Saturday, September 18, 2010

Operation: “Night Out” near Silverbell, AZ

With all of the public outcry over illegal immigration, drug smuggling and other criminal activity in and around Silverbell, we just had to make a trip down there. I made a previous trip out that way last March and thought it was potentially good for some action. Now, it appears that the local residents are getting more action than they bargained for.

We packed up our trucks and made our way to the Ironwood Forest National Monument in southern Pinal County, just north on the Pima County line. Being a recon type mission, I opted to take a few items that would make us seem less menacing. I wanted to give any potential criminal spotters or lookouts the illusion of “recreation“, not “border operation“.

Pinal Co. Residents Fed Up with Drug & Human Smuggling

SILVERBELL, Ariz. - There have been several incidents of smuggling activity near the Sawtooth Mountains in Silverbell, south of the valley. One resident spotted a smuggler living in a cave, while another family were the victims of a burglary.

Pennee and Pat Murphree saw a man living in a tiny cave. He had food, walkie-talkies and binoculars. Investigators believe he was a spotter for drug smugglers.

Upon arriving at our destination, we set up camp and I unloaded my BMX bicycle. From a distance, who would suspect that? My goal on this mission was to observe what sort of traffic passes through the area. The Pinal County Sheriff’s Deputies and other law enforcement agencies cannot just sit out there and watch. They patrol a huge jurisdiction and enjoy no luxury of time engaging in surveillance. Fortunately, I have plenty of time for such things.

As it turned out, it was a perfect night for camping and cooking out. Despite the 105 degree temperatures during the day, the nights are dipping down into the 60’s. We found a suitable campsite and I made some sausages and hot dogs.

I stayed up until the early morning hours. Every once in a while, I would point my laser at Sawtooth Mountain. I wonder if they(the local cartel) replaced that spotter that recently got deported? Again, the policy of “catch and release” makes it just a minor inconvenience to these criminal elements. They will be back all too soon.

Unlike some of the smuggling routes closer to home, this area was not littered with backpacks, clothing, bottles and other trash. I suspect “load vehicles” are transporting both human contraband and drugs out of this area. I believe foot traffic is minimal.

For a major smuggling corridor, it was way too quiet. Only one vehicle passed by and within minutes turned around and went back towards Red Rock. Hopefully, the media coverage, along with our patrols, will force the smugglers to go and fight with some other cartel for territory. In addition to denying criminals access to public lands, we also create competition among the various criminal enterprises. Often, this results in them shooting each other. There’s no doubt, that this is a good thing.

On my previous visit, the road from Red Rock was under water. After the Santa Cruz River receded, the road was impossible to negotiate. To my surprise, somebody went through considerable expense to make the road passable. In fact, Sasco Rd. is now in better shape than Silverbell Rd. After all, the smuggling corridor must remain open so the banks and corporations can rake in their ill gotten gains.


The reason is because of the drug cartel and coyotes using the highway making it too dangerous for Americans to travel.

It's interesting because the signs say if you see "suspicious activity" to call 911. The 911 calls don't go to the government, they go to the local Police Departments, and the government has sued AZ to stop them from enforcing the laws. So what could the Police do if they're called?

Update: Several hours after returning from this mission, an unknown suspect(s) came to my home and shot out the windshield and driver side window of my truck. This was the crime of a true hater and/or punk. Incident #100918280

“When some foreign national goes to the Salt River bottom and takes out a plane full of passengers departing from Sky Harbor using an RPG he brought up from Mexico, somebody just might listen. Maybe?” --Harry L. Hughes III

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pinal County’s Drug Smuggling and Illegal Immigration Emergency

I sent this brief statement to the Pinal County Board of Supervisors in response to Chairman Rios' deciding not to hear Sheriff Babeu's proposal for dealing with drug and human smuggling in Pinal County. I also sent a copy to the Pinal County Sheriff's Office media relations deputy.

Chairman Rios,

In case you're too damn stupid to know what's going on in your county, I thought I'd send you a few pictures. My photos do most of my talking. Drug and human smuggling are serious problems in Pinal County. Sheriff Babeu was absolutely right in calling it an emergency.

