Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My good friend Mike Harris visits Syria... putting the finger on organized crime and global terrorism

Parasites, after sucking the life blood out of their hosts, must either move on to another or die. It is a pity that we don't seem to be able to learn from history and is the reason that all institutions of higher learning and means of communication are targeted early on by these human parasites.

We, who have seen what a civilization comprised, principally, of Caucasians has given the world, will not allow itself to be hijacked, and taken back to the stone ages, simply because the, most non-creative, segment of our society, insists we should. And the time for pandering to this segment is rapidly nearing it's end.

Mike Harris is the Financial Editor of Veterans Today, a radio host, a former GOP Campaign Finance Chairman, gubernatorial candidate for Arizona, and a Senior Vice President of Adamus Defense Group, Switzerland. Mike Harris YouTube

In consultation with our editorial board and like minded individuals within the military and intelligence community, select VT board members traveled to Damascus last week. Included were me, always looking for a free meal and chance to get shot or beheaded, Colonel Jim Hanke, Jim Dean and Mike Harris. In Beirut, we met with Franklin Lamb and drove in through Bekaa. Gordon Duff

Historic Speech in Damascus Sends “Shockwaves” Around the World

This speech is the first time in history an American Intelligence Team of “non-activists” gave a military briefing to an audience of this type, including key Military Leaders of diverse Tribal Forces throughout Lebanon, Syria and Iraq, along with a Russian delegation and many others from around the world. Before this historic speech by Duff, no one has ever dared to speak the simple truth about the true problem, that it is not Terrorism in the Mideast, but it is the effects of large scale international Organized Crime. Full Article

The participants stressed that the unilateral economic sanctions which were imposed on Syria are illegal... They also underlined that the Zionist Entity is involved in all what is taking place in the region, as the current international terrorism is a duplicate of the colonial countries’ terrorism which aims at dominating the wealth of the region and dissuading its peoples from their national central issues. SANA

Findings: International Conference on Terrorism and Religious Extremism

The International Conference for Combating Terrorism and Religious Extremism was held between 30 November, 2014, and 1 December, 2014, in Damascus, under the  patronage of the Ministry of Justice. Intellectual, political and media figures from 25 different countries participated in the event, along with scholars and clergymen, as well as researchers in political and economic affairs and international law. VT

In his December 1 comments, made at an international conference on combating terrorism and religious extremism in Damascus, Ahmad accused the United States of "interfering in other states' affairs and breaching their sovereignty under the pretexts of humanitarianism and counter-terrorism," according to state news outlet SANA. Radio Free Europe Link

More organized crime... The International Monetary Fund, a United Nations money movement organization designed for the purpose of wealth redistribution has made an important announcement. It’s easy to qualify for the program. They recently came up with a plan they called a “one-off capital levy.” If you don’t know what that is, that’s okay, you’re not supposed to. By being an American taxpayer, are automatically presumed to be wealthy and in need of sharing through your government. There’s no need to apply, no extra forms to fill out, and you can be as generous as 71%. Link

California and the Fight Against Transnational Organized Crime

The term “transnational organized crime” refers to a range of criminal activity perpetrated by groups whose origins often lie outside of the United States but whose operations cross international borders. Whether it is a drug cartel originating from Mexico or a cybercrime group out of Eastern Europe, the operations of transnational criminal organizations threaten the safety, health and economic well being of all Americans, and particularly Californians. Link

The bond between organized criminals and terrorists appear to be growing in the status quo. This connection should be worrisome as these networks have found common interests. Considering the different objectives of each group, some may question whether they truly have anything in common. Terrorists are generally motivated by politics, whereas organized enterprises are motivated by money. A CONTRARIO

Obama Will Not Stand Against Islam; Will Organized Crime?

Organized crime is a multi billion dollar business. The Latin American Tribune reported that drug cartels make over 60 billion dollars a year in the United States. Organized crime families in the U.S bring in roughly 40 billion. There are two things that every crime family has in common. They love their family, and they love their money. You mess with either, and your days are numbered. Full Article

"And I believe that the reason so many of our people simply will not accept that real world today is that they are too comfortable with the present situation. They are living well. They feel safe. They are perceptive enough to see the destructive trends carrying our race to extinction, but their comfort and safety are more important to them, and so they adjust their perceptions accordingly." -- Dr. William L. Pierce

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Black vs. White: Like it or not, our political leadership escalated the longtime brewing race war into a killing war

Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder have failed to examine their own statements regarding race over the past few months, and instead put out self-serving comments about the killings. In front of the biased and controlled media, we get more empty, meaningless words from two of the biggest racists in the United States. The race baiters have put substantial effort into cultivating the idea that the white police officers have racist motivations.

We are witnessing the fruits of their labor. Obama, Holder, Sharpton, and the rest of the race baiters are accessories, throwing gasoline on the fire they intentionally set. This is just the beginning of what Obama & Holder have planned for our nation.

When you ignore legally enacted legislation and take the law into your own hands, making your own to suit you because "I'm not going to wait," what message do you suppose that sends to the masses of feral fatherless amoral sociopaths your party has created?

