Thursday, December 15, 2016

Fake News: That "evil" US Border Patrol has weaponized the Mexican border to kill illegal aliens violating US sovereignty

Actually, a reporter, from Guardian UK, called me from Nogales (supposedly) and talked about about coming out to see our border operation in the Sonoran Desert National Monument. For whatever reason, he never confirmed a date or made any attempt to come out and see exactly what we do. After all, his story was only going one way and the open borders agenda was already set in stone. 

I'm thinking he was drunk in some Nogales motel, when the disinformation campaign and ridiculous fake news. was launched. Of course, that is only my opinion. A true journalist would have been interested in seeing what we really do. To hacks, like Rory Carrol, the "immigrant" that seeks job washing dishes is exactly the same as the cartel member that dismembers and decapitates his rivals, in order to dominate their corner of the narcotics trade.

I also have much difficulty in explaining the difference between illegal alien and drug mule to these foreign journalists. To them, they're all poor immigrants seeking a better life. Keep in mind, drug mules are the focus of our patrols and they do not stay in the United States. Many of them promptly return to Mexico, in order they pick up another load to smuggle across the border. Illegal Aliens and transnational criminals, employed by a drug cartel are two entirely different things. Sadly, the controlled media refuses to be honest, as their agenda trumps the truth (No pun intended). 

The federal agency that handles deportations spent more than $100 million of its money over the last few years to ferry illegal immigrant children around the U.S., according to calculations by a watchdog group that says the cash could have been better spent on enforcement. Government figures obtained by the Immigration Reform Law Institute through an open records request show Immigration and Customs Enforcement spent an average of $665 per juvenile in 2014, with most of that going to the cost of airplane flights to shuttle the children among government agencies, to relatives here in the U.S. or back to their home countries — if they’re deported. WT

US Border Patrol uses desert as ‘weapon’ to kill thousands of migrants, report says

The agency blamed deaths on smugglers. “Smugglers lie, telling their ‘customers’ their passage will be safe, but in reality, the terrain is treacherous and the conditions are extreme. “Everybody knows where the checkpoints are. It’s window dressing,” said Harry Hughes, who said he had just returned from the field, monitoring cartel scouts. He doubted Trump would change much. “Congress writes the checks.” Guardian

Breitbart Texas Managing Director Brandon Darby concluded that “by intentionally using the term ‘immigrant,’ Trump’s detractors battle a strawman. They cite studies focused on all immigrants, not just illegal aliens who enter the U.S. secretly and illegally. They mix statistics from legal immigrants with the far-fewer number of illegal aliens in the United States, causing the crime numbers to look better for illegal aliens.” BreitbartTX

How Breitbart and the conservative right opened a new front in the war over fake news

The Trump-supporting website has accused Guardian US of reporting ‘fake news’ about illegal immigration. Here, we set out the facts behind the original article. Breitbart faults the Guardian for using the oft-cited statistic that the Obama administration deported a record 2.5 million people, saying this is misleading or inaccurate because authorities have “inflated” the number by including a category of border crosser which used to be counted as “returned” rather than formally deported. GuardianUK

What the biased propagandists posing as journalist fail to acknowledge is the simple fact that anyone that unlawfully crosses our border and flees from law enforcement officers is solely responsible for the fate they might face. If a criminal runs from the police, falls, splits his/her head open and dies, it's only because the alleged offender made a choice to run. They could have easily stopped and lived to tell their story, in a court of law. Tit for Tat BreitbartTX

Time To Rescind 1965 Immigration Reform Act

In 1965, our ‘Captain’ Lyndon B. Johnson along with helmsman Senator Teddy Kennedy, Jacob Javitz and Howard Metzenbaum drove America into an iceberg of massive, unrestricted immigration that opened up the flood gates with the “Immigration Reform Act.” At first, the flow of one million immigrants annually wasn’t noticed. We were benevolent. We lived in a big country with only 194,000,000 (million) people. We enjoyed plenty of room and resources. CHO

QUOTE: "Any culture that will not defend itself against displacement through mass immigration faces extinction. That includes both time-tested and successful cultures. Embracing diversity results in cultural suicide. America’s multicultural path guarantees its destruction via cultural clashes and conflict with Islam, Mexican and African cultures that diametrically oppose American culture. The more diverse a country, the more destructive and broken-down its future. The more people, the more it destroys its quality of life and standard of living. The more it adds immigrants, the more destruction to its environment. The more it imports refugees, the faster America, Canada, Europe and Australia lose their own ability to function and worse, their identities. Exponential growth of any civilization leads to ultimate collapse. You see it in Africa, India and China today. You will see it in Europe, Canada, Australia and America in the coming years, “IF" Western countries don't stop all forms of immigration.“ -Frosty Wooldridge, 6 continent world bicycle traveler

R.I.P. Brian Terry E.O.W. 12-14-2010

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Four days before the Presidential election, the National Socialist Movement Rally, Harrisburg

On Saturday, November 5, 2016, despite many threats of violence, from the far left, the National Socialist Movement, along with comrades from the Traditionalist Workers Party, Texas Rebel Knights and others, flying under the unifying banner of the Nationalist Front (formerly Aryan Nationalist Alliance), conducted a rally on the steps of the State Capitol in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. 

