Friday, November 19, 2010

The Anarchists are Still Glorifying Their Criminal Acts on Their Blog.

If an NSM member had thrown or ignited a smoke or incendiary device, they would without a doubt be facing serious felony charges including hate crimes and inciting a riot.

One of the things that struck me as odd was some of the counter demonstrators were yelling stop the violence, while their hooded and masked comrades(anarchists) were engaged in rock throwing. Ironic or should I say, moronic?

I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at what we're dealing with. As I discovered, we are not dealing with real anarchists. These individuals are nothing more than unruly common criminals who cowardly hide behind masks.


Anarchism is a political philosophy which considers the state undesirable, unnecessary, and harmful, and instead promotes a stateless society, or anarchy. It seeks to diminish or even abolish authority in the conduct of human relations. Anarchists may widely disagree on what additional criteria are required in anarchism.

How to be an anarchist

Anarchism is not kids throwing rocks through windows and causing chaos. It is practical, contrary to popular belief. There have been hundreds of thousands of Anarchist societies throughout history - including most indigenous societies. Compared to hierarchical authoritarian societies they typically were and are much more stable and afford their members dramatically higher standards of living. Anarchism is self-organization and direct democracy, created by consent and mutual association, without coercion. It is not mob rule, statism, or tyranny.

Perhaps, these jokers should have read this: “If you live in a society, you still have suffer consequences if you choose not to abide by their rules. Calling cops 'fascist pigs' and throwing rocks at them for no reason doesn't help anyone. Neither does smashing things randomly and spray painting anarchist symbols on small businesses. The only thing you're damaging is the day of the worker who has to clean all that up the next morning.”

They really missed this one: Be polite and humble, but stand strong for your beliefs. People will always listen to your actions, even if they don't hear your words.

According to Wikihow, other requirements for being an anarchist are self discipline and intelligence. I guess we can’t have it all.

More video and music from Saturday's confrontation with the NSM

Many folks from Az have probably seen this video but I thought I'd repost it here for our many readers from out of state. It was shot by local videographer Dennis Gilman who was right in the thick of the action. He got some good footage. I still haven't seen any footage of the Nazis choking when that smoke bomb exploded right in the middle of them. I'd sure like to see some responsibly edited footage of that.

Neo-Nazis Rally For Arizona Immigration Law

Members of the National Socialist Movement were heavily outnumbered by protesters who confronted the Neo-Nazi parade on its way to the federal courthouse. Police arrived in riot gear to separate the two factions, a move that was followed by multiple injuries and the arrests of two protesters who threw rocks at officers.

“Terror in the place of employment, in the factory, in the meeting hall, and on the occasion of mass demonstration will always be successful unless opposed by equal terror.

In that case, to be sure, the other party will cry bloody murder. And though it has long despised authority, it will set up a howling cry for that same authority(to rescue them) and in most cases attain it's actual goal amid the general confusion: it will find some idiot of a high official with the imbecillic hope of propitiating the adversary.…” -- Adolph Hitler, Mein Kampf

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The N.S.M. is Pro-Law Enforcement. Some Good Guys Do Wear Black.

Being on the side of law and order, it’s no surprise that the law enforcement community has sided with the NSM. For the last several months, we have been working together patrolling the desert area north of Mexico. Things are no different out on city streets.

Technically, the N.S.M. is an “N.G.O.”(non-government organization). Unlike the masked hoodlums we encountered on Jefferson St, we promote only legal activities. Saturday’s march was intended to be a peaceful exercise of our First Amendment Constitutional Rights.

This legal march was interrupted by violent criminals. Given the choice, who would the police support? The answer is obvious. Even an idiot could understand why.

Our march Saturday wasn’t much different than civil rights marches back in the 1960’s. Blacks became violent and rioted in the streets. Soon the 1964 Civil Rights Act was passed. Whites are finding themselves in the same situation in the 21st century. Things have turned full circle in less than 50 years. Today, Whites are being attacked instead of blacks.

N.S.M and P.P.D, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

Well, here we are almost a year since January 16th and the latest clash with the National Socialist Movement offers us a perfect lesson that will be hard to ignore. Below you will find photos and video showing without a doubt the level of police collaboration with the NSM. For movement leaders to maintain their relationships with this racist organization in the face of this kind of evidence will be difficult indeed, although we've seen the kinds of political gymnastics they're capable of, so don't rule it out!

