Friday, January 19, 2018

My visit to the People's Republic California, a stay at Motel 6, suspicions & ICE

Periodically, I take brief trips to places most people would find unsafe, strange or even foreign. My latest excursion was to the People's Republic of California and I spent two nights at a Motel 6 in Jurupa Valley. I used this location as a base, while I explored parts of Imperial County, including the Salton Sea, Slab City and the Los Angeles area. On the upside, Motel 6 is pet friendly, so border canine Bailey came along. Unfortunately, that's where the "pro" column comes to an abrupt end. 

Upon checking in and paying for a Wi-Fi connection, I made my way to room 108, which was in the back, near the pool. The garbage can, immediately outside my door, was overflowing with trash and it stayed that way, for the duration of my stay. In the room, next door, was what appeared to be a Mexican family. My tranquility was soon interrupted, by a Hispanic male shouting profanities and throwing things around, right outside my door. Throughout the evening, all I heard were babies crying and shouting. Motel 6 staff seemed powerless to control this situation and refused to bring in the police to remove the miscreants. 

I thought this chain had an occupancy limit or at least it did, when I made my reservations, online. After all, there were only two towels in my room. I guess the crew, next door, had to share towels and hot bunk, too. I saw people standing along the wall, so it looked like there weren't enough places to sit, which would explain why people and children were outdoors, in the pouring rain. By the second night, the family was gone and housekeeping appeared to be working rather late to get the room cleaned up. I'm sure they left a big mess behind. 

The Wi-Fi was plagued with problems. Barely an hour, after getting online, my session was suddenly terminated. The front desk staff were incapable of resolving this problem, so I called their tech support line. Apparently, someone, also having the access code, was trying to log in on the service I paid an extra $5.00/day for. This wasn't the work of some far away hacker or Nigerian 419 scammer. I suspect a motel employee was accessing the internet, using services paid for by its' customers. Where I come from, that's called employee theft. My Review

ICE used info provided by Motel 6 to target 'guests with Latino-sounding names,' lawsuit says

"On a number of occasions after reviewing the guest list, ICE agents arrested or detained Motel 6 guests," the suit states. ICE agents work under the jurisdiction of the Department of Homeland Security and are responsible for arresting people who are not legal residents. ABC

Honestly, I really don't have a problem with hotel and motel staff reporting people to Immigration Customs Enforcement. All too often, the hospitality industry facilitates and promotes human trafficking. Usually, as long as the rent's paid, the proprietors are just supposed to look the other way. Human trafficking is a sickening crime at odds with our very humanity. An estimated 25 million people are currently victims of human trafficking for both sex and labor. More

See Something, Say Something—Only if You’re a Racist

Remember the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California? Neighbors of the shooters said they had noticed “suspicious activity” but were afraid they’d be accused of profiling. “She was kind of suspicious and wanted to report it,” neighbor Aaron Elswick told ABC of another neighbor after the shooting, “but she said she didn’t want to profile.” More 

Immigration agents arrested at least 20 people at two Motel 6 locations between February and August, dropping by about every two weeks, the New Times reported. The actual number is likely to be even higher, the publication reported, because several court documents contained ambiguous information about arrest locations. WaPo

Motel 6 Locations In Phoenix Share Guest Lists With ICE Agents

In the Phoenix area, some guests at Motel 6 got an unwelcome amenity after they checked in for the night. Agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, knocked on the door, asked for papers and sent guests without documentation to an immigration detention center. NPR

Human trafficking and illegal immigration, run hand in hand: The large and persistent influx of illegal aliens contributes to an environment of vulnerability and abuse. Wherever the law fails to hold people accountable, crime will flourish. The federal government’s failure to effectively address the illegal alien dilemma creates and perpetuates an environment in which exploitation runs rampant. FAIR

Phoenix police arrest 86 in human trafficking sting

Phoenix, AZ: "It's a global issue," she said. "but that's not stopping us in the city from taking advantages that we have in our partnerships and Councilman (Jim) Waring alluded to this a little bit, every arrest counts." Phoenix police say they'll continue with these investigations and arrest "anyone participating in this criminal behavior." National Hotline: 1-888-373-7888 3TV 

DACA Shenanigans: "Judge disobeys Constitution--pretending the powers enumerated to the President don't exist--to ensure people who are in the country without citizenship can continue to erode the nation's sovereignty." 