Although this rally took place only four days ahead of the controversial and highly publicized US presidential election, it was our annual national event that normally takes place on or around the first week of November. Whether it be an election or Kristallnacht , the media desperately tries to spin the timing of our events. Video

Initially, our rally was not going to have a police presence, but the antifascists, self proclaimed anarchists and Communists assembled, by the hundreds, on the street adjacent to the Capitol steps. Upon our arrival, there were approximately 100 police officers, many clad in armor and tactical gear, from various law enforcement agencies, including the Pennsylvania State Police. The main stream media labeled these miscreants as "peaceful protesters," but they hurled eggs and bottles at the police, while setting off fireworks in close proximity to horse mounted officers. 

Typically, the police are present for the protection of the counter demonstrators. True to form, it was the degenerates, on the other side of the barricades, that became unruly. From what we sat, from the Capitol steps, two people were taken into custody and hauled off to jail. It's not uncommon to watch these protesters fight among themselves.

With the presidential election only days away, reporters from around the country and World were present. Commander Jeff Schoep highlighted the political corruption that infests, both, the Republican and Democratic parties. This rally also marked the official re-branding of the rapidly growing Aryan Nationalist Alliance, into the "Nationalist Front." The purpose of this transition is to make our organization(s) more inclusive. 

As the Globalist Movement draws to a close, the rise of nationalism in the United States and across Europe, brings us to a time, where unification and cooperation among our respective groups becomes one of our highest priorities. The days of a "silenced" White America are over, as people are removing their blinders of political correctness. Video

Although the controlled media attempted to brand the NSM/NF with the "hate group" moniker, comments on numerous social media sites were far more critical of the counter protesters, who were supposedly opposed to hatred and bigotry. After all, they were the ones actually spewing hateful rhetoric, while holding signs advocating violence and death. The public is finally seeing through the smoke screen and lies of the corrupt and biased propagandists, posing as journalists. 

Once the speakers were finished and our rally drew to a close, we took our obligatory group photo on the Capitol steps, broke down our PA gear and formed up a column. Some of the more violent and radicalized protesters attempted to flank our ranks, as we made the quarter mile march to our staging area, at a nearby parking garage. Without incident, we departed downtown Harrisburg and returned to our hotel. That evening, we enjoyed conversation, camaraderie and food. NSM

On top of a successful rally and cooperative weather, I enjoyed my week in Pennsylvania. During my stay, I visited the Flight 93 Memorial (near Shanksville), the World famous Horseshoe Curve, the Johnstown Flood  National Memorial and the Allegheny Portage Railroad National Historic Site. No trip to western Pennsylvania would be complete, without visiting a few roadside diners and enjoying some good eats.

Neo-Nazis hold rally at Penn. Capitol, draw hundreds of counter-protesters

The Neo- Nazi group was out there to ask people to open their minds to its ideals, “We have an alternate. We want to encourage third party activity in this country and it should be more than a two party monopoly, which is what I’m going to call it.” said Hughes. CBS

National Socialist Movement rally brings out protestors and peaceful opposition to Harrisburg

Jeff Schoep, the commander of the National Socialist Movement, said, "We want to stem the tide of illegal immigration. We want to get people politically active and politically astute. Get them out there. And obviously grow our organization." Fox43

My flight back to Arizona was on Election Day and this was intentionally planned. The last thing I wanted was to be somewhere, within ear shot of anything political. I hear enough of that, all week. From Pittsburgh to Houston and off to Phoenix, my flights were relaxing and peaceful. Luckily, there were no disruptive passengers requiring forced removal, this time. 

After claiming my bags and negotiating a two hour traffic jam through Phoenix, I arrived home, at about the same time the polls were closing. At this time, most would be ready to call it a night, but not me. The NSM Media Radio Network went live, covering the election, as the ballots were counted. I was part of the discussion, up until well past midnight, when we decided to call the election. The rest is history.

From William Penn... "Governments, like clocks, go from the motions men give them, and as governments are made and moved by men, so by them are they ruined too. Wherefore governments rather depend upon men than men upon governments." (From preface to the Frame of Government of Pennsylvania, 1682) 

They're not laughing, anymore.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Hey, if you want less traffic, less garbage and cleaner air, secure those borders and remove illegal aliens

Our week-long blockading border operation has concluded, without major incident. Volunteers from Massachusetts, Iowa, Florida, California and my own neighborhood participated in a "camp-out" intended to prevent drug and human smugglers from using a series of well known trails that pass through the Sonoran Desert National Monument and terminate at Interstate 8. During that time, we observed a heavier than usual law enforcement presence. 

During our “stake out,” we actually speculated that the heavy LEO activity was intended to monitor our operation, rather than pursue drug and human smugglers. The Border Patrol brought in a surveillance vehicle, with a retractable tower, each night, shortly after dark. Each morning, before sunrise, they would sneak it out of the area. During the daylight hours, an unmarked truck, bearing DHS licenses plates, would drive by our position. We even had a visit from the Arizona Department of Public Safety's Gang Task Force. All of our law enforcement contact was cordial and pleasant. Video 

Thursday on Fox New Channel’s “America’s Election HQ,” Pinal Co., AZ Sheriff Paul Babeu said Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is making “illegals and refugees” a priority and “not Americans.” Babeu said, “I can tell you that Donald Trump was very clear as he always has been about a secure border, about this novel concept of enforcing the law for immigration, which is not happening now. Breitbart

Agent’s assault rifle at checkpoint raises alarm

Robert Kimball said he was shocked when he rolled up at the Border Patrol checkpoint near Sonoita on Wednesday morning to the sight of an agent toting a large military-style gun. “I drove up and the guy that’s standing there two feet from my window has an assault rifle, a big, black assault rifle strapped across chest,” he said. More

On one of my recent trips through a Border Patrol checkpoint, while traveling to Sasabe, AZ, the friendly agent told me that I had a nice looking rifle, as he peered into the vehicle. We were both armed, and all was well. Some people are way too easily triggered. There was no need for alarm. I suspect Robert Kimball is suffering from PTSD, due to his lack of testicular fortitude. 

