Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Maricopa: Teel Road. . . Hidden Valley, AZ. . . . A.K.A. “The Valley of Death”

This blog is for all of you pet and animal lovers out there. You really need to know what is happening just a few blocks away from your homes. I want you to know that many of your friends, relatives and neighbors are some of the lowest forms of life on Earth. This discovery really pisses me off. Read on and you will see why I think this way.

During one of my hikes/illegal alien patrols in the wash just north of Teel Rd. and west of Warren Rd, I discovered a foul stench in this wash littered with dead animals. Included in this morbid smorgasbord were dogs, sheep and horses in various states of decay. Many of these creatures were at one time beloved pets that once belonged to people that live in this(my) neighborhood. That nice friendly couple or family next door whose animals suddenly disappeared, may very well have been involved in this repulsive act.

When I saw that dead horse laying out in the wash with a pile of garbage, I thought of the Bonefield family across the street from my home. As you may recall from one of my previous blogs, I watched their horse die a slow death out in the blistering sun last summer.

It disgusts me to see so many of these animals tossed out with the trash to rot out in the desert. I’m appalled that many of the culprits are people we think of as friendly pet loving neighbors. As far as I’m concerned, they are the scum of the Earth. The so-called Nazi “Death Camp” operators were more humane, neat and tidy than this and are worthy of more respect.

With so many dead things to play with, Ed Gien would love living in western Pinal County.

Edward Theodore "Ed" Gein

August 27, 1906 – July 26, 1984) was an American murderer and grave robber. His crimes, which he committed around his hometown of Plainfield, Wisconsin, garnered widespread notoriety after authorities discovered Gein had exhumed corpses from local graveyards and fashioned trophies and keepsakes from their bones and skin.

After police found body parts in Gein's house in 1957, he confessed to killing two women, Mary Hogan, a tavern owner, in 1954, and Bernice Worden, a Plainfield hardware store owner, in 1957. Initially found unfit to stand trial, following confinement in a mental health facility, he was tried in 1968 for the murder of Worden and sentenced to life imprisonment, which he spent in a mental hospital.

If Gein was guilty of murdering only the person he was convicted of killing, he would not technically meet the definition of a serial killer, though his case influenced the creation of several fictional serial killers, including Norman Bates from Psycho, Jame Gumb from The Silence of the Lambs, and Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

In a more perfect world, I would like to see these low-life scumbag people laying out in that wash with their eye balls picked out of their skulls just like their pets. They truly deserve it.
"Every 30 seconds another American files for bankruptcy after a serious health problem. Every year about one and a half million families lose their homes to foreclosure because of unaffordable medical costs. No one should go bankrupt because they get sick." --Senator Max Baucus

Saturday, November 14, 2009

We went to a tea party today. . . . And got kicked out!

After last week’s NSM march and rally, I was still in “protest mode” and decided to attend a anti-illegal immigration tea party this morning. Once again, it was at the State Capitol in Phoenix. A group known as American Citizens United sponsored this event. The founder and chairman of ACU is Anna Gaines, Initially, she was nice to me as we had met before at the Guadalupe Town Hall meeting last spring, but she drastically changed her attitude after her opening speech. Apparently, my political connections and associations made me unwelcome at this event. The dreaded “Neo-Nazi” term got used. (the other “n-word“)

My association with none other than J.T. Ready earned me a spot on the ACU’s black list. So much for unity. We are on the same page when it comes to illegal immigration. At the same time, New Times Reporter and blogger, Steve Lemons was also getting the boot. It’s ironic that the "left" and the "right" were not welcome at this tea party. As Steve Lemons and I were about to be escorted off the Capitol Lawn by the police, J.T. Ready appeared and was given the bad news. J.T. and I briefly retreated across the street to his car, only to return a few minutes later with “plan B“.

There were plenty of other “racially conscious” White Americans present at this event that went un-noticed.

We wanted to play nice in their "nativist" sandbox, but they wouldn’t let us. We returned with a Confederate flag and an Adolph Hitler banner. We stayed on the sidewalk in front of the tea party and with minimal effort, were able to distract the TV cameras. The cameras were no longer on the tea party. They were on us! With only a couple of guys, we managed to hijack their tea party.
A visibly agitated wannabe "biker type" approached J.T. and grabbed his banner and assaulted him. J.T. responded by shoving him. He landed on the Capitol Lawn several feet away. The police officer that was standing only a few feet away didn’t have a problem with J.T.’s actions.