Barack Obama denounces killing of NYPD officers

In a statement President Obama said: "I unconditionally condemn today's murder of two police officers in New York City." The gunman - named as Ismaaiyl Brinsley, 28 - was a black man while the two officers, Liu Wenjin and Raphael Ramos, were Asian and Hispanic respectively. Before shooting them, Brinsley suggested on social media that he was planning to kill police in retaliation for the death of Eric Garner, a black man who died when white officers tried to arrest him for selling cigarettes in New York. Full Article

According to police, Ismaaiyl Brinsley, the suspect in Saturday’s double homicide in Brooklyn, had a rap sheet that included 19 arrests in two states over the past decade for robbery and gun possession and served a two-year stint in a Georgia prison.

Eric Holder praises law enforcement officers as courageous men and women, who routinely incur tremendous personal risks, and place their lives on the line every day to preserve public safety. He says all Americans are forever in their debt. Too bad he wasn't saying this, when the savage beasts were chanting "What do we want? Dead cops," in the streets.

Well, at least he didn’t say police “acted stupidly.” But President Obama’s call for “patient dialogue” in the aftermath of the premeditated, cold-blooded murder of NYPD Officers Wenjian Lu and Rafael Ramos is maddening. Does the president really think there are two sides to this story? Link

Socialist Democrats Embrace A Racist Civil War, Their Tool To Fundamental Transformation

They successfully took the first step, by creating black victimization heroes from common thugs and lawbreakers; stirring up the weak-minded social parasites into a frenzy of retribution and reparations-based calls for their perverse version of “justice.” None of this is happening by accident. This is part of the socialist Democrat plan to take down our society... Full Article

Democrats think in relative terms of Marxist Dialectic, whatever benefits their party and world totalitarian Communism is what is right, justice and truth. Lets not forget that he blacks, stirred up by the Marxist narrative, aren't going to be happy until they destroy everything. Black crime is not new, but a militarized police force, treating citizens as enemy combatants is. Without a doubt, the United States has become an "occupied" territory.

Most white people really don't understand the depth of anti-white depravity that permeates the institutions of the United States. That's how we have so many white, self-hating morons supporting and defending agitators. The black "community" is still carrying signs reflecting the attitude that killing non black cops or non blacks, in general, is a good thing. A day is coming when we shall put a stop to this. An event will occur.

NY Mayor de Blasio Claims City Open for All Illegals, But Builds Fence Around His Own Home

In a fine display of liberal hypocrisy, last week New York City’s extremist, left-wing Mayor Bill de Blasio took some criticism for building a high security fence around Gracie Mansion after calling it a “privacy fence.” Yet this is the same mayor who declared his city a “sanctuary city” and said it was open for all illegals to just waltz right into unmolested. Full Article

New Years Eve in Time Square is going to be tense. NYPD is on edge and anarchist agent provocateurs will be intent on creating an incident, somewhere in the city. Perhaps we should give the blacks a taste of what they want. Perhaps, the police should stop policing black neighborhoods. Let the jungle kill and eat itself.

Civilization is based on law and order, respecting the law and being law abiding. Michael Brown's lawlessness got himself killed and Eric Garner, a career petty criminal with an extensive rap sheet, died because he resisted arrest. They died because of their actions. Parents, teachers, and ministers should be talking about this and the consequences of disrespecting and disobeying the law.

The black community better reel in and control their lunatic criminal thug protestors, calling for the killing of cops and/or random white people. Otherwise, this country is going to have a full blown race war that the blacks will certainly lose. The police and civilized white people are going to stand their ground and protect their lives by putting these angry, violent chimped-out, homicidal lunatic blacks into the ground.

"Nothing is more certainly written in the book of fate than that these [the Black] people are to be free. Nor is it less certain that the two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government. Nature, habit, opinion has drawn indelible lines of distinction between them." --Thomas Jefferson

White People's Rule #1: If You Don't Have A Gun, Get One

Sunday, December 21, 2014

"Black Privilege" and massive non-white immigration... the scourge upon the United States, we'll never recover from

On Saturday, December 20, 2014, we held our fourth annual tailgate party at the F.O.R. food bank's Christmas meal and toy distribution at the Maricopa Wells Middle School. We brewed piping hot coffee, cooked Polish sausages and ribs for people, waiting to get their turkeys. We even had a camp fire in the school parking lot.

Amazingly, there were no incidents or heated arguments between people waiting in line. All in all, this was a great day to be outdoors with friends and neighbors. Shortly after 5:00 pm, Santa clause arrived aboard a Maricopa Fire Department truck.

Black privilege is a condition where laws do not apply to you, you are not judged by school performance and grades, your work experience doesn't matter, your criminal history does not matter, your behavior cannot be judged, how you dress, groom or speak cannot be judged. Despite being a predator, you are judged a victim. There is no expectation that you raise children you produce.

White privilege is having every and only predominately white countries flooded and forcibly assimilated with hundreds of millions of Third World immigrants. A privilege of having your race subjected to global genocide, while being told you're a racist or white supremacist, if you object.

At long last, isn't it time someone stood up for American workers? The result is an illegal immigrant armed with a new Obama-issued work permit has suddenly become $3,000 cheaper to hire than a legal American worker. Worse yet, it might dawn on certain employers that it would save money to rid themselves of American employees and trade them in for cheaper, illegal immigrant replacements. Link

Obama and his lawless administration is clearly in violation of Federal Law. This is called a "Constitutional Crisis" The following is from the Immigration and Nationality Act: Section 274 felony under the federal Immigration and Nationality Act INA 274A(a)(1)(A). Encouraging & Harboring Illegal Aliens: It is a violation of law for any person to conceal, harbor, or shield from detection in any place, including any building or means of transportation, any alien who is in the United States in violation of law.