Pennsylvania Sends Thousands Of Illegal Immigrants And Non-Citizens Voter Registration Cards

Pennsylvania sent 2.5 million voter registration forms out to its registered drivers who had not yet registered to vote to implore them to sign up to cast their ballot in November. Many of those who received the registration cards turned out to not be American citizens, and therefore, are ineligible to vote. With the threat of voter fraud high, critics are furious that the state was so quick to issue registration cards without taking the time to properly verify the citizenship of the recipients. AMN

Don't get too excited, Arizonans. Historically, smuggling is a generational thing, along the Arizona - Mexico border. During the Wyatt Earp days of Tombstone, narcotics were quite popular and they were brought in from Mexico. During alcohol prohibition, smuggling also took place. The legalization/regulation of marijuana will have little affect on overall smuggling, as the drug cartels have already anticipated this move and diversified their interests to make up for any losses in revenue. The heroin epidemic, across this country, should give most people a general idea of how that's working. 

Five states will vote Nov. 8 on whether to allow recreational pot, including Arizona and California, the first two border states to consider the idea. If Arizona's ballot measure passes, pot shops would soon arise in a place that has long been a center of drug smuggling. In cities such as Nogales, smugglers are seen almost daily scaling the border fence with backpacks of weed. DM

A nation, with open borders and uncontrolled immigration... It will be a ‘new America’ but it will no longer be the United States of America. It’s coming as surely as the dawn. Take a look at Los Angeles. Over 100 languages dominate its school systems. Millions of kids subsist off food stamps, free breakfasts and lunches and Section 8 Housing—all paid for by American taxpayers. More

Lawsuit Charges Environmental Impacts of High Legal, Illegal Immigration Ignored

(Of course, it makes perfect sense.)The plaintiffs charge that the failure to abide by NEPA has “harmed and overwhelmed” communities with: “damage to air quality; increasing urban sprawl; increasing demand for water; increasing water pollution; exacerbated traffic congestion; school overcrowding; loss of green space, farmland, forests and wildlife; and other non-renewable resources." 

Moreover, they argue, massive illegal immigration has caused: “the destruction of native species and habitats by trampling over the native vegetation; garbage dumping on a massive scale; water pollution; fires for the purposes of heat, cooking, or to distract Border Patrol agents (many of which turn out of control and destroy vast swaths of naive land); not to mention the destruction of property, livestock, and the peaceful enjoyment of personal property.” NumbersUSA 

“Society will develop a new kind of servitude which covers the surface of society with a network of complicated rules, through which the most original minds and the most energetic characters cannot penetrate. It does not tyrannise but it compresses, enervates, extinguishes, and stupefies a people, till each nation is reduced to nothing better than a flock of timid and industrious animals, of which the government is the shepherd.” ― Alexis de Tocqueville 

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Are we headed for war? The Globalist masters are frothing at the mouth, praying for war...

“Diversity within a nation destroys unity and leads to civil wars,” said social scientist Garret Hardin. “Immigration, a benefit during the youth of a nation, can act as a disease in its mature state. Too much internal diversity in large nations has led to violence and disintegration. We are now in the process of destabilizing our own country. The magic words of destabilizers are ‘diversity’ and ‘multiculturalism’.”

Finally, Americans are beginning to realize what massive non-White immigration will bring to them. Our culture is rapidly being destroyed. Our religious beliefs are ridiculed. Our ancestors and heroes are reviled. Our cities are becoming too dangerous for White families to live in or even visit. White Americans are becoming a hated, discriminated against minority in what used to be their nation. Why is diversity and "tolerance" a one way street?

Occupy Wall Street was right about the 1%. To a person of at least normal intelligence, this obviously isn't a battle between left and right, any longer. This is a battle between the "Globalist 1%'ers," who infest both parties. They want their rape of the United States and it's citizens to continue, via open borders that drive down wages, while raising prices and the continuation of shipping businesses (and jobs) overseas, in order to squeeze that last penny of profit, as they literally gut this country and it's people. These New World Order Globalists present a real threat to freedom and liberty. Just remember, the destroyers of your society, from within, don't care about truth, arguments or your lives. 

Obama Says it’s Time to Give up Liberty and SUBMIT to World Government

In stark contrast to founding father Benjamin Franklin, who uttered the famous words, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety,” Obama called on Americans to give up more liberty for security. He then added that “powerful nations” like the United States must give up their autonomy to realize security. More

And this is what Hillary Clinton want to do to our soon to be “former sovereign nation”... “My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders, some time in the future with energy that is as green and sustainable as we can get it, powering growth and opportunity for every person in the hemisphere.” [05162013 Remarks to Banco Itau.doc, p. 28] More

A “two-faced” Hillary Clinton said it was necessary to hold distinct “public” and “private” positions on issues... While campaigning for the presidency, Clinton has opposed the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade agreement after previously backing it, and critics have accused her of switching sides for political convenience. DC

‘Border Patrol Has Been Turned Into Glorified Walmart Greeters’

