Saturday, February 13, 2010

Who is the racist and the bigot?

Our return trip from the ACORN protest in National City, California did not go without incident. We could not mind our own business without a racist sheriff’s deputy holding us up and delaying our journey. I decided to write a letter and send it along to those who may read it.
My first hand personal side of the story:

Thursday, February 11, 2010
To whom it may concern,

On Sunday, February 7, 2010, at approximately 1:00 AM, I, along with several friends unexpectedly had contact with a Hispanic Maricopa County Sheriff’s deputy in front of the Subway/Café Charo Mexican Grill in Gila Bend, AZ.

We were traveling home from California. We stopped at the gas station/Subway off SR 85/I-8 for gas and to stretch our legs. Our group was the Arizona delegation of the National Socialist Movement, a non-profit white civil rights organization.

During our short stop, we decided to take a group picture in front on the store. A few seconds later, an irate Maricopa County Sheriff’s Deputy confronted us. He seemed quite angry for some unknown reason. All we did was take a picture. He told us to wait while he called his supervisor. At this point I thought we were going to be detained.

He appeared to have an extremely negative attitude towards us. He called us “cowards” and used other profanities. He also told us that he did not care about our “Constitutional Rights crap”.
I believe this deputy’s conduct was racially motivated. His behavior was most unprofessional.
After this deputy called his supervisor a second time, he simply walked away without saying another word and we went on with our journey.

The above statement is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.  
Harry L. Hughes III
As you can see by the photograph above, there was no reason for this deputy to have confronted us. We did not photograph him or the people that he was involved with in front of the Subway. As far as I’m concerned, he was abusing his power and acting out of personal malice towards us.
Professionalism and integrity are two things this deputy failed to display. Isn’t it amazing what one will attempt to pull while hiding behind a badge? Remember, he called us cowards. Why? Perhaps, it was because we were brave and bold enough to exercise our Constitutional Rights. Does the word oppression ring a bell? (unjust or cruel exercise of authority or power)

The liberal media goes out of its’ way to tell the people of Arizona how racist Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his “skinheads with badges” deputies are. It became clearly obvious to us that Hispanic MCSO deputies can be racist too.

Any peace officer regardless of race, is sworn to uphold the law and the Constitution. This particular deputy was quite outspoken as to his total disregard of our(White’s) Constitutional Rights. This deputy is a disgrace to the MCSO and all those that gave their lives to protect our freedoms.
This highly educational experience reminded me of 1960's Alabama, the "Freedom Riders" and how issues of racim have turned full circle in this country.

I was certainly relieved when I saw Maricopa County in the rear view mirror and found myself back home in Pinal County.
"The first condition of understanding a foreign country is to smell it." --Rudyard Kipling

Sunday, February 7, 2010

02/06/2010: Protest against ACORN in National City, California

I normally don’t like going to California. At one time in my past, I often traveled there on business and pleasure. Not anymore! I often find myself calling it The People’s Republic of California giving reference to Communist China because Californians are not nearly as free as they think. It’s most unfortunate that California is often the trend setter for other states.

The purpose of this particular visit was to protest the A.C.O.R.N. office in National City. I believe this organization which receives taxpayer funding, to be totally corrupt and needs to be exposed for what it is.

I personally, cannot idly sit on the sidelines and watch a taxpayer funded organization be a party to assisting anyone that engages in the smuggling of humans for the purposes of child prostitution. I can certainly take a day out of my schedule and stand in the pouring rain to get the message out.

ACORN California: Changing the name to protect the money

In what is tandamount to a PR press release, Kate Linthicum at the LA Times reports that ACORN California has broken away from it’s “embattled” national parent organization. Cited throughout the article are ACORN higher ups, expressing their concern over ACORN’s tarnished reputation, and their distraction with legal challenges interfering with the mission ACORN.
Yet the face of the new ACORN will essentially remain the same as the old… only the name has changed.

Oh yea! ACORN is going to change their name? That is certainly an original idea. People that wear out their welcomes with their real names will often resort to using an alias. Businesses and organizations do the same thing. A crook is a crook regardless of what they are called.

On Friday afternoon, we departed Phoenix and made our way to California. It’s a long and uneventful drive through the desert. Upon arriving, we met up with other elements of the protest.
Neo-Nazi Group Protests at ACORN's National City Office
NATIONAL CITY - Fifteen to 20 members of a neo-Nazi group protested outside an ACORN office in National City, with at least 20 police officers watching Saturday afternoon.Protesters are carrying flags of the United States and the National Socialist Movement, said National City police Sgt. Mike Harlan.
The movement is described on its Web site as the largest white nationalist group in the nation, No arrests have been made and no opposing groups have turned out, Harlan said. The Web site encouraged participation in Saturday's protest to alert the public to the "serious threat" posed by ACORN. The group said ACORN has engaged in voter registration fraud under government funding.

Despite the rain, our protest went on. National City Blvd. Was closed for several hours and traffic was re-routed. We did managed to attract a few spectators and one odd individual even returned with a megaphone in an attempt to tell us what he thought.
ACORN videos from National City, San Bernardino cause stir [Updated]

The chairman of the Republican Party in San Diego County and a Republican member of the Board of Supervisors have joined Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in calling for an investigation into ACORN.

Tony Krvaric, chairman of the local GOP, and Supervisor Bill Horn said they are particularly suspicious of the group's voter registration efforts in a local Assembly race and a San Diego City Council race, both won by Democrats.

An undercover video shot at the group's office in National City purports to show workers willing to help someone interested in setting up a prostitution ring, possibly with girls from Tijuana. The video has been shown nationally on commentator Sean Hannity's Fox News program.

Non of our "usual opponents" bothered to show up to counter demonstrate. Normally, the ARA, anarchists, Brown Berets and pro-illegal immigration groups will engage in protests against us. These groups often number in the hundreds. Apparently, they are not motivated enough to stand out in the rain for a couple of hours. Perhaps, the rain would have been too much like taking a shower.

It could be quite possible that ACORN is running out of friends. How could anyone possibly turn out to demonstrate in favor of voter fraud, political corruption, human smuggling and child prostitution? Keep in mind that Barack Obama is very good friends with ACORN.