Racial-Based False Flag Operations More

Saturday, November 4, 2017

White Lives Matter AAR: Nationalist Front Rally Shelbyville, Tennessee

After enjoying some of the sights and smells of Pittsburgh's Strip District, I finally returned from a week-long trip through Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania. Before touring the wooded regions of Appalachia and taking in the fall foliage, I attended the long anticipated White Lives Matter rally in Shelbyville, Tennessee.

On Saturday, October 28,2017, the National Socialist Movement, under the Banner of the Nationalist Front and accompanied by comrades, from the League of the South, Traditionalist Workers Party, Vanguard America and many other pro-white groups, conducted a rally on the streets of Shelbyville, Tennessee. According to some experts, this was the second largest White Nationalist rally in a decade. My Photos

Security was extremely tight and hundreds of nationalists had to pass through a makeshift choke point, namely a city street sweeper, before filing through two separate security screening checkpoints, before being allowed to enter the rally venue. The list of “prohibited items” was unusually long. Of course, this screening process took quite a bit of time and our counter protesters grew impatient, as they stood in the dank weather. A swarm or reporters, from around the world, also had to pass through both checkpoints. 

Mainstream media reporters were rather pushy, if not downright rude, at times. During the speeches, it became necessary to form a perimeter around the speaking area and microphone to prevent the “journalists,” from getting in the way and blocking the N.S.M's cameras, which were recording the rally.

The purpose of this rally was to expose and emphasize the deadly consequences of importing Islamic refugees, along with their violent ideologies, into the United States, via chain migration and refugee resettlement schemes. On September 24, 2017, Emanuel Kidega Samson, a Sudanese refugee, open fired on a congregation at the Burnette Chapel Church of Christ in Antioch, which is not far from Shelbyville. And that wasn't the first incident in and around middle Tennessee, where churches have been targeted. 

Speakers included the League of the South's, Michael Hill, the National Socialist Movement's Commander Jeff Schoep, the Traditionalist Workers Party's director, Mathew Heimbach, and Vanguard America's Dillon Hopper, plus speakers from other like-minded organizations. The N.S.M.'s Public Relations Director, Brian Culpepper also spoke about socioeconomic policies and job creation, under a National Socialist administration. 

In the days following the Shelbyville White Lives Matter rally, we Americans, have once again, seen the carnage inflicted on unsuspecting  innocents, at the hands of a Muslim “immigrant” brought into this country, under a “diversity lottery.” This time, it was in New York City. The next time, it might be in your city. Unlike our political leaders, the Nationalist Front seeks to address our nation's immigration problem directly, instead of dancing around the issues and pretending it's not really happening. Accepting casualties under political correctness is an unacceptable option. 

As our rally continued and our speakers had their say, the Antifa and Communist protesters spouted gibberish and played music. As always, the protesters weren't seeking to engage in an intelligent debate or discussion. Their sole purpose was to make noise, while acting like children. Perhaps, they weren't acting.

Following the rally, our motorcade went to Henry Horton State Park and enjoyed a picnic, consisting of sandwiches and non-alcoholic beverages. Apparently, a police helicopter followed us to our picnic and shortly after that, a local television news helicopter appeared and circled the pavilion area for quite some time. Eating sandwiches and drinking soda pop must be newsworthy and justified the consumption of all that aviation fuel. By the time we were ready to pack up and leave, news reporters began to show up. Having nothing else top say to the reporters, we packed up our party and made our own way to various eateries for continued conversation and camaraderie. 