On Friday’s broadcast of the Fox Business Network’s “Risk & Reward,” Shawn Moran, the Vice President of the National Border Patrol Council, which has endorsed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump (although Moran has said he doesn’t have a personal opinion on the race) stated, ” “The Border Patrol has been turned into glorified Walmart greeters, and unfortunately, we are not being allowed to do our job.” And “We estimate that maybe we catch one out of three overall, but DHS likes to mess with the numbers, and use these complicated metrics.” Breitbart

Hillary Clinton is an extreme globalist. She not only embraces the globalist mentality but she actually wants to end the U.S. as we know it and replace it with a “Hemispheric Government.” No wonder Angela Merkel is her “favorite leader.” Clinton wants to turn the United States into Germany – or worse. More

Genocidal Kaufman and Hooton Plans for Germany, became the Reality for all of Western Europe

Why is it necessary to totally destroy beyond repair the racial and cultural makeup of an entire continent and race of people? It wasn’t just German nationalism that the Jews feared and wanted to destroy. It was European nationalism, it was the European collective racial identity, that they wanted to destroy, the in-group identification that Europeans had within their own nations which kept them immune from Jewish infiltration. SCM

With everything at stake in terms of war with Russia, replacement-level immigration, and capitulation to black criminality, anyone who cares about Trump’s kissy grabby comments is brain dead and needs to be shamed as a cuckold traitor. Especially when Hillary’s own past is so sordid and evil. Dr. Patrick Slattery

Russia Is Certainly Preparing For A Nuclear War With The United States

After months of speculation whether the US would officially accuse Russia of being responsible for various intrusions and hacks, primarily involving the Democratic party, moments ago we finally got the long-anticipated confirmation when the US named Russia as the actor behind the hacking attempts on political organizations and, more importantly, state election systems and accused Putin of carrying out a wide-ranging campaign to interfere with the 2016 elections, including by hacking the computers of the Democratic National Committee and other political officials. More

“It’s called the power of unification – 2nd Amendment people have amazing spirit and are tremendously unified, which gives them great political power. And this year, they will be voting in record numbers, and it won’t be for Hillary Clinton, it will be for Donald Trump.” -Jason Miller, Donald Trump's senior communications adviser CBSNY

Hillary Tells Bankers: My Dream Is Open Borders

Thursday, September 15, 2016

On November 5, 2016, The National Socialist Movement is coming to Harrisburg, PA

Rich in historic lore, Pennsylvania territory was disputed in the early 1600's among the Dutch, the Swedes, and the English. England acquired the region in 1664 with the capture of New York, and in 1681 Pennsylvania was granted to William Penn, a Quaker, by King Charles II. More My German ancestors arrived in Pennsylvania in 1732. A state having a long history of rebellions, including the American Revolution, Whiskey Rebellion, Molly Maguires, Pinkerton Riots and many others, it only seemed natural that I would get involved in a political organization that looked to revolt against "the establishment." and Globalist Movement.

Already, two months in front of our scheduled rally date, we have antifa organizing, what will likely be, violent resistance... Remember, Remember…on November 5th, the National Socialist Movement (NSM), one of the largest Neo-Nazi and white nationalist organizations in the US will attempt to hold a rally at the State Capitol of Pennsylvania, in the City of Harrisburg. The NSM is calling on their supporters to arrive at 2:00 pm, we are asking people to be there at 1:00 pm. IGD

Keep in mind, these are not "counter protests" or "peaceful demonstrations," but organized attempts at using violence and intimidation to suppress our Constitutional Rights, under the First Amendment. As usual, these attacks will be premeditated and organized, well in advance. FB Time and again, these attempts to stop the the Pro-White Movement have ended badly for these so called "anti-fascists." Earlier this year, violent mobs of Communist agitators attacked the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan at Pearson Park in Anaheim, CA LAT and the Traditionalist Workers Party, at the State Capitol in Sacramento, CA. KDRV NYT Don't forget, these so called "social justice warriors" don't give two shits about your civil rights and want to kill you. That's a fact. 

In both instances, our comrades were grossly outnumbered, but managed to turn their attackers' weapons against them, putting a number of them in the hospital. That's right! Both times, our people were attacked with knives, clubs, rocks and bottles. This is how the Marxists, Communists, SJW's and Lumpenproletariat act. It's always with violence, because they're intellectually incapable of countering our arguments with ideas or using words. The National Socialist Movement never initiates violence, but we will defend ourselves, when attacked. NSM Promo Video

The number of hate groups in Pennsylvania rose to 40 last year, up from 38 the year before, according to a recent report by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Among the 40 active hate groups in Pennsylvania, the SPLC listed six as being in the Philadelphia area, including the Maryland-based Traditional Rebel Knights of the Ku Klux Klan and the Harrisburg-based Keystone State Skinheads, now Keystone United. Philly

Why Democrats in Western Pennsylvania Are Voting Trump

But the energy industry has noticed. “This kind of endeavor is terrifically impactful with voters,” said Ron Sicchitano, the Democratic Party’s chairman here in Washington County. “I’ve got to hand it to them.” Sicchitano, a coal miner, says anti-coal statements by President Barack Obama and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton have had a “tremendously devastating” impact on voters in a county that has been reliably Democratic in the past. Atlantic 

Going back to the 1970's, Pennsylvania has suffered from economic problems, stemming from off-shoring industry and our nation's failed trade policies. Once the coal mines and steel mills were shuttered, the population declined. In the "post-industrial" era, many people scrape to survive, while much of the state is in one of the worst heroin epidemics, ever. 