Why Are So Many Illegal Immigrant Criminals Not Deported?

That's close to par with the 36,007 illegal aliens with criminal records who were released into America in 2013. Those criminals, by the way, shared 88,000 crimes among themselves, including murder, sexual assault, kidnapping, aggravated assault, major drug crimes and auto theft, according to the Center for Immigration Studies. Full Article

Immigration reform starts with eliminating birth-right citizenship for people whose parents came here illegally. Reform would require proof of lawful presence to attend any school, effectively repealing Plyler v. Doe, a Supreme Court case that gives illegal aliens a Constitutional right to a public education.

Those two actions alone, would immediately stem the tide of illegal aliens coming to the United States. The third requirement would be that anyone found in the US illegally, after the reform period, would be forever banned from obtaining citizenship, the right to work, or even a visa to visit the United States.

Common sense immigration reform would make it illegal, subject to criminal penalties, for any state or locality to offer sanctuary programs or incentives to illegal aliens. If a violation is found, that state or locality would lose all federal funding for the year of the violation. Now, you have immigration reforms that give no incentive to illegal aliens to come illegally and no avenue for open borders’ sympathizers to assist them in coming.

According to a March 2013 Department of Homeland Security report, 73 percent of the unauthorized population in 2012 congregated in the 10 states of California, Texas, Florida, New York, Illinois, New Jersey, Georgia, North Carolina, Arizona, and Washington.

And while we would like to think non-citizens are not allowed to vote, research done by Jesse Richman and David Earnest has shown that more than 14 percent of non-citizens sampled in 2008 and 2010 indicated not only that they were registered to vote, but also that in some close elections, those votes likely made a difference in determining the winner. Link

To understand our politicians, you must understand the people who pull their strings. They are bankers and money changers who vie for world domination. In order to be true masters of the world they cannot have a free America. This is simply a step toward that goal. With executive amnesty and the Congressional funding if it, the world just became a bit more dangerous.

Ferguson is a reminder the American Dream is over; the American Nightmare is just beginning

The wisdom of a people who declared Ferguson a one-time "sundown town" was supplanted by a suicidal devotion to the concept of racial equality. But each passing year, as the federal government (and state governments) becomes more explicitly anti-white, brings us more and more evidence disparities between the races have a biological source; and with each passing year, the wisdom of those men who once declared a city such as Ferguson a "sundown town" becomes hauntingly obvious. Full Article

"The reason it's called the American Dream is because you have to be asleep to believe it." --George Carlin

NSM Worldtalk 07 2014 YouTube Full Audio MP3

Monday, December 15, 2014

The Interstate 8 corridor: We are actively patrolling our public lands and we're not going to stop, amnesty or not

Along with a few friends from out of town, we conducted anti-smuggling operations south of Interstate 8 in the Sonoran Desert National Monument. Volunteers, from around the country, make frequent trips to the “Contested Zone.” Prior to our embarkation, s Pacific storm called the “Pineapple Express,” dropped 0.18” of rain and significantly dropped our unusually warm temperatures.

This created a situation that aided us in that old tracks and sign were eliminated, creating a fresh time line. Our patrol punched out and had an uneventful night. Early Sunday morning, a pair of BLM Rangers stopped by our base camp. They departed a few minutes later. Our team also conducted some training that included casualty extraction. Finally, a British journalist met us for some interviews about the scope of our activities and why we do what we do.

The 17 (now 24) states suing the Obama administration over the president’s unilateral amnesty, led by Texas AG and governor-elect Greg Abbott, filed their lawsuit in Brownsville, Texas. That was evidently a strategic choice. Stephen Dinan of the Washington Times reports.

Judge Hanen said the government was wasting money, not saving it, by refusing to deport illegal aliens and instead, paying to connect children and their illegal alien parents. It would come as no surprise, if Judge Andrew S. Hanen will suffer an unfortunate personal scandal or get killed in a car crash (or explosion), sometime in the very near future.

The suit is not denying the premise that the president, as chief executive, can set deportation priorities. Rather, the states are basing their argument on the "Take Care" clause in Article II, Section 3 of the Constitution ("The President shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed..."). Although the president can set priorities on immigration enforcement, it doesn't mean he can ignore his responsibility to faithfully execute the law.

This clearly shows how little virtue, honor and courage our elected "leaders" possess, when they feel they must "cheat the document" and defile the Constitution. Kevin Tillman said it best: “Somehow America has become a country that projects everything that it is not and condemns everything that it is.” Link

Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich Granted Amnesty to Millions of Illegal Aliens

Bill Clinton granted amnesty to at least 3,000,000 illegal aliens and with his actions–undoubtedly encouraged millions more to enter the U.S. illegally. Newt Gingrich’s so-called “Republican Revolution” appears to have been less of a revolution and more of a surrender. Unfortunately, when it comes to giving away Americans’ jobs, it is a bipartisan effort. Full Article

Keep in mind, Bill Clinton could not have rewarded those who chose to come here illegally, without the help of a Republican Congress. The GOP took control of both houses in the 1994 midterms and held them for the next 12 years. Not only were we betrayed by Reagan and Carter, it seems to be a presidential tradition, since Eisenhower. We have been deceived.

