Friday, September 5, 2014

A 6’4” 300 lb charging animal only gets stopped with one bullet in a ‘Dirty Harry’ movie or on ‘American Sportsman’

Why is diversity is the one mistake we're never allowed to correct? Since the two party system won't correct the problem, it's time for a National Socialist political party to get to the root of the problem. Of course, they try to deflect from the truth by calling it culture, but it's all about race.

A society which is unified requires the fewest rules, police and government interventions. Culture is a superior method for enforcing values because it does not require enforcers. Ordinary citizens enforce it by ostracizing those who do not meet its standards. Society simultaneously widens its tolerance, while demanding more government interference to enforce basic rules. This becomes too much, and soon, Third World levels of criminality, corruption and disorder descend.

Trivial research on Dorian Johnson shows he has court ordered child support to two different women, and a eviction notice for owing $2700 on his apartment. Not much chance he recently moved to the area if he has been evicted from an apartment in that area. Have I therefore become thine enemy because I tell you the truth? -Galatians 4:16 Homicide data from the FBI shows that murder among the races is not as racially motivated as the left would have you believe. Link

Michael Brown and Dorian Johnson, the friend who witnessed his shooting

Dorian Johnson had just moved from his mother’s house in St. Louis to a two-bedroom spot in the Canfield Green Apartments that he was sharing with his then-pregnant girlfriend and another roommate. Full Article

Ferguson Logic: “You better rebuild that Quick Trip gas station we burned down, and fast, or there’s gonna be hell to pay”… “we ain’t got nowhere to get gas, n stuff”… If you don’t rebuild those businesses we looted and torched, we’ll loot and torch some more – until you do. Link

QuickTrip Mart Will Not Re-Build in Ferguson

Well, the fools who destroyed their own neighborhood during riots in Ferguson, Missouri after a teenager was killed by a police officer there have made their own neighborhood into a lesser place. The one convenience store and gas station they had in their area, the one burned down, will not be rebuilt... The company sent gasoline tankers to the site to pump out all the gas in the underground holding tanks and have said it will tear the store down leaving an empty lot. Full Article

A good follow-up or human interest segment for this story would be to find the former employees of that QT and report on how the destruction of their place of employment is affecting their lives. Remember this media narrative? "Michael Brown had no adult criminal record." Michael Brown had been an adult for a whopping total of 81 Days! Negroes can't fit in modern society. Audio

And a little good news: Ly Kou, a refugee from Communism in Southeast Asia, speaks to the Riverside, CA City Council. The Council was considering a resolution that would make Riverside a sanctuary city and provide aid to the recent flood of illegal aliens falsely claiming refugee status. The Resolution failed. More

America’s Poor and Minorities are Victims of Illegal Immigration

It’s made even worse when those who break the law to be here are rewarded with housing, health care, food, education, legal aid and more at the expense of American taxpayers. And when millions of Americans wish they had a job, they don’t need illegal competition that makes it harder to get that job. Full Article

The United States has been abandoned by its' government. Keep up the momentum. Keep pressuring your “(s)elected” corporate sponsored representatives. Remind them that the elections are coming up in November. Call: 202-224-3121. Don't be surprised when 20+ million illegal aliens show up with paper work (mostly fake), in hand. The government is terrible with math and big numbers. Apparently, that Capitol switchboard knows where you are calling from. Close to one third of the amnesties given were based on document fraud. More

DHS will neither confirm, nor deny an imminent terrorist, attack until it actually occurs... “High-level federal law enforcement, intelligence and other sources have confirmed to Judicial Watch that a warning bulletin for an imminent terrorist attack on the border has been issued,” the statement read. “Agents across a number of Homeland Security, Justice and Defense agencies have all been placed on alert and instructed to aggressively work all possible leads and sources concerning this imminent terrorist threat.” More

 In 1785 Thomas Jefferson wrote to his fifteen-year-old nephew, Peter Carr, regarding what he considered the best form of exercise: I advise the gun. More

Monday, September 1, 2014

This is NOT politics: Marxist Arizona Congressman uses extortion and threats of violence in his push for amnesty

Border states will become known as the 'disputed territories'... many of which will be controlled by drug cartels... Democratic State Representative and candidate for U.S. representative Pat Murphy said Tuesday that if the underage migrants who have come to the U.S. from Central America aren't given a “pathway for citizenship” they could become terrorists.