Report Finds Wage Stagnation And Decline Across Pennsylvania

This is according to the left-leaning Keystone Research Center's annual report, The State of Working Pennsylvania, found that white men without college degrees earn $5.31/hour less than they did in 1980. (All numbers have been adjusted for inflation.) African-American men without college degrees saw a decline of $5.17/hour. Since African-American men earn less than white men overall, that represents a larger percent wage decline. WPSU 

Sadly, labor unions advised their members to vote against their best interests, further selling them down the river. We, in the NSM, want to change this negative trend and follow a nationalistic "America First" policy. Of course, the delusional left only sees our best interests as bigoted and racist. 

"Nothing does reason more right, than the coolness of those that offer it: For Truth often suffers more by the heat of its defenders, than from the arguments of its opposers." -William Penn

Deplorables: Hillary Clinton Terrorized By Cartoon Frogs

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Surviving the remnants of Hurricane Newton & our continued anti-smuggling patrols

Hurricane Newton made landfall early Tuesday morning near Cabo San Lucas, Mexico as a high-end Category 1 hurricane, and will eventually spread remnant moisture to parts of the U.S. Desert Southwest. Parts of Arizona and far western New Mexico, including Tucson, Arizona, could pick up one to three inches of rain from Wednesday night into Thursday night. Some locations may see as much as 5 inches in localized heavy downpours. Weather

Following Donald Trump's visit to Mexico City, he arrived in Phoenix to deliver a speech, including a ten point immigration plan. This plan will not require the passage of a labyrinth of new laws, as most of his points were already included in statutes, already on the books. Enforcement would require the dismissal and replacement of appointees from the current administration, with law abiding officials possessing the motivation to adhere to our nation's laws. 

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump brought the parents of young Americans killed by illegal aliens onstage with him during his immigration speech in Arizona on Wednesday night — and this time, CNN was forced to cover their stories. Angel Moms put a human face to this country's serious and deadly illegal alien problem. Breitbart

From the Speech: Donald Trump’s 10-Part Immigration Plan

Donald Trump delivered a speech on immigration Wednesday night that provided details on his plans for controlling the Mexican border and deporting some illegal immigrants, as well as cutting back on legal immigration. The speech laid out 10 major parts of the plan. Here are those parts, as he described them in the prepared text of his speech released by the Trump campaign, with selected additional details he provided. WSJ Video

Reporter Dan Plante spent the day on the border and came back with a stunning report that first aired on August 17th. Dan says 9 out of 10 illegals are released back on the streets of San Diego. Chris Harris from the National Border Patrol Council told Dan when we ask people why they are coming here the answer is invariably the same. “And it’s not the president, they actually say Obama said it was OK to come. So there’s a belief that they will remain. And the belief is true.” Full Story

He said 9 out of 10 illegals that are captured are released right into the U.S., free to go on their way – all they have to do is say the magic word: “Asylum.” Harris told him that fences are effective, as long as you have the agents and the infrastructure to back it up – but they are about 2,000 agents below the minimum that Congress had determined was needed. The frustrated border patrol agent said, “In a way, we’re just a Wal-mart welcoming crew.” More

80 Percent Captured at Border Set Free in U.S., Says Agent

“Through executive orders and prosecutorial discretion... Most of the people that we apprehend end up getting released into the country,” he said while expressing his frustration. He explained that with the limited amount of manpower available, “It is very difficult to adequately patrol the border.” The NBPC is the only tool Border Patrol agents have to let the public know the truth about the lack of proper border enforcement and the conditions under which the agents are forced to work. More

Trump in Mexico: The hysteria continues: We just learned that the person paying for "los platos rotos" in Mexico is Luis Videgaray, Mexico’s finance minister. He will pay the political price, especially now that Mrs. Clinton has left President Peña-Nieto without a Democrat to share the stage with. My guess is that President Peña-Nieto had hoped to use Mrs. Clinton and gang up on Mr. Trump. Unfortunately, Mrs. Clinton is not traveling to Mexico, and the plan has backfired. AT

Report: Trump’s wall will save the American tax payer $1 trillion over 10 years

Canceling visas: Immigration is a privilege, not a right. Mexico is totally dependent on the United States as a release valve for its own poverty – our approvals of hundreds of thousands of visas to their nationals every year is one of our greatest leverage points. We also have leverage through business and tourist visas for important people in the Mexican economy. Keep in mind, the United States has already taken in 4X more migrants than any other country on planet Earth... PRNTLY

The remnants of Hurricane Newton have passed through my neighborhood, leaving barely a half inch of rain behind. We did take advantage of the cooler weather and conducted a recon patrol of the Sonoran Desert National Monument. During that expedition, we came across some curious litter left behind by illegal aliens. 

“Few places in this world are more dangerous than home. Fear not, therefore, to try the mountain passes. They will kill care, save you from deadly apathy, set you free, and call forth every faculty into vigorous, enthusiastic action.” -John Muir 

George Soros: "Done Deal" TP

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Arizona's Contested Zone: My "stay-cation" engine rebuilds and life behind enemy lines

In southern Arizona, our monsoon season has barely brought us an inch of rain, thus far. During our rainy season, local drug and human smuggling activity takes a short break. The unpredictability of the weather, plus the threat of flooding makes cross desert trafficking more difficult. Taking this into account and having some 204,821 miles on my pickup truck, I decided to send the beast to the machine shop to have the engine and clutch rebuilt. It will be nice to start off the fall dope harvest, with zero miles on a rebuilt engine. 