While the assault was taking place, Dennis Gilman, a Phoenix New Times videographer/pro-illegal alien activist was discovering that he was not welcome at the event as well. He ended up retreating to the sidewalk after a mob moved in on him. We gave him some good video and a few pointers on where to point the camera.

Initially, I was content to just stand there and listen to the speakers. The events that transpired ended up being a lot more fun and exiting. I would really like to thank Anna Gaines for kicking me, J.T. Ready and the New Times staff out of her little tea party. Let’s do it again sometime. I hope everybody remembers this incident the next time they exclude somebody from their event. The only thing that would have made this event better, is if some of those masked anarchists would have arrived to throw things at Anna Gaines.

American Citizens United, You are cordially invited to:
The Phoenix Arizona Tea Party Against Amnesty
Place: Arizona State Capitol Grounds 1700 W. Washington St. November 14, 2009 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Speakers: The Hon. Arizona Senator, Russell Pearce (Mesa) Chris Simcox, candidate to the US Senate Hugh Kealer, candidate for the Arizona Governors Office Mark Spencer, President of PLEA Phoenix Police Officers AssociationRobert Zuluaga, President of Coalition for a Conservative Majority (CCM)
Tell this to the guy that assaulted J.T. Ready:

Please, no hate-filled signs. Let's keep it factual and lawful. We are different than they are. We don't behave uncivilized as they do in their protests and marches. We have to set an example of "true American behavior" for our children and grandchildren. They are the ones who spew hatred toward patriots defending our country.
200 at Phoenix tea party rally against illegal immigration

Many carried signs. Baron displayed her message on her T-shirt: "It's not about hate for any people or race. It's about love for our country and pride." The 53-year-old retired massage therapist said she doesn't want to see the country given over to "tax breakers."
Even though her father's parents were Hispanic, she doesn't consider herself a Mexican-American. She dislikes the term. "I'm an American."

I guess you can now call me a “tea party crasher”. I should create a field guide to tea party crashing or some similar publication.
Update: Channel 3 News video shows who the real haters were at the tea party:
From the Phoenix New Times:
Hillbilly Hootenanny: Nativist Jabronis Occupy the Arizona State Capitol for Yet Another Hatefest

“Illegal is not a race. It’s a crime.” --Anna Gaines, from her opening speech

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Vegas Vacation 2009. . . .A few nights out on the town:

Las Vegas is a 365/24/7 city. Something is always going on. During my numerous nocturnal walking tours, I managed to take some pictures. Although it was the middle of the week, there was still lots of people out and about.

The Chinese appear to be taking over Las Vegas. I’ve been observing this myself over the last ten years. While at the Venetian Tuesday night, I stopped to listen to a musical act. A violinist, guitarist and a flute player appeared in the shopping mall and performed. Several tour groups comprised of Chinese nationals were passing through at the time. They all stopped and I soon found myself surrounded by them. This was an enthusiastic crew. They took dozens of pictures and some even started dancing. I also noticed that American fashion of the 1920’s was popular with them. The only exception was the guy in the funny suit, sunglasses and big smile that looked like he belonged in a Charlie Chan movie. These tourists appeared to be having the time of their lives.
During my stay, I saw foreign tourists everywhere. Unlike many Americans, most were really polite and respectful. There was no comparison to those scruffy foul smelling brown-skinned Spanish speaking individuals (with questionable immigration status) passing out the porno cards on the sidewalk along the strip. Those were some of the most annoying people I encountered on my trip. As pedestrians walked by, they would smack their stacks of cards together. There would be 6-8 of them lined up and all of them tried to shove their “literature” in your face. I think most people try to ignore them. I have a natural tendency to confront them.

The ground was littered with this trash. I observed one of these guys kicking the litter around with his feet. I said, “Why don’t you pick that up?” I’m sure he didn’t understand a word I said. Not that he would care if he did. After all, this is NOT his country. A small army of people appear every morning to pick up the trash generated in part by these “turd worlders“.

Elvis impersonators are a dime a dozen in Las Vegas. They seem to come in all shapes and colors. There was even a midget Elvis. While visiting the Freemont Street Experience, I even saw a Mexican Elvis. He didn’t look anything like Elvis. I was actually hoping to see a Japanese Elvis. Now, that would have been funny.

What are these guys—and their fans—thinking? A WVU professor finds out.

Growing up in the deep South, I never thought twice about seeing men with black pompadours and mutton-chop sideburns a la Elvis Presley. My cousin Harry Lee, a truck driver, looked this way. And there wasn't anything noticeably wrong with Harry.
I guess I shouldn’t have looked. It seems that Japanese Elvis impersonators are a dime a dozen. You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting one. I didn’t bother to Google transvestite or transgender Elvis impersonators. Doing so would probably cause those “Rainbow Foot Soldiers” to show up and protest out in front of my house. They seem to prefer one sided protests and would pick a day when I would not be home. There would be no fun in that.

