Friday, May 17, 2013

Mother's Day 2013: Servicing trail cameras in the desert and the darkest side of illegal immigration, most people never know

We put in a long day on Mother's Day Sunday. Our objective was to service several trail cameras that have been clicking away and documenting unchecked drug and human smuggling for the past several months. Our first stop was along a trail in the Barry M. Goldwater Air Force Range. This trail has been used so much that the smugglers have worn "steps" into the sides of the hills. The trail is a couple of miles from the road, therefore, law enforcement doesn't bother to attempt any sort of interdiction or enforcement.

The smugglers get a free pass, here. Even our military installations aren't secure because of our broken border. We have rampant drug and human smuggling taking place right under our military's noses. Keep in mind that the U.S. Government is perhaps, the biggest drug dealer on the planet. 

The second camera that was due to be checked turned out to have been discovered and smashed to bits by the smugglers. This is also a very hot trail and law enforcement could care less. Due to time restrictions and an extended travel time, we were unable to reach the third camera on our list. It was time to make our way back north and towards our next stop. UDA Slideshow #1 #2

The human face of illegal trafficking into US

Shandra Woworuntu came to the United States in 2001 expecting to work in a hotel. But she ended up in a brothel in New York. "I was being sold." Al Jazeera's Kristine Saloomey talks to Woworutu as she recalls her ordeal. Video

William Webb said it well: "As Homeland Security concurs, we have absolutely no control over who enters this country any more, prostitutes, terrorists, slaves. What is the federal government doing with the billions they are throwing away in the name of homeland security? Financing lavish banquets, flying back and forth all over the world, padding their fat bank accounts, getting all the bennies, and the federal government wants to cut the elderly's meager SS payments? We're all getting screwed by the federal government!"

Illegal alien forced pregnant teen into MS-13 prostitution ring in Va.

On Friday, Yanira del Carmen Guerrero Andrade, 28, was sentenced to 11 years in federal prison for forcing a 15-year-old, pregnant runaway into prostitution for the violent Latin American gang known as MS-13. Full Article

As we were heading towards Ajo on Pipeline Road, something strange happened. A US Border Patrol vehicle was approaching us. Normally, agents make contact with people, especially in trucks. Believe it or not, the US Border Patrol appeared to have run away from us. Perhaps, this agent was busy doing a "side job" and didn't want to be bothered. Time and again, we learn that the cartels have infiltrated law enforcement and are working against the public interest. 

Immigrations and Customs Enforcement issued the following statement on the case: "As part of the ongoing criminal investigation and in addition to the criminal arrests, ICE special agents identified and administratively arrested 50 individuals believed to be in the U.S. illegally. Those arrested include 39 males from Mexico, nine males from Honduras, and two females from Mexico. Those administratively arrested will be placed into removal proceedings and their cases will be adjudicated in immigration court."

ICE Deports Mexican Fugitive in Indiana Wanted for Aggravated Homicide

According to the arrest warrant, on March 29, 2001, Rivera-Rico was driving a car with three passengers on the Patzcuaro-Tingambato Highway in the State of Michoacan. When a female passenger complained she was feeling ill, Rivera-Rico allegedly pulled off the road, took out a .38-caliber handgun, and shot Marce Judith Martinez-Camacho in the head. Rivera-Rico and another male passenger then allegedly removed the victim from the car, dragged her into a ditch, fired additional shots, and drove away leaving the body by the side of the highway. Full Article ICE releases criminals. More

Not long after observing the Border Patrol skedaddle, some of Sheriff Dupnik's deputies with the Pima County Sheriff's Office stopped us for a short visit. The deputy covering the passenger side of the vehicle asked me if I had any weapons. I advised him of the AR-15 in front of me. We even shared some of our photographs. Soon, our little chat was over and we were on our way to the next stop. 

Fact: Illegal aliens are stealing welfare benefits from U.S. taxpayers

County workers discovered Antonio’s family should have been ineligible for public assistance, because she was employed under a fake name at American Foods, making $12.65 an hour. Her husband was also seasonally employed as a landscaper, making $12 an hour. Full Article 

Illegal aliens come into this country (unlawfully) and the first words out of their mouths are, "Americans Owe Us!" Enough is enough! The time to stop this nonsense is long overdue. 