While things may be a little slow in the desert, the National Socialist Movement and the NSM Media Radio Network are hard at work. We're adding shows and holding quite a few public events. Most recently, we've held meetings and rallies in Florida, Tennessee, Ohio and New York. On August 20, 2016, the NSM is hosting a "meet & greet" in Tupelo, Mississippi. Along with a BBQ, there will be a ceremonial cross and swastika lighting.  All white patriots, regardless of group affiliation, are welcome to attend. Commander Schoep will be speaking at this event, along with many others. 

It is also a pleasure to announce that the National Socialist Movement will be holding a public rally on November 5, 2016, on the Capitol steps in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. This is my home state and a "post industrial" blighted battleground for the fight against the failed trade policies of the current and previous administrations. This rally will be held on the Saturday, right before the general election, so get out there and listen to what we have to say. Our messages have become more main stream, as Globalism is losing steam and giving way to the intensifying tide of Nationalism. Promo Video 

A course originally called ‘The Problem of Whiteness’ returns to Arizona State

Lee Bebout, who is white, said he was promptly attacked for promoting discrimination against white people. Fliers appeared around his neighborhood which featured a photo of him and the declaration that he was “anti-white.” Bebout was still relatively new to the area at the time. “It was not the way I wanted to meet my neighbors,” he said, though many of them turned out to be supportive. WP Video

It would also appear that Lee Bebout supports open borders and hates Donald Trump. In fact, it would appear that a college professor, at a public funded university, such as ASU, seemed to think it was perfectly justifiable to assist his fellow anarchists (Communists and miscreants) in blocking traffic, along Shea Blvd. on March 19, 2016. More 

Coloreds Only: Meanwhile, segregation has returned to Illinois and it's the White students that are not welcome. “While helping my son register for college at Moraine Valley Community College, we noticed that the required course College 101 has two sections limited to African-American students," one concerned parent told The Chicago Tribune. "He wants to know why there are not two sections limited to Asian-American students? How about Native American students?" Campus Reform

Bill Montgomery: Protesters who blocked Fountain Hills road at Donald Trump rally charged

The trio had chained themselves to their vehicles parked in the road leading to where Trump would make a final pitch ahead of Arizona’s presidential primary Tuesday. Protesters with megaphones and drums chanting “Donald Trump, shut it down!” blocked westbound lanes of Shea Boulevard near State Route 87 and eastbound lanes near the entrance to Eagle Mountain. More

And for the left, that was precisely the point: creating violence is a no-lose strategy. If protesters can provoke Trump supporters to be violent, they embarrass Trump and cast him as a fascist. And if the protesters themselves are violent, voters will understand that a Trump victory will be met with violent mob resistance. Breitbart

Just because our ((((civil society)))) has decided that nationalism is low status and that [White] racial identity is a social construct, it does not change the fact that our in-group is being systematically replaced across this country by federal immigration laws, affirmative action policies, HUD, etc. All that is being changed is our attitude towards it. In the 1920s, Americans would have overwhelmingly and vocally opposed these changes, and no, not just in the South. Right Stuff

Maybe not so fictional... SPECTRE (Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion) is a fictional global criminal syndicate and terrorist organization featured in the James Bond novels by Ian Fleming.  Wikipedia

The Communist Propaganda works well on "Useful Idiots" and non-thinkers. There is a "Great Awakening" in these United States, as much of the middle class can no longer believe we are in a “recovery” and experiencing "progress." Donald Trump will keep speaking directly to the American voter and the misrepresentations of his words and intent will only intensify as the media tried to keep their lie alive.

“It’s called the power of unification – 2nd Amendment people have amazing spirit and are tremendously unified, which gives them great political power. And this year, they will be voting in record numbers, and it won’t be for Hillary Clinton, it will be for Donald Trump.” -Jason Miller, Donald Trump's senior communications adviser CBSNY

Obama: "If they bring a knife, you bring a gun.”

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I'm serious: Black Lives Matter bends over backwards to deliberately make people hate them.

If black lives really mattered, blacks would stop killing each other. Blacks would stop committing genocide against themselves, by aborting more children than they allow to be born. Blacks would stop consigning generations to poverty, by having the majority of their children out-of-wedlock. And blacks would stop treating education as punishment and instead treat it as an opportunity.

Barack Obama, immediately after police shoot two black suspects and before the investigations are even underway: “These are not isolated incidents, they are symptomatic of a broader set of racial disparities that exist in our criminal justice system.” Barack Obama, immediately after a black man, who stated his intent was to kill Whites People, especially white police officers, at a Black Lives Matter march in Dallas, shoots and kills five police officers and says,“We cannot let the actions of a few define all of us.” Micah Johnson The controlled media spin of Micah Johnson, the "decorated veteran" was also quickly debunked. Panties

Police kill fewer than 300 blacks per year, the vast majority are ruled justified, so the situations where it was a bad cop for 4/10 of 1% of the total black murders. Meanwhile, over 3,000 blacks are murdered annually, of which 90% are killed by other blacks. Black Lives Matter is a political organization whose sole purpose is to paint a false narrative and our Coward in Chief is complicit in promoting this false narrative.

White Supremacy a Myth – Black Privilege is Real!

