born citizens could never dream of. Remember, a US citizen receives way more jail time for driving on a suspended license. Once again, the victims are forgotten and the criminal gets a free pass. 

"In light of our 5 percent unemployment rate, our worries over the so called population explosion, and our menacingly mounting welfare costs, are we prepared to embrace so great a horde of the world's unfortunates? At the very least, the hidden mathematics of the bill should be made clear to the public so that they may tell their Congressmen how they feel about providing jobs, schools, homes, security against want, citizen education, and a brotherly welcome ... for an indeterminately enormous number of aliens from underprivileged lands."

"We should remember that people accustomed to such marginal existence in their own land will tend to live fully here, to hoard our bounteous minimum wages and our humanitarian welfare handouts ... lower our wage and living standards, disrupt our cultural patterns ..."

"Whatever may be our benevolent intent toward many people, [the bill] fails to give due consideration to the economic needs, the cultural traditions, and the public sentiment of the citizens of the United States." (U.S. Senate, Subcommittee on Immigration and Naturalization of the Committee on the Judiciary, Washington, D.C., Feb. 10, 1965. pp. 681-687.)

Since Oct. 1, 2009, ERO has removed more than 1,150 foreign fugitives from the United States who were sought in their native countries for serious crimes, including kidnapping, rape and murder. ERO works with the ICE Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Office of International Operations, foreign consular offices in the United States, and Interpol to identify foreign fugitives illegally present in the United States. Members of the public who have information about foreign fugitives are urged to contact ICE by calling the toll-free ICE tip line at 1-866-347-2423 or internationally at 001-1802-872-6199. The public may also file a tip online by completing ICE’s online tip form. ICE

 Arizona High School Bans Patriotic Gear From Football Game

Administrators at Corona del Sol High School in Tempe, Arizona, have issued a mandate to students about what they can and cannot wear to a football game against rival Marcos de Niza — wear what we approve of or you will not be admitted. More This is only the latest example of people trying to destroy our right to be proud of our country. All across America, liberals are trying to ban the American flag and anything else people use to show how much they love their country. More

What they appear to be doing is teaching students that it's their duty to be Un-American. Students at Corona del Sol High School need to teach their teachers a lesson in free speech. Teaching cowardice appears to be official policy in our public schools. Attempting to appease, while bowing to foreign invaders only encourages submission to the Marxist masters, who are determined to crush our nation. 

"We must never forgive them! We must drive them into the sewers. We must fill our jails and lunatic asylums with 'anti-Semitic' gangsters." -Meier Steinbrink, former ADL Chairman and New York State Supreme Court Justice 

Democratic Candidates Name Enemies Video

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Could the pro-open border Zio-Cuckservative movement and Muslim wrath be the death of us all? Think about it...

Hey kids, it’s ‘bring your undocumented immigrant to school day’! The Department of Education is suggesting that schools should spend five days celebrating illegal aliens, or to be politically proper, “undocumented immigrants”. In fact, Obama wants students to have an “undocumented immigrant awareness day.”  More

It appears to me that most migrants align themselves more strongly with their old home cultures, not less. The whole 'natural integration' idea is laughable, especially now, when technology allows stronger links with the home culture. We're not experiencing the rise of racism or xenophobia, The fact of the matter is that these people are trying to victimize themselves to get what they want. Allahu Akbar

For the past week, I've been spending most of my time in the Sonoran Desert National Monument, approximately two miles north of the Tohono O’odham Indian Reservation. While positioned on LP/OP, a Border Patrol vehicle approached and kept going. There was some movement, about one mile to the south. Less than an hour later, the agent returned, with an illegal alien in custody. Three others were also found, earlier.