More deputies are needed. In the mean time, heavily armed citizen patrols, like the ones I'm involved with, will continue and intensify. Despite being demonized as vigilantes and racists, we have made a difference. Of course, the media will be tagging along with us.

"Rios didn't immediately return calls from CBS 5 News, but he was tracked down at a county function at the Windmill Winery to ask why he didn't want to hear the sheriff's pitch." A winery!? WTF!? This sounds like drinking on the job to me. I suggest you pull you head out of that bottle and wake up.

Protect Pinal County and its' citizens!

ST Harry L. Hughes III
NSM-AZ Executive Officer/Media Spokesman

On my Facebook page. . .

Today's status: Anyone that puts the livelihood of drug and human smugglers over the safety and well being of tax paying citizens is a traitor in my book. Pinal County Board of Supervisors Chairman Pete Rios might end up eating crow.

Sheriff: Drug Spotters Living In Ariz. Caves

PINAL COUNTY, Ariz. -- An Arizona sheriff said illegal immigrants have been living in caves and operating as drug spotters.

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu said deputies recently found communications equipment, a supply of food and binoculars in a cave near Sawtooth Mountain in Silverbell.

Chairman Rios promptly replies to my correspondence:

First of all, I don't drink wine, I drink Whiskey. Secondly, it was 6:00 PM and I went there to the Windmill to interview with Channel 5 when I got a call that they were there waiting for me. And if you are not intelligent enough to know you can't believe everything you hear and see on TV, then it's your problem!!!!!

On the subject at hand, thank you for your email on the Sheriff's proposed anti-human smuggling and anti-drug unit. I asked that the agenda item be rescheduled for anther date to provide our budget staff and myself additional time to attempt to identify the requested $1.5 million dollars over the next two years that the Sheriff is requesting. We only recently adopted the FY 2010-2011 county budget and the Sheriff had not included a funding request for such a unit.

As we all know the recession has hit all our families and all levels of government very hard. Pinal County has already eliminated 120 Full-Time Positions and laid-off 40 workers. Many other cost saving measures have also been executed. The Sheriff proposes we use our Budget Stabilization Fund (Rainy Day Fund) to fund his unit. We are already using $5 million dollars from this fund to balance this year's budget and we are expecting the State of Arizona to cost-shift millions of dollars more to counties when they go into session in January, 2011.

Sheriff Dever from Cochise County has such an anti-smuggling unit, but his unit is funded by the State of Arizona and the federal government. If Pinal County is experiencing such a huge increase in drug and human smuggling, which is the responsibility of the federal government; why aren't they funding this unit also? We need to explore these options and other options. Since many official government reports show that crime is declining in Arizona, can the Sheriff shift current personnel to this unit?

The Pinal County Board of Supervisors does intend to reschedule this work session on the proposed smuggling unit in the next several weeks. Again, thank you for your email and interest in Pinal County government.

Pete Rios, Chairman
Pinal County Board of Supervisors

At least Rios took the time to respond to my email. As we know, smuggling is a multi-billion dollar industry in this country. Large corporations and banks employ cheap undocumented labor and launder tons of drug money. These are facts. For these entities to be able to do this, they must gain the support of accomplices better known as politicians. We need to weed those criminal elements out of our government.

This whole problem seems to boil down to money. Regardless of how much money the government throws at a problem, they will always fail. From what Chairman Rios told me, I’m under the impression that the citizens of Pinal County aren’t worth protecting.

Today Was “Recycling Day”. . .But, It Almost Wasn’t

In response to a sign on the bulletin board at the Farmers Convenience Store, myself and a friend loaded up my truck with aluminum cans, car batteries, extruded aluminum scrap, radiators and copper plumbing. We headed off to 49302 W. Mayer Blvd. in Papago Buttes. Of course, the sign on the bulletin board turned out to be too good to be true. I should have not been surprised.

We got there and discovered the address was that of one “Rueben”. Rueben, has on a previous occasion operated a tire repair shop from his home. More recently, he allegedly harbored illegal aliens in campers and travel trailers behind his dwelling. He was charging UDA’s $35 a week per person to stay. I obtained this information from one of the neighbors across the street.