Just think about the latitude blacks are given today to express themselves – particularly on race issues. Blacks can say whatever they want about whites with little fear of criticism or backlash. Black entertainers, members of the Congressional Black Caucus, black professors and other black public figures routinely denigrate and stereotype white people. Contrast that with the muzzle put over whites. SOL

Pour gasoline on the spin: And amid all the controlled media spin and hype, we find this... ABC News tweeted its report on the protests, but Democrat strategist Donna Brazile seems to have added a reminder to add peaceful protests to the media’s coverage... as demonstrators injure police with fireworks, throw rocks at police and as angry mobs of blacks are pepper sprayed, at several violent protests, across the country. Twitchy

Agitators hurl rocks at Phoenix police, chant ‘we should shoot you’

Agitators participating in a “Black Lives Matter” peaceful anti-police protest in Phoenix Friday ended it by throwing rocks at officers and threatening to kill them. More  Police have identified three men who were arrested during a "Rally for Justice" on Friday night in Phoenix. Andre Hendrix, 24, and Christian Soto, 21, were arrested on charges of aggravated assault on a police officer and obstructing governmental operations. Remember the media lie of a "peaceful' protest. ABC15 BLM mob attack: video

“Terrorism is defined as the use of violence and intimidation in pursuit of political aims,” it reads. “This definition is the same definition used to declare ISIS and other groups, as terrorist organizations.” In the past, anti-cop rhetoric has been extremely popular with BLM protesters. “It is time for the pentagon to be consistent in its actions – and just as they rightfully declared ISIS a terror group, they must declare Black Lives Matter a terror group – on the grounds of principle, integrity, morality, and safety.” MAG

Karneval des Hasses

(Harry) Hughes has traveled from Arizona, a strong, older man with a penchant for hook and loop fasteners. In his pickup are binoculars, knives, flashlights in several sizes, neatly packed everything into casings, the gun hand under the seat. He has at home a farm and goes in his spare time with friends on border patrol. "Immigrants make our country broken," he says as he drives past secluded farms with rocking chairs on the porch. "You bring drugs and seduce our women", while standing in the Bible that races should not mix. "Any according to its kind", Genesis 1, Chapter 1, 12th Tagesanzeiger

Myself, along with other NSM members and supporters, were grossly misrepresented and misquoted by a false journalist, looking to poop in the punch bowl of honesty. Anyone that knows me is well aware that I never make references to the Bible. The vehicle incorrectly described in the article was a rental car, not a pickup truck, and there was no handgun, because I took a flight to this destination. The inaccuracies described by  Sacha Batthyany are countless. 

A true and professional journalist couldn't get so many things so wrong, unless they tried really hard or were intent on doing a biased hit piece. Having lived in Arizona for over three decades, I can assure my readers that there aren't rocking chairs on front porches, out this way. It's too damn hot to sit outside. the only thing Sacha Batthyany gets right is my fondness of hook and loop fasteners, aka Velcro. And you can thank a White Man for that wonderful invention.

"The villainy you teach me I will execute, and it shall go hard but I will better the instruction." -William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice

Remember, if you're stopped at a BLM road block.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Indeed: "Everything's up side down dude, it's like, the Nazis are the good guys now."

On Sunday, June 26, 2016, members of the Traditionalist Worker Party and the Golden State Skinheads rallied together at the California State Capitol building in Sacramento, CA Skinheads to “protest against globalization and in defense of the right to free expression.” Members of both groups, as well as the media present, were violently attacked by counter-protesters who have been linked to extremist and leftist causes.

This widely-publicized event has taken on a life of its own in the mainstream and social medias. Not only has evidence surfaced indicating that the bloody attack per-meditated, but also that its planning viciously anticipated injuries (or worse) against the pro-whites peacefully assembled. The National Socialist Movement extends our heart-felt best wishes towards our pro-white comrades who bravely stood their ground, but yet were injured in the unwarranted melee. Such acts against freedom of speech, and white people in-general, will not be tolerated in any rational society.

Following the Sacramento violence... “Our values are normal, they are not fringe. Right now, we are living in an environment where the entire western world is, for better or worse, doped up on Jewish propaganda and on this idea of multiculturalism,” Matt Heimbach, Traditional Workers Party... AntiFa Violence

Violence in Sacramento shows old and new faces of white extremism

Seven people were stabbed and nine others were injured in Sacramento, according to police, who said that the injured belonged to both the far-right groups and the counter-protesters. Only one of the stabbing victims was among the Traditionalist Worker Party and skinhead groups, according to Matthew Parrott, a spokesman for the party. LAT

This is a disturbing video. The protesters were gathered in a public place and the news crew was filming them. Why don't they want to be filmed? What were they doing that they felt the need to hide? Why do they think it's OK to assault a cameraman and a reporter? Everything's up side down dude, it's like, the Nazis are the good guys now. Reddit In reviewing the video, the word "confront" should be replaced with "attacked."

Bloodshed Was Always Part Of The Plan At Racist California Rally

The violence, however, may have been part of the plan. Both sides left a series of clues indicating that the event was never intended to be peaceful, with one side going as far as crowd-funding for hospital bills and bail money in the weeks leading up to Sunday’s protest. Vocative

Outnumbered Sacramento Spartans Rout Leftist Scum; A Call For Nationalist Solidarity

The Traditionalist Worker Party for months has been receiving death threats, and weeks before the rally, ‘Antifa’ openly collected funds for weapons, hospital bills , and bail money. What happened in Sacramento was an attempt at a premeditated act of domestic terrorism that failed catastrophically, and the fact that the effort collapsed should hearten all those who stand for the defense of free expression and civil liberty. TSN

So the only question remains: was a stand down order officially given, the way many have suggested it was in San Jose when anti-Trump protesters were basically allowed to beat and bloody Donald Trump supporters? The officers clearly just stand there and watch as protesters start yanking a man down the street and beating on him as he asks the officers if he still has freedom of speech or if the officers are going to do anything to stop it. As he yells for their help. The Daily Sheeple

Berkeley Teacher Speaks Out After Her School Receives Threat

When a teacher incites violence and assaults people (in front of cameras) in a liberal state, like California: Felarca spoke to KPIX 5 by phone about the issue. “Nazis can’t show up on the states capital, stab a bunch of people and then be able to intimidate and dictate who does or doesn’t teach in the Berkeley public schools or in any school district,” Felarca said. CBS

Good guys and bad guys? Does anyone find it strange that black America can never find a truly innocent person to make a martyr of? This recent killing in Louisiana was of a man, who was inside prison more than he was outside it. He was a pedophile, with a lengthy criminal history, who stole a gun, and was carrying it on the night he was shot.