Dancing Japanese Elvis Impersonators

Dancing Japanese Elvis impersonators in the Yoyogi park in Tokyo.

After almost four days in “Sin City“, I had just about all of the multiculturalism and diversity I could stand. Las Vegas could be considered a giant freak show and zoo wrapped up in one package. In a sick and dying society, those that are the most ridiculous and outrageous are given a false label of being trendy and innovative. In reality, they are nothing but degenerates.
Sexual intercourse is permitted with a dead relative. TALMUD: Ya Bhamoth.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Vegas Vacation 2009. . . .The never-ending construction:

For almost 20 years, Las Vegas, Nevada has been my home away from home. Without exception, Las Vegas changes dramatically between every visit. During the early 1990’s, I would work one week in Phoenix and the next week in Nevada. I have stayed in almost every notable hotel and casino on and off the strip. I did this routine for over a year. And yes! It did get old after a while.

I suggest you never ever stay at the Imperial Palace. The “Palace” is a “dive”. Some of my former business associates nicknamed it the “Imperial Death Star”. Imagine staying in a room while workers tear up the floor just outside your door. That might have been a long time ago, but I’ll always hold that against them. I have not been there since they sold Hitler’s car. That was the last straw!

I have moved up in the world since those days. I call the Hilton Grand Vacations Resort behind the Flamingo Hilton my vacation home. It’s one of the few residential towers on the strip. The rooms are nice and the TV is big. The only complaint I have is that a room with a retail price of $1000/night (according to the sign on the door) should have more hot water. I really didn’t want to wake up as fast as I did on Wednesday morning. They should have also stocked two-ply toilet paper, but I was willing to give up that luxury for a few nights. The free newspaper delivered to the door was a nice touch.
Vegas Today and Tomorrow

Hilton Grand Vacations
Vacation ownership at Hilton Grand Vacations Club resorts (on the Las Vegas strip) allows you to choose the weeks and seasons you prefer to travel to your home resort. The ever-growing popularity of Las Vegas as a travel destination prompted HGVC to develop it's third Vegas Hilton Grand Vacations Club resort.This project is due-north of Sky Las Vegas on the north end of the Strip. The other two locations are behind the Flamingo (sharing the pools area) and adjacent to the Las Vegas Hilton on Paradise Road.

Tower one and two are now open. The taller, towers three and four have not yet broken ground. Tower three will break ground in February of 2008.

The 3,812-room, 68-floor, 730-foot, Fontainebleau Las Vegas hotel/condo-hotel/casino is a $2.9-billion development being built on the Strip (just north of the Riviera) on the 24.5 acres where the El Rancho and Algiers casinos once stood.

The Vegas project will have a condo-hotel element, based on an alliance between Fontainebleau and Turnberry. Construction is under way with a planned opening in fall of 2009
Despite a recession and falling gaming revenues, the building continues. As you can see in my photos, cranes are everywhere. Many of them are currently idle, but none the less, building continues. Change is the only constant in Las Vegas. While walking along Las Vegas Blvd. On Wednesday, I saw a “beehive” of activity. Just remember all of the people that are losing their asses on the market and their 401k’s. Many of those same people are in Las Vegas or at their local Indian reservation spending money they don’t have.

I walked through many of the up scale shopping centers and noticed stores such as Armani and Gucci. I saw very few people carrying merchandise in those fancy designer boxes and bags. Most of the shops were nearly empty. People are out shopping, but they are not necessarily buying.

One of the things I was looking for was a black pull over hoodie. These tend to run around $40 wherever I look. Finally, I found one for just $10.00. Upon paying the cashier, I discovered that the sales tax rate was 8.1%.
I thought it was bad in Arizona before I saw this. Recently, we were jumping all over our governor for wanting to raise our sales tax by ½%. We are all being taxed into the ground.

With cashless gaming, people never actually touch the money they lose. I had to go all the way down to Freemont Street to find a slot machine that still took coins. I won’t name it here, but it was a run down place. The blonde with the fishnets and firm butt cheeks did look good as she was dancing on the bar. I miss seeing all the people running around with cups full of nickels. Penny slots were the most common machines I saw on this visit. The catch is, you have to play 180 coins or better to cover all the lines.

