Saturday, October 2, 2010

NSM-AZ does the Tempe Oktoberfest. . . Or should I say, “freakfest”?

The Tempe Oktoberfest was almost like going to a freak show. It was all about making money. Nationwide Insurance, DirecTV and other large and excessively greedy corporations had booths set up there. Perhaps, if I look, I might find a more authentic festival in Mexico. The intense commercialization really turned me off. I had trouble walking along without somebody trying to push stuff I didn't want.

Several NSM members, supporters and myself ventured off to Tempe for the Oktoberfest at the Tempe Town Lake(currently, "mud hole" until re-filled) after meeting up an Irish pub in Phoenix. It was not the sort of Oktoberfest I would have expected. There was quite a bit of diversity for what was once a primarily German festival. The pictures I took really speak volumes.

The band played disco, they served Mexican food and I could go on all night. Very little was traditional Oktoberfest. Multiculturalism and diversity is destroying our European heritage and traditions at an incredibly alarming rate. Of course, this disgusts and disappoints me. The only truly German attraction I saw was the polka band. That was it!

This was the first Oktoberfest I attended since visiting the one at Bush Gardens in Williamsburg, VA during 1979. Yes, it’s been a while.

A little Oktoberfest history. . .

The original "Oktoberfest" occurred in Munich, on October 12, 1810. For the public commemoration of their marriage that took place five days before, Crown Prince Ludwig (later King Ludwig I) and Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen (namesake of the Theresienwiese festival grounds) organized a great horse race. The event was so successful that it was decided to renew it in 1811.

Oktoberfest history - the fest through the ages

The first Oktoberfest opening procession took place in 1887. Towards the end of the 19th century someone had the great idea of bringing the fest forward a little to take advantage of the friendlier weather.

But it’s still known as Oktoberfest, of course, even though most of it takes place in September. The maze of small stands gave way to large beer tents in 1896.

From what I just read, things have changed way too much. The black guy with the very nappy hair, manning the BBQ made me think of those Mill AV street people that are running for public office on the Green Party Ticket. One look at him completely killed my appetite. People that handle food, should at least be able to pass for human. Although, Mill AV was right around the corner, we didn’t' see any "Bierleichen" (German for "beer corpses").

On the way out, we did encounter an “antifa”, with a dirty green bag slung over his shoulder. He was passing out flyers for a band called “Fuel”. Oddly, the name “New Times” appeared on the flyer. We’ll probably see him counter protesting us at our upcoming rally in November. He’ll be wearing a black hoodie and mask while shouting obscenities at us.

" ... The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a Conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst." --SPQD Senatus Populusque Dixieland

Friday, October 1, 2010

Adios: Rick Sanchez, Fired from CNN. . .Har! Har! Har!

I was rather pleased when I heard this news. Anyone that can still be on the air after plowing over people while driving drunk and fleeing the scene of the collision, is still beyond my comprehension. Especially, on a national level such as CNN. Hell, I wouldn't let him wash cars.

Sanchez invited me to an interview under completely false pretenses. It turned out to be what I call an “ambush” interview. Throughout the interview I forced myself to bite my tongue about his driving skills while under the influence of alcohol. Looking back, I really should have said something. He had it coming. I’d like to think I’m whiter than that though.

Rick Sanchez "Names The Jew" On Pete Dominick's "Stand Up" Show, Gets Fired From CNN: Any More Doubts About Jewish Media Domination?

Rick Sanchez is certainly no friend of the White community, particularly racialist Whites. Back on July 22nd, 2010, he conducted a biased and hostile interview with NSM activist Harry Hughes, who was attempting to explain his participation in J.T. Ready's Border Guard operation down in Arizona and educate the public on the facts. Thus the purpose of this post is NOT to evoke any sympathy for Rick Sanchez, but to further expose Jewish domination of the mass media in the United States and its effects. In December 2008, L.A. Times Jewish columnist Joel Stein openly acknowledged and celebrated Jewish domination of the entertainment industry in Hollywood.

Despite speaking the truth, Sanchez really put his foot in his mouth. . .

“Yeah,” Sanchez snickered sarcastically at the idea that Jews are as much minorities as Latinos in the US.

"Very powerless people… [snickers] He’s such a minority, I mean, you know [sarcastically]… Please, what are you kidding? … I’m telling you that everybody who runs CNN is a lot like Stewart, and a lot of people who run all the other networks are a lot like Stewart, and to imply that somehow they — the people in this country who are Jewish — are an oppressed minority? Yeah." [sarcastically]

That’s right, CNN anchor Rick Sanchez basically suggested that Jews have run the media.

Pete asked, “They can’t relate to that? A Jewish person doesn’t have a constant fear in the back of their head that we could [inaudible] the Holocaust?”

“I think his father could,” Sanchez replied, referring to Stewart.

“I think every Jewish person feels that way,” Pete said.

“I hope so,” Sanchez responded.

Sanchez also suggested Jews in general, at least of his generation or younger, are not discriminated against, though they might hear the occasional Jew joke now and again.

"I grew up not speaking English, dealing with real prejudice every day as a kid; watching my dad work in a factory, wash dishes, drive a truck, get spit on. I’ve been told that I can’t do certain things in life simply because I was a Hispanic. My friends who are black, I’ve seen that with them; I’ve seen that with a lot of minorities. I can’t really think — although I understand the plight of Jews, and all the experiences, and the things that have happened historically for them — but I can’t say that my buddy Glen or my buddy Izzy who I grew up with in South Florida ever were prejudiced against directly simply because they were Jewish. There may have been jokes around them or about other things, but it’s kinda — you know what I’m saying, it’s kind of a different thing".

“No, I don’t,” Pete replied.