Think about this: Trayvon Martin, attacked George Zimmerman. Michael Brown, attacked a police officer (and a store clerk). Freddy Gray was degenerate criminal, who sold crack to children. Now. you have the black community showing their support for a dead pedophile. This is why people don't take Black Lives Matter seriously. Why don't they rally around the innocent children shot by stray bullets, from gang members? Oh yeah, that's black on black violence. a reality blacks want to keep hidden, from the rest of the World, because it damages the narrative of the evil White Supremacy of America. 

“The doom of a nation can be averted only by a storm of flowing passion, but only those who are passionate themselves can arouse passion in others.” -Adolph Hitler

By Any Means Necessary BAMN

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Due process is not a "loophole" or a "gap," no matter how loud the left cries about it

The only reason Western society is under attack is because we don't fight back through violent defense of our identity like most other cultures and peoples do. That passive apathy is almost seen as a positive trait, where white people want to talk things through, instead of taking up arms, but it's also basically a white flag of surrender to any objective morality or principles we traditionally hold. 

The fact that there was a plethora of firearms in the hands of the general population during the Second World War actually entered into the decision of the Japanese not to invade the United States West Coast. These are facts. People do not want an end to the Second Amendment. 

U.S. citizens have rights. For better or worse, those rights include the right to keep and bear arms. Rights cannot be denied (or delayed), without due process. If you want to deny someone their right to own any and all firearms, you should have to either, convict them of a crime or prove they are an imminent threat to a specific individual or group (like is done with a domestic violence protective restraining order or with an involuntary commitment to a mental health institution).

NBC News reporter tells of weeping in Senate lobby after gun control measures failed

I'd they'd known upholding due process was going to make people cry… That’s the logical explanation, at least. NBC News’ Luke Russert wants you to know that he saw victims of gun violence weeping in the lobby after the gun control measures failed to pass. Let’s hope those Republican senators who let the Constitution cloud their judgment feel pretty bad about themselves right about now. Maybe the system could be amended so that legislation could be vetoed by tears from the Senate gallery. Twitchy

Some 800,000 people are on watch lists, and when you pass laws that affect 99.9% of law abiding gun owners, it's obviously clear. The one item was the terrorist watch list, Democrats wanted you to have no way to challenge being one the list. How authoritarian, huh? The constitution provides that the government cannot deprive you of your rights without due process. 

The real problem is that the government is terrified of charging people, lest they look politically incorrect. Too dangerous to fly, too dangerous to buy a gun means that the suspected person needs to be charged with conspiracy or making a real and credible threat. Due process is not a "loophole" or a "gap," no matter how much the left bleats about it. 

Everyone knows (common knowledge) the left's ultimate goal is a total ban of firearms and pursue such flagrantly unconstitutional means, like secret lists, managed by secret bureaucrats proves it. One only needs to look at the unlawful actions by the Veterans Administration and the Social Security Administration to deny persons, they deem unfit to deny these basic rights to our Veterans and Seniors.

56 Shot, 13 Killed During Father’s Day Weekend in Chicago

The Tribune reported “nearly 400” people shot and 66 killed in May alone. Chicago has an “assault weapons” ban, a “violence tax,” and stringent limits on the number of gun stores allow, as well as limits on the locations of those stores. But these controls, and others, have correlated with an empowered criminal element. Breitbart

“For better of for worse, Omar Mateen had every right to be a radical Muslim in this country, and every other citizen of America has the same right, despite of their religious beliefs. So, you can be mad at me or the FBI all you want, but, at the end of the day – don’t hate the players, hate the game. We didn’t make the rules, we just have to follow them. And unfortunately, Mateen followed the same rules and was fine with it, until he decided to act on his own beliefs. Now, if you want to play that game with us, we’re all for it. But, we’d much rather people just chill out, have a brewski, and enjoy the game with their Muslim American friends,” -Attorney General Loretta Lynch Link

Forget due process, because according to Sen. Dianne Feinstein, it rests on Americans to “prove their innocence” if they desire to purchase a firearm. Except that according to the Latin maxim “semper necessitas probandi incumbit ei qui agit,” or “the necessity of proof always lies with the person who lays charges,” placing someone on the terror watch list without first proving his guilt would be a violation of his right to due process. TFP 

When lawmaking turns into a three ring circus and to Hell with decorum... The Congressional Black Caucus wants Democrats to cause disruptions on the House floor next week Fox News learned from a CBC memo. Congressional Black Caucus memo obtained by Fox urges Democrats “To be as disruptive to Speaker Ryan as possible” next week on guns. DC

Attorney General Loretta Lynch, speaking at the Muslim Advocate’s 10th anniversary dinner, shockingly refused to focus on the Muslim community after the terrorist attacks committed by Muslims in San Bernardino and Paris, instead. She reassured her audience, “We stand with you in this.” AG

Repeal 18 U.S.C. § 922(o)