Congressman Reveals GOP Leaders To Push Amnesty For All But Violent Criminals

One of the top House Republican leaders, Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX), revealed this week that GOP leaders intend to push an amnesty bill in the next Congress that would subject only the most dangerous illegal immigrant criminals to deportation so that "not one person" who is in the country illegally and has not committed a violent crime is "thrown out." Full Article

Unskilled, illiterate and non-English speaking Third World people, having absolutely no desire or initiative to learn our language or assimilate into our society. All illegal aliens are criminals. It's impossible to live and work in this country, without committing additional crimes, on a regular basis. Unlawfully crossing our border is only the first of many unlawful acts these people commit.

Who is going to pay for them? What did Senator Sessions means when he said, "We intend to push a bill that would operate under the activity of trying to do under rule of law." Bearing in mind, that the illegal aliens and our current and past administrations have ignored and violated the rule of law, too. Wake up and smell the male bovine excrement, before the feces hits the rotor.

It's a little more than evident that our Congressmen and Senators are not listening to their constituents. Now that the election is over, they stopped telling us what we wanted to hear and are ignoring our wishes. When was the last time they listened? Who couldn't see this one coming?

Our federal and state governments have turned a blind eye towards illegal immigration for decades. They all knew tens of millions of illegal aliens were in our country, but they did nothing about it. They did nothing to secure the border and nothing to stop the increased numbers of them entering our country.

When we had thousands crossing our border, last August, what did Congress do? They went on vacation, while the Department of Homeland Security bused illegal aliens,throughout our country and under the cover of darkness.

"An army of principles will penetrate where an army of soldiers cannot -- It will succeed where diplomatic manadgement would fail -- It is neither Rhine, the Channel, nor the Ocean, that can arrest its progress -- It will march on the horizon of the world, and it will conquer." --Thomas Paine, Agrarian Justice, 1797. 

Truth Fears No Investigation

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Monkeyshines: Our elected representatives engage in crimes of opportunity, along with millions of illegal aliens

Over the weekend, a Border Patrol agent received a nasty skull fracture from one of those “harmless rocks.” while interacting with a friendly illegal alien on the Indian reservation, near Ajo, AZ. (Tucson Sector). Local media is tight lipped, as this doesn't fit the open borders narrative. They also wont tell you is that this is the SECOND assault, in a week. When the agent was attacked, he reportedly deployed intermediate weapons such as OC spray and a baton. One Border Patrol agent source told Breitbart Texas. Link

Monday, December 8, 2014: Once again, I was granted the unusual opportunity of a Skype question and answer session with high school students. Each semester, I field questions from students taking American Political Thought and Radicalism at Worthington Kilbourne High School in Columbus, Ohio. I spoke with three classes and about 70 students.

As usual, time went by fast and the students had some excellent questions. To my surprise, I didn't field too many questions about Ferguson, MO. We spent the majority of our time discussing political systems and economics. We also discussed illegal immigration.

The only change the American people want is to see our existing immigration laws enforced. If any reform is to be made, We The People want our immigration laws to be as strict as Mexico's and to include the voter ID requirement. We should also demand a moratorium on any taxpayer funded benefits to any non citizen. Retired USBP Zach Taylor

Rep Luis Gutierrez to Illegals – “Get Your Paperwork Ready,” Amnesty is a Crime of Opportunity

His advice to illegals, it’s just like a run for the border, they've got to be ready to go when the opportunity presents itself, they need to hit quick and hard. On Tuesday Gutierrez urged all illegals to prepare their papers and to be ready to submit them on day one. Full Article

The fraudulent document mills have been working overtime to guarantee all illegal aliens are fully prepared. Of course, this administration is ready to rubber stamp any and all documents that cross over the desk. The goal has always been to legalize as many as possible, as quickly as possible. Remember, a U.S. citizen gets prison time for committing fraud. Sounds fair, doesn't it?

Fraud among 20% of young immigrants’ applications for ‘protection’

One in five applications by young undocumented immigrants applying for President Obama’s “deferred action” protection has been fraudulent, the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee said Tuesday. Full Article

And while we're talking about crimes of opportunity, let's talk about how the U.S. taxpayer is being raped. The Obama administration paid a Texas-based group more than $182 million to provide shelter services for illegal immigrant children at two military facilities for four months this summer. An estimated 90,000 UAC's entered the U.S. this year, mostly from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. Link

Under questioning from Rep. Barletta, DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson was unable to state how President Obama’s executive amnesty benefits legal Americans: Video Dumbfounded

In the same week that President Obama issued his administrative amnesty, sparing millions from deportation, the feds busted a criminal ring of illegal immigrants that used stolen identities to defraud the U.S. government out of $7.2 million in tax refunds. “The truth is, undocumented workers broke our immigration laws,” Obama said. “They didn't follow the rules in terms of how they were supposed to come.” Link

Illegal Alien Crime and Violence by the Numbers: We’re All Victims

Pinal County is roughly 70 miles north of the border. In 2010, the U.S. Border Patrol reported 212,202 illegal aliens were caught in the Tucson sector alone. The Border Patrol admits for everyone captured, another 2.7 make it into the United States undetected. Of the individuals who are apprehended, as many as 30% of them already have a criminal record in the United States. Full Article

Who would expect their criminal activity to cease, since illegally crossing our border? Rewarding bad behavior only creates more of the same unlawful conduct. The United States government is giving away OUR country to illegal aliens, who made a conscious decision to disobey our rules and our laws. Judicial Watch pulled out some of line items from the “Budget Information and Project Narrative portions of the BCFS applications funded in calendar 2014” for the two facilities. Link

Don’t let anyone deceive you in any way, for that day will not come until the rebellion occurs and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the man doomed to destruction. --Thessalonians 2:3

8 U.S. Code § 1324

Thursday, December 4, 2014

The lie of the year: Michael Brown vs. the board of (public) education

The buzz term, "Hands up, don't shoot." should be given the lie of the year award. After all, it was based on outright lies. However, the lie is being kept alive and not only from misguided NFL players. We can also count on our idiotic elected officials in Congress to keep the lie alive, too. How about the "rush at the cop and try to grab his gun" gesture? During the 504 days between the Trayvon Martin shooting and the Zimmerman verdict, 10,865 blacks were killed by other blacks. Can you name one?

