Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The National Socialist Movement in Arizona shifts into high gear following our national meeting in Atlanta.

At N.S.M. Arizona, we never rest. Upon my return from our very successful National meeting and rally in Atlanta, GA, I hit the ground running and began to fill up the calendar. We have the following items on our agenda:

On Thursday, May, 2, 2013, I will be the guest on Mike Harris' "Short End of the Stick" via the Rense Radio Network. This is the first anniversary of the J.T. Ready massacre in Gilbert, AZ. For those that are new here, J.T. Ready was a former N.S.M. member, founder of the US Border Guard (NGO) and was running for Pinal County Sheriff at the time of his death. 

I was also J.T.'s campaign committee chairman. As with most "official stories", there are always unanswered questions. I'm sure we will be diving into some of those. To listen: Click Here Time: 1:00-3:00 pm Pacific/AZ time

Border Operation: On May 3-5, 2013, there will be a border operation taking place somewhere in or around the notorious Vekol Valley portion of the Sonoran Desert National Monument. This is a mufti-organizational event and more information is available, upon request.

Despite the US Border Patrol being virtually "neutered", that has not stopped the N.S.M. from patrolling the desert, repelling illegal aliens, disrupting drug trafficking and gathering information on drug & human smuggling, using various means.

May 5th is also known as "Cinco de Mayo". This bogus holiday has become nothing more than an excuse for people to drink and act foolish. The N.S.M. has changed that. For the past few years, we have renamed this abomination of a holiday and is now known as "Report an Illegal Day". To celebrate, we have a special flier that we like to pass out. It's available for download. Please print and distribute liberally.

New Arizona Law: Guns From Buybacks Can't Be Destroyed

Gov. Jan Brewer signed the legislation late Monday "preventing local governments from melting down the weapons obtained from these popular civic events. Before the new law, the state had allowed such firearms to be destroyed," Full Article 

Of course, the knee jerkers on the left already have their bowels in an uproar over this legislation becoming law. They are claiming that this puts those dangerous and evil guns back on the streets. Of course, this is not the case. These firearms will be sold to dealers who sell them to legitimate and law abiding buyers. 

What really bugs me is that these are the same leftists that have no problem with permitting known illegal alien gang members to remain in the country, despite being criminals. What would you rather have? Law abiding gun owners or lawless foreign thugs out robbing, raping and killing?

Gang Members Eligible for Gang of Eight Amnesty

At first glance, the Gang of Eight’s amnesty bill appears to crack down on members of criminal street gangs. In fact, the bill adds aliens who are members of “criminal street gangs” to the list of those who are inadmissible and deportable under current law, and even contains a provision that explicitly excludes convicted gang members from gaining amnesty under the bill. (see Sec. 3701, p. 604-608) FullArticle

The More Illegal Immigrants That Go On Food Stamps The More Money JP Morgan Makes

Recently uncovered documents prove that the Obama administration has been working with the Mexican government to increase the number of illegal immigrants on food stamps, and when more illegal immigrants go on food stamps JP Morgan makes more money.  As you will read about below, JP Morgan has made at least 560 million dollars processing Electronic Benefits Transfer cards.  Each month, JP Morgan makes between $.31 and $2.30 for every single person on food stamps (and that does not even include things like ATM fees, etc). Full Article

We already know that approximately 57-61% of immigrants, both legal and illegal end up on some form of welfare. With the opening of the immigration floodgates via amnesty, we can expect some 50-100 million illiterate Third World people bum rushing every public trough in the land. They're going to do it, so be prepared. Life as you known it in the United States is coming to an end. 

“Everyone knows that, in spite of the fact that the air was never as full of theories of liberty and wild declarations of "rights," there has been a steady curtailment of "personal freedom." Instead of being socialized, the people, under a cover of socialistic phrases, are being brought under an unaccustomed bondage to the state; laws of every kind are hedging upon the harmless liberties of the people. A steady tendency toward systematization, every phase of the tendency based upon some very learnedly stated "principle," has set in, and curiously enough, when the investigator pursues his way to the authoritative center of these movements for the regulation of the people's life, he finds Jews in power!” --Henry Ford