Student cited at 'White Lives Matter' rally in Shelbyville says he was counter-protester

Anderson said he was a counter-protester and walked to the white nationalist side of the rally where he was put in a headlock. Anderson said he stayed in the headlock for about 10 seconds before wrestling out and telling the person to “get off him.” WSET

If it weren't for violent leftists, there would be no need for police: An estimated 300 officers in Shelbyville and more than 400 in Murfreesboro, officials said. While the total cost of rally security hasn’t yet been tallied, the agencies involved say their keeping of the peace could turn their plans into a model for other states to copy.  More

Questionable Items Found Before, After WLM Rally

This confirmed suspicions that this event was to be a set up or "ambush": Officers scoured the downtown square in Murfreesboro to spot for anything suspicious. Prior to the rally, Murfreesboro police found a variety of items including bricks, hammers, butter knives, and scraps of metal inside the perimeter. More

"It's okay to be White"

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

My autumn vacation and fact finding trip, south of the border to Nogales, Sonora

The intense 100° F weather of Arizona's long summer is finally over, as autumn has officially arrived. Taking advantage of this pleasant weather, I embarked on a week-long excursion, across Arizona and into Sonora, Mexico. In seven days, I covered almost 1800 miles and visited a variety of historic sites and museums. Anyone that has had the opportunity to travel with me, knows my trips are sometimes dangerous, but always educational. 

The drive to Nogales, along Interstate 19, from Tucson is almost always the same. Upon reaching my destination, I found a $4.00 parking lot, grabbed my camera bag and made the short hike to the Port of Entry, where I quietly walked into Mexico. As with my previous visit, there were very few gringos (tourists). News of cartel violence keeps those retirees away from border towns, like Nogales. Many of the storefronts, lining the gritty streets, were vacant and shopkeepers were outside trying to lure customers to their merchandise. 

Once of got off the beaten path, the armpit of Nogales was soon, before my eyes. I walked down streets, lined with piles of trash, as stray dogs were looking for a little bite to eat. After rounding one corner, I could smell marijuana and immediately saw a lookout sitting on a wall. Less than ten minutes later, across the street from the Tecate Bar, some young fellow walked up to me and advised me this wasn't the place to be taking photographs. 

Looking the part of a tourist, I made nice, with this mouthy anti-photography guy and continued with my walking safari. Of course, we came across the usual Communist and Marxist revolutionary graffiti, just outside the tourist area, too. With open borders, we would be inviting this extremely anti-American and dangerous ideology into our country. It's bad enough that it's already being taught in our public schools, under the guise of “ethnic studies.”

Poll: 70% support Trump's immigration policies, want Americans hired first

Late Sunday, the White House offered a list of demands in return for a deal that would let some 700,000 recipients of the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals stay in the U.S. The list included funding of the U.S.-Mexico border wall, hiring more Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents and immigration judges, E-Verify, and the punishment of sanctuary cities. More

California became a “sanctuary state” on Thursday (10/05/207) as Democratic Gov. Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown signed legislation protecting illegal immigrants in defiance of the Trump administration. “The bill risks the safety of good law enforcement officers and the safety of the neighborhoods that need their protection the most,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said last month in Portland, Ore., urging Brown to reject the bill, according to The Los Angeles Times. FoxNews

ICE Promises Raids of Homes, Businesses in Sanctuary California

“ICE will have no choice but to conduct at-large arrests in local neighborhoods and at worksites, which will inevitably result in additional collateral arrests, instead of focusing on arrests at jails and prisons where transfers are safer for ICE officers and the community,” acting ICE Director Tom Homan wrote in a statement obtained by Breitbart Texas. More

For those of you with short memories, think back to 2010, when Arizona passed SB-1070. The leftists and open borders advocates continuously shrieked about how states cannot enact or enforce their own immigration laws. Officially, the Federal government is taxed with immigration enforcement, so anything California does to "Trump" existing statutes, should technically be "null and void," unless some rogue activist judge in Hawaii files some gibberish, in the form of an injunction, which would be upheld by more activist left-wing judges in the Ninth Circuit Court.