I stopped in at the Hooters Casino (formerly San Remo) just east of the strip on Tropicana. I found a cool looking pirate penny slot and after nearly 30 minutes managed to walk away with $5.00 more than I started with. There were not nearly enough Hooters girls. The funniest slot machine I saw was the “Alien” machine. It featured an “egg bonus” If you remember, there was nothing good about those eggs in the movie. Ripley can testify to that. I didn’t bother to try it at all.
"Actually, I usually told the truth, and as I grew up I admired and respected people who had the courage to be truthful when it was disadvantageous to them... But as I grew up I also learned that life is a complicated business, and that sometimes it isn't easy to decide what is right and what is wrong...." --Dr. William L. Pierce

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Vegas Vacation 2009. . . .It’s great to be back in Maricopa, Arizona

Bright and early this morning, I decided to make the 320 mile drive to Maricopa. I spent the last few days in Las Vegas, Nevada on some badly needed “R & R”. My next few posts will cover my activities on my much needed and long overdue trip. As always, I will have plenty of Photos.

Once the Labor Day Weekend is over, the infamous road construction season begins. I witnessed a multitude of projects along my journey to and from Las Vegas. Due to timing and careful planning, my trip went smoother than expected. I didn’t get held up in bottlenecks at any of these dreaded places.

My first slowdown occurred just before the Hoover Dam. Due to government generated fear and paranoia in this “post 911” world, Homeland Security has established checkpoints on either side of the Hoover Dam. Rental trucks, trailers and buses are also prohibited from crossing the dam. The RV and the van in front of me were waved over to a secondary inspection area. I was allowed to pass without any inspection at all. In my truck, were two rifles including an AR-15, a 9mm handgun, several hundred rounds of ammunition, gasoline and a tackle box full of flares. Do you Americans feel any safer knowing that?

I must say that safety is an illusion. If every citizen like myself were heavily armed, terrorists would be too scared to attack. Even if they do, they would know that their chance of failure would be greatly increased.

The most impressive was the new bridge project just south of the Hoover Dam. It is known as the Hoover Dam Bypass. This engineering marvel has been in the works for several years. I was quite impressed. The photographs I took, don’t do it any justice.

Welcome to the Hoover Dam Bypass Website

Construction of the Colorado River Bridge is advancing on the 1,060 foot twin-rib concrete arch. The Colorado River Bridge is the central portion of the Hoover Dam Bypass Project. Construction on the nearly 2,000 foot long bridge began in late January 2005 and the completion of the entire Hoover Dam Bypass Project is expected in Late 2010. When completed, this signature bridge will span the Black Canyon (about 1,600 feet south of the Hoover Dam), connecting the Arizona and Nevada Approach highways nearly 900-feet above the Colorado River. Use the web cam icon to the left, to see real-time images of construction on the bridge! Visit the What's New and Construction Activities pages for more details on how this project is advancing.

United States Highway 93 (U.S. 93) has been designated a North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) route. The increasing congestion caused by the switchbacks leading to the Hoover Dam site and the restrictions at the dam crossing have led to the development of the Hoover Bypass Project. The Hoover Dam Bypass Project is a 3.5-mile corridor beginning at approximately milepost 2.2 in Clark County, Nevada and crossing the Colorado River approximately 1,500 feet downstream of the Hoover Dam, then terminating in Mohave County, Arizona near milepost 1.7 on U.S. 93.
Interstate 40 east of Kingman was being resurfaced. A new roundabout on US 93/US 60 outside of Wickenburg is nearing completion. Roundabouts are not all that common in North America, so motorists tend to get confused when they approach one. That was exactly what happened here.

US 93 is also called the Joshua Tree Forest in Arizona Scenic Road. At one time it was not a good route to travel. Motorists would more often than not encounter RV’s towing cars traveling at very low rates of speed. There was a serious lack of passing lanes. With nearly two decades of improvements, I can drive 65+mph for most of the route.

I normally expect to encounter idiots on the road. I was amazed that I failed to encounter very many. The only true idiot encounter was in the passing lane on I-17 in North Phoenix. This cranially challenged person from Colorado kept tapping the brake while he was pointing at something while talking to his passenger. If there is one thing I cannot stand is some stupid person lollygagging out in the hammer lane. If he wanted to “play tourist”, he could have gone on the frontage road.

Phoenix is almost always experiencing road construction. Interstate 17 and Grand Avenue both had lane restrictions. Despite all of this construction, I was more or less able to keep my cruise control set at 70mph for most of my trip. I have lived out here for 24 years and have yet to see any freeway get finished. The “Phoenix” rising out of the ashes is sure taking its’ good old time.