7 men found dead, tortured on Sonora ranch near Az-Mexico border

The bodies were found at Rancho La Sierrita, just across the U.S.-Mexico border in a remote area about eight miles southwest of San Miguel on the Tohono O'odham Nation, about 100 miles southwest of Tucson. More

Mexican authorities have identified one of seven decomposed bodies, including one that was decapitated, that were found Thursday near Sasabe, Sonora, close to the Arizona border. Cipiriano Obeso Berrelleza, 38, was identified by relatives, authorities said Friday. He was originally from Caborca, Sonora, and had been arrested three times in the United States for drug trafficking. More

Suspicious Negroes in the area? You voted for a police state, so reap what you sow... “Today we we’re harassed and assaulted because ‘someone felt uncomfortable around us’ in a bank. “One individual fled on foot from the police, was chased, and then taken down. The individual resisted, and was handcuffed while resisting after he refused to stop. The person making the video was interfering with police, and was also detained while the incident was investigated. Neither individual was arrested,” the statement concludes. More

Migrants sue Berlin’s main refugee center for delays to welfare handouts

Despite the German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s declaration that “we can do it!” in September, when she promised to take care of refugees and open German borders, the nation is now implementing temporary border controls until the end of October. The measure to conduct passport check in the Schengen Area follows a record number of migrants arriving in Germany. The government expects 800,000 new arrivals this year with some estimates predicting that more than a million will come. RT

Also, these “refugees” who shall henceforth be known as Goldilocks little brats, didn’t pay for a single gosh darn thing. They got handouts. They’re charity cases. Welfare-recipients. And look it their behavior. None of this is unusual by the way. Welfare-recipients feel like they’re owed everything. If you don’t work for what you have, and all you have to do is whine and complain and people reward you for it, then whining and complaining is all you do. Gratitude? Crowder

Trump Says He Can Deport Illegal Immigrants From America In 18 Months To 2 Years

Specifically, Mr. Trump said he could facilitate the mass deportation and rid the U.S. of nearly all illegal immigrants within two years, and possibly as fast as 18 months. Saying “We have to get them out,” and “We are a nation of laws,” Trump employed his typically colorful language when he concluded that he would deport the illegals so quickly, “Your head will spin.” More

“We’re a nation of laws, and the word ‘illegal,’ as in illegal immigration, means they’re not here legally,” he told participants on the call. “We have to get them out. If we have wonderful cases, they can come back in, but they have to come back in legally.” BPR

Embrace that wonderful diversity. Check out the unapologetic Omar Mark Pettigen, 31: Placing her heart back into her body, Pettigen then masturbated on her corpse because “he needed to be with himself and needed a release after the event,” court documents state. More

Yes, we really need to celebrate diversity. Share in the joy of this event, as a time to celebrate this man and his exotic and unique culture. We must not judge that which we do not understand. If we judge him, we will risk being called a racist, so simply share in the diversity of this blood filled mixing pot. 

The promotion of multiculturalism will lead us into ethnic conflict, as opposing groups will naturally assert their cultural dominance, based on their relative percentage of the population. As these groups seek to promote their own self interests, we can expect to see more violence. NSM

NSM Nationalist Talk & Arizona's Borderlands Video

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Saturday, October 10, 2015: Global Rally For Humanity, Phoenix Islamic Community Center

Our old Marxist, anarchist, antifa buddies showed their true colors, when teamed up with "The Religion of Peace." A pair of young white men turned the corner and somehow ended up on the wrong side of the sidewalk. Immediately, they were attacked. Ironically, they were the ones detained by the police, who were forced to intervene. I did not see any of the attackers taken into custody. On another strange note, the police thought I was with the Department of Homeland Security. Video

This is just how the seeds of revolution are sown. I'm fairly sure, as more  Muslim 'guests' begin to assert their 'rights and privilege' (because Islam is always a special needs case) growing resentment on the part of White America will grow exponentially. And then, a new charismatic leader will emerge. And the rest? Well, I think we know how that will go.