Luis Gutiérrez: Trump DACA Proposals Part of ‘White Supremacist Agenda’

In an interview with the Washington Post, Gutiérrez said, “I warned Democrats not to negotiate.” He said that Trump “has never wavered from his xenophobic positions” and added that “what they want to do is criminalize and delegitimize Latinos.” Breitbart

In other news, the National Socialist movement will be holding their fall rally a little earlier, this year. The purpose of this rally will be to protest the ongoing problem of refugee resettlement in Middle Tennessee and to draw attention to the recent Emanuel Samson church shooting in Antioch and the way this explosive story has been buried by the national media. The tragic events in Antioch, which was retaliation for the Dylann Roof shooting in Charleston, illustrated that the national media only cares about pushing its false narrative of White racism and black victimhood. More

For Immediate Release: The leader (Jeff Schoep) of the pro-White National Socialist Movement (NSM – NSM88.ORG) today revealed the organization's winter 'street action' is going to be held on October, 28th instead of November. Additionally, the event will be held in Murfreesboro as well as Shelbyville, Tennessee. The NSM will be joined by other member organizations of the Nationalist Front, including League of the South and the Traditionalist Workers Party. NSM Media

“You have a class of young strong men and women, and they want to give their lives to something. Advertising has these people chasing cars and clothes they don't need. Generations have been working in jobs they hate, just so they can buy what they don't really need. We don't have a great war in our generation, or a great depression, but we do, we have a great war of the spirit. We have a great revolution against the culture. The great depression is our lives. We have a spiritual depression.” -Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club 

DACA: Don't Blame President Trump Video

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

August 2017: Cartel Country, US Border Guard, Charlottesville and the NSM Media Network

After the hostile and unprofessional conduct, exhibited Telemundo reporter, Vanessa Huac (and I use that term loosely), who visited us last March, we're not too inclined to do any further interviews with them. We're focusing on documentary projects and giving time to budding journalists and college students, who are not pursuing ratings driven false narratives. We prefer Emmys to hit pieces.

A real journalist doesn't go on the attack, from the get go, only to outright lie to the viewing audience, which numbers in the millions. We won't talk to TMZ, Jerry Springer and Inside Edition, for the very same reasons. When the President of the United States stands up and calls our corporate media "fake news," I can attest that Donald Trump was being brutally and blatantly honest. 

Actually, despite having Native Americans and Latino volunteers, the U.S. Border Guard is still unfairly targeted and labeled as anti-immigrant "White Supremacist Militia," because there's no such thing as honest and objective mainstream journalism, anymore. We're not bothered by the name calling, as we've saved lives and helped people on the worst day(s) of their lives. 

We are a "search & rescue" organization and aren't seeking 15 minutes of fame. Remember, the Guardian wrote an absurd piece accusing the U.S. Border Patrol of "weaponizing" the desert, so it could kill more immigrants. Of course, this is nothing short of shameful and irresponsible. Even more sad, is people will actually believe this garbage.

Being assigned a "hate group" moniker, by an organization (SPLC) that requires a "boogieman" to protect their $303+ million financial interests, actually helps our group(s), by directing more potential volunteers, our way. Many organizations that make that list, propagated by some alphabet organization that is a "hate group," itself, by definition... wear that title as a "badge of honor."