“The Constitution on which our Union rests, shall be administered by me [as President] according to the safe and honest meaning contemplated by the plain understanding of the people of the United States at the time of its adoption — a meaning to be found in the explanations of those who advocated, not those who opposed it, and who opposed it merely lest the construction should be applied which they denounced as possible.” –Thomas Jefferson, letter to Mesrs. Eddy, Russel, Thurber, Wheaton and Smith, 1801 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Hit piece: National Socialist Movement gets air time on the History Channel's America's Book of Secrets and "White Genocide" activism hits the streets

Recently, the History Channel aired a sensationalist hit piece about Nazism and the National Socialist Movement. It was a jumble of haphazardly edited sound bites and video arranged in a misleading and intent fully biased way. The producers employed the television production technique of taking dynamic quotes and images out of context in order of creating emotionally-driven montages of fear against us.

Although some points are even more shocking, such as people suggesting on camera that we would commit violence. This is their horrific fear-mongering being expressed, and is NOT our "modus operandi".

Angry outcast,” Timothy McVeigh is predictably referenced later, although the documentary admits that McVeigh was NOT a member of a pro-White group. To its credit, however, the program does quote investigators who have concluded that the killings by Wayne Michael Page were “random acts of violence, committed by a ‘lone-wolf’ gunman.”

In the days following the shooting spree, various media outlets actually called me as asked whether or not Wayne Michael Page was one of “our guys”. I never heard of the guy, until after he was dead, following the Sikh temple shooting. 


The N.S.M. does not endorse nor support the History channel in the biased Worldview espoused against National Socialism in this Documentary. The implied connection to National Socialism being evil, hateful, etc., including the connections to violence are all to be expected coming from the mainstream press.

With that being said, Commander Schoep is quoted and refutes much of the bias. The following video has extensive N.S.M. footage and interviews including Southwest Regional Leader Harry Hughes, Cmdr. Schoep, and various other speakers past and present from the National Socialist Movement in the United States dating back to the early years, including The Silver Shirts, The German American Bund, and Commander George Lincoln Rockwell.

Those interested in National Socialist History will find the show of interest, despite the typical Zionist commentators, and traitors to the American way of life whom are also featured within the program, with their usual spin of how violent and hateful National Socialism is. --Commander Jeff Schoep Watch Full Episode 44 minute run time 

The producers of this bias piece blatantly spun the antifa attack at the 2011 N.S.M. national meeting in Trenton, New Jersey as somehow being indicative of the future. If you were to entirely believe all the evaluations of T.J. Leyden.

The N.S.M., America's National Socialist Party, is the largest and most active National Socialist party in America today. We are the political party for every patriotic White American. We cooperate and work with many like-minded white nationalist groups and others that are either National Socialist or at least racially aware of our European heritage.

Group leaves racist fliers on windshields, neighbors outraged

MILWAUKIE, Ore. – A neighborhood was blanketed with racist fliers on Thursday and people there say they won't tolerate the hateful propaganda. Full Article

Hmmm. . . Opposing White genocide is labeled as hate. This is what happens when the smallest ethnic minority on the planet stands up and speaks out. An intolerant woman, who despises free speech and hates other points of view, takes matters into her own hands and steals literature left on other people's cars. I guess that's doing the right thing?

A Cult of Racists Is Bombarding the White House Petition Site

In May alone, they have submitted seven petitions, but they've been at it all year. Their work led BuzzFeed's Andrew Kaczinksi to ask "Is the most racist White House petition ever created?," and the Washington Post's Jonathan Capehart to write a column condemning them. Most of the petitions get at least couple hundred signatures, as Neo-Nazi websites like help promote them. Full Article

Calling a group trying to stop white genocide "insanely racist" is about as stupid as stupid gets. Intense media brainwashing has obviously had a devastating and powerful effect on the anti-whites, like the author of this article.

Some of the most vicious hate I've ever seen has come from leftists. Raw, vile, jealous, rage and hate. They have an absolute intolerance of any opposing viewpoint. They don't want to debate. They want to shut down the opposition, discredit it, destroy it with violence, if necessary.

"It will be a simple matter for me to produce unrest and revolt in the United States so that these gentry will have their hands full with their own affairs ... We shall soon have storm troopers in America ... we shall have men whom degenerate Yankeedom will not be able to challenge." 

- Adolf Hitler (attributed by Hermann Rauschning, author of Hitler Speaks, a book commissioned by Winston Churchill's media advisor Emery Reves née Rosenbaum (Hungarian Jew) who told Rauschning what he should write in it).