While looking at videos of the march and rally, I discovered a video that shows what pepper spray can do when liberally applied to a liberal.

Russell Pearce, and Neo-Nazi Arizona on Video Blast

Phoenix's Michael Moore, videographer Dennis Gilman, braved rocks and industrial-strength pepper spray to bring us his latest video depicting yet another day in state Senate President-elect Russell Pearce's Arizona.

At what point do Nazi rallies and near-riots become commonplace, I wonder? Look for added civil unrest as Pearce rams more anti-poor, anti-immigrant legislation down the collective gullet of Sand Land's populace during the next legislative session.

Our After Party Was a Smashing Success, Too!

We served up beef brisket, corn on the cob, baked beans and Hawaiian rolls. Everybody had a great time and no arrests were made. We did get a couple of noise complaints, so we shut the music down at 1:30AM. The deputies were polite and cordial, as always.

Incident Address:
Time Reported: 22:46
Time Occurred between: 22:42:34 11/13/10 - 22:43:14 11/13/10

Incident Address:
Time Reported: 00:37
Time Occurred between: 00:35:04 11/14/10 - 00:35:04 11/14/10

It must have not been too urgent as a deputy did not respond until 1:30AM, at which time, we shut off the music and sent most of the guests home. On a final note, the fire wasn’t bigger than the house as reported by the complainant. They are exaggerating a little.

"Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost." -- John Quincy Adams

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Press Runs With News of Our Rally in Phoenix, AZ.

The video and story of the National Socialist Movement’s rally in Phoenix on Saturday is still making its’ rounds on all of the local news channels as well as on the internet. I took lots of photos and I will share many of them with you over the coming days.

A couple of months ago, I came up with the idea of marching to the Sandra Day O’Connor US Court House. I thought it would be nice to do it there because the open borders crowd occupied what seemed like the entire block for at least a week while the fate of SB 1070 was decided in court. Of course, I was disappointed with the outcome in court.

I was very pleased that our opponents showed their true colors out on the street Saturday afternoon.

My idea became reality on Saturday. I was pleased to see that the counter protesters acted like uncivilized savage beasts. If you want to be called human, try acting like one. I was actually waiting to see these anarchists start throwing feces like a bunch of apes or baboons.

Anarchists, Nazis and the Battle of 8th and Jefferson

Phoenix-area anarchists earned the right to wear their Zapatista-like bandannas Saturday in a full-on street battle at 8th Avenue and Jefferson, with anarchists and assorted counter-demonstrators on one side, and the Phoenix Police Department and a contingent of neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement members on the other.

Although I cannot condone the throwing of rocks and other objects, neither can I ignore the determination and the fierceness of the fight from the anti-fascist side.

I had the opportunity to catch a glimpse of Steve Lemons try to dodge that pepper spray. He is actually faster than he looks. I believe that his athletic skills are on some video that was aired on Fox 10 News. Nice work Steve!

According to Mr. Lemons, his blue shirt became a riot casualty. I keep extra clothes in my vehicle, too. It pays to be prepared.

Joke of the Day: Phoenix cops banner drop removal FAIL!

Yesterday's wildly successful confrontation with the National Socialist Movement had many highlights and it's hard to pick out just one. Everyone really brought their 'A-game', for sure. The barricades, the rocks raining down on fascists' heads, the smoke bombs, the fact that we held the NSM at a standstill in the street for well over an hour (past the expiration of their original permit)

Our storm troopers, although out numbered, made it to their destination and the rally still went on. They did not stop us. We still exercised our First Amendment rights. All of the speakers, including myself, said what we had to say. Unfortunately, the crowd is too closed minded to shut up and listen. I almost felt sorry for them.

I did notice that many of those that were pepper sprayed didn’t stick around and listen to our speeches.

I find it odd that the anarchists would claim their operation was a success. They should be feeling guilt and shame. Hopefully, these mindless punks will wake up and get a clue, some day before the real fighting begins.

I think those that throw rocks, concrete, nails and bottles at police, women and children are worthy of a free trip to the gallows. They are not my equal and never will be. I could care less what color they are. We will have no place for their kind under National Socialism.

State controlled capitalism is fascism. For example, Obama’s takeover of General Motors.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Reds Riot In Phoenix: NSM Pushes Through! After Action Report: November 13, 2010

On November 13th, 2010, the National Socialist Movement along with supporters marched through Phoenix Arizona to the Sandra Day O’Connor Federal Courthouse in support of the American people and enforcement of immigration laws. This federal courthouse is the infamous courthouse where an activist judge picked apart and impaired Arizona’s SB 1070 Bill that was written to simply enforce federal immigration laws.