It was also very telling, when we exposed fictitious and not existent so called "hate groups" on that list, only to hear crickets, from the deceptive and agenda driven media. If there are really 18 "hate groups" in Arizona, where are their spokespeople? They are almost NEVER seen or heard. Did anyone ever ask why? Sadly, the best questions never seem to get asked. And how is it possible to have a one person group? They're on that list, too. In contrast, Univision did a far more responsible piece. More

El rostro de un racista; entrevista con líder supremacista

If you want to see a perfect example of what sensationalized  "fake news" looks like, Telemundo (owned by NBC) has gone "Full Jerry Springer" and obviously has lost its' moral compass and all of its' journalistic integrity: "Harry Hughes and his organization are dedicated to hunt immigrants in the border, because according to their concepts only the whites can live in this country. Vanessa Hauc reports." Telemundo

High-Profile White Nationalist Calls Maricopa Home

“I don’t consider myself part of a hate group. I don’t consider the organization a hate group. I don’t actively go out and hate on people based on physical characteristics, national origins or religious beliefs,” said Hughes. AZFamily 

First off, we certainly don't hunt people. Our primary function is to observe and report drug smuggling activity, but spend the majority of our time engaged in "search & rescue." When a person is reported missing, in the desert or near my neighborhood, you'll often see our canine, on the job. None of us are paid and we do this strictly on our own dime. 

Never forget, the left hate your pro-white and conservative viewpoints and organizations. It does not matter, if you save the lives of dozens of people or donate countless hours towards helping people with substance abuse problems. The more the left hates you, the more the "Hate Industry" makes bank.

Charlottesville Revisited

Yet, in less than a month, Antifa has been revealed to be a criminal organization and has been designated a terrorist group by the Federal government. Antifa has become such an albatross for the Left that Nancy Pelosi and even certain organs of the Lügenpresse have been forced to distance themselves from the Soros-funded band of trust-fund terrorists. President Trump’s initial denunciation of Antifa now seems prescient. Counter Currents

You can adopt highways or raise $100,000 for a veteran's support organization and the left-wing media will completely ignore your noble deeds and go straight for your throat. They hate you. They hate Me. They hate the United States of America and their goal is to implode our nation into chaos and collapse. The left would rather destroy the world, than surrender power to the more level heads of conservatism and nationalism. 

"Tyrant's Edicts" and unconstitutional decrees are "not who we are." DACA had to go. All the  Libtards whining, about "the poor children" was a sham.  -Harry L. Hughes, NSM Region 11 Director

Jeff Sessions Announces End of  DACA 

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Cartel Country Happenings, Arizona Monsoon Season Arrives and the NSM July Update

For months, multiple media organizations were appearing to be making the same border story circuit, from Brownsville, TX to San Diego, CA. Finally, we got so see one of the finished products of all that borderland travel. On April 1, 2017, I was visited by a small team of journalists, who bivouacked with me, south of Interstate 8, in the Sonoran Desert National Monument. It's rare that reporters will come out to the Contested Zone and spend a night, under the stars. 

Even more rare was cooking bratwurst over an open fire with photojournalists. By far, this was one of the most laid back and relaxing media operation I ever took part in. More often, than not, the leftist controlled media will leave their objective eyes behind and push the official open borders narrative. I'm accustomed to dealing with hostile and adversarial reporters, so when I have a relaxing media experience, it's like a huge breath of fresh air. We also enjoyed some downtime target shooting, with Daisy Red Ryder BB guns and not one eye was put out. 

In other news, I was recently appointed as NSM Weekend's new co-host. As a member and producer on the NSM Media team, it was my pleasure to take on this additional responsibility. Although I may be updating my blog, less often, you can catch me live and in archived broadcasts. NSM Media

A 9-Day Journey Along the Most Controversial Strip of Land in Trump's America

We’re about 65 miles north of the border, but Hughes says this is a prime migration corridor—particularly for migrants running drugs for the cartels. You could call Hughes border militia, but that’s only partially true. He regularly attends National Socialist Movement rallies around the country, and although the group is clear that it regards America’s European—that is, white—heritage as sacrosanct, it is not directly involved with any border militias. TheDrive

Smugglers leave woman dangling from border fence

According to the U.S. Border Patrol, agents patrolling the area witnessed two smugglers attempting to lower the woman into the United States from Mexico using a harness and hoist rope. “When agents approached, the woman attempted to climb back over the fence into Mexico but the smugglers left her hanging,” the agency said. More