“Disproportionately, this administration says that those refugees coming in will be 97 percent Islamic, 3 percent Christian,” he said. “Over 70 percent will be young men, and not families. This administration has been building a lethal, toxic cocktail in Arizona.” Rep. Paul Gosar 

Meanwhile, in Europe: Many migrants have AIDS, syphilis, open TB and many exotic diseases that we, in Europe, do not know how to treat them. If they receive a prescription in the pharmacy, they learn they have to pay cash. This leads to unbelievable outbursts, especially when it is about drugs for the children. They abandon the children with pharmacy staff with the words: “So, cure them here yourselves!” More

In August, a Facebook page appeared calling for a “Global Rally for Humanity” outside mosques all over the world on October 9 and 10. The event description claims “humanity is attacked daily by radical Islam,” and many comments express anger at Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, who made controversial remarks about the American flag in June. More

The Phoenix rally organizer, Jon Ritzheimer, also coordinated the May 29, 2015, Freedom of Speech Rally Round 2, which drew hundreds of armed protesters as well as several hundred counter protesters, lines of police officers and national media attention. At the May event, Ritzheimer was quoted in the Washington Post: “I would love to see more of these events pop up in other states. I want fellow patriots standing right here next to me. This isn’t about me. Everybody’s been thinking it, I’m just saying it.” Imagine 2050

Another person named “Eric Gross” condemned the protests as “#KristallnachtUSA,” referring to the anti-Jewish violence that took place in Germany in 1938. Those who identify as supporting the protests gave responses ranging from posting Lee Greenwood’s song “God Bless the USA” to bone-chilling remarks like the “only good #muslim is a mus-slime that no longer consumes oxygen.” Beast

U.S. group issues warning over planned armed anti-Islam rallies

A series of anti-Muslim rallies being planned for October 10 across the country at mosques and other Islamic sites is raising the alarm among Muslim advocacy groups. The Council for Islamic-American Relations (CAIR,) the nation's leading Muslim civil rights group, issued a warning to mosques nationwide Sunday to take additional safety measures ahead of the event. CBS

Meanwhile... Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan may be a crackpot but he’s a dangerous crackpot at best, one who has called for ten thousand young black men to rise up and kill white people. While we all understand that as a black man it’s impossible for him to be racist and that calling for the death of innocent people based upon a “pigment deficiency” isn’t really a crime because we all know that only black lives that matter... UFP

'Global Rally For Humanity': Planned Anti-Islam Protests Spark Calls For Extra Mosque Security By Muslim Civil Rights Group

According to Imagine2050, at least 20 rallies are planned across the country for Oct. 9 and 10, and some organizers have indicated that in states with open-carry laws, protesters will be armed. One organizer in Maryland said that he planned to desecrate Qurans at an event. IBT

Federal officials have their eye on another anti-Islam demonstration that's planned for this weekend. Shami said he was on a conference call with the FBI, Department of Homeland Security and Department of Justice, plus other Muslim leaders across the country to discuss this weekend's rally. ABC15

Keep in mind, this so called "racism" is a natural instinct. There just had to be a negative word, so the Marxists came up with it, to shut down discussion and discourage us from following this instinct. “Aside from hatred, absolute ill will, they have nothing to give European people” while stating that when these people smile at us, “they are spitting behind our backs.” AT

“Should the Jew, with the aid of his Marxist creed, triumph over the people of this world, his Crown will be the funeral wreath of mankind, and this planet will once again follow its orbit through ether, without any human life on its surface, as it did millions of years ago. “ -Adolph Hitler, Mein Kampf, Vol. 1 Chapter 2 

Phoenix Mosque: Religion of Peace, plus Marxists Video

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Wake up: Your country is being overrun by foreign invaders, while you sit and drink the libtard Kool-Aid

Guardian wins Emmy award for series on US immigration crisis, but no Emmy for us border volunteers. Seriously, we not looking for awards. We just demand that our government secure our border, obey the Constitution and protect our citizens from foreign invaders. I just returned from three days of patrolling a well known smuggling areas and didn't see one LEO (Law Enforcement Officer), not one.  Only the stupid smugglers get caught, primarily during traffic stops for moving violations. 

In Arizona, on the front line of United States' border with Mexico, we hear from the families split up as a result of deportation; the unofficial armed border guard. More Beyond the Border series looked at plight of migrants crossing into Texas, and the authorities struggling to cope with them. Guardian Remember, those families voluntarily split themselves up, when they decided to violate our immigration laws. They are not the victims, here. The U.S. Taxpayer is the real victim. 