After a week of numerous death threats and promises of violence to keep the National Socialist Movement from reaching the federal courthouse, about 60 of our members and supporters hit the streets to begin their march under the fearless leadership of Commander, Jeff Schoep, whom marched in the forward ranks of the group along with Major Wilson. After marching a couple of blocks opposition appeared and rocks along with almost every imaginable object began to rain down on our patriots despite the fact that women and children were marching with them. NSM shields were immediately raised deflecting the deadly barrage of projectiles. The local police briefly halted the march as the savage crowd which hid behind masks increased their attack. Members and supporters of the NSM as well as the police were hit by large rocks, bricks, bottles, and balloons filled with screws and nails and/or motor oil.

The undaunted NSM marchers held their ground and faced the opposition as two police officers were escorted away by fellow officers after being injured by rocks and other objects thrown by the masked cowards. additional police arrived at the scene and proceeded to shoot pepper balls into the lawless crowd. Police attempted to push forward using riot shields and pepper spray as they continued to shoot pepper balls into the unruly masses. The police were unable to advance even though some of the agitators had to retreat due to injuries or from being disoriented from the pepper balls or pepper spray. The majority of the masked cowards were able to regroup keeping the police from making any real advance and preventing the police from gaining full control of the situation.

The valiant members and supporters of the NSM pushed forward despite the advice of local law enforcement and adequate police control of the situation. The NSM pushed through the violent attacks after receiving word that the NSM set-up crew at the courthouse was being targeted and after a female member of the march was struck by a rock. Although a female member of the NSM received a blow to the head she continued to stand strong and continue the march. This bravery and commitment served to further embolden her NSM comrades. The forward NSM set-up crew was invigorated when they met opposition. A group of 20 ragtag misfits hiding behind masks attempted to halt the progress of the crew. One NSM member faced the group alone while two other members continued with set-up operations. The masked misfits moved on after a short confrontation of mostly insults when they realized the single NSM member was determined to stand his ground and defend the vehicle and P.A. equipment. The members of the NSM do not run even if they stand alone.

As the determined NSM march pushed forward the situation escalated into a riot and the number of objects that were launched at NSM marchers and police increased. The rioters threw themselves at police while punching and kicking in a pitiful attempt to run off law enforcement. Several more police officers were helped out of the area by fellow officers after being injured by rocks and bricks thrown by the rioters. Rocks, bricks, and bottles rained down on police cars, buildings, and anything within hundreds of feet of the area where NSM continued to push and fight through. As the NSM march advanced the rioters were forced to pull back. Tear gas grenades that were thrown by police at the rioters were often kicked back at the police and NSM marchers. Many of the police officers were wearing gas masks however not all officers had the masks and these officers as well as the NSM marchers continued to push forward through the gas. At least one member of the media was struck by a rock even though the police had moved the members of the press away from the general area. At this point everyone near the NSM march had inhaled tear gas as it lingered as one massive cloud and police continued to shoot pepper balls into the crowd of rioters and use cans of pepper spray. While rioters and police officers left the scene due to injuries or tear gas inhalation; not a single NSM member or supporter left or retreated even though they had marched through the mayhem being targeted far greater than law enforcement and while outnumbered.

Although the masked cowards had vowed that the NSM march would never reach the courthouse, with the NSM marching forward under a barrage of bricks and stones and through the clouds of tear gas under the leadership of Commander Schoep and Major Wilson, the rioters were forced to retreat for one final stand between 7th AV and 5th AV on Jefferson street. The rioters threw newspaper stands and any object in sight onto Jefferson street to create a road block. Masked cowards set off purple smoke bombs at their road block and the rioters continued to throw objects through the smoke at police and NSM marchers. In the chaos it was hard to determine the total number of rioters. Groups of rioters were also forced to leave do to injuries or inhalation of tear gas. Some estimated the total number of rioters and protesters at around 250.

The final stand by the rioters was a complete failure. The NSM did not pause at the roadblock and reached the courthouse in great victory. Many of the scheduled speakers had inhaled tear gas and endured marching through a riot, however, the victory produced passionate speeches. Unfortunately not all NSM supporters were able to hear the speeches. Some of our supporters were behind police barricades. Our message was delivered to those that marched with us, about 100 counter protesters, and many members of the press. The cowardly masked rioters did not stay for the rally. They left in humiliating defeat after the NSM marchers arrived at the courthouse.