President Donald Trump’s executive orders to increase enforcement and follow existing immigration law is leading some illegal aliens to self-deport. In a report by the Pueblo Chieftain, sources told the local newspaper that illegal immigrants, fearful of being prosecuted and deported by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), are self-deporting primarily back to Mexico. Breitbart

Federal agent in Tucson gun-smuggling case: ‘Every family member had a .50 cal’

Joe Santiago Valles, a Tucson police officer from 2012 to 2014, was sentenced July 6 in U.S. District Court in Tucson to 6½ years in federal prison after pleading guilty to 30 counts of falsifying federal firearm records, identity theft and witness tampering. The prosecution of alleged co-conspirator Timothy Veninga, who was a federally licensed firearms dealer, is ongoing. Tucson

It’s an indication of how utterly distorted the Left’s worldview has become. An article appearing in today’s New York Times has emblazoned across its top a photograph of a forlorn-looking man, sitting on the edge of a bed, his eyes downcast. Standing across the room from him is a young girl who looks sympathetically at the man — her father — as if to say, “It’s OK, Papa, maybe next year.” More 

My Turn: The SB 1070 lesson that La Raza forgot

Lawlessness leads to more lawlessness. Prior to SB 1070, the 2004 sanctuary city policy of Phoenix was corrosive to our quality of life. It made working conditions for police officers lethal and was literally killing our Hispanic community partners. Before SB 1070, the lawless choices of illegal aliens cost six Phoenix police officers their lives and injected serious life-changing injuries to seven others. More

Judicial Watch is sounding the alarm on a new policy the Phoenix Police Department has just imposed on its officers, forbidding them from asking the people they arrest about their immigration status and prohibiting them from notifying the federal government when they arrest illegals. State law expressly allows police to ask these questions, and the Supreme Court affirmed that law way back in 2012, but no matter: More 

"Think about George Orwell's three-minute hate from the novel '1984' and how that left everyone sort of exhausted and able to live their boring humdrum lives. If our lives are going to continue being unfulfilled and boring, perhaps we do need some sort of short-term violent chaos incorporated into them, to make them more palatable." -Chuck Palahniuk 

Sunday, May 7, 2017

AAR: National Socialist Movement national meeting & rally in Pikeville, Kentucky

On Friday, April 28, 2017, the National Socialist Movement held its annual National Meeting in eastern Kentucky, on secluded private property. Along with fellowship and educational seminars, a charity event food drive was organized. Also in attendance were other Nationalist Front member organizations and supporters, including the Traditionalist Worker's Party, League of the South, Council of Conservative Citizens, the America First Committee, Vanguard America, Alt-Right personalities, such as The Right Stuff's Mike Enoch and many others, too numerous to mention, came to join ranks. This year's attendance was record breaking.

During the meeting, NSM Commander Jeff Schoep commemorated the first anniversary of the Nationalist Front, with a speech that solidified our loyal association with the various allied nationalist and pro-white groups. The days of petty bickering over symbols, uniforms, religion and ideologies is over, as we move forward into the 21st century.

Commander Schoep concluded his speech with, "You are truly the front lines. Thank you." Traditionalist Workers Party leader, Mathew Heimbach spoke of racial unity, as well. The speeches and camaraderie went on into the night. Although it was a challenging task, the NSM Media team recorded the night's events and will be releasing them to the public. My video

Contrary to negative and biased local media reports, the NSM and our allies were very well received, by the people of Kentucky. There's nothing like enjoying some Southern Hospitality. Making no effort to conceal our identities, we made numerous public appearances at restaurants and shopping centers, across the state. Shoppers and commuters stopped, going out of their way, to see and interact with us. Some even asked us for photos, with their families .

On Saturday , we shined our boots and squared our uniforms away, as we prepared to take to the streets of Pikeville. We assembled a convoy of approximately 35 vehicles and wound our way, some 65 miles through rural Kentucky. Local radios stations were giving "convoy reports," as we neared the city. Upon our arrival, we saw lots of local and international media, armed with cameras and microphones. We formed up a marching column and made our way to the Pike County courthouse, where we had our first glimpse at the antifascist resistance.