It appears to me that Rueben’s always trying to cheat the system one way or another. I’m reasonably sure there was no business license to operate his various commercial enterprises from this residential location. As far as I’m concerned, he’s a criminal and worthy of criminal punishment.

I’m almost positive that he never paid one dime in taxes on the money earned fixing tires. I’m also sure he didn’t notify the county assessor’s office that he was using his property as a rental either. I almost forgot, Rueben is on disability, but seems to be able to do hard work such as changing tires. and welding wrought iron gates.

I really wanted to see if his scale for his scrap enterprise was certified by the Dept. of Weights and Measures. I’m almost willing to bet it isn’t.

Arizona Department of Weights and Measures

President Adams' statement still holds true today. When you think about everything you buy by weight, measure or count, it covers practically everything you purchase except for services. Add the fact that items for sale must be accurately priced and that air quality and fuel quality are essential, you now understand our mission.

Did I mention that Rueben is a “non-white”? Once again, if they want to be judged by the content of their character, rather than the color of their skin, perhaps, they should act more like honest civilized human beings.

While I was sitting in front of his home waiting to see if anyone would bother to come out, another man pulled up with scrap metal for sale too. I spoke with him and he told me that he drove all the way out here from Maricopa. While talking to this man, a woman finally emerged from the home and informed us that the scrap buyer wasn’t there. She went on to say that he would return in approximately 90 minutes. I was already pissed off, but this put me over the top. Don’t ever put up a sign posting business hours and not be there!

What will more than likely happen is, that man will probably dump that junk in some ditch or wash out in the desert on his way home. It wouldn’t have been worth taking the time, fuel or energy to make a second trip back to Rueben’s.

I waited 90 minutes and went back. . .

Believe it or not somebody was actually there this time. It seems that Rueben has a WHITE son in law that has the reigns of this recycling venture. He was friendly, while Rueben kept to the rear and avoided eye contact. Rueben lost weight and didn’t look so good. There were also several obvious illegal aliens living in a beat up RV behind the residence. They were shirtless and sitting at a table with a microwave oven sitting on top of it. It appeared that there was no proper sanitation hooked up anywhere. They all looked filthy.

The scale was nicer than a bathroom scale, but I saw no official state certification sticker on it. This guy also couldn’t tell steel from copper and I had to suggest that he get a magnet and small file to hang on his scale to keep from getting ripped off.

I had a milk crate full of copper cable and pipe plus three car batteries. I was paid $69.80 in cash. That was quite a bit more than I expected because he was paying $2.00/lb. For the copper. At least I’ll be able to finance my next illegal immigration patrol with the proceeds. I also developed more intel on illegals living in my neighborhood.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Friend Asks Me. . . “Are You OK?”

Response: I'm ambulatory today. I am on a day to day basis with that. Some days are worse than others. I have anemia or a lack of blood. Being stuck on Medicare, I don't get the brightest doctors. Rather than diagnosing, addressing and treating my ulcer, my current doctor, or I should say "future former doctor", orders a bunch of foot x-rays. I also had a bout with gout(the “disease of kings”). Of course, I get to pay for them, too. On top of this, I am given prescriptions that are treating one problem, but aggravating others.

My recent post on a local forum regarding the Sun Life Family Health Center spells out much of what is wrong with healthcare. Obviously, this system will get much worse in 2014, when people will be required to pay into a deep endless money pit known as "Obamacare". This insane legislation will be pulling the rug out from under millions of Americans.

Original poster:(09/08/2010)

Hey everyone,

Yesterday I had to get my prescriptions refilled, so I headed to the Sun Life clinic in Casa Grande, AZ, to see the Doc. When I got there I was informed that they had a sliding scale program for the fees charged. Of course I filled out the application. Who doesn't want to save a buck. Right? Anyway as part of the application process, it states the following:

You must have a denial letter from AHCCCS [Arizona's health plan]
You must submit your last 4 paycheck stubs
You must submit your monthly expenses [mortgage, utilities..etc]

UNLESS. . .You are an UNDOCUMENTED WORKER. . . No kidding that is what the application said.