After patriotic speeches and music the NSM concluded their rally. As the marchers prepared for the march back to their vehicles the police requested that the NSM take police buses back to their vehicles instead of marching. The NSM refused and instead asked to face the counter protesters alone. The NSM does not run or hide. The NSM does not need to be shuttled away. The NSM would not accept anything other than marching back. If there would be violence or rioting the NSM would face it head on.

The return march to the parking area was peaceful. All the masked cowards had retreated and were probably at their homes licking their wounds and learning to cope with bruised egos. There were a couple of counter protesters that followed us and yelled the usual profanities. The destruction earlier of private and public property, the injuries to local law enforcement, and the general lawlessness at the hands of rioters was grossly disturbing as the NSM marched in defense of law and order. The NSM celebrates the victory of reaching the courthouse despite being outnumbered by a group that swore that the NSM would never set foot near it, and the victory of having cowards display their true nature. These pathetic masked rioters showed that they not only desire to see immigration laws ignored and never enforced, but that they are willing to break laws when a patriotic group marches in favor of law and order.

When the NSM and their supporters left the courthouse their day had been adventurous but it was not over. Comrades enjoyed a great dinner and ceremonies which included a swastika lighting. The NSM would like to thank all of their members and the members of the White Knights of Arizona for attending and contributing to another victory for Whites.

MSgt. Jeff Hall
NSM Region 11 Director

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Saturday’s NSM Rally in Phoenix, AZ Turns Into a Riot.

I spent most of Saturday in downtown Phoenix attending the National Socialist Movement’s rally at the Sandra Day O’Connor US Court House. I was also a guest speaker at this event. As it should happen, this was also my first public speech.

The purpose of this political demonstration was to protest the butchering of immigration law SB-1070 by an open borders activist posing as a federal judge. Some 70% of Arizonans support tough immigration laws and the securing of the Mexican border.

NSM Rally in Phoenix, Saturday, November 13, 2010

For the second year in a row, the National Socialist Movement held a rally in downtown Phoenix.

This rally is in support of American citizens who desire the harmony, tranquility, orderliness, and the economic stability that arises from secure borders and enforcement of immigration laws. This rally will be a protest against the butchering of Arizona’s SB 1070 and the lawlessness produced by politicians and activist judges that refuse to safeguard our nation and secure our borders.
The blood of innocent Americans stains the hands of these Judges and politicians. Illegal aliens not only create unfair competition for unemployed Americans seeking work, but also create a far more devastating impact on our culture and society. Reports have shown that illegal immigration costs tax payers approximately 20 billion a year, 13 Americans are killed daily by illegal alien drunk drivers, 12 Americans are murdered daily by illegal aliens, and 8 American children become victims of sex crimes at the hands of illegal aliens daily!

Neo-Nazi march interrupted by riot in downtown Phoenix

PHOENIX - Two people were arrested and more than a hundred protesters were separated by police Saturday in downtown Phoenix.

Dane Edward Rossman, 23, and Bryan Wayne Reavely, 24, were arrested for throwing rocks at police officers at the National Socialist Movement march, according to Sgt. Tommy Thompson with the Phoenix Police Department.

These lawless criminals threw rocks and nails at women and children during this legal march. Police officers were also injured. It pleased me to see these “anarchists” running down Jefferson St. in an attempt to avoid further gassings by the police.

I was standing next to some US Marshal’s and Department of Homeland Security officers when a dark skinned man walked up and stopped. He was suffering from the effects of being exposed to pepper spray.

I briefly spoke with the man and joked about the severe fall allergies this season. He smiled for a moment until he noticed the Nazi War Eagle on my hat. The next thing he said was, “Fuck you!” and he walked away after I politely told him to have a good afternoon.

Neo-Nazi NSM Invades Phoenix November 13: Wanna Do Battle? Why, Send in the Clowns

You anarchists are enraged at the sight of your natural enemies, but you're held back by the bulls. You perceive the cops as protecting the Nazis, and transfer your hostility to them. And as you don't like cops already, and as the cops are within easy reach...well, you see how this goes.

Of course, that's exactly what the Nazis want, so they can portray themselves as upstanding law-abiding citizens set upon by an angry mob.

A pair of young women walked by and made some rude comments as well. We even saw some people dressed up like clowns.

I will post more in the coming days.

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