Antifascists, anarchist types and other Communist rabble, who, early on, threatened to shut down our rally, were effectively neutered, by our strength in numbers and partially due to the emergency passage of an anti-mask and hood ordinance, by the City of Pikeville. Other cities, across the country have been plagued with violence and destruction, at the hands of these so called antifascists. This time, the best the counter demonstrators could do is toot horns, blow whistles and sound megaphone sirens, in a pitiful attempt to silence our message of patriotism, racial solidarity and cooperation. Not as much as a water bottle was hurled over the barricades.

Commander Schoep taunted the protesters, telling them that they will never shout down the NSM. As usual, the police officers that lined the street listened attentively to our message, while looking over at the miscreants protesting us, making obscene gestures and shouting hateful comments towards us, as well as the police officers.

Matt Heimbach spoke in support of the working class and the League of the South's Michael Hill stood up for Southern heritage. Sonny Thomas, Mike Enoch and many other conservative speakers took their turn at the podium.

Upon the completion of the rally, we took a few obligatory group photos and departed the venue, without incident or casualties. Once darkness set in, we reassembled at our remote venue, where we engaged in festivities and enjoyed musical entertainment from Paddy Tarleton III and Sacco Vandal. Many were already thinking of the next gathering in November. AAR NSM Media

Pikeville Demasks Antifa

“Because of the rally and because of a lot of social media wording, reports and rumors out there and also there are now counter protest groups that are coming in looking at the possibility of inciting a riot or violence and to disguise their identity. So for the benefit of public welfare and safety the Commission elected to pass a model ordinance tonight that would prohibit somebody from wearing a mask or a hood in downtown or in the city of Pikeville within certain boundaries.” More

The overwhelming forces of unified nationalists, plus the mask ordinance effectively neutered the antifascists. All they could do is stand there and blow in their Chinese sweatshop produced lead tainted whistles. Appeasing the Marxists, with police stand down orders never worked and in the case of Berkeley, California, only made matters worse. If cities and municipalities take a law and order type approach, they'll not have to be concerned with these terrorists burning their cities. In Pikeville, there was zero property damage and only one protester arrested.

Last weekend a handful of League of the South (LOS) members participated in the Traditionalist Worker’s Party’s (TWP) Pikeville rally along with National Socialist Movement (NSM) “commander” Jeff Schoep and various other groups from the racist right. In after-action social media posts, LOS president Michael Hill described the event as “the first major operation for the League’s Southern Defense Force” (SDF). BasedStickman

The society that separates its scholars from its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards and its fighting by fools.” – Thucydides 

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Cartel Country and NSM March 2017 update & hitting the Road to Pikeville, KY

March was a very busy month, inside the "Contested Zone." Hopefully, we'll be calling that "miles north of the Mexican border" region, I call home, "Reclaimed US Territory." Our border operations and media projects have been extremely successful. Last year, I agreed to participate in a student documentary project and was more than pleased to have received the following news, from this talented and unbiased filmmaker:

This is Zackary Moran - We did some filming together for a student documentary that I was putting together last year. The documentary is called "El Otro Lado: The Divide over Arizona's Border Crisis" and it won a Rocky Mountain Emmy award in October. It's going to be airing on Arizona PBS (Channel 8) later this month and early April. I'm also going to leave a link to the teaser video below. Let me know if you have questions. Thanks again for being a part of this. Trailer

On Monday, March 27, 2017, Telemundo's Vanessa Huac, who was a bit on the adversarial and hostile side, paid me a visit. I kept it relatively civil and on point. She didn't like how I directed the dialogue, at times. She didn't like certain historical events being "connected." This pseudo-journalistic piece was clearly pre-formatted and Vanessa was simply looking to "fill in the storyboard blanks." A journalist should ask questions, not go on the attack, especially on the very first question. 