“Hands up, don’t shoot. It’s a rallying cry of people all across America who are fed up with police violence,” Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.) said as he took the floor. “In community, after community, after community, fed up with police violence in Ferguson, in Brooklyn, in Cleveland, in Oakland, in cities and counties and rural communities all across America.” Link

If these were sincere or honest people, they would get the facts straight before staging their cheap, orchestrated clown show which is beneath the dignity of the people’s House. They wouldn't be trying to incite further racial division in the name of self-promotion and political opportunism. Link

What is wrong with these people? What is wrong with these elected officials? They know it's a lie. They know the cops didn't shoot him with his hands in the air. They know it's a lie and they are doing this on the Capitol floor? Scarborough

When physical evidence and recanted eyewitness statements are ignored, we have a problem. The president of the NAACP, Cornell William Brooks, described these violent criminals, using a term that could be straight out of George Orwell’s 1984 – “young practitioners of democracy.” Link

Obama White House Pushes Public Schools To “Honor” Mike Brown

Despite the facts of Brown’s death, the Obama White House is now urging public schools (with YOUR tax dollars no less) to honor Michael Brown with classroom memorials as a way of forming “classroom solidarity.” It is a blatantly disgusting act of divisive lies being used to manipulate students into conforming with the far left, anti-American ideals of this Age of Obama. Full Article

The creator of the indoctrination lesson plan is Dr. Christopher Emdin who was himself honored by the Obama administration as a “champion of change.” Dr. Emdin is a social critic, public intellectual and science advocate whose commentary on issues of race, culture, inequality and education... More

Look at the Horrible Assignment Innocent First Graders Have to do About Michael Brown

The entire lesson is completely misguided and is full of lies. It attempts to perpetrate the myth that Brown was some kind of saint, a gentle giant who was attacked for no reason other than his skin color. That’s the same narrative the liberal media and politicians have been pushing since the incident occurred, totally ignoring all of the evidence and facts that point to the contrary. Full Article

One last question for this assignment: How would you feel about this person if he pushed you around and stole your backpack? Or it should. I'm worried about what public schools are turning these kids into. Michael Brown should be used as an example of how not to raise your kids. Meanwhile, Wisconsin teachers’ guide compares Ferguson riots to the Boston Tea Party Link

It would seem that we have one black celebrity that has his head on straight. Perhaps that stretch in Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Tent City did him some good. Former NBA star Charles Barkley recently called Ferguson looters "scumbags," praised police officers who work in black neighborhoods, and said he supports the decision made by the grand jury not to indict officer Darren Wilson in the Michael Brown shooting. More

Sadly, he'll be called an "Uncle Tom" and ridiculed by his piers for going off the plantation. More educated black people should speak out. The Media should be held accountable for helping to inflame and incite the rioting, They did this for ratings and to sow discontent, so they could continue to get ratings. And don't forget, Obama instructed the racial activists to "stay the course."

The Gateway Pundit reports that some Ferguson businesses brought in members of the local Oath Keepers group this week to protect their property from violent protesters, looters and arsonists. One local woman was upset that the group was there, on the rooftops, claiming that it’s wrong to protect other people’s property. Militia volunteers protect property that isn't theirs, but protesters destroy property that isn't theirs. Who’s on the high ground? Link More

Some people have the idea that if the assailant isn't armed with a weapon then they don't pose a threat to your life. As you will see, the problem with that line of reasoning is that it couldn't be more ludicrous. Video

"Who's the more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows him?" --Obi-Wan Kenobi, Star Wars Wookieepedia

The American Dream is a Lie...

Monday, December 1, 2014

Communist revolution in Ferguson, Missouri: "Some call it Marxism, I call it Judaism." Rabbi Stephen Wise, 1935

It's common knowledge that the Communists want to take control of the United States and dissolve our Constitutional Republic. They have established goals and a means on achieving those goals. For example: #29. Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate, old-fashioned, out of step with modern needs, a hindrance to cooperation between nations on a worldwide basis. More

Communists predicted long ago that they would achieve success in America without ever firing a shot. This is what they meant, and they are well on their way to that success. The American people need to understand that our nations division is no accident. It was systematically designed, diligently deployed, as a means of eliminating individuals and creating voting blocks instead. JB Williams

During my trip to the National Socialist Movement rally in Rockwall, Texas, Communist Party members were demonstrating and advocating for open borders. The Communist Party also endorsed Barack Obama, during his Presidential campaigns. Have you seen the writing on the wall, yet?

A Communist revolution is quietly taking place in the United States, while most of the sheeple idly sit by, oblivious to the creation of this Marxist regime. They still think that voting Republican or Democrat is the way to go. The fact is, it may already be too late.