“I can’t see somebody not getting a job somewhere because they’re Jewish,” Sanchez added.

Rick Sanchez in hot water for proclaiming... "Jews run CNN and the entire media" (true)

"Jews are not an oppressed minority but a powerful and wealthy and successful population. It would be crazy to say they are victims. The Jews have much of the power in the media and have plenty of power else where to never have to face the stuff other ethnic-groups in America have and still face."

CNN issued a statement that Sanchez was no longer with the network. It couldn't happen to a nicer guy. I wonder what he'll do next.

My previous blog:

“You're not the car you drive. You're not the contents of your wallet. You're not your fucking khakis. You're the all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world.” --Tyler Durden

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Maricopa, AZ: Little Caesar’s Grand Opening. . . I happened into a free pizza.

Today was the grand opening for Little Caesar’s Pizza along John Wayne Parkway in Maricopa, AZ. Maricopa already has somewhere from 8-12 places where pizza is served. I guess we needed one more. Normally, I tend to avoid food that is not prepared by myself as I’m all too aware of the fact the a variety of degenerates work in the food service industry. I decided to take the risk and make an appearance as I had nothing else on my agenda.

Upon my arrival, I saw colored balloons, a small crowd of people including the mayor and city council members and a vagrant looting the clothing donation box out in the parking lot. I walked right up to this smelly bum and started taking pictures. He never bothered to look up until I was only a couple of feet away. I definitely caught him off guard and he made a quick exit.

I returned to the store front and made contact with the mayor and shook his hand. A small crowd had assembled and were preparing to cut a red ribbon with giant scissors.

News & Notes – September 28th, 2010

Little Caesar’s Pizza will celebrate their Grand Opening in Maricopa tomorrow with free food and a ribbon-cutting ceremony from 10:00 to 11:00 am. Little Caesar’s is located at 20800 North John Wayne Parkway, Suite #106, in the south end of the Maricopa Fiesta Center, near Arena Sports Grill.

After the ribbon cutting, I mingled with a number of city council members. I spoke with a few of them about my anti-smuggling and illegal immigration patrols in the desert not too far from town.

Soon, we made our way over to the Little Caesar’s Love kitchen which is housed in a tractor trailer rig. Pizzas were handed out to city council members and I somehow managed to get one. With free food in hand, I decided that it was about time for us to go home and have lunch. We enjoyed a tasty meal. Booger and Bailey also got some.

We are slaves to their taxes, we are subjects of their "law", we cannot speak freely (the 1st Amendment is a distant memory), we cannot defend our lives to the best of our ability (think you still have your 2nd Amendment rights intact?), and we most certainly will not be "granted" any of our freedoms by an enemy who wishes to destroy us. We will have to TAKE our freedom back by force or we will NEVER know it again.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Media Keeps Covering Our Border Operations. . . Law Enforcement Mellows Out


After conducting illegal immigration and drug smuggling patrols throughout Arizona this summer, our critics appear to be backing off a bit. We have demonstrated that we can conduct ourselves in a professional manner. To date, there have been no negative incidents involving our people out in the field.

This just goes to show what a few motivated individuals can do. All it takes is initiative.

Officials wary as militia groups tout freelance desert patrols

Outdoor enthusiasts for years have been drawn to the Sonoran Desert National
Monument to explore its wildlife and arid beauty.

These days, however, posted signs warn that visiting the area may come at a
cost: "Travel caution - smuggling and illegal immigration may be encountered in
this area."

That doesn't sit well with Harry Hughes. Slideshow

Bigger things are on the horizon this fall. . .

NSM to rally in Arizona: Nov. 13th: Be there!

November - One voice, America’s voice, in Phoenix!

As the National Socialist Movement continues our campaign to reclaim the Southwest we are pleased to announce our return to Phoenix Arizona, November 13th, 2010. The NSM will March to the Sandra Day O’Connor U.S. District Court of Arizona at 401 W. Washington St. Phoenix Arizona, 85003.
The march will begin just after 1pm and we will arrive at the Federal Court Building at 2pm. Speeches by our national and regional leadership, including Commander Schoep, are scheduled to last one hour. Following the rally, we will enjoy ceremonies, festivities, and a dinner at a private location.

This rally is in support of American citizens who desire the harmony, tranquility, orderliness, and the economic stability that arises from secure borders and enforcement of immigration laws. This rally will be a protest against the butchering of Arizona’s SB 1070 and the lawlessness produced by politicians and activist judges that refuse to safeguard our nation and secure our borders. The blood of innocent Americans stains the hands of these Judges and politicians. Illegal aliens not only create unfair competition for unemployed Americans seeking work, but also create a far more devastating impact on our culture and society.
Reports have shown that illegal immigration costs tax payers approximately 20 billion a year, 13 Americans are killed daily by illegal alien drunk drivers, 12 Americans are murdered daily by illegal aliens, and 8 American children become victims of sex crimes at the hands of illegal aliens daily!

The National Socialist Movement has a long history of hosting rallies that demand strong enforcement of existing immigration laws and that promote nationalism. Our commitment to a safe and secure nation is also found in our actions at the Southern border where we lead patrols through the deserts.
We invite our allies and supporters to attend this rally at the Sandra Day O’Connor U. S. Court House in Phoenix to join the collective voice of Americans who desire a secure nation.

For more information contact
Jeff Hall at 619-300-8743

SS MSgt. Jeff Hall
NSM Region 11 Director

And yet this week there have been news stories about American embassies worldwide preparing for the aftermath of the Koran burning in Florida. Political, social, law enforcement and even military leaders have spoken out of their fears of this event and what might follow.

All because of the single, LEGAL, act of a lone man.