No matter what happens, at some point, the legitimate citizens of this country will have to do what is necessary to insure their own survival and the survival and future of their children. If that means openly defying this corrupt regime, I say sooner will be better than later. If someone must die to set things right, then let it be the ones who have created the problems. The ones who turned against their own country.

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto called the United States “The Other Mexico.” Link One, if by land... and two, if by sea... The illegal alien asks, "Who's gonna pay for me?" Illegal Aliens storm the beach in San Diego... "US border more secure now than any other time" Our beaches are being stormed by illegals like they are reenacting the Normandy invasion. Video

Dem Rep: Obama Must Go Forward on Amnesty to Quell Latino Racial Unrest

Thursday on MSNBC's "José Díaz-Balart," Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) said President Barack Obama should use an executive order and grant amnesty to an estimated 5 million illegal immigrants already living in the United States because it will "quell some of the unrest" caused by "racial overtones" of anti immigration rhetoric. He said, "Latinos that are fourth, fifth generation -- they see this as a civil rights issue." Full Article My traitorous Congressman doesn't represent U.S. citizens.

Many Hispanics and Latinos, who support open borders, are racists. They think that they should be above our laws because of their brown skin, so they demand that we change our laws to suit them. Raul Grijalva is a racist pig, who actually called for the boycott of his own state because he didn't like it, when SB1070 was passed.

Meanwhile, drug and human smuggling activity in our neck of the woods is quickly ramping up. While searching for a vehicle suspected of being involved in illegal activity near Sentinel, agents assigned to the Wellton Station found a silver Chevrolet pickup truck containing 48 bundles of pot that weighed a combined 1,132 pounds worth an estimated $566,000. More

On one of our mid-week excursions, our unit took to the area south of Interstate 8 in the Sonoran Desert National Monument for some extended patrols, along with our regular trail camera servicing.

U.S. May Bring Thousands of Deported Mexicans Back Under Settlement

The settlement calls for immigration officials to “set up a program in place to identify those immigrants who signed those voluntary departures and get them back to the U.S.," Jorge Mario Cabrera, a spokesman for CHIRLA, told Fox News Latino. Link This is completely unacceptable and unfair to the taxpayer.

Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions slammed Senate Democrats: “If implemented, the President’s new executive actions would functionally end what little remains of interior immigration enforcement, giving free license to every person in the world—here today or planning to come tomorrow—to violate our immigration laws with impunity,” he said. Unfortunately, there’s no opposition party. What we have is a "progressive party," having Democrat and GOP Branches. More

Report: Ruling Could Allow 'Tens or Hundreds of Millions' to Apply for Asylum

“This [ruling] potentially affects tens or hundreds of millions of women in the world [who] would now have immigration rights to come and apply for asylum because they have difficult family circumstances, and they live in a society that doesn't take domestic violence as seriously as we do. It’s a gross distortion of what immigration judges are supposed to do, and it’s potentially going to encourage a lot more people to come in illegally and then apply for this” he reported. Full Article They're opening "Pandora's Box" and it will not go well.

We truly live in a lawless nation. According to federal law, it is illegal to encourage or induce illegal immigrants to enter the United States, and it is also illegal to either be engaged in or aiding and abetting the “domestic transportation” or “harboring” of illegal immigrants. In other words, many of our top politicians and a whole host of federal officials should be going to prison. More

“[Do not] suffer yourselves to be wheeled out of your liberty [to publish] by any pretenses of politeness, delicacy or decency. These, as they are so often used, are but three different names for hypocrisy, chicanery and cowardice.” --John Adams

The last vestiges of the old republic have been swept away.