Many of the groups organizing the protests have teamed up with the New Black Panther Party, a violent and racist black power group that only uses race relations to push a radical leftist, big government agenda. Before they slapped a “New” onto a an old and tainted label, they used similar tactics to gain support from angry, young black men and women they then used to support the Great Society. More

Texas Group Carries Rifles & Shadows Protesters Causing THIS to Happen

According to local news channel WFAA 8, three members of Come and Take It Texas, an open carry and Second Amendment advocacy group, slung their rifles over their shoulders and shadowed the protesters Wednesday night to make sure that no harm came to private property in the city. Interestingly enough, with the addition of just three peaceful and legally armed citizens on Wednesday night, the number of protesters was diminished to just one tenth the amount as were present the night before. Full Article

An untold story of Ferguson is how good people of every background came together and exercised their Second Amendment rights to protect as many of the good and decent people as they could. These two different groups of unorganized militia—one formally trained by loosely organized, the other tightly knit if untrained—came together to defend this community when government once again failed under crisis. When there is a failure of civility and law enforcement is overwhelmed, it is We, the People who must rise up and provide security for our communities. Link

Ferguson Protesters Wave Commie Flags – Hand Out Commie Leaflets – Chant About Revolution

Members of the Communist Party are at the Ferguson PD, chanting "The only solution, is a Communist revolution"...  A February 2, 2010 Communist Party USA article “Convention Discussion: A Time to Grow” explained they plan to meet their goals by running for office “within the auspices of the Democratic Party” because “conditions rarely if ever allow us to run open Communists for office.” Full Article More

The group, which calls itself the Revolutionary Communist Party, emerged from the movement period of the late 1960's and early 1970's but is now a "parasitic" organization, in the words of one sociologist who has studied it, that tends to pop up opportunistically when and where civil unrest develops. But just who is the Revolutionary Communist Party and what is it doing in Ferguson? More

AZ Sheriff: Exec Order 'De Facto Amnesty' for All Illegals

Pinal County, AZ Sheriff Paul Babeu argued that the president's executive order on immigration was "de facto amnesty" for all illegal immigrants on Thursday's "Cavuto" on the Fox Business Network. We're going to say the magic word[s] 'five years.' And guess what happens? No action. So, the president is saying it's five years or more, well guess what? He just had de facto amnesty, meaning no enforcement of law for all these illegals, not just five or six million." Full Article DHS Memorandum

Obama: Americans Have No Right To Favor Americans... Neil Munroe of the Daily Caller reports that American President Barack Obama feels that, “The only Americans who can legitimately object to immigration are native Indian-Americans.” This condescending proclamation came from “President...Obama told his Chicago audience Nov. 24, as he made an impassioned ideological plea for endless immigration, cultural diversity and a big government to manage the resulting multicultural society.” Video Daily Caller

“..Shall I tell you the law of God in regard to the African race? If the white man who belongs to the chosen seed mixes his blood with the seed of Cain, the penalty, under the law of God, is death on the spot. This will always be so.” --Brigham Young, President Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1847-1877

Cogito Ergo Sum

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Lawlessness and Ferguson, Missouri: What we are witnessing, is the left's war on civil society

On Tuesday, November 25, 2014, We had our fourth annual tailgate party at the F.O.R. food bank's Thanksgiving meal distribution. We brewed coffee and cooked hot dogs for people, waiting to get their turkeys. It didn't take long, before MPD's Sgt. Judd had to defuse some unpleasant people. It's going to "get real." The blacks could do nothing, but talk about the riots in Ferguson, MO. This seemed to embolden them and their behavior demonstrated that rather well.

Can the food bank volunteers distribute 400 turkeys, without some fighting? It's never happened, without incident, before. “Mr. blue shirt and cap” tried to cut in line. It never fails, someone is always "entitled" to jump the line. How is it that someone holding ticket #109 can suddenly be #1? What makes them so special? These people aren't right in the head, are they? Some fire department guys showed up, with some “muscle” and the "high number" interloper reluctantly assumed his rightful place in line. Apparently “numerical order” is something incomprehensible, to them.

A large percentage of blacks are hostile to every group that values education, hard work, rule of law and respect for private property. In short, everything that has made whites, immigrants and members of every ethnicity successful. Black members who promote those values are accused of "acting white" and often referred to as "Uncle Tom" and other derogatory titles. There-in lies the root of the problem.

Ferguson burns and violence has been unleashed thanks to the reckless liberal media, the lawless administration (especially Eric Holder) exploiting the shooting to smear police departments across the nation, phony civil rights demagogues, race-baiting politicians, and radical hate groups.

The lies about why and how Officer Darrin Wilson shot Michael Brown started on day one and never ended.  The indisputable facts are that Brown was shot because he assaulted a police officer, attempted to take the officer's pistol resulting in two close range gun shots in the police cruiser, and then turned around and charged the officer as he was being pursued. The entire event was precipitated by Brown earlier stealing cigars from a local store and assaulting the owner.

These thugs, in Ferguson and around the country, are demanding that Officer Wilson be lynched for their amusement. They are not concerned with whether there is any evidence of any wrong doing on his part. They have already tried and convicted him. They want his head, guilty or not. And, they intend to impose their will on the rest of us, by any means necessary.