Huac wanted to let the whole World into the USA. She claimed illegal aliens are good for the economy. "We're a nation of immigrants" and so on... She asked me, if I was compassionate. I told her that my being out in the desert on some of the hottest days of the year, rescuing people, handing out water and calling the Border Patrol, on my dime, epitomized compassion. Having seen this coming, I kept our visiting Minutemen away from this one. I had the last laugh, watching her try to navigate the rocky trail. while wearing those ridiculous blue shoes. We won't be playing "the good guys" in this picture. 

Time and again, we are deluged with left-stream media and open borders zealot rhetoric about how these poor and peaceful illegal aliens are “just her to work” and enjoy a better life. They cry about how these poor people are fleeing violence and oppression. Yet, time and again, they bring crime and violence to the United States. In some cases, the first act an illegal alien commits, immediately after unlawfully crossing the border, is to assault, with the intent to do bodily harm, on our Border Patrol agents.

Border Patrol Agents Assaulted by Increasingly Aggressive Illegal Immigrants

“Apprehension levels began to decrease as law, policy, and strategy aligned. Unfortunately, we are now seeing an increase in assaults against our agents,” Chief Patrol Agent Manuel Padilla, Jr. said in a written statement. “Attacks against agents will not be tolerated and we will work to pursue prosecution against violators.” 

U.S. Customs and Border Protection records obtained by Breitbart Texas reveal an alarming trend of increasing aggression against Border Patrol agents. Late last year, then-Border Patrol Chief Mark Morgan testified before Congress that Border Patrol agents are the most assaulted of all federal law enforcement officers and agents. Breitbart Texas

Elected officials and other representatives take an oath of office, prior to engaging in the duties required of their positions. The time has come to hold these officials to those oaths. Violation of said oaths should be take seriously. Anyone violating their oath of office should be removed, prosecuted and imprisoned. In the case of Rep. Dubois, she also violated a federal statute, by aiding and abetting illegal aliens. Section 8 USC 1324(a)(1)(A)(iv)(b)(iii)

State Rep. Who Warned Illegals Of Anticipated ICE Raid Should Resign

I’ll let you be the judge as to whether you believe Rep. DuBois is as dumb as dirt. I certainly believe that she is First of all, the information she posts is not verifiable since ICE is not in the business of publicizing the execution of “raids” in advance. Secondly, it is my view that if not illegal, Ms. DuBois’ actions are certainly unethical by giving advanced notice of a law enforcement operation to potentially dangerous individuals. WBSM

Bristol County (MA) Sheriff Thomas Hodgson went so far as accusing DuBois’ actions of “completely [undermining] law enforcement” while testifying in Washington, DC on Tuesday. Massachusetts Republican Party Chairman Kirsten Hughes told The DC, “Rep. DuBois has demonstrated a complete disregard for her constituents’ safety, and she should be ashamed of these reckless comments.” DC

In just thirty short days, myself, the National Socialist Movement and the Nationalist Front will be holding a public rally in Pikeville, Kentucky. For those miscreants, Communist sympathizers and antifascists that intend to bring civil unrest to our peaceful rally, please bear in mind the failures of other such recent attempts. Unlike the Trump supporters, we've spent a number of years training for antifa shenanigans. Release Video Pikeville

Most recently anti-Trump protesters were nearly driven into the sea, before being arrested, bitten by police dogs and now, facing felony charges. Several anti-Trump demonstrators intent on crashing a MAGA rally in Huntington Beach, California were arrested Saturday after fights erupted between the two groups. The anti-Trump demonstrators, wearing all black with black masks, were reportedly attempting to form a physical wall to prevent the MAGA march. DML

(Unknown author) "When a brainwashed multiculturalist claims 'they're not all that bad,' remember that just because every hailstone doesn't hit you in the head, there's no excuse for standing in the storm." 

CAF B-25 Maid in the Shade Video