My response:(09/08/2010)

I know this all too well as I go to the Sun Life Family Health Center and am too on the sliding fee scale. I've been a patient there for more than 4 years. Basically, the fee is around 25% of what would normally be charged. A few minutes with the doctor will run around $25-30.

After doing some checking with the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, it seems that the Sun Life facility was built using some federal grant money. In return for this grant, they are required to provide low cost medical care to low income patients.

Whatever you do, don't use Dr. Pena. He tried to get me to find religion. I really had to bite my tongue. I really wanted to tell him off. Medicine is about science and I really didn't go there to get a sermon, especially when I'm paying for it.

Sermons from the open borders advocating anti-Arpaio born again dope fiend are free at the Church of the Nazarene, plus they hand out free food on Tues, Wed, & Thurs. This is yet another Third World experience every White Person should see at least once in their life.

I also use the dental clinic at Sun Life and take advantage of the sliding fee as well. Their dental coverage was actually better than the plan I was paying good money for at my last job.

I was there last Thursday getting that filling that fell out in Los Angeles at the NSM Nationals last April replaced. They wanted me to pay for an exam and cleaning before fixing their failed attempt at filling my tooth. To further delay my treatment, I had to re-apply for the sliding fee and get the coveted AHCCCS rejection letter. The entire system is about filling out forms and running through their hoops. Delays are part of their game.

Prisoners from the Pinal County Jail in Florence also use this facility, so every once in a while, I get to see some of the jail people. Sometimes, that might be considered free entertainment.

A couple of visits ago, I needed to have some blood work done. I was sent to wait in the waiting area next to the labs. This was one of the most Third World looking waiting rooms I ever sat in in my life. There were some really F@&$ed up people there. I was glad to get out of there that day.

I won't use their pharmacy because it's cheaper to use Wal-Mart or Fry's. The state of AZ has a Copper Rx prescription discount card. All one has to do is download and print it. I have never paid more than $4.00 for any of my various prescriptions.

Currently, I have prescription drug coverage that I managed to get the state to pay for through Bravo Health. I found some forms and filled them out to get this. I now pay only $2.50 for each prescription. Sometimes forms are my friend.

If you roll through my blogs, I wrote a number of stories titled, "White Man's Adventures Through The Welfare System". Some of what I have to say is amusing and entertaining, other things will make you angry.

American citizens are getting screwed. . .

Today, people are concerned with the prospect of "rationed healthcare". I have news for them. Healthcare is already rationed and I know this from first hand personal experience. I do not get the correct care when it's needed. The foot x-rays I didn't really need have set me back quite a bit and I'll have to wait a few months before returning to the doctor, simply because of costs.

The Flight to Serfdom

In case you didn't know, Obamacare cuts about half a trillion dollars from Medicare over the next ten years. It's going to be cut one way or another. That's what "unsustainable" means. One way is for the government to ration health care, to have bureaucrats define all the rules for medical ethics and patient-doctor decisions. (Here's a hint: the government is just as expert in medicine as it is in Gulf oil spills.)

Between the medical and dental expenses, so far this month, I found myself paying close to $260 in bills. That’s’ approximately 26% of my monthly income. Why can't I get the same free care illegal aliens receive? They walk in, get treated and stiff the doctor and all is fine and dandy in the eyes of the government. If we are all supposedly “equal”, we should get the EXACT SAME treatment. If we’re going to be “unsustainable”, we may as well go all the way. Right?

The doctors don’t even seem to care and they are the ones the illegals are ripping off. After all, the costs are simply passed on to the rest of us that have tried to follow the rules for so long to the point of causing severe financial distress as well as the deterioration of our health and well being. Hopefully, we’ll be healthy enough to shoulder arms in the coming revolution.

"Global elites view the White Western World as the main obstacle standing in the way of a future world government. Multiculturalism is a tool used by such elites to dismantle White Western civilization".
--Pat Buchanan (from a 2004 speech given in Falls Church, VA)