Lt. Gov: Obama Pressured Missouri Governor to Make National Guard Troops STAND DOWN While Ferguson Burned

Ferguson Mayor James Knowles told FOX 2 reporters late on Monday night that he had repeatedly pleaded with the Governor’s office to deploy the the National Guard Monday night… But his requests were “completely ignored” Full Article

The impotent police and National Guard did nothing to discourage this savage behavior. Aside from launching a few tear gas canisters, all they did was sit by and watch. During my teens, my hometown of Johnstown, PA was devastated by a flood on July 20, 1977. Concerns over looting resulted in "shoot to kill" orders being issued by Johnstown Mayor Herb Pfuhl. Believe it or not, looting was minimized and people actually worked together to overcome the challenges presented by this disaster. Today, we live in a much darker time, don't we? Video

The destruction of Ferguson, Missouri had nothing to do with Michael Brown or Officer Wilson. It was simply a group of lawless thugs doing what they do best: stealing and destroying others’ property. The grand jury decision was nothing more than an excuse.

A lawless government brings lawlessness to the streets. The federal government, as recently as last week, completely violated the US code, the US Constitution and completely ignored the most important court in the land, the Court of Public Opinion. In many ways, the government is indeed responsible for the violence, injuries, loss of private wealth and property and the risk of injury or death not only to the unfortunate citizens.

Jason Riley On Ferguson: ‘The Issue Here Is Black Criminality, Not The Behavior Of Cops’ [VIDEO]

It’s the behavior of the young black men in these communities. Whenever a Ferguson goes down, we start talking about racial profiling, we start talking about poverty, we start talking about unemployment. We start talking about tensions between the cops and black people. Those are facts. Those are not causes. The cause here is black criminality, the fact that blacks, who are 13 percent of the population, are responsible for an outsized amount of violent crime in this country. Full Article

Obama and Holder don't ever let facts get in the way of their agenda. "Never let a crisis go to waste" is a strong anthem of this administration. Obama will be known for instigating race riots, fanning the flames of lawlessness, and then trying to "lecture" law abiding citizens about justifiable anarchy.

For years, I've been telling people that those commercially printed signs and matching shirts that almost always appear at street demonstrations indicate that a movement has been hijacked by big money special interest groups. Ferguson was no different. The message is in the signs, which are basically advertising. Study the photos of demonstrations in Ferguson, and about Ferguson across the U.S., and it becomes clear who is driving the new civil rights movement. More

For over half a century, blacks have been taught by their schools, their churches, their parents and the media that they suffer greatly under the oppressive fist of white racism. Rap artists put their racial animosity to music. Black leaders from Obama, to Holder, from Sharpton to Jackson, from Oprah to Spike Lee only fan the flames of racial hatred. The mainstream media eggs them on, with their Marxist bile.

"All is race; there is no other truth ,and every race must fall which carelessly suffers its blood to become mixed." - Benjamin Disraeli, Jewish Prime Minister of Great Britain, in Tancred, by Frederick Warne, London, 1868, p. 106.

The call for tolerance is merely setting the stage for a new intolerance

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

National Socialist Movement Condemns President Obama's Abuse of Executive Power for Immigration and my former employer, Danny Hendon, sobs in court

On November 20th, 2014, United States President Barack Obama issued a statement trumpeting his executive action aimed at streamlining immigration. The National Socialist Movement believes that, not only are such orders tantamount to 'amnesty' for illegal immigrants (aliens), but such an executive order will be additionally divisive to the already divided American Congress.

This is the truly defining issue of our generation. Such mass amnesty is the key to implementing the entire globalist agenda in the United States as well as around the world. If the legalized attack of non-indigenous peoples is not beaten back, America risks wide-scale bloodshed that will almost certainly cause the situation to degrade into ethnic conflict as it has in other corners of the Earth.

This is not a 'white-only' issue, but of vital interest to various non-white ethnic groups. Inherent prime agendas can be put aside for the time it takes to stop the unseating of the power structure by such an unconscionable action.

Mass amnesty is in fact a declaration of war on White America, and an effrontery by the Obama Administration towards law-abiding citizens in this country. Republicans are caving in to Obama, in the pathetic notion that by catering to Latinos they will somehow hold onto power. Amnesty will not be tolerated by the American people, and those who promote the destruction of our sovereignty must be punished to the fullest extent of the law until they are caught and punished. NSM

Alinsky Does Amnesty

It was remarkable. We've endured six years of “If you like your health-care plan, you can keep your health-care plan,” “How dare you call Obamacare a tax,” “The video did it in Benghazi,” “Of course we’d never let guns walk to Mexican gangs,” “Workplace violence,” “Kinetic military action,” “The IRS harassment is outrageous and intolerable,” and “not a smidgen of corruption” from “the most transparent administration in history.” Full Article

"Alinskyites gauge the extent of their authority not by the limits of law but by the potential of raw power constrained only by political expediency. Once you grasp that, you have everything you need to know." Alinsky only summarized existing tactics. Cloward and Piven only re-stated old strategies. Evil men will always dare, and their only big question is, "Who will stop me?"

Some time ago, I brought up the issue of document mills and the presentation of fraudulent documents to obtain benefits and/or amnesty. It seems that Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu had made the same observation and explained, "You're going to see fraudulent lease agreements and fraudulent utility bills, all the documents needed to satisfy the requirement for legal status. You can buy these documents for $50 or 100, so we will see this mass production of false documents. This will encompass just about everybody." Link More

Critical mass will be reached sooner then most people think. When the bottom falls out and the boiling point is reached, the lid will blow and some very confused people will realize the abundance of ignorance that has been accepted as normal. The magnitude of the collective folly will be too much for many to assimilate.