The smugglers dropped them on the side of a desolate highway at dusk. Exelina Hernandez hid in the brush with the others and waited for the guides to signal that it was time to begin their long walk. The sky was streaked orange and red, and darkness was slowly enveloping them. Observer

A Reader Reports Donald Trump Has Said He’s Prepared To Follow Eisenhower’s Operation Wetback Example

In one of the unaired segments of Donald Trump’s recent 60 Minutes interview he was asked how he would deport all the illegals who are here. To my surprise Trump actually invoked the name of Eisenhower and referenced Operation Wetback (although not by name). More

That response was mixed when Trump introduced his immigration plan, which entails building a giant wall along the border to "keep illegals out" and deporting the roughly 11 million undocumented immigrants already living in the U.S. Trump would "round them up in a very humane way, in a very nice way," he says in the clip below. CBS

Germany should pull it's head out of it ass and send them all home, otherwise there will be no Germany, in a few short years. Frau Merkel will take her place in history as having caused the demise of Europe... Police said protesters shouting "foreigners out" and carrying banners against the "asylum flood" threw bottles and stones at busloads of asylum seekers arriving in Heidenau, near Dresden. Independent

The controlled media has deliberately blacked out mass German opposition to the ‘refugee’ invasion of Europe, with the latest such example being the huge rally held in Dresden on September 21. In an interview with the Ingolstadt Donaukurier, the CSU chief openly criticized Merkel, saying that “I would not have taken the decision to let the refugees from Hungary to enter Germany and I still maintain that. That was a mistake that must not be repeated.” More

German taxpayers are also being obliged to make colossal economic sacrifices to accommodate the influx of migrants, many of whom have no prospect of ever finding a job in the country. Sustaining the 800,000 migrants and refugees who are expected to arrive in Germany in 2015 will cost taxpayers at least at least 11 billion euros ($12 billion) a year for years to come. Gatestone

Massive Vatican Anti-Immigration Wall Shows Hypocrisy of Pope Francis

Pope Francis has been tirelessly and relentlessly hammering America for not allowing in more illegal immigrants and for having a southern border wall. Well, guess what? The Vatican that he is the CEO of has a massive, huge, super-high brick and concrete wall that circles all around it. Liar, liar, pants on fire, Frankie Boy. When are you going to take YOUR wall down? And speaking of immigration, guess what country has the strictest immigration policy on the face of the Earth? You guess it, it’s Vatican City. With the Pope, it’s clearly a case of do as I say, and not do as I do. More

The Pope is defying his own catechism (CCC #2241), which states: "Political authorities, for the sake of the common good for which they are responsible, may make the exercise of the right to immigrate subject to various juridical conditions, especially with regard to the immigrants' duties toward their country of adoption. Immigrants are obliged to respect with gratitude the material and spiritual heritage of the country that receives them, to obey its laws and to assist in carrying civic burdens."

Wanting to Preserve Your Way of Life Does Not Make You Racist or Fascist

Each group, according to Herder, has its own Volksgeist -- a set of customs and a lifestyle, a way of perceiving and behaving that is of value solely because it is their own. The whole of cultural life is shaped from within the particular stream of tradition that comes from collective historical experience shared only by members of the group. More

The EU should "do its best to undermine" the "homogeneity" of its member states, the UN's special representative for migration has said. Peter Sutherland told peers the future prosperity of many EU states depended on them becoming multicultural. BBC

George Orwell wrote, "If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear." Politicians, living in ivory towers, make decisions having real life consequences they never have to suffer. It is the ordinary people who ultimately have to make room for multiculturalism in their lives, thrust upon them by the corrupt politicians, media and academia. 

“Opponents of gun rights try to come up with scary sounding phrases like “assault weapons”, “military-style weapons” and “high capacity magazines” to confuse people. What they’re really talking about are popular semi-automatic rifles and standard magazines that are owned by tens of millions of Americans. Law-abiding people should be allowed to own the firearm of their choice. “ Donald Trump

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