“What happens in Vegas, often ends up on the internet.” --some lady on the Rio shuttle bus

Friday, July 31, 2009

Today’s patrol/field trip. . .Haley Hills

Maricopa 101: A study of geology, anthropology and human smuggling. I originally set out this morning to locate stray dogs that have been killing livestock. I found no signs of these animals and decided to make my way out to an area commonly known as a lay up area. These are places where human smugglers stash illegal aliens before transporting them to another location such as a drop house in Phoenix. These areas are most easily identified by litter and human feces.

This place in particular was also home to millions of mosquitoes. Apparently, these insects prefer Mexican food as I somehow managed to avoid being bitten. I would be wishing I were back in Mexico after spending a night at this place. Human smugglers (their fellow countrymen) see their “human cargo” as nothing more than a load. They could care less if they are left to drink filthy water in a mosquito infested area. Hell, even if they die, there’s more where they came from.

I’m sure the “Wetback Store” on the other side of the border doesn’t stock bug spray. For those unfamiliar with illegal border crossing, merchants in Mexico operate stores that cater to people intent on coming to the United States via unlawful means. These stores sell shoes, backpacks, water jugs and other items deemed necessary for the long trip through the desert.

Haley Hills is a mountain summit in Pinal County in the state of Arizona (AZ). Haley Hills climbs to 1,890 feet (576.07 meters) above sea level. Haley Hills is located at latitude - longitude coordinates (also called lat - long coordinates or GPS coordinates) of N 32.967828 and W -112.180422.
Anyone attempting to climb Haley Hills and reach the summit should look for detailed information on the Haley Hills area in the topographic map (topo map) and the Haley Hills USGS quad. To hike and explore the Arizona outdoors near Haley Hills, check the list of nearby trails.
What are the Haley Hills and why are they so important?
The Haley Hills -- a small mountain range and box canyon -- is located in northwestern Pinal County in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona. While not as large or well known as some of the surrounding ranges such as the Sierra Estrella and the Superstitions, it is still an ecologically significant area of public land managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), a subdivision of the United States Department of Interior. Rural mini-ranches and small farms skirt its outlying fringes to the north, east, and south. The Vekol Wash
If the human smugglers and illegal aliens continue using this area, it will most certainly be destroyed. This is one of the few places I’ve found that has water and is still heavily treed.

Instead of bussing the illegal aliens that get caught back to Mexico, we should make them walk back so they can pick up all of the garbage they leave behind. What do you think they will do with their trash when they move next door to you? Well, you can look along my next door neighbor’s fence to get the answer to that question. Calling them “human pigs” is only insulting to pigs.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

July 20, 1977. . .The Johnstown Flood

On the night of July 19, 1977, it rained. A violent thunderstorm remained stationary and deposited nearly a foot of rain. I took these pictures from the Conemaugh/Franklin Bridge and in Woodvale at Bethlehem Steel's Bar, Rod & Wire Division employee parking lot as soon as the water receded. I used a cheap 126 film camera manufactured during the late 1960’s. Thanks to modern technology, I’ve been able to preserve this moment in history.

Johnstown, PA has a history of being wiped out by floodwaters. In fact, the city is nicknamed, “The Flood City”.

Once In Ten Thousand Years
The dams that surround Johnstown, stretching throughout the Conemaugh Valley, were unsuspecting accomplices in the Great Flood of 1977. They were duped by the instigator - the rain.

When they failed, six dams poured more than 128 million gallons of water into the Conemaugh Valley Twenty million gallons were unleashed on Johnstown when the South Fork Dam burst in 1889.

A phenomenal amount of rainfall - 11.82 inches In 10 hours was too much for both the dams and the sewers in the Conemaugh Valley The rainfall and the dam failures created the Great Flood of 1977.

The National Weather Service said a once-in-a-1,000 year flood in the valley could have resulted from 7.32 inches of rainfall in a 10 hour period. But an 11.82 Inch rainfall would be a once-in -a- 5,000 to 10,000 year occurrence.

Johnstown Flood 1977 TV Report:
This is a report from WTAJ-TV, Altoona reporter Jon McClintock - the first outsider to reach Johnstown, PA in the 1977 flood that killed 78 people
Unlike the Hurricane Katrina disaster, there were no crime waves, violence or serious looting incidents. People worked together and made the most out of a bad situation. Unlike New Orleans, a “shoot to kill” order was issued for looters. This and a large heavily armed population of White People prevented trouble in most instances. The 1977 Johnstown Flood was the first in a series of events which eventually lead to my relocation to Arizona. Economic decline, unemployment, mill closings along with the importation of foreign steel products all lead to my migration.