Former Danny's Car Wash owner Danny Hendon sentenced to 1 year, 1 day in prison

"You led your team into committing these crimes," U.S. District Judge Neil Wake said. The judge said the government had already given Hendon a second chance after the audit, but the business owner went on to continue exploiting cheaper foreign labor that undercuts poor, unskilled workers. Full Article DOJ

I still remember that day in 1990, when Danny Hendon told me, "I'm paying you to be an asshole." It's extremely rare that a business owner gets prison time. If somebody conducted a census of millionaires in prison, you certainly wouldn't find too many.

We could solve our immigration problem(s) and put Americans back to work, if we enforced existing laws and target these crooks in suits. Prison time, asset forfeiture and loss of business licenses would stop this theft of American jobs, dead cold it its' tracks.

Obama argued that we needed to legalize illegal aliens so they can pay taxes. This occasionally fools people who ought to know better because they forget that by “pay taxes” he means receive taxes. More

While Cato’s Anti-Federalist Letter IV may have anticipated unconstitutional usurpation of power by presidents, it is perhaps the language of his Letter V, dated almost 227 years ago to the day, November 22, 1787, that is most striking when juxtaposed with President Obama’s executive order on immigration. Link

Obviously the president believes that the Constitution and law are only meant to be followed by the citizens of the United States, not the ‘rulers.’ He has shown such blatant disregard for his oath of office that I believe it is time ‘We The People’ tell him that we have had enough!

People, it is time we rise up and support the removal of a criminal sitting in the highest office of our country, we need to act and stop sitting on our hands. More

 “Illegal immigrants will now be able to take jobs and benefits directly from struggling Americans in a time of high unemployment and low wages.” --Senator Jeff Sessions USA Today

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Amnesty means we will become the Third World country of Obama’s dream, no more, a civilized Western nation

James Buchanan: On Thursday, November 20th, 2014, Barack Obama announced to the world that he would refuse to do part of his job as president, namely enforcing immigration law. If any ordinary American walked into his place of work and announced that he would no longer do part of his job any more, he would be fired on the spot. More

This is just another example of Obama doing something and counting on "the stupidity of American voters". In the eyes of many, Obama's immigration pronouncement is tantamount to an abuse of power by a failed president, who is desperately hoping to woo hoards of Hispanics to the Democratic Party. Barack Obama's remarks announcing a new executive action on immigration as prepared for delivery and released by the White House. Transcript

Blaming Congress for inaction is not a legitimate justification for executive action. If the President truly believed in this cause, he had a majority in Congress and a super-majority in the Senate to pass legislation, during his first two years in office. This is a cynical power-grab designed to keep the president relevant, to feed his political narcissism and to further divide our nation, just to score political points. The United States has become a Third World country, its citizens scrambling, just to survive.

Obama: 'You can come out of the shadows'

"By ignoring the will of the American people, President Obama has cemented his legacy of lawlessness and squandered what little credibility he had left," Boehner said. "Republicans are left with the serious responsibility of upholding our oath of office." Full Article

It was a speech, then, that was internally incoherent from top to bottom. Its tone clashed with the policies Obama actually intends to pursue. And it offered no plausible defense of those policies based on the Constitution, on a consistent moral argument or even on public opinion. Bloomberg

President Barack Obama announced Thursday evening that as a part of his newest executive order, which will grant amnesty to five million illegal aliens, he will also be cutting federal spending on military veterans by a staggering 65%, with those savings being handed out to those illegals who will be getting amnesty. More

Sessions: Yes, order can be blocked

The Great Constitutional Law Scholar himself admitted granting amnesty through EO is unconstitutional in 2011... “The American people’s Congress has the power and every right to deny funding for unworthy activities. It is a routine and constitutional application of congressional power. There is no question that Congress has the power to block this expenditure and no doubt that it can be done,” Sessions said in a statement. Full Article

All the lies aside, what about the details? How much will the fine be? Where do these illegal aliens go to "register" and get "right with the law?" This president can't administer his way out of a wet paper bag and now, the government is going to facilitate this program of registering illegal aliens? I imagine that will be as efficient as getting people to sign up for healthcare.

“There are enough laws on the books by Congress that are very clear in terms of how we have to enforce our immigration system that for me to simply through executive order ignore those congressional mandates would not conform with my appropriate role as president.“The ‘Emperor’ has no clothes on the issue of immigration. More

Barack Obama Cancelled Each Border Security Program Enacted By Bush #43--Deported Fewer Than Any POTUS Since Nixon

This President has done more to damage the effort to control who comes in and out of the country than any other President in recent history. He canceled the effort to build a security fence, he canceled the development of promising software, which would track non-citizens who came into and out of the country, and he has deported fewer illegals than any president since Richard Nixon (yes and I will prove it). Full Article

What Obama wants are serfs to vote for Communism, gun control, and to put White Americans in the same situation White South Africans are in today. Ethnic cleansing against White America is really happening. It's no myth or tin foil hat conspiracy theory.

If you are a young black man living in a major city, I think I would be getting my warm clothes out, and finding a couple of bricks to put in my pockets. In short, I would be getting ready to go riot tonight.

That’s right. You heard me. As a young black male, I would realize that Obama had just sold my future down the river. 92% of black male teens in Chicago don’t have a job. In Detroit, 50% of black men are unemployed. More

"Democracy is beautiful in theory; in practice it is a fallacy. You in America will see that some day.” Benito "Duce" Mussolini to Edwin L